Jolly 3: CHAPTER 2

Published on Jun 19, 2018
Jolly ain't so jolly anymore... see what happens next in Chapter 2 of this amazing Five Nights at Freddy's fan game!
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  • I suddenly realized the Easter egg reference to cave Johnson, and surprised Mark actually knew about portal.

  • Is that jolly🤚♏♏

  • This is kinda like fnaf 4 and 6 mixed together if you think about it

  • legs

  • Jollibee reference

  • I see phantom maxie

  • The Mark package: Contains LEGS, LEGS, screaming, jibberish, more of that, and a jumpscare, followed by a cuss word. More jibberish, then repeat the cycle

  • I played this Game and it wasnt that bad just playing it for 31 hours (please call 911 ;-;)

  • That LEG is from nightmare freddy

  • me with all my monitors. losses a game Oh ok it's broken now

  • This is like sister location but anhoter game

  • Alright jolly is there.., and... JAMMER TIME - jammer takes a long time - HERES JOLLY BOI

  • Who f*cked up Jollibee Whyyyy?!???

  • From which country does the creator come from?? Philippines?? Anyone familiar with: 🎶Sa Jollibee, bida ang saya!!🎶 Whut the heck I'm impressed

    • Holy fat carrots Jollibee started out from Yum burgers and how did he end up being all homicidal and stuff?? I want history!! Damned Afton!! I remember when he shakes his booty on my 3rd birthday 😛😛😛

  • "Legs... That's interesting." - Markiplier, 2018

  • Łoķ

  • jumpscare list: night 1-night 3 george:35:07 12:15 13:29 ???:flashing lights! 👉17:46 32:32 19:14 JOLLY:0:00 23:06 24:50 25:23 34:05 35:15 38:20 41:15 42:57

  • Kevin Johnson? Sounds like a name from a game.... From 2011 maybe About portals? A sequel.

  • This video is a bag of vegetables

  • That one animatronic is hacking and is *BULLSH*T* 53:45 and 59:38 he used speed hacks *wait for it* Edit: also I'm going to make a fnaf fan game in the future! Itt`le be called *sonars place* be sure to check it out!

  • The red bald animatronic is called Jollibee, which is a real life fast-food restaurant in the Philippines

  • LEGS?

  • You are the best Gamer!!!!!

  • cool

  • 25:17 jumpscare button

  • llllllllllllllll oooooooooooo llllllllll

  • 1:12:36 There was a special thanks to Markpiller!


  • 12:46 is me when someone makes a stupid move on my team

  • I hate how many times you flash your light

  • Mark: Where is he?? .5 seconds later: jump scare

  • 50:55 i dont think there were actually breathing, i think it was closed too late

  • "Right guy, i can see in door" "Left guy, i cant see in door" If i was instead of mark, i would check in cameras only for the left guy, and would look in the office at the right door for the right guy..

  • I noticed, this video doesnt have a special name.. :/

  • It's the vents!!!!


  • Whenever I watch jolly 3 videos I get cold ; - ;

  • Has anyone else ever thought about the fact that in these games you listen for breathing but they’re robot animatronics...



  • Jollibee fast food

  • 19 :22

  • Did no one else notice golden freddy outside of the door around 16:00

  • The leg are the one who kill you ??? Or try to look at the leg until it done ???


  • But *did* anyone order legs?

  • LEG

  • Am I the only one who thought of Portal 2 with the Kevin Johnson bit?

  • The sound of the camera sounds like going into the menu on Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

  • The fix/scan/decrypting noises remind me of pikmin 2 savefile transfering


  • FNAF 4 dejavu FNAF 3 dejavu FNAF 6 dejavu FNAF 5 dejavu So much dejavu

  • is jolly Canadian or something ?

