Jeffrey Li: 13-Year-Old Sings Whitney Houston’s "One Moment In Time" - America’s Got Talent 2018

Published on Aug 1, 2018
Jeffrey overcame his fears to perform on AGT. Watch his inspirational performance as he follows his dreams!
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In season 13, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.
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With the talent search open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing unique performers from across the country. The series is a true celebration of the American spirit, featuring a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying for their chance to win America's hearts and the $1 million prize. Follow judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search!
Jeffrey Li: 13-Year-Old Sings Whitney Houston’s "One Moment In Time" - America’s Got Talent 2018
America's Got Talent


  • How beautiful this guy is and the voice 😍

  • Chillssss down my spine... gawd. 🙌🙌🙌

  • So did he get the dog?

  • I love you jeffrey

  • he is a talent

  • Oh. My. Goodness. This is the definition of a voice of an angel. He has so much control and his voice is so soft. I wish they didn’t cut him. He would have made some good damage to the competition

  • He could be a voice of a prince in Disney

  • It still shocks me that he didn't make it...

  • A lovely talent to be set free

  • Lol, why am I not surprised. America's Got Talent? These judges' definition of talent must be [insert insult here]

  • did he get a dog?

  • knew it i know this voice from somewhere

  • so much like celine tam :3

  • They don't deserve to be judges if they are blind to his obvious talent. He is the best singer i have EVER heard on the show... sorry Grace Vanderwaal but it's true.

  • This Kid Should Be On Broadway If He's Not Already

    • He is now....his talent has been recognised! He'll be in a Broadway Musical: Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet. Happy for him!

  • He really deserved to go through 😢

  • Beautiful

  • I'm still mad he didn't go through

    • Aren't we was quite upsetting, but, Jeffrey is do'in fine....he's working on his debut album right now.

  • Bro he was so good when he was a kid and now hes better i dont understand

  • Only reason he couldn’t go through because he was from CANADA. There is no other explanation, he was better than most.

    • Courtney is from Great Britain, it sure looks like she's been given the : "Red Carpet" treatment. The show "has their agenda", that's the explanation in a nut shell. It's all about Sob Stories and American style Political Correctness, Not True Talent....that's for sure......

  • He gave me the chills omG 💋👑

  • Oh man..his voice is so amazing..jeffery thank u for sharing your voice with all of us

  • This kid would be the only reason I might be ok with another singer winning this year.

  • His vocal control, tone and range is amazing for someone at his age. Jeffrey remains impressive

  • To all those think Jeffrey was robbed. Don't worry my friends. He will be better than ok. I am glad he lost cause record companies will control him if you get my drift

  • Asian's not getting the respect is nothing new. So sad he got robbed. He sounds way better than the singers left in the "competition".

  • Whow!!!

  • He is lip syncing that’s why he didn’t make it through

    • AGT won't allow lip syncing on their shows!!!! I read from AGT website that the singers have to inform the producers what they are going to sing and the producers will prepare the sound tracks for them at auditions and judge cuts.

    • Everybody and their brother is asking that question.....Why?? They never gave a reason, they just said "Adios!". I believe in my heart, it was because of the fact, many of his prior performances, were done....."in China". Many hundreds of thousands of Not like China "At All". This close association, "caused" many Americans to say some pretty racist and downright mean words, to him, in their US-tv comments. Jeffrey sung a beautiful Christian song and received hate filled comments, for singing So Pretty....Go Figure?? I think many people saw his awesome videos and thought : This kid is China's star....He's Theirs....Not...."Ours". Like.....any nation....can own a child's soul?? Several...US-tv comments, were telling A.G.T. : "We Want Him Out!!" A.G.T.'s people, got the message loud and clear, so....did the rest of the world. All those hateful comments made by Americans, were making people from other nations think : Geeze....there sure are a lot of Racist people, in the U.S.(that's the denying it). Many Americans, can't stand to see "a person of color" do very well. They suffer from extreme jealousy, especially......if, a person gains success.....through a Rival Nation........China. This is my opinion, others are welcome to have theirs.

