Published on Jan 19, 2018
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  • I have a question for Kristen, I've noticed your watches in your videos, my question is, what kind are they?

  • I know I am super young, but I wasn't born yesterday. LMAO🤣🤣

  • Tim hortons is the fucking best

  • Please get married to each other you both are beautiful couple

  • What song is at 6:40? Sounds like Broods

  • 5:26 what are they?

  • Steph!! When are you going to put a ring on that fingure girl! Beautiful couple!! 🌸🤗

  • 2dayStay!

  • dude. I could use a romantic vacation like this.

  • Anybody knows where do the girls live? Such a beautiful place! I'm living in Greece and we dont have so much snow every winter!! This view is really stanning! I'm excited! haha btw I love you girls youre videos are so optimistic and makes me smile every time!

  • I keep watching.... All you 2 vlog video.... I never ever bore..... Please more vlog n longer.....u 2 stunning 4 me....never bore... Everyday.... Same vlog same kristen n steph i never ever bore..... Love u 2 so much

  • Complete waste of time...They cannot get each other pregnant...

  • Cazzi mai ???

  • The room is gorgeous!! You two as well!

  • I heard a short part of Broods' "Heartlines".. I just love that song!! Wish you all the best for your future! :)

  • I think I'm in love is one of my favorite songs.

  • Ana Carolina lindas 😎😘😘

  • Muito bom cara amei😄😄

  • You ladies are amazing just kristen ask her to marry you

  • Sweet

  • www.clictune.com/52FO anazon


  • so cute

  • i forgot about this omg timbitss, thank you tim Hortons for opening in Glasgow, loml

  • oh damn you two are so beautiful

  • Oh my goodnesss! The moose!!!! I love that!

  • just thinking about you Kristen... I really want your body.....and I want it soon!!!

  • just thinking about you Kristen... I really want your body.....and I want it soon!!!

  • just thinking about you Kristen... I really want your body.....and I want it soon!!!

  • just thinking about you Kristen... I really want your body.....and I want it soon!!!

  • This is my 41st video of yalls....Its only been 3 days.....smh.....great stuff...eh!

  • Never had Tim Hortons, but you need to come have Round Rock donuts in Texas. They are so good and you all ways gets them fresh

  • Awesome!! We live in Kitchener!!! We will keep our eyes peeled for you guys!!!

  • my.otp❤

  • so cute couples .my favorite

  • Yassss! Don’t get me wrong, love you two as a couple. #couplegoals, #smilegoals, #fitnessgoals, #hairgoals etc. but was really just wanting to follow your music cause its always on point.

  • I want a girlfriend I’ve been single for a long time. I don’t understand what I’m I doing wrong.

  • My gay heart couldn't get any happier than seeing you two happy 😍😍

  • I've just recently came across your channel and I fell in love immediately, you two are so cute and I hope I can have a girlfriend to be as cute as you two soon 💓💓💓

  • Allo kristen et steph. I love Kristen and Steph. They are very beautiful couples in love moves. you make your plans for the future. why do not you get married

  • I have to say that t's such adorable when you girls are stunned every time you see an animal... And without knowing it, you do so much good! ✨✨✨ I love how you both enjoy nature...

  • This was so cute!!!

  • When you heard Electric love and you gotta subscribe no matter what! 😂

  • I love you 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Where in Canada are you guys from?

  • kat dahlia yes!!

  • Kristen you have a flipping hot body

  • I really hope I find a love like yours one day! You're the cutest and your relationship seems so healthy, you're so down-to-earth and honest. I love it!

  • For anyone wondering what that song was that Kristen played at 5:10. It‘s “I think I‘m in love“ by Kat Dahlia. You‘re welcome 😉

    • Carini Babe the next one after kat dahlia song? What is it?

  • How ... No your boinrie iiton bebió un,, how... Itonriomba todos,,,,

  • Kristen, I love both of the spotify playlists you posted! Great tunes! :)

  • The song in 5.05 please 😭😭😭

  • What is the song in 5.05?😭

  • Hi welcome to Greece Island Crete

  • "They're just eating snow?" -Steph 😂

  • That’s worth ‘gobbling’ about. Easily a’moose’d! Happy 5th Anniversary ladies!

  • Timbits and tim hortons hot choclate is my life 😍 We just got one a few months ago

  • HOLY KRISTEN! I need to teach you how to pack! LOLOL

  • U guys are great , makes me smile watching u . Growing through a lot so watching u guys makes me happy . U guys should treasure what u have , when r u getting married man .

