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Juice WRLD - Black & White (Official Music Video)

Published on Oct 3, 2018
Watch the official video for "Black & White" by Juice WRLD.
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Music video by Juice WRLD performing Black & White. © 2018 Grade A Productions, LLC, distributed by Interscope Records
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  • Годно 😍


  • I’m in my pink Benz, beating my meat with my favorite purple dinosaur

  • In my yellow benz, doing math equations with my yellow friends (That’s a joke don’t crucify me)

  • Can't wait for hide #intothespiderverse

  • bruh rlly thought the asian dude was white lmao

  • 1:52 When i take a shower before school

  • 0:00 when your gf dumps you

  • In my invisible bendz trying to find my invisible friends

  • I'm in my *insert color here* benz doing *insert cultural activity or something else idrc* with my *race that has similar or stereotyped skin color here* friends, why the hell did we write this comment?

  • In my red benz, giving out presents to my red friends we gone be happy before the night ends yeah

  • I'm in a grey Benz Doing opium with some Asians, this is what the kids are into nowadays?... ok.

  • Im in my bloody benz... secretly listening to blueface wit my bloody friends

  • Rest in paradise xxxtentacion like if you agree♡♡♡♡♡

  • Black OR White cats always down! 😻🐾😽🎶🔥

  • He is so racist he forgot about the green Benz #alien love

  • I'm in my trash can, being by myself cause I have no friends no friends

  • Im in my white benz . Buying strap ons for my dyke friends We'll be fucking hoes before the night ends

  • who is here before 30 mil views?

  • Yo anyone else notice that Juice look like Mark from RDCWorld1

  • 🔥 🔥🔥🔥

  • new song with juice wrld

  • I know this dude did not just say "I might throooooow uuuuuuuuperb..." 1:13

  • Who else listening to this and has no friends? Just wondering lol

  • juice wrld and lil skies should make a song like if u agree

  • Brown& white

  • at 2:56 does anyone see that thing in the sky ._.

  • Xd 420k likes ahhaha

  • I was high a while ago and added this to a playlist named "I might throw up". Thank you for listening.

  • in my yellow benz, eating dog with my chinese friends

    • +FxllenauraMC lmao its a joke im Asian

    • racism.

  • I’m in my red Benz fucking your wife in my bed

  • If my mum found out i was doing dis i woulf get beat


  • This got me trough emotional times. Thank You juice world.❤

  • We gotta protect this one Cant let slip out of this world

  • 💓❤💓💙💖💚💛💜💘💗💝💓💟

  • Im in my invisible Benz Doing Crystal Meth With My Invisible Friends I'll Be Tweaking Out Before The Night Ends

    • Kermit Suicide Because Your Mother Likes It That Way

    • Justin Smith Why Do You Type Like This

  • Bfore the night begins

  • xxl 2019

  • I love it❤️

  • switch up to the yellow benz huh doing homework with my asian friendss

  • so what about us light skins??

  • Im with my Asian friends doing homework with my Asian friends oh we’ll be smart as hell before the night ends

    • Bert stop taking this from someone else

  • In my blue benz, robbing people with my smurf friends.

  • Juice WRLD is a young legend in the making I love this song🔥

  • White ppl do meth ...

  • Dont do drugs not only kids everyone be clear and fresh with your mind not your clothes or whatever

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  • 0:33 when you try and look good in front of your crush

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Hola buena musica saludos desde Peru

  • Why are his white friends all look like white trash☹️

  • 2:03 cutthroat like pablo

  • I tought there was xxtentacion badly mistaken 😣

  • Nice

  • Imagine actually enjoying this song🤧

  • In my white van raping all the kids b 4 the night ends

  • In my taco benz, making more tacos with my Mexican friends, trump is going to deport us back to our country ya trump is going to deport us back to our country, our country 🙃

  • So this man is into god now he kept singing at a cross

  • *racism has left the chat...

  • im 12 and juice world is my favorite singer ever

  • Love this song

  • I’m in my green Benz, ruining Christmas Eve with my cheap friends

  • 0:58 when your math teacher tells you to keep up

  • What about recan friends

  • in my tan/brown Benz eating tamales with my Hispanic friends . . . . . . Idk thought I had to do this

  • You are so cool, reminds me old Uzi, im in love with your tracks. Hello from Russia !

  • I know we lost X, but at least we have you :)

  • You mean codeine with your black friends and cocaine with your white friends

  • in my yellow benz, eating dogs with my Asian friends

  • They really poured water instead of lean

  • In my yellow benz, pouring sunny d on my nips with my yellow friends.

  • in my american benz, bringin' the ARs, shootin up the school before the night ends(x2)

  • I’m in my green Benz eating green beans with my green friends

  • Death: Lets kill some emo rappers 2017: Rip Lil Peep 2018: Rip X 2019: Juice WRLD juice wrld: *delete lucid dream and all girls are the same* now Im safe

  • lit

  • In the white van, there ain't no free candy don't get in that bitch

  • Juice wrld intensifies

  • This makes white people look so bad... no we aren't all emos with wack colored hair

  • Was singing this all day in school

  • This song is so deep with the beat

  • this song low key kinda racist

  • in my red friends, delivering presents with my green friends, yeah, before christmas ends.

  • some weird shit juice wrld

  • This video is pretty bad, but like the song

  • In a orange benz, with donald trump, waiting for his presidency to end.

  • Llama

  • I'm here

  • Dawg this song is so fire

  • Wypipol go crazy for drugs no cap

  • 9909 love

  • Swae lee would have been good on this 🔥

  • In my virgin Benz playing fortnite with my virgin friends

  • Dat benz insane😂😂

  • In my orange benz yah eating halos with my orange friends

  • I just wanna be one of juice wrlds black friends

  • *what about hispanic niggas*

  • I love you jucie world marrie me

  • Hair.

  • 0:32 my girlfriend finna die her hair, y'all! It's lit! (BTW) I have a fetish for colored hai.

    • Daman Thau her name is Ashlyyn Muun. Pronounced Ashlin moon

    • Malaki Fox who is she lmaoo