    • Then why would he not make it through

    • Not True!!

  • No guy should ever sing that song but that young man nailed it.👌

  • For a real Whitney tribute

  • Did he got a dog from simon already? Haha!

  • Can’t believe he get cut off from judges so stupid this judges term, I won,t see this show at all.

  • Is he the same kid hwo sing with celine you raise me up ??

  • Lack of emotions

  • Does anyone know if he has a US-tv channel ?

    • Mapleseason I guess this channel has been run by his mum since he was 11. I know her name is Maggie Chen and it says on the "About" section that she is the contact person with her email printed there.

    • Elsie W I think that channel is run by someone else (his parents?), not him.

    • Train spotter Uk This is his US-tv channel:


  • AGT u need to change the judges...They r all morons who don't even know how to judge.. .. Simon don't waste your time and effort with those 3 idiot .....

  • hmmm plz AGT judges bring jeffrey back to the live show. ....

  • Damn, how did he not go through? I thought someone who was singing just as good as Celine Tam (He has done duets of You Raise Me Up with her on stage) Would at least get to the live shows...

  • I can't believe he didn't get to go on :(

  • Jeffrey li...I am eagerly waiting for your album🎶 You are already a don't need AGT.❣️so it's okay

  • how did he not get a golden buzzer

  • Bring Back Jeffrey Li

  • What? No golden buzzer in the first round? This is why I don't watch this show anymore. It's rigged big time. Jeffrey Li I wish you much success. You should have gone all the way.

  • I have listened to this so many times...... wonderful and amazing, Jeffrey!!

  • Love him

  • I really like this boy omfggg😭😭

  • Wow Jeffrey Li soo awesome golden voice

  • I could predict lots of girls will have a crush on Jeffrey Li 😂 😆 😂

  • Omg nice

  • where the hell is the golden buzzer? why didn't any judges have give him that?

  • Jeffrey, superstar!

  • Nempo tangkurakna rujit anying

  • kid your talent is above #agt your & celine would make a great duo, best of luck

  • So mad he didn't even get a wild card there had to be something wrong behind the scenes because he was on of the favor to win

  • I was so confused when he didn't get a golden buzzer but he didn't even get threw? I'm so confused what went wrong?

  • #JusticeForJeffrey

  • Jeffrey is fantastic! Looking forward to hearing from him again!

  • Por k hacer k un niño mienta al público k puede amarlo como nunca ⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉es un artista, cantante profesional, o es k se les olvida k en you tu encontramos de todo, es un niño muy famoso k canta desde muy pequeño, no nos hagan eso por favor, sabemos k es un show pero no mientan tanto por favor.......

  • I bawled my eyes out because of his beautiful voice

  • Nice song

  • This guy gets a standing oviation, but not a spot in the live shows

  • Wy didn't he get the golden buzzer? because he's asian Why didn't the judges give him the chance? because he's asian Yes we asian still receive this kind of silent racism, even more than black people. The proof is you see more black people on screen than asians. Pathetic truth

  • He's so nervous 😣

  • Yes he has a good voice so bring him back to AGT. Did he get his dog from Simon?

    • Alexandra Aubin He wasn't given a wildcard. And, according to his instagram on Aug 10.... no dog yet. Maybe Simon is busy??

  • I never watch cable can someone tell me how far he made it? Im a fan hes good

    • princessliuz Saechao Sadly, he was eliminated after the second round and did not have a chance to go to quarterfinals. Many people are shocked because he was much better than some acts that went through in the episode that he performed in. And he was not given a wildcard to come back and one of the 3 wildcards was a really gross and stupid act called "Human Fountains".

