Just Like You Left It

Published on May 8, 2018
Just Like You Left It. When Mallory comes home from college and revisits her childhood room, things may not look exactly as she recalled them. Find out the HUGE difference now!
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Cast: Mallory Everton, Tori Pence, Matt Meese, Whitney Call, Stephen Meek and Natalie Madsen
Director: Luiz Malaman
Producer: Luiz Malaman
Line Producer: Tess Kelly
Writer: Tori Pence
Editor: Trent Woolford
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Just Like You Left It


  • Im ....confused. I love studio c but what was that ending?

  • This took a dark turn

  • 1:11 my friend has that same cat jacket..

  • 0:40 do you see the Five direction poster like if you remember that skit😂😂

  • On her wall was a poster of 5 DIRECTIONS NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST UUUUUPPPP

  • Tori is annoying I hate her She is not even funny


  • That end card… SO BEAUTIFUL *SNIFF*

  • And here I thought this was going to show us the moldy pizza boxes and years old trash in the can. Apparently not.

  • This is so weird

  • Can I just say this video nearly made me cry? It just made me think of the people in this world who are poor and have little to nothing. They probably do what they can to block out and pretend to be living the life they want, even though they have empty stomachs and sleepless nights😭

  • Lol i love studio c

  • Did anyone else notice the 5 directions poster in the background, North,South,East,west, UUUUPPPPP!!!!!

  • 😄 Oh my gosh! This just gets more ridiculous! That's awesome! 😂


  • Dude spring break is only 2 weeks

  • I don't get this

  • "...and i like things that are you!" ~best song

  • Lol i loved it

  • SAVE THE TREE OCTOPUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • She didn't have an imaginary friend but, a SQUATTER? Mallory probably wanted to forget that whole section, I knew I would. Mallory's memory drive: DELETE. DELETE.(Are you sure you want to eliminate this???) Mallory: YES!!!

  • A golden childhood until at 0:30, a squatter comes along. ("Who left her here?")

  • at 1:36 you can see a 5 directions poster!

  • I don’t like tori

  • 5 directions poster!!!!!

  • IF YOU THINK THEY SHOULD DO A THIRD AWWW YEAH PLEASE LIKE! :) I have a few ideas for a third “awww yeah” ha! So she’s on the beach and she’s looking a varios couples through binoculars, then she’s on a hang glider, then in the mall on the upper level, any one or all of those. And then have cops chase her after a complaint filed against her 😂. Oh! Then, when the cops finally have her in the back of the car she says awwww yea and the cops look at each other like she’s crazy!

  • You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You claim to be Christians and yet you make fun of the homeless.

  • Literally, I think the only reason this video got so many dislikes, is becouse of tory's annoying ending dance... Thats why I disliked it...

  • The outro was cringey

  • Is it just me or was this show a lot funnier with just the original cast?

  • Haha that ending though

  • The *five direction* poster

  • Ok, I've been gone for, like, a long time. Who's Tori and when did she get here?

  • Thought for a second that the girl would think she was her imaginary friend but her parents just actually allowed her to play with a homeless person her whole childhood.

  • I wish I was apart of studio c

  • Lmao the dead rat!😂😂

  • Somebody smells good

  • It is in a grocery store

  • HEY STUDIO C!!!!!!! A good idea for a sketch is there are two people, and one thing left of something and then they do this epic game of rock paper scissors and then someone else will come in and try to take the item and then there is another game of rock paper scissors and then this continues.

  • Wow

  • This is a live show

  • It’s kinda sad when you really think about it she thought she had a amazing life with a great house but in reality she was living in a house with cardboard on the walls

  • 2:09 If I was that man, I'd jump out of the nearest window.

  • Love the Five Directions poster in the back ground.

  • I found Studio C only a couple of weeks ago and now I'm watching it all the time. Thanks. I usually need something to laugh about at the end of the day.

  • the five directions poster!!! omg my heart

  • That was.... Interesting?

  • Why does the girl legit look uglier than the squatter

  • Hasn't really been a great sketch since the live audiences..

  • Oh god, why did I waste my life watching this? Why did they waste time, money, and productivity making this? This was terrible.

  • قناه ممتعه

  • Hello???! Is anyone there? Okay bye

  • Congrats on #43 on trending!!! Not as high as I hoped, but hey! You're up there! :)

  • I'm sorry, their new video's I just don't like.

  • Studio C...are you...um...are you okay?

  • Studio C always makes me laugh... Then fall off my chair. And I get a concussion. And then I watch more Studio C in the hospital bed. I love u!

  • This is that Goldilocks lady from the mattress ads isn't it

  • This channel is poop

  • Tori is adorable!


  • Number 40 in trending!

  • Didn't like the skit at all and the part at the end about subscribing. . . I won't say what I'm really thinking, but say Studio C, you've really let yourself go!



  • Of course, this was written by Tori. Of course. *#ToriisWeirdButThatsWhyiLoveHer*

  • "I am a girl and I like frieeends." "Squeak Squeak yum mouse"

  • Whose tori?


  • And Whitney and Matt let their daughter play with a homeless girl with a dead mouse?

  • Make a series about a cat or cats! Maybe an attack cat or lazy cat or a cat who steals the show from an actor. People love to watch cat videos. Aaron's Animals is a great place to see that. You guys are at the top of my list of go-too watch videos and I love you. Please continue some of your old themes and make some new ones too (like a running cat theme!) I like your live videos too. Please make more of them. Keep up the great work guys! This is just one of the best on the US-tv.