Just How Fast Does A Virus Spread?

Published on Jul 27, 2017
How fast does an infection spread through the human body?
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    • Life Noggin get out of here

    • Life Noggin 115000 million years in one day

    • Life Noggin how constipation works?

    • Life Noggin You just said that viruses are just trying to survive, therefore they are living because every living thing has instinct and the instinct's primary goal is to keep life alive, therefore to survive. Also the meaning of life is to survive, if it wasn't then why do we care about anything and why do we live in the first place?

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  • what the heck captions

  • #DearBlocko what if viruses didn’t exist?

  • Talk about why junk food is bad for you

  • #DEARBLOCKO What causes evolution?

  • Life noggin: “Viruses aren’t here to hurt us” Malaria: keep talking!

    • SotoZephyre . They want to spread to another person so they hurt you

  • Ian! Why did you give Pat a disease! Watch out Sam!

  • I separated DNA from a strawberry the other day. Could you tell us more about DNA? And strawberries? P.S I love your stuff! Keep doing what you do!

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  • It spreads faster then butter on a carrot.


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  • You should do one about funghi

  • "In the end, viruses aren't trying to hurt us, they're just fighting to survive" well, they aren't alive in the first place LOL.


  • So viruses have brains

  • Some people is immune to fox

  • #dear lifenoggin, what happens when we continuaslly see TV all the time.

  • Captions on the Audible sponsorship show Trace's shoutout lol

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  • That’s so cool I never knew that about viruses

  • No wonder why I feel dead inside when I have a cold

  • I had the flu and a cold also stuffy noise but im still here when that happens again I'm going to try not to play out side on snow days now I learned my lesson

  • 0:50 They grow up so fast! Literally.... When was he that size? 2.7 Years ago?

  • How is virus different from a computer virus? ;-;

  • Who else laughed at the calendar??

  • Interesting. I’ve had chicken pocks and mum says that means I have a type of virus. She has the same type of virus but a worse case and I’ve only had a few cramps and chicken pocks

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  • I have mono rn so this was interesting ^_^

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  • What is RNA and what does it stand for?

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  • In the Philippines if you swim in a salty water the chicken fox will gone with in 3-4 days

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  • i remember when i had the flu i started coughing and feeling like i was going to pass out

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  • They can contain DNA too! Chickenpox is a DNA virus.

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  • What would happen if there were no bad viruses or bacteria (to humans) at all? Would it hurt any ecosystems? Without it, would it wipe out entire species that depend on them?


  • Shouldn’t the plural be ‘viri’?

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  • What cowpox doing when a people infect cowpox ?

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  • I just can't stop thinking about my ammune system having a war with viruses. "ATTACK THE VIRUSES!"

    • Aaron S . Immune system consists of white blood cells, nk cells, t cells, b cells , mast cells, dentric cell, and I don't know if mucus making cells count

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  • Know why I was sick all these days? Fucking People that don't cover their coughs/sneezes.