Jealous of other people's success

Published on Nov 6, 2018
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shot & edited by Eric Lombart
make ups by Caitlyn Brisbin
produced by Reed Hedani
grip - Melissa Gasca, John Lee, Megan Pham
sound - John Lee


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  • I love the Bach piece in the background. 😂♥️

  • Anna where you in the antman movie you look like that journalist girl?

  • Unfortunatly ambition is not always a good thing.

  • I used to have 6 cats...

  • I want you to talk more about this topic.... but ok this is as concluded and great summed up as it is but... I just wanna watch/hear more to make myself actually be able to do it I guess xD"

  • I love that you sort your books by colour. Clearly the only way to go.

  • People are jealous of me

  • Still only 5 cats 😢

  • The last sentence is the best part :'D

  • Anna, you're incredible. Don't feel jealous of others

  • love cats! i have one, but the work of 1.5 :-)

  • Ya, agreed with what you said. Then of course, when you start to pursue the path that others had used for their success, you might accidentally strived to be someone you aren’t or possibly trying to achieve something, ahem, impossible. I mean, if everyone can get to the same level, what then would you use to determine if a person is “successful” or not since everyone is having the same thing? I guess why I’m trying to say Is that, the day you can be genuinely happy for another person’s achievement, and whatever you do and don’t, is to me a success.

  • Bonding FOR LIFE! I have 5 cats too! :D

  • Success is one thing, but is the other, WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN SOMEONE IS PRETTIER??? Thats just not something you can achieve

  • You are such a beautiful soul! I watch all of your videos and i love each of them.Lots of wishes and love from Mumbai,India.

  • great message but the problem is im just too fuckin lazy to try harder lol :^)

  • I have 7 bunnies... And I had had 4 cats before... (when I was 8 years old)

  • Anna I found you quite recently but I already love you and your channel!

  • Thank you soooo much! Really needed to hear this midst my jealous rage lol

  • That's right my dude

  • What if it’s not that easy to be positive when the last 3-4 girls I dated cheated on me or just plain out left me for other guys and were vocal about it. Real motivator... god I wanna kms lol

  • You’re Anna Akana and you’re EFFING AHHHMAZING! ❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘 Keep being you.

  • Weirdly, I've never been envy on someone's success. I always happy for those people and look at them as my role models. I'm trying to learn their path and find mine.

  • Anna I’m very jealous of you 😁

  • This was uploaded on my birthday and I think I needed it.

  • This is envy, not jealousy.

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • I don't feel jealous. It might be because I feel emotions other people display. I'm not even sure that it's healthy. Gives me one less motivation...

  • Okay you must get this question a thousand times but WHERE do you get your clothes??

  • 嫉妒就嫉妒了呗,大部分人都是普通人,没必要装圣人

  • Thanks , most young people these days seem to only care about being competitive and forgot how to be kind

  • damn where would my mental health be without you

  • "a delicous gluteous" yup, she really is bisexual

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  • 1:26 face, loved it xD Looked hilarious!

  • The reason I'm depressed is people r just generally mean to me and everyone else is so much more popular in school and everyone says they hate me and don't trust me and I'm trying to make new friends but it won't work also this mean girl her names Charle asked everybody if I'm the ”worst” and everybody said yes even the kind people I guess there is no kind people but the point is I almost cried and nonone was there for me😪😭😪

  • Is Caitlyn Brisbin related to Anna Brisbin

  • The skin absorbing 60% of what you put on it? Really? Where did you get that number from? What was the scientific process used to determine that number?

  • I'm convinced she's a virgo or just my twin its scary because i needed to see this at this time she reads my mind wtf

  • perfect timing for what I'm going through right now. Thank you Anna!!!

  • Thanks for this Anna

  • Why is the title me

  • "I'm Anna Akana and i'm going to get every cat in the world" x'D

  • wow. thank you for this anna.

  • Being jealous means we're owned by someone else's success, luck, etc. I try to celebrate their accomplishment and absorb the good energy of that.

  • She cute not that bright

  • I am all for Anna's color-coordinated book shelf

  • This is exactly what I needed!

  • Can you be my mom?

  • What the duck just be clear Jealousy is ugliness

  • Words of the day

  • envy can be quite deadly

  • “Must be nice”

  • always ask yourself "what would jesus do?" lmao

  • That colour coordinated bookshelf though

  • If i was patrick and I was selling you chocolate i would say...

  • Wow! Your hair has gotten so long!! I love it!

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  • soooo trueee

  • Amazing

  • I luv u anna

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  • Meanwhile, each of Anna's cats is jealous of those cats who have nineteen humans worshipping it and attending to its every whim. They are probably off somewhere, sulking and making catty comments among themselves.

  • Didn't realize how much I needed this! I am not the kind of person who would others feel bad about their success when I am jealous, instead, I get very insecure about myself despite how happy I am for them. I really needed to hear this because I think using others success as an inspiration to keep going and work harder will really make a huge difference!

  • I feel like if you don't let jealousy affect you negatively, it's probably one of the best motivators you can have tbh. That you can aspire to be what you are jealous of and in turn make others jealous instead, haha.

    • The only thing to be jealous of is the guys that got to bang this girl. She is so ridiculously sexy it's not even funny!

  • Mameeeees 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • CONGRATULATIONS ON SIGNING WITH CAA!!! Now THAT'S a success to be jealous of!! 🎉🎉🎉

  • Hey Anna, sorry to disappoint you but I am not surprised when someone tells me they got 5 cats. Because I got mooaar of those fur balls :)

  • You're awesome!

  • Anna, I overlook much important news because you are so gorgeous!

  • I'd bang this chic

  • This is a totally different point from a completely totally different direction. Just like jealousy we should admit that there are many negative qualities within us. Anger, hatred, disappointment, grieving, sadness, fears, insecurities, discontentment, delusion and even mental illness. Tons more to name. But I'm on a path to try and remove all those qualities to bring me into a better state of mind, everyday. So I'll never have to burn in envy ever again. Envious thoughts is easy to beat if you have contentment with the truly good qualities in yourself!

  • I love watching your videos bc they’re creative, short, helpful, and straight to the point 💛

  • Recently, I've been trying my best to work towards my goals.

  • Wow, where do you get the time to write this stuff! Inspired and curious of your methods to bring up such invaluable topics. I come back to your videos occasionally and you're consistently amazing every time. Hope you're achieving this with balance and have a content life. Thanks for what you do.

  • already made this like 4 years ago girl

  • Nice way to utilize the solution to jealousy.


  • Is it weird that I don't feel jealous of anyone ?

  • Always remember to beat your kids like they beat their meats

  • I have 2 Cálico cats you can have lol

  • Hitler died for this you know

  • If your jealous of someone's success it means their success is self seeking you can ok only be jealous of something self seeking It also means simultaneously that you are after the satisfies yourself

  • I find it really unattractive when people talk bad about other people. It shows me how they handle their emotions and it’s not healthy for them or the people around them.

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  • Are u jealous of Trump's success? I think u are.

  • I don’t get jealous

  • Dreamers stay jealous. Achievers chase those that are better until they walk alongside them.

  • It frustrates me how often I refuse to watch Anna because I feel like I'm not worthy of her content.

  • I think you have a disease your eyelids are blue

  • thank u i feel more comfortable now

  • Lmao whatever you say

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  • I appreciated this so much. Thank you for being honest on such a hard topic!!