  • This kid is like a young David So

  • Every time you see Jeffrey Li singing like this life will rise again

  • Nice voice god bless you're wonderful life

  • if only he was a abused kid who lived in a car and had a baby who he raised alone, he would have gone through and gotta the Gold Buzzer

  • He gets cut, and yet they had guys that spit water go through..... What is the thinking behind that crap.

    • Probably for variety. One has to admit that the Human Fountains is something nobody has ever seen before.

  • He deserve to get golden buzzer....I think agt have lost their mind that they are letting go this amazing talent...

  • I loved his eyebrow movement at the end of the song.

  • Something is weird. He deserved a dog n to go to the finals. Guess we’ll never know. Grrr

  • Great control and pitch. Not enough nuance or flair. They want something original or different. Not a perfect rendition of someone else's song. He didn't even have all the inflections of Whitney Houston to warrant a million dollars. Still great singer. Has a future if he continues.

  • He should be doing math homework

  • That isn't correct ! His voice is beautiful and even the guest judge said she can't sing like that !!! How he go home ??? He sings with feelings and he is better than Noah and even he didn't get through , he also have the wildcard !!! Where is Jeffery Li ???

    • Terry Gamer Oops... I meant to type 'he wasn't given the wildcard for the live shows.' Yes, I agree with you. But I'm happy to know from his instagram account that he is working on a debut album with a song writer and producer in the US now.

    • Elsie W take a look at the 36 acts going through to the live shows

    • Terry Gamer He was given the wildcard for the live shows. :(

  • His voice was shaky, there was no heart behind his singing. Was disconnected from the song. He has the skill set needed but not the stage presence nor the passion for what he was singing. He should have chosen a song that truly meant something to him.

  • Jeffrey Li you're born to sing! You have a gift and beautiful voice. Such a beautiful soul and voice. Love it! Many besitos from Germany:)

  • He looks like David So

  • We want him back... 🙄 Bring him back... 🙌

  • Fantastice voice I very love this performance.

  • in a few years he can sing this at his wedding. His husband will love it.

  • his voice is magical and powerful *SO DAMN POWERFUL* and his voice control and falsetto is so professional n each performance he gives, I end up crying God gifted him a wonderful voice! just give him a golden buzzer!!!!!!! 😍😍😍💕

  • Dios mío es un ángel. Un beso. Desde España. Madrid.


  • This kid provided the two best covers recorded for the two songs he sung and tell me why he's eliminated.

    • Because Asian's never get the respect they deserve, especially in Hollywood. A travesty. Racists.

  • sorry boy,if I were a judge would ve.selected u .anyway ur great ,love u .

  • sorry boy,if I were a judge would ve.selected u .anyway ur great ,love u .

  • Did he get a dog????

  • Don’t give up. You are amazing!

  • #JefferyLiWildcard

  • 這叫做「自信」! Jeffrey給你按👍

  • People: Too many singers! More variety! Singers should go back to singing competitions! Also them: (kid sings) OMG SO CUTE FULL SUPPORT

    • Jeffrey Li's first has over 19 million hits(as of Sept.1, 2018)!!

    • That's objectivity. Subjectivity represents personal feelings, in which case I don't like his voice, that's all.

    • His 1st audition was the second most viewed act of this year. Subjectivity wise, majority of got talent viewers love his voice.

    • For me, and only me, personally, a declaration of subjectivity, in my own taste, his voice didn't quite work for me.

    • Idgaf about how cute contestants are, but this kid provided the two best covers recorded for the two songs he sung

  • The Asians only have Sacred Riana left to save them😂😂😂

  • Wild card for Jeffrey Li.. 🙏


  • I remember watching judge cuts and was so excited and ready for them to tell him he was going through and they told him he wasn’t. I literally cried 😂 but seriously I could name at least 10 acts that he was SO MUCH better than.

  • with this and the tokyo dance group elimination its almost as if the agt judges only want a limited amount of asians to go through...this subtle racism :/

  • I think if JL did make it through, he'd take the place of pac dance, but I think sending pac instead of him was a really big waste