Jurassic World: Dinosaurs Rule Again - Unseen Video!

Published on Sep 7, 2018
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On this episode of Base Camp, Coyote, Mark and Mario present the US-tv World Premier of Jurassic World: Dinosaurs Rule Again!
AND to top it off the team has a MAJOR announcement to make that has been 65 million years in the making...
Seriously, this is like DINOSAUR sized news so you’re not going to want to miss this!

On behalf of the entire Brave Wilderness team we want to give an extra special thanks to Universal Home Entertainment for allowing us to make Dinosaurs Rule Again a US-tv World Premiere and don’t forget that Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is now available on digital download and will be on Blu-Ray and DVD September 18th!

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  • I Do not like Dinsore

  • I love all the Jurassic films ⭐🌺⭐🌺if there is 1 or at least 2 things that have been in every jurassic film is a raptor and T-Rex

  • Have you read the book?


  • Perhaps you might star in the next Jurassic World movie 😉

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  • Did you know in most of the movies the T-Rex saves the day like when he was fighting the adominxrex and a carnisurus and the spino

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  • When I was watching the Jurassic Park thing. I forgot that I was watching BraveWilderness

  • I been inlove with jurassic park since day one

  • Dinosaurs did never existed. They are fantasy for childs. Every dinosaur bone, tooth, expensive esqueletons or whatever in the musseums are pure plastic. Are not real. Dinosaurs are a giant lie, a great fraudulent business (like the man on the moon).

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  • those animatronics are wild, i really hope they earned at least an oscar nomination for those practical effects A+

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  • 2017

  • I’ve watch Jurassic Park more then 10 times

  • I live in Delaware Ohio

  • I see the all move 71 time

  • I always wanted to be a paleontologist when I was little. Not because of Jurassic Park (I’m too young to have seen it in theaters; I’m 15), but because of shows like Dinosaur Train and Dino Dan. I have this memory of my grandpa taking me to Subway when I was about 4 or 5 and some older dude walking up and talking to my grandpa. Then he turned to me and went, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I think that he assumed I’d say something like “Ballerina” or “Pop star” or something like that. But I looked at him with an absolutely straight face and said “A paleontologist!” And I’ll never forget the priceless expression of surprise on his face.

  • Wow kool vid

  • Coyote pack is recreating walking with dinosaurs

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  • I haven’t seen Jurassic Park

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  • Coyote looks a lot like Owen

  • This New Show is going to be GREAT and it makes me Love the Jurassic Movies Alll The More 😃

  • 12:22 that raptor is not blue

  • If you get free dino toys Can you send your biggest fan a funko pop t-rex cost ten but again its free for you I am so sick I cant get out of bed please

  • Insane creation

  • I have all the jurassic park movies including the first one and the newest one and I'm only 11 and I want to be a paleontologist because I love dinosaurs they are amazing

  • Coyote you are awesome Like if you agree

  • I have seen the trailers


  • Best movie ever

  • 25 years ago? I'm almost 25.

  • i wish i had a smol bebe blue for a pet ;-; dont hate

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  • 10:55 The Animatronics want revenge for being fooled around with

  • If there’s a possibility that Coyote Peterson will be in the next Jurassic movie, I’m gonna squeal

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  • im a kid i was 5 in 2012 and I sow the trailer and I said to mam I want too see the film when the film was over I felt in love white dino s now im 11 years old

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  • Did you know they did the wrong peared

  • Watched the original 1993-movie "just" six times at the cinema, as I used to love dinosaurs as a kid, and also loves state of the art computer effects.

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  • The Indorapter from fallen kingdom scared the crap outta me;terrifying.


  • I was born 2006 and I watched it ever sense with every other movie I am comided to dinosaur with real fossils

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  • Did you know that scientist are already working on real living dinosaurs by using chickens

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