July '17 Update |

Published on Jul 18, 2017
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Excuses - 00:18
New stuff coming - 01:11
Japan - 01:17
Nathans Vlog - 02:12
Bad Year with Hot Dogs - 03:50
MattStonie dot Com - 05:00
Don't do many of these if ever, but figured there's so much going on right now it'd be worth giving you guys an update.
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  • Matt how are u not fat but ur really skinny how u do it

  • Look it those jaws 🤣

  • Like it before watching it. Thanks for your hard work as usual.

  • Can anyone point me to Matt's giant dumpling / gyoza video? I can't find it anywhere

  • U should do vlogs

  • us-tv.org/username-hussain9

  • you're honestly sexy af lol

  • Jaw gains bbboooooaaaa!!!!!

  • Too bad the footage never got uploaded...

  • July 17 is my birthday!!

  • Your jawline

  • 1 year ago

  • DOD very cool is a video 😃

  • cortese el pelo gei

  • Smokinnn🔥😻💯😱💥💥💥💥💥😍😍😍😬

  • Enes batur dan görüp gelenler

  • johnny seo during cherry bomb

  • Looking forward to the giant dumpling!!

  • Be careful...

  • I’m in love😻😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hello ❤

  • My birthday

  • Clap clap clap, love you !!!

  • too handsome :(

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-9Deg7VrpHbM.html

  • 😍😍😍

  • 19

  • Why dont you try steak challenges like randy santel 😬

  • do the arepa challenge!.... arepa venezolan foot

  • What happened to all of these footages??? It's 2018!

  • Do spaghetti

  • Spaghetti

  • You look so fine........

  • Did you know it was published on july 18

  • Just wanted to say I love you and your eyes

  • That's my bday

  • Matt, are your eyes two different colors!?!?!?

  • So.... Do you jog like 20 mile a day to work off all those calories

  • the you Matt because July 17 was my birthday so thank you for making the video

  • Wow

  • Love you Matt, You do you, Bae!!!!!!(wink)

  • His jaw is huge from all the competetive eating lol

  • Eat more popeyes

  • Too beautiful with hair detached

  • my great friends

  • July 17 is my birthday 😎😎

  • The 20,000 Pound Morgan challenge pls do it.

  • good

  • Ay Matt love the content also bro! Glad you connect with fans and letting us know some stuff in your life versus just eating vids all the time! Pretty sure your fans enjoy getting to know you as well! Thanks bro

  • Matt is making a come back, he already beat joey in the chicken speidie challenge. I think matt has been busy with youtube and content so he fell off but joey did get back in shape. Matt is too nice and idk if joey is but from the radio show he come off as a douche, but matt make a comeback on them comp!!!

  • Nindi bayan nabubusog👉😦o==[]::::::::::::::::>⌐╦╦═─⌐╦╦═─⌐╦╦═─⌐╦╦═─⌐╦╦═─⌐╦╦═─

  • So cute!!!! Good luck and GodBless!!!! 😍😍😍

  • DUDE IM WAITING PLS UPLOAD WHEN I WATCH in utube about that giant dumpling one thing thats comes to my mind is matt stonie will smack dat shit hahahahahaand den u do it

  • I like what's coming!

  • You're so hot damn.

  • How many cum shots in a minute

  • U still da best

  • lol count the amount of times he claps

  • soundcloud.com/norap_vanny/undefined-prod-by-flamealkahest

  • I know I'm a bit late in this but you should make a vlogging channel!

  • How come this guy doesn't get fat?

  • Do a big bowl of ramen noodles eaten with chopsticks

  • When will you have a Q&A again? 😁 Is there an update if you have a girlfriend? 😁

  • Someone should make a time lapse video of his jaw


  • ummm lookin fine as hell tbh

  • Matt stonie jaw is so sharp 😍

  • Your voice is so relaxing

  • Matt do a challenge of to drink 3 beers in 1 min!!! #GetDrunk 😂

  • YOUR EYES. I'm looking forward to seeing the content from Japan!!! I love seeing videos of there.


  • Hi Matt Stonie you can eat banana 60 or 50?

  • Matt is so handsome. Maturing so well

  • Wait, does he have two different colored eyes??

  • do you get high from eating fastfood ?

  • "Excuses 00:00 " hahhahah

  • Hell, everyone can have an off day/week/month, etc. You are still high on my top 10 list. Regards, Goat from Ruthless Reviews.

  • I thought it was because you didn't finish well and you were depressed

  • You should film more vlogs or videos about yourself! I can't wait till you finish editing them 😊👍

  • 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • I just seen u drink a whole protein container and you still a skinny fuck

  • If theres a "body building jaw contest" ala muscle man iam sure Matt takes 1st place.


  • Keep going my bro!!! Love your contents

  • Dude, get a Nazi haircut. Close on the sides, floppy long on top & front. I think that you'd look good. As is, you look like me in the 80's.

  • Record your self none stop after eating all that stuff wanna see how long it takes you to puke

  • Skittles challenge

  • How in the world can you eat so much and where does all the food goes??

  • u should start doing vlogs bro

  • Love you ma

  • am i the only one who didnt notice his clapping

  • Do a balut challenge.

  • he has two different eye colors?🤔

  • How tf do you remain lean?

  • *_C L A P_*

  • I just want to see you eat. Stop yapping !!!

  • Do a Ihop all you can eat pancake challenge

  • Please do a 50 or 100 cliffbar video

  • Looked like some tonkatsu in the Japan pic. ✌️🇯🇵

  • Matt, my first comment to your videos. Please reply. Perhaps this has been discussed elsewhere but I don't do Facebook or most other social media, so I wouldn't have seen it there. After you eat so much, do you ever throw up to eliminate the food? If not, I assume you must have some pretty ugly "elimination episodes" on the toilet. Is this correct? Is the dirty secret of eating mass quantities quickly that some end up with eating disorders? You're studying nutrition--how can you eat so many fat grams, carbs and calories and not end up with some serious physical problems over time? Thanks for your full response.