Jordan Schlansky Lectures Conan About Coffee In Naples - CONAN on TBS

Published on Apr 14, 2018
Conan drinks too much coffee and Jordan makes his mustachioed soap opera debut in "Un posto al sole."
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  • Conan sang the Christian tube of down from his glory.

  • I fuc*ing hate censorship!

  • Ignorante 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I wasn't ready for that "IGNORANTE!"

  • Please, my Naples is not an Italian city

  • This is one of my favourite videos ever

  • korean drama suit you best Coco 💋

  • I'm friends with Martin Scorsese....hahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣

  • Can anyone tell me the name of the actress in the soap opera during 6:05?

  • "IGNORANTE" I died

  • In people's mind like "what.. is.. actually.. f**king going on with this ginger bread?!"..

  • Conan is the new ambassador to Italy.

  • When I drink too much coffee, I turn into Conan. When Conan drinks too much coffee, he turns into Jim Carey

  • The emphasized Italian accent when he says “Joachim Murat,” who was for the record, a Frenchman, is hilarious.

  • omg hahahhha they didnt get a line in the soap opera unlike the other two. looks like they didnt treat them like royalty in italian media. hahhaa

  • When I visited Naples, there were the WORST drivers I had ever seen. It was as if a sidewalk was the road, and the road was where kids would play soccer and occasionally run into a live highway to retrieve a ball

  • That wig and

  • I just see the shame on Jordan’s face while Conan is singing.

  • Want to be nice to the american give me your jacket lmfao xD

  • Vaffanculo!

  • who was that Mexican girl in the Mexican soap opera 😵😍

  • Jaki wstyd -.- Conan... jesteś wieśniakiem :|

  • Conan is hands down the best live show compared with the rest (from now)

  • Why are they bleeping an Italian phrase? The swear isn't in English.

  • 3:06 "F*cking Turists".

  • Can someone please passionately translate to me the bleeped out word they keep saying? In Italian and in English? I am missing out.

  • “The Mask” Re do with Conan instead Carrey. Nothing against Carrey tho. Love that guy.

  • Conan really is the best in the game

  • 1:54 was so awkward when those two guys clapped but no one clapped with them

  • Where is the Italian translations??

  • they should have got jordan to voice over the real meaning of espresso lol

  • Hahahahahahahahaha conan is better much more than jimmy, jay leno..

  • That whole bit in the coffee house was amazing, they were all having a blast! XD

  • Jordan:“You just had a real experience you should enjoy that” 😂

  • OMGosh Jordan is such a good sport. hilarious!!

  • When I watched the Jordan gets to work late episode I literally thought he was mentally challenged

  • 4:18 I've never seen a statue with such an impressive, crotch bulge in my life. omfg I died 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Can someone tell me some bad words or popular insults in italian please.

  • Conan is my spirit animal

  • Also it's "eSpresso" not "eXpresso." There is no X in espresso. And as they say espresso literally means pressed coffee, not quick coffee. Jordan is nothing more than a dilettante.

  • What's the name of the actress in 6:05 ?

  • The both wrong about what Espresso means. It does mean exactly express, but because it *comes out* fast. It's done in seconds, as opposed to minutes with a traditional drip.

  • Conan is the whitest white person ever😂

  • "you just had a real experience you should enjoy that" "stop talking to me. shut up. shut up."

  • I just pee'd myself laughing 😂😂😂

  • whats that 5:31? Opera?

  • No coffee for Coco

  • He called the server at the till 'mister' at the start lol

  • I want it f**king hot!!!

  • This whole clip is Gold!! Gold I tell ya! Conan is at the top of his game!!

  • I'm going to start talking like Jordan now see how long it'll last

  • That was too embarrassing

  • Now conan is doing same as jordan

  • I remember when I tried espresso for the first time, I took one sip and was like, "Espresso? More like Asspresso." because it tasted like ass.

  • Drug Expresso,Conan is so Hype LMAO

  • I could watch these videos all day!

  • I don’t speak great Italian but Did Conan just sing “I have a butter?”

  • Cracked up when it showed Jordan

  • This reminds me of Logan Pual in Japan.

  • Omg him singing is actually pretty good.

  • 5:45

  • Jordan is so full of BS lol He pretends to know Italy but can't even speak Italian! He called that cashier lady "MISTER" lol and he forces such an American-stereotyped Italian accent. Cringy!!

  • Conan's coffee shots moment is how I feel when I'm properly caffeinated. Including the "I don't know when to stop." 3:10 - Apparently Italians think we actually add pumpkin to coffee. Not Cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg. :P

  • I love how they casually swear.

  • what is the original song called that he is singing ??

  • You do not order a Espresso in Italy. Its just called Coffee. If you want a "Coffee" you order a "Americano".

  • Conan is hilarity 🤣

  • Goddamn Conan is like Ferris Bueller lmao

  • femo cagar

  • Conan to Brazil!

  • jordan has been waiting for years for that self validation dig

  • ©🆗🇪 🇫ℹ🇪Nd 🇨🚫🇳🅰N

  • Wtf did I just watch?

  • It's not as embarrassing because there is a camera

  • @3:12

  • Imagine Jordan schlansky and Conan O'Brien making a movie together🤔🤣

  • Poor Jordan is just dying inside after Conan took those espressos

  • who's the girl from 6:09

  • I am crying watching this. So funny! Conan is the best late night talk show host by far!!

  • I lika do da cha cha

  • .

  • Conan the best boss ever

  • The look of murder in Jordan’s eyes is real...

  • Ignoranti

  • Conan is living his best life possible

  • This is how Logan Paul should ha ve been

  • 4:54 a weed shop in back ground. They should have went to

  • Swervimng thru my enzo yahhhhhhh

  • Espresso also means fast...


  • This blew my pretentiousness scale...

  • I really like the singing part, those background music edits were so on point


  • I just love him !!!!!

  • Its just coffee

  • dont invite conan for a cup of coffee

  • In the soap opera scene, Jordan looks like a Carrie Brownstein character in Portlandia

  • 5:44 lmfao Conan wtf are you doing?? XDD

  • Watching Conan after a long long gap really brings the cringe up tight.

  • Never give Conan cocaine...