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Janelle Monáe - PYNK [Official Video]

Published on Apr 10, 2018
"PYNK," "I Like That," “Make Me Feel" & "Django Jane” available now:
Janelle Monáe with Special Guest St. Beauty “Dirty Computer” Tour Dates - Just Announced! Visit for more
Mon Jun 11 - Seattle, WA
King County’s Marymoor Park
Tue Jun 12 - Vancouver, BC
Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Wed Jun 13 - Portland, OR
McMenamins Edgefield Amphitheater
Sat Jun 16 - San Francisco, CA
The Masonic
Wed Jun 20 - San Diego, CA
Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre at SDSU
Thu Jun 28 - Los Angeles, CA
The Greek Theatre
Sat Jun 30 - Salt Lake City, UT
The Complex
Sun Jul 01 - Denver, CO
The Paramount Theatre
Tue Jul 03 - Minneapolis, MN
State Theatre
Thu Jul 05 - Chicago, IL
The Chicago Theatre
Fri July 06 - Milwaukee, WI*
Sat Jul 07 - Grand Rapids, MI
20 Monroe Live
Mon Jul 09 - Detroit, MI
Fox Theatre Detroit

Tue Jul 10 - Cincinnati, OH
Taft Theatre

Wed Jul 11 - St. Louis, MO
The Pageant

Fri Jul 13 - Nashville, TN+
Ryman Auditorium+

Sat Jul 14 - Indianapolis, IN
Murat Theatre at Old National Centre

Mon Jul 16 - Toronto, ON

Wed Jul 18 - New York, NY
Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden

Fri Jul 20 - Washington, DC*
The Anthem*

Sat Jul 21 - Boston, MA
Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

Mon Jul 23 - Raleigh, NC
The Ritz

Tue Jul 24 - Charlotte, NC
The Fillmore Charlotte

Thu Jul 26 - Tampa, FL
Jannus Live

Fri Jul 27 - Miami, FL
The Fillmore Miami at Jackie Gleason Theater

Sat Jul 28 - Orlando, FL
House of Blues Orlando

Sat Aug 04 - Atlanta, GA

*non-Live Nation date
+on sale beginning May 4
Watch the official music videos -
“I Like That”:
“Make Me Feel”:
"Django Jane":
“Dirty Computer” - an emotion picture* by Janelle Monáe arrives on 4.27.18

*EMOTION PICTURE (definition): a narrative film and accompanying musical album
Director: Emma Westenberg

Connect with Janelle:
Janelle Monáe - PYNK [Official Music Video]


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  • I love her voice i dicovered her on bet then i search her name her songs are so good to listen at this girl desserve an award

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  • Don't really care for the video BUT I like the song!

  • I bet there were lots of giggles on the shoot 👏🏻👏🏻😂😂💖💖

  • I loveee this song. Finally a voice for queer black women💖👩‍❤️‍👩

  • im so gay holy shit

  • Is Janelle monae a feminist?

  • It makes a lot more sense with the video. My initial response to Dirty Computer was that a lot of the genre mashing crazy present on Archandroid and Electric Lady that I loved had been sacrificed in favour of a more mainstream sound. A distinct and eccentric mainstream sound but a mainstream sound nonetheless.

  • this video is an artistic masterpiece

  • one definition of janelle: black girl magic

  • Cringe

  • “There are some women in the video that do not have on the pants, because I don’t believe that all women need to possess a vagina to be a woman.” Janelle Monae As a gender fluid person, I react to Janelle’s comment two ways: 1) I’m gratefully relieved to hear something so lovingly accepting 2) I’m reminded of my own jealousy and frustration. A lot of us women who don’t have vaginas definitely wish we did.

  • Those first sung notes sound hell a lot like Yazoo - Only you (1982).

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  • Beautiful artist point of view on being in love with pynk.

  • Dark skinned girls with bright colored clothes make me really happy, it just looks soo beautiful. Also this song makes me very happy as a bisexual woman 💜

  • Im just glad that someone finally told the truth there are beautiful black gay women out here

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  • This is going viral on FB, please add captions of the lyrics. Thank you.

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  • Why do I suddenly feel that I’ve lead a sheltered life! Lol Very graphic!

  • Is that a sandy clam reference at @1:06 ?

  • Is no one gonna point out that parts of this song sound exactly like Still Alive by Glados?

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  • Great song, and I love the video!

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  • I love the purposeful exclusion of any sexual organs words, it's a fabulous commentary on society's taboo associated with naming female anatomy to young girls.

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  • Just imagine driving down the road and seeing this 0:43

  • I wish there was a part 2 to this😌 Its so good

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  • I like Cindi Mayweather better.... I love Janelle Monae but all this is so far from the good music she made on her first two albums. Albums I thought were in League with purple rain and Thriller. She's going off the rails with this mainstream nonsense.

  • Women are taking back their sexuality! Woo-hoo!

  • almost forgot to watch this today

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  • 1:54 replay button

  • the moment you realize the “Y” in PYNK is supposed to be a vagina

  • Seeing Janelle live was one of the best moments of my life!!!! Check out exclusive footage of her recent Dirty computer Concert on my page. Love!

  • Well that sucked

  • Everything about this makes me happy!

  • when Tessa emerges from behind the beautiful booties and sinks with them.....wooow

  • not a fan of the subject matter but really love the song....amazing voice plus its nice for a song to empower women and all of thr parts for a change

  • Oof this is fabulous, everything is so intelligently written and just wowww

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  • The fact that she says "some like that" throughout the song and has a song called "i like that". So basically she's saying some like that (vagina) and then says i like that. Hehe smart Janelle, very smart.

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  • LMAO! I'll at least commend the makers of this video for all that effort they put into creating this noise pollution.

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