John Mulaney's Attempt to Solve a Mystery Was Unsuccessful

Published on Oct 5, 2018
John Mulaney tells Seth a story about his recent attempt to solve the mystery of who left a hat in his car and talks about the return of Big Mouth.
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John Mulaney's Attempt to Solve a Mystery Was Unsuccessful- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • so yes big mouth is awesome and i recommend all the time. but this story of over grandizing is precious and we are so glad it was shared.

  • Maybe he can solve the crime of Princess Diana’s death 😳

  • Ah, yes. A break in the break in case. Now we can solve it!

  • Oh look! The comments are filled with people attempting to tie in references from his act. Yes! You are all professional comedians as well now!

  • The fact that the LAPD even showed up speaks volumes. “I came fast like 911 in white neighborhoods”

  • Omg I think I’m in love with John❤️

  • You mean John mulaney likes crime shows? Like the Law and Order? And the NCIS? And the SVU?

  • John Mulaney is a national treasure.

  • This tall child is bloody brilliant and mad funny!

  • Love him

  • i love how Seth never interrupts his guests

  • I hope he listens to my favourite murder because I think he would really love it.

  • he told this story when i saw his tour!

  • you come in MY RAV 4?

  • *casual Gucci tie*

  • Love Big Mouth hope you do even more episodes.

  • Wow I never would've guessed everything in my entire life would lead up to me being in love with an awkward, high-waisted tall child

  • Why does he have surgical gloves? Does he kill people with them?

  • and the cops were wrong as hell. that was burglary and breaking and entering.

  • Seth Meyers is awful

  • I swear to god, wikipedia calls Murfreesboro "the Athens of Tennessee."

  • “You can run that through CODIS” shfnfjjfjbf


  • every interview of john on any talk show he drinks from the cup they give him he’s like the only one i’ve ever noticed do this

  • 4:57 there's a resemblance of John Mulaney and Drew Gooden here

  • I am to 76% sure that John Mulaney and Shane Madej are somehow related

  • I just can't separate the image of spiderham from that voice !

  • I fucking love you John

  • shout out to the AWESOME neckties John is always wearing

  • I hope he watches BuzzFeed Unsolved True Crime

  • I have never related to someone so much than this man

  • This is how Spider-ham solves crimes

  • plot twist: it's his hat.

  • This needs an animation

  • I took a sip of water just before seth said the guy gave him a hat and it was really hard not to spit it out. Lots of self control!

  • john mulaney _is_ a tall child

  • Detective! We found a pool of the killer's blood in that hallway! Hmm, gross!

  • The hat clearly belongs to someone who is New In Town.

  • He would make the most adorable Brooklyn 99 character.

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • Years from now when JM is sentenced to the chair for being the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history, we'll all look back on this clip with fondness.

  • Might start leaving hats in unlocked cars just for shits and giggles

  • I was awaiting the plot twist that it was his wife's hat all along

  • I don't even like Big Mouth, I only come here to hear him make jokes.

  • This guy is actually funny

  • I had someone break into my car and leave a laptop in it. The weirdest fucking thing

  • With the Gucci tie

  • He's literally me

  • so i put it in the fridge

  • Pretty sure it's still considered burglary regardless of unlocked doors. In fact, a simple Google search: *"the unlawful entry into almost any structure (not just a home or business) with the intent to commit any crime inside (not just theft/larceny). No physical breaking and entering is required; the offender may simply trespass through an open door."* Even if they didn't commit a crime, as long as they had an intention to, it's still burglary.

  • John Mulaney: Vigilante?

