Jimmy and Kim Kardashian West Freak Out Touching Mystery Objects

Published on Feb 8, 2019
Kim Kardashian West and Jimmy take turns sticking their hands inside boxes filled with mystery objects that they have to identify without looking at them.
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Jimmy and Kim Kardashian West Freak Out Touching Mystery Objects


  • What's happened to her butt???

  • I dont know why she is populair, her ass is fake so...

  • Why do they need sanitizer every time?...........I bet they do that when they shake the audience hands afterwards.

  • The way she thanked the lady giving them the sanitizer was honestly so sweet.

  • "Ew!!!.....Ew!!!.....Ew!!!" Me:the ew show is having a comeback

  • The thumbnail though 🤣

  • Holy moly

  • My god, Kim’s hips 🤮🤢

  • a millionaire , picky like her will never play that game fairly you guys most be ignorants to believe this. Fake like her butt.

  • Is anybody going to talk about her snake skin dress??? I don't get celebrities. They have so much money, that you rarely see them wear the same thing. And Kim, you're only going to wear that dress once, so why don't you get a fucking faux snake skin dress because no snakes are going to be dying for you hun.

  • I love how they both overreact at those things haha

  • istg he's OVER DRAMATIC

  • wtf is jimmy doing

  • 1:46 That's what she said 😏

  • I hate this guy with a passion

  • who is this shiny haired hobbit?? melania trump?

  • Kim’s arms look soooo tiny compared to her hips lol her butt doesn’t look natural at all. She should remove some of it at least lol

  • I would love to display that shiny jar hips on my living room

  • 7:48 me when I see my grades

  • This show is so white I swear

  • His acting has gotten SO bad


  • 1:58 that 🐿 is more real than Kim’s butt.

  • That girl looks deformed! 😄

  • Love this guy

  • Eww!

  • Jim needs acting skills

  • Jimmy acted like a pansy was that for ratings or does he need Testerone shots?

  • This makes me cringe 😂

  • 6:17 when you pull out your dick for her

  • I have a bearded dragon

  • Ofc she didn't say please and thank you to the sanitizer person

  • At 7:33 it looks like Jimmy touches Kim's chest. I know he didn't but he was like "wiping" his hands on her.

  • Who thought Kim looked like Catherine off of Ace Family 0:12

  • I have that lizard

  • she looks like so kind of animal.... her body looks gross...sorry.

  • Omg! Is that a chicken?!

  • What’s wrong with his left ring finger? It looks broken. And it’s short.

  • Everything look like fake

  • At 7:31 you can see Jimmy touching Kim’s tits

  • Thick ass bitch.

  • Her body reminds me of a ant 🐜

  • Ok but they arent even guessing...

  • she so hot

  • Omg jimmys reactions are killing me!😫 so cringe, like ur not fooling any1

  • Kim is more fake than that squirrel

  • Just WAIT until an Apocalypse. Over and out for both of them.

  • love her outfit

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-kxawC_yaDq8.html

  • Jimmy Fallon is so annoying to watch

  • Lol Jimmy apologizing to the lizard

  • Kim is so funny 😂😂😂

  • It’s not a lizard it’s a bearded dragon and I know because I have one as a pet and there not scary there super cute and fun to play with

  • Kim’s laugh I’m dead

  • Kim be looking like an hourglass

  • Guys, she was cute but stodgy and Jimmy was doing his best to make this performance more interesting, just appreciate it

  • She looks like an 🐜

  • 0:12 looks like he’s about to hug her


  • I have a bearded dragon 😍🙂. They are Soo chill

  • Personally I’m living for the reactions

  • Jimmy so fcking fake

  • Sounds like a PornHub title.

  • What is the problem between american talkshows and animals really ?! Can't you make entertainment without disturbing animal lives, as in this game or in "Fill or Spill your guts" ?!

  • When jimmy got the mashed potatoes he really exposed his self as Sara from EW

  • is kanye under her dress?

  • 7:32

  • Her butt looks so fake

  • He is over reacting

  • *jimmys round* Jimmy : i touched mashed potatoes give me sanatizer *Kim's round* Kims touches squerril but Jimmy: give me sanatizer *jimmys round* Jimmy touches lizard Jimmy: give me sanatizer *kims round* Kim touches crab legs but jimmy Jimmy : give ME hand sanitizer Jimmy : i dont care weather i touch or not i just want SANATIZER 😂

  • Really sad ,using real animal's to this sh*t ,the human race is so retarded

  • I don't like Jimmy Fallon as much as I used to.

  • Damnnn she loooks stunning! 😍 slaying my whole existence with that sparkly look! 🌟

  • He's actually the most obnoxious person I've ever seen. I have internal bleeding from the first 30 seconds...

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Her body shape is like the other mother from Coraline

  • Knowing that at this very moment there are some many people out there trying to protest and actively take action to ban animal cruelty for human entertainment and then use this platform for the same purpose it's just wrong, even bringing animals to a show.. it all becomes a circus again. PLEASE DON'T USE ANIMALS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES. IT IS NOT THEIR ENVIRONMENT! I'm not just saying it for the lizard in this particular show but the many shows they bring animals. We are trying to raise awareness of why animals belong in the wild or conservation programs and shows like these aren't helping the cause. I really like the show but that, in particular, bothers me because there tons of ways or learning about them without having to put them in such an unfortunate and uncomfortable situation.

  • So we gone ignore the lil Wayne look alike at 6:13 on the guitar

  • That poor lizard :(

  • Kim.is so funny lol

  • You overreacting jimmy....

  • I watched this just to see that dress ❤️

  • "The squirrel was real" dumb bitch.

  • Jimmy needs to man up and not overreact I kind of understand if Kim is like that but with Jimmy running around lying on the floor jumping up and down it's pathetic

  • This man is so scripted

  • I love how back around 2-3 years ago, you guys did not care about Fallon’s over reacting, now y’all do? Interesting. 2k18-19 era be like “LETS BE REAL, NO FAKE”

  • Kim lookin thicc

  • Чё за кликклак

  • Stupid coloured animal. Armenian... You are ethnic shit... Armenian... Filthy animal... You are not a European. Black disgusting shit.

  • I hate Jimmy cause he thinks he needs to overdue everything just to be interesting, just be smooth..

  • Niggas say a lot about Kim but I'm pretty sure niggas would still smash

  • Kim.K... Such a waste in entertainment world... Good singer? No... Good actress? No... Then who is Kim.K? Nothing...

  • sry im too distracted by the unnatural ass xd

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-wl2aZiwAxis.html

  • I have never seen this guy before does he have autism?

  • Tf?? Her butt is Like a table.

  • Ooooo those king crab legs look nice🤤

  • He always Overacting that's why I don't usually watch hiS SHow

  • I love this!

  • It’s like warm and slimy... oh wait it’s black wolf (using that instead of my actual name)