  • 00110001 00110101 00110010 00101010 00111000 00110100 00110011 = 152*843

  • oof. This game has promise as a tie in to the main FNAF lore but, boy howdy, is the game design attrotious. Split the cameras into sectors for no reason other than to confuse the player, pretty garbage. The method of dealing with anamatronics right outside your door take like 10 seconds to actually activate, pretty garbage considering they're already like 5 seconds away from killing when they give you your window. And did they really need to throw in both the camera flash AND the shitty night vision trope in the beggining? It only sticks around for like a minute and has no relevancy to the gameplay so it just feels like they're giving a nod to shitty horror tropes.

  • Was that an Android? [25:23]

  • Jolly is ant?

  • Only Og Markiplier Fans Know Lights: Off HeadPhones: On Volume: All the way up Late at night I dont know

  • do you know that springtrap is in this game?

  • *LEGS!!!*

  • *"We found one... A REAL one..."*

  • What's on the menu? Legs, Legs. What's on the menu? LEGS!

  • Bing Bong spling spong six AM...

  • Jolly doesn't have eyes in CH2, only the Tiger, so he doesn't appear in the left doorway. It's a bit of a irritating machanic

    • That and as much as the atmosphere of dread is spot on; I feel it is somewhat diminished by just being another FNAF game. Why? Because by making a part of another story that doesn't quite fit on, it feels much less clever for it. "Oh great another dead guy in a suit, and evil spirits. Oh, and for reasons the original cast is gonna physically haunt you at this other location, even though they are scrapped?" it's a well executed premise that is lacking just because it's piggy backing on another games source material. That and CH2 doesn't really give you anything new to deal with; it just hmm's and errs after attempting to be really clever in CH1, with the three testing logs being fairly useless in information. As such, the lore in this game is as deep as a puddle of water that could still drown you if you shove your face in it. Definitely going to give it ago though, I feel uneasy just by watching the screen. XD

  • Have a holly jolly Christma- oh it's bad

  • Something irrelevant:I'm Greek

  • 25:42 ;-;


  • Markiplier favorites words P E N I S

  • I feel like this game is rivalling the King of Five Nights at Freddy's

  • This video was uploaded the day after x’s death

  • Mark stop getting killed by the same person that looks like he came out of springtraps body but changed colors and his veins are out of his body ya dumb shat

  • Metallic Clanking Outside Of Door: I Sleep Legs: Real Shit? Legs and Torso: ASCENDED

  • “Hello there, astronaut, war hero or Olympian! I am Kevin Johnson.” Man, portal 2 fans would be screaming s o l o u d.

  • "the naughty children need" I'm dead

  • just happy jolly deyd (dead and day)

  • So much for being a night guard...

  • please play the next one in the series

  • you doing a stealth poop

  • Pootis

  • I long for the animation for this game

  • The jammer makes me feel more scared than the actual jumpscare

  • scariest thing in the game is clearly the legs

  • probably already been said but the way the jammer functions is that if someone is in the doorway ready to attack and the jammer is used then it doesn't have a cool down. On the other hand if nobody is in your doorway and you use the jammer anyways it WILL have a cool down.

  • 😂👍💖

  • The first map!! I lost my mind is what I’m saying

  • hey mark i know this is super late like 6 months late but the jammer reboots whenever you use it and nobody was at the door it stays up when you use it correctly

  • How *JOLLY!!*

  • Me and lag 32:41

  • When we found out trump was president 19:29

  • 7:00

  • LOL I got an ad with funky music right at 21:36 I was hiding in the comments, so I was confuzzled as frick EDIT: it happened again, this time at 37:36 I wasn't hiding this time, so I knew what happened Still funny tho

  • S0 far s0 g00- 0h he m0ved. . . *_S h i t_*

  • Jolly 3 more like jollibee


  • BAd Bear (freddy:hi mark)

  • 19:28 mother H E C C E R Edit: 52:50 Mark: I love that intro Me: I just said that. I must be psychotic!

  • yep

  • Imagine a game where you chased off animatronics with the lights. One needs the lights off to go away, the other needs the lights on to go away.

  • fnaf 4 + fnaf sl = jolly