  • oh my god those poor officers were probably just like “why is this comedian going crazy”

  • John would be a great addition to BuzzFeed unsolved


  • My dream is to one day appear on a talk show like this just so I can ask why everybody has a backdrop of a city skyline

  • Omg. He reminds me of barry from the flash

  • I literally had this SAME problem. I (admittedly) used to leave my old 2000 Cavalier open, and when I got inside to go to work one morning, I froze, because everything in my glovebox was ransacked and all over the car. (I also watch BBC's Sherlock, and I am obsessed with it to the core. I do take his advice, and I do observe beyond the normal scope, do the deductive reasoning, all that). So it was a good thing it snowed that night, because the perpetrator left his FOOTPRINTS all over the side of the car. So I calmly got out, took a photo of a nice, clean, footprint with my phone, and scoured the whole property (we live on a community lot) for the same type, shape, size, and shoe model as the perpetrator's. (I had reverse Google images to thank for finding out the shoe model). The footprints led me right up to his front door. I had his address. I go back home, type up a lengthy letter with a piece of my mind in it, with the occasional gloating that I'm not one to be trifled with, stuck it in an envelope, and drove right up to his front door, slapping the letter on his door. The residents of Weatherstone Village slept a little sounder that day. :) Seriously, who commits a crime IN THE SNOW where your footprints can be seen?

  • At first I thought they were the same person until now

  • That is one bitchin' necktie.

  • John Mulaney is so hilarious

  • Why is he so damn hot his smile is just 😭😍😍😍😍

  • নাটক

  • He's a comedian?

  • UNANSWERED QUESTION: why does he have surgical gloves in his apartment?

  • Mulaney is a very handsome guy :D. I find him very attractive

  • I only keep surgical gloves in my house

  • Or, y’know, just install security cameras

  • *he’s so cute wtf*

  • John Mulaney is Chaotic Good

    • +Sakura Kitokara True, very true. I'd say he used to be chaotic neutral and now is lawful good

    • +Emma TriesToSmile lol I get what you mean 😂 But, on a genuine note, when John was younger he did some very.....unlawful things.

    • I feel this is the definition of lawful, though.

    • Early in life he was NOT chaotic good. more evil, neutral at best 😂 He's really calmed in his old age

  • and thats why Im running for mayor

  • PLEASE get john as a guest on buzzfeed unsolved!!

  • I was waiting for them to say it was his own hat

  • Me after three episodes of Unsolved

  • It was Dirty Mike and the Boys.

  • Why did I think rav-4 before he even said anything?😂😂😂

  • john mulaney NEEDS to be a guest on buzzfeed unsolved, true crime or supernatural. it would be amazing

    • The chaotic illinois energy of john mulaney AND shane madej in one room? Can you imagine?

    • Was there ever a ghost, Mother? Or was the dead Victorian girl me all along?

    • YYYYEEEESSS! I need this!

  • oh my god all i hear is A N D RE W GL OUBERMAN

  • I watched a montage of Jay Pharoah impressions and he did Mulaney. I had no idea who John Mulaney was, so I came to this video next... All I can say is #NailedIt.

  • this video was exactly as long as it took me to eat my Mac and cheese

  • bittenbinder wpuld be proud

  • John Mulaney never fails to make me smile.

  • FUNNY !!!

  • GOD I have the biggest most embarrassing crush on John Mulaney I can’t even look him in the eyes if I ever saw him in real life

  • I know i'ts Jhon,but o only hear Andrew LOL

  • as a forensics student, i find this HILARIOUS

  • I love him and he’s so awesome!!!! JM that is

  • hell yeah rav4

  • I love how it is widely known that if you are watching this video you are mostly likely a John Mulaney fan, so all of the comments are just references to his other work

  • The cops showed up for that?

  • What if it was the horse from the hospital that tried to use it as an escape car but then realised he couldn't fit inside? Did the baseball cap say anything about making things great?

  • i mean you could find hair on the hat but unless it was ripped out there wouldn’t be dna

  • And this, my friends, is a prime example of what forensic scientists call "the CSI effect"


  • I feel called out, I have a Rav4 and I would do this

  • the most amazing parts of the late night talk show hosts having John Mulaney on is the fact that he is always on such a roll with these amazing stories that they don't even know how to properly transition to what they're there to talk about. Lol

  • We are all moths. John Mulaney is the light.

  • I always thought to myself that these two would make great friends! They should do a comedy duo!!

  • I feel like there is no way he is still driving the Rav 4. It's just a funny name for the bit at this point.

  • That tall child tried to solve a crime, aww how cute

  • Donald Trump can only wish he had John Mulaney's hands. And smarts. And sense of humor. And general humanity.

    • I don't think Donald Trump has much envy of an effeminate C list comedian.