  • 甜甜甜!sweeeeeet!

  • “They don’t have antlers? Are they girls? It’s me and you.” 🤣🤣♥️♥️♥️ so adorable hope you have the best time ladies

  • Watching again now while waiting for the next one😁😊😉 and still can't get over to the reaction of Kristen when she found out where their going to😍

  • My girlfriend had to learn the hard way that living in Canada doesn't mean you see a moose every single day of your life lol

  • Ohh 😮 so romantic! How sweet it is to be loved by YOU! 🎶🎵😘 KEEP THE FIRE BURNING K&S! Thanks for the happiness you’re giving us every time you upload a video.

  • I'm re-watching the amazing race S4 for the 4th time just for you guys! You guys are soooooo cute!

  • Sooo....had a look at the Spotify lists to see if there's some new stuff on there because im an indie fan too but haven't been as proactive as i used to be, and the 'old faves' is eerily like reading my own journal from like 5 years ago...such good tunes, loving the nostalgia, cheers guys :)

  • I love your videos and the music you use in them, but I have 1 issue accessing your spotify playlist. Spotify is not available in my country (And probably never will be) So can you please check if there is any other way you could at least list all of the songs in your playlist somewhere... We'll find the songs on youtube, etc. TIA -A fan from India

  • Happy 5th Anniversary ladies! Hope you're having a blast!

  • Just love your videos! Happy Anniversary!

  • Awwwwwww! I just can't stop smiling😀 thru this outstanding video... Theres no words to described how happy im am... everyone knows just by watching these two angels brought trees branches in my heart watching their videos☺ Thanks again for making my night to brither, and my tiredness day to strength. #💗FromMe2MyBestCoupleEver👍

  • I LOVE THE PLAYLIST!!! I listen to it every morning. Also, I love you two❤️ would you ever come to the UK again? I live in Newcastle and I'd love to meet you guys 💜

  • Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary! Love you gals, always make me laugh.

  • This video is so Canadian, snow, Tims, moose, I love it!

  • Loving every song on your Spotify..I think you are my musical soulmate

  • Ahhh I love your music BLESS UPP.❤️

  • Good choice Steph for a romantic little getaway. I'm going to have to check that place out. Congrats on 5 years!

  • Waiting for a new video impatiently :D

  • How much would you recommend this place if someone was in the area.... I"m always in search of places with jacuzzi in the room or very close to it(hey your staying somewhere you minas well go for all the perks is the way I see things hehehe), bonus with the hot-tub off the deck !!

  • 好喜歡💕

  • Amazing Spotify channel! Thank you so much! Love you gals!

  • am I d only straight muslim girl who loves to watch their videos here? I mean c'mon...who doesn't love them? seriously...

  • My wife and I just celebrating 12 years anniversary the day you upload vlog...... Hmmmm so much love........💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Steph you are so sweet so lucky that kristen found you. Love girls and more more vlog to come💞💞💞💞💞💞happy anniversary

  • Moose shed their antlers in the winter and regrow them in the spring so they could have been males as well! :)

    • Also you should come winter camp in Alberta! I work at a campground :) love you guys

  • I'm big faan for you 😃😀😁😍😚😘😙

  • When ia the wedding day

  • Kristen, where is your watch from? I love it! Also the two of you are AMAZING and the love you have for each other. Thank you for sharing your laughs and love!

  • I lived and loved my girlfriend for 5 years too until the time she chose not to love me anymore.. that hurt me a lot like it killed me to the core.. and you guys remind me so much of those wonderful times we've spent together...and reminds me of the pain too sometines but I'm alright now, been 2 years since... a little detour of my life there but that will not stop me from sharing some love...right?

  • I followed your spotify thing because I'm one of those who likes your taste of music... more please... hearts

  • that place looked amazing!!! happy anniversary guys! ❤💛💚💙💜

  • Super romantic ❤️

  • Good people

  • Love kat dahlia

  • Steph is a smoooth one 😝

  • so so sweet u 2

  • Eu não falo inglês mais assisto todos os vídeos 😍 #Brasil🇧🇷

    • Tainara Santos Eu estou aprendendo inglês mesmo assim é um sacrifício para entender kkk, mas tbm as isto todos os vídeos

  • In love with your guys' fashion sense

  • you guys so lovely

  • Happy aniversary girls, i love them so much...thousand hugs from Colombia

  • OMG those