James Veitch’s Elaborate Wrong Number Prank - CONAN on TBS

Published on May 10, 2018
CONAN Highlight: When a man confused James for his landlord, there was only one thing James could do - pretend to be his landlord.
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  • LMAO

  • Declining

  • Where's he going to put the hummus?

  • Laughed to death! ;D

  • A little cruel perhaps, but delivered with great wit

  • I died at step 1 😂💀

  • What I really hope is that he is actually a fan of James

  • James Vietch

  • The next Woody Allen !!!!!! Think about that a bit ......

  • Humans are amazing

  • Every once in a while when insurance scammers, telemarkets and the sort call me over the tele, asking for a "john", "charles", "jimmy", etc, and then when you reply "no", they say: "oh, well are you interested in _____?" in which case most would reply a solid No, and hang up. I sometimes reply with a yes. the line always go dead silent, in this awkward moment where they're trying to decide if I'm lying or not, and 95% of the time they hang up. In that remaining 5% of the time, one of them actually went into thorough detail about some brand new appliances, and that I could go and pick one up immediately at this shady address, and I said "I have to confess, I'm not actually Lance. But I am interested." So he told me the address, told me where the store was, and I blocked his number :)

  • Pure genius

  • Jeremy Jahns came to remove the walls... > 3:43

  • I choked on my food laughing at this!

  • that made my stomach hurt from laughing

  • That really haopened wow

  • I cant stop whatching and laughing 😆😂

  • *Actually, you are.*

  • Reminds me of a classic Jay Larson bit...

  • this guy is a genius. XD Actually crying

  • Only he can make PPT this awesome

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  • This guy is genious

  • "actually you are" lol he deserved it

  • The guy who was texting him shows up to the talk and he's ike; oh... that's what it was. LOL

  • That was awesome

  • What the hell is a towel "rail" and why is it heated?

  • I want to marry you😍😍😘😘

  • 3:42 LMFAO

  • i can't believe his hobby is trolling people. iconic

  • this whole thing could've been avoid by saying "wrong number" instead of "I'm not actually"..... but well played, James.

  • "I fail to see how that would help." Bahahahaha.

  • Just watch it on TED or a channel affiliated with James Veitch

  • Just watch it on TED or a channel affiliated with James Veitch

  • Just watch it on TED or a channel affiliated with James Veitch

  • He is my God. All hail

  • I bet it's Phil Lester

  • When you accidentally text a comedian

  • He's the best

  • Dude, why are you not mainstream comedy, Get you'r ass to Edinburgh.

  • This was really funny

  • Sheer brilliance.

  • Am I the only one who didn’t laugh???

  • This is a few years old. Why do you post this?

  • Golden

  • James is one step away from being a real life Joker.

  • This guy has the best sense of humour

  • Meh... British humor... Oh, sorry. Humouuuuur.

  • That story is totally real and interesting


  • Can I just marry this guy lol hahaha

  • Software for this presentation?

  • WHY WON"T PROP COMEDY DIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!1

  • Way to steal a bit from another comedian

  • very dave Gorman. even a check shirt.

  • James is hilarious

  • This guy would be good if Joe Lynette Hadn’t started this kind of comedy years before him

    • This Is Ade Brown Cause only the ones who start things can be good at them. Only Sister Rosetta Sharp makes good rock and roll music because they were essentially the first rock. No rock band has ever made good music because they didn't start it.

  • Ahhhhh ha ha ha ha lol. Wish he could fix the Muslim problem

    • Justin Stojanoski-pearson What Muslim problem?

  • Let me teach you to troll no negitave comments please this is for learning only. Read More

  • Loved it

  • Why did the guy insist that he's Phil?

  • #TrollLivesMatter

  • OMG you're so incredibly funny XD

  • One time I got a text from someone I didn't know. I think it was about a lunch date or something. I don't remember. I told them that they had the wrong number. That should have been the end of it, but then they asked, "What is the correct number please?" I simply replied, "How should I know?" They didn't text back lol.


  • Any time I get soliciting I reply with, "Are you a mushroom? Do you want to be a mushroom? Then call now and recirve our genetic mutation kit! Warning- you may implode or turn into a SPACEPLATYPUS. Only three hundred dollars with the purchase of a waffle maker. Please call us at (solicitor's number)."

  • I'm a guy and I don't find this funny at all

  • The duck skit omg too funny for words.

  • People have heated towel rails...?!!!

  • Dear James, thanks for being an inspiration. Recently, I became aware of a scam on Craigslist. Scammers would post a vehicle and leave only a phone number for reply. Then, they send you to an email address which of course nullifies Craigslist's email anonymizer. The scammer tells you to send money to an eBay account prior to seeing the car. Well, I've been having quite a bit of fun with one of these individuals! Its been great! You have been a very positive influence. Thank You again!

  • I met this guy almost four years ago and said he'd be a huge success! Really glad to see him do well!

  • This is one of the greatest videos I have ever seen!

  • Ok, play the troll song.This guy should do just stand up where he reacts to spam and texts like this lol

  • My dad did something to a wrong number like this. Except that it was a guy thinking he was texting a chick he met in the bar. I believe it ended with the guy asking for boob picks so my dad sent hima picture of his very hairy chest.

  • this guy is the best

  • omg so funny I'm actually crying :D

  • Omg - people just text and e-mail you half the material!

  • i need more of these


  • Jesus. I just about vomited from laughing so hard. Ouch.

  • He is the best worst person ever...

  • he just keeps using the same scenarios over and over. it's not funny anymore.

    • AutisticGayBlackJew More like he's asked to do certain bits on different shows.

  • 91,000th like, But no one cares...

  • James Veitch is an international treasure.

  • Love James Veitch!

  • Who is this man.

  • I just pulled a James Vietch . Someone texted me(it was a wrong number). I messed with him ( his name was Bob). It was funny what I replied . Thanks James. I love your stuff.

  • Laughing so much from this.

  • LOL. Can I just say; LOL.

  • poor real phil

  • i see a james veitch video and i just rush to it immediately xD

    • I hope you're subscribed to his youtube channel then. :D

  • I've put together some pranks before like labeling up a 6 pack of Pepsi to appear as though it was Whoop Ass, the official drink of the disgruntled, a life size disco bugs bunny that had a sign reading "Sorry Doc, you must be this high to work in PMU." designed taller than the super short guy I worked for, and a fake set of orders for a Puerto Rican kid that stood duty in my section 1 month before he was going to get married (Written as single orders only, no family) to Siberia. None of my very finely crafted pranks come up to this man's professional quality level. He sounds like he would be great fun at a party.

  • James is basically a live action Bugs Bunny.

  • tell a joke

  • My orchestra teacher showed this.

  • Laughed so hard I can't breathe xD hahaha

  • Not true but the guy's very funny

    • Back When Army Of Two First Came Out Most comedic bits aren't true. Otherwise comedians would run out of material.

  • Thank you. I wasn't such a down mood earlier this afternoon, but after listening to two of his skits, laughter has healed me. Laughter is such a great medicine. I had never heard of this gentleman until yesterday. Now I listen to him from 🍚to 🦆🛁to windows and ☀️towelracks and 🔢.

  • 3:44 "Step one: remove all four walls!" How can James keep a straight face while saying that?

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