Published on Sep 29, 2018
New Guaczilla Merch & My FRS Giveaway - October 1st!!
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After Months, and MONTHS... I would like to officially reveal to you GUACZILLA 2.0!! New Wrap, interior, body kit, engine, transmission, suspension, wheels, exhaust, ect. WE HIT EVERYTHING!!! Enjoy people... more to come :)
Film/Edit: OwnTheLight
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Jorge Martinez:

2M Auto Werkz:
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    • tanner you should get vertical doors

    • Awesome vid!❤🔥❤

    • Tanner Fox I’ve been waiting for so long and now it’s here

    • Hey bro Tanner Fox I have a design for a hoodie merch um the hoodie have black fade to green colour and at the back of the hoodie have "Guaczilla 2.0" and a GT-R on the front of the merch. ♡♡♡ I'm your no.1 FAN

    • what was that song s name

  • Why is he sooo ugly

  • Is he trying to flex to is

    • Is he trying to flex to us

  • From scooters to this bro been here since day 1 im so pumped 4 u😀

  • I gust found your new tfox car at Walmart and I have been waiting one for ever and my twin brother gust found one

  • Lol gay

  • This whole video is shallow, superficial and vain beyond belief. I hope he wears his seat belt in that thing.

  • Love ur channel

  • smh drops $1 million on a GTR just to get it in automatic

  • TFFOX is cars million dollars

  • Its on bags no thank you

  • Sick car but tanner is a fuckin pleb lmao

  • LOWKEY He still OWES money on it hes credit card would only cover 20 grand hes just borrowing everything else 😂

  • Is it even a gtr at this point

  • Those air pods are fly af


  • Does anyone know the song from 11:22 on wards

  • I got the Gauczilla Hot Wheel from Walmart today

  • I liked the old tanner

  • Whats the song 5:40

  • birches stop talking about him

  • He tried to copy jake paul lol 😂 u failed nd u sucks Nd if u can afford the car and u can’t spend a good amount of money on ur face Wear some mask to stop dropping ur acne 😂😂😂

  • Chuj ci na kurwe

  • Ur acne fucking annoys tf outta me

  • What is the song at 6:32

  • is the hotwheels Guaczilla 2.0 sale?

  • Hi

  • Hi can you go subscribe to my US-tv channel

  • poor gtr that thing is so riced out

    • Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancement

    • +Gho St Very over done and to much aftermarket parts

    • Toreba Wins what’s riced out mean?

  • I have your Godzilla Hot Wheel and your my favorite US-tvr

  • How monry you lose for make this

  • I love the GTR cinematic wiew can you plz tell us music

  • U Suck

  • Your the best car I ever see

  • And you car is on my wallpaper and lock screen

  • I play Forza horizon 4 and I have the same wrap as you and it's so much fun

  • Can u at least drift

  • How doest love a gtr

  • My friend Sydney likes you And I hate you

  • This dude needs to invest in his face

  • I bet the insurance is more than the car

  • It’s so sad that it’s a automatic

  • Your biggest fan Tanner I love you

  • That ugly nickname car lol

  • I don't like this guy.

  • Nissan gtr fanboy alerts tuner and ricer mods included

  • 11:24 what’s the name of this song??

  • You no Andress the car kid right

  • Hey

  • He tried to make it stance but he didn’t lower it. RICE!!!!

  • His face reminds me of a connect the dots....

    • Snowman n I don’t have to look at your face to know you were the reason condoms were made, kill yourself you utter waste of oxygen

    • Daniel Pesantez your face reminds me of a chipmunk

  • if that was stick it`s going roar bruh

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  • who is this kid? his parents let him have an expensive car and tatts?

  • Totally in ♥️ with your Quackzilla bro.. You’re the best. I really need to grow my Channel, get more SUBSCRIBERS ❌ & viewers ✔️. Pray to God that one day my dream will come true.

  • this comments man. earth is hell. i too suffered with acne, and its something u dont want to joke about

  • at least he is happy about the car lol

  • I hate this generation so much.

  • New car? Crash it right away. R.I.P WALLET

  • You are so awesome

  • Stop spending so much on cars and get that face in better condition.

  • tanner i am looking at buying a gtr because that is my dream can and i also would like to wrap it sometime in the next coupe months how did you now that you wanted that color combo i have looked at other people car wraps and i cant find one that i like. you are the best

    • Lance Blakely please don’t get a automatic like tanner

  • How do i customize Any vehicle online

  • I love your channel I've been subbed since 1 mil Btw im a small youtuber and could use some support

  • The car is sick good job to sd wrap

  • ty kretene mluv česky

  • What the definition of depression looks like

  • I crazy about this car

  • Mi hot wheels

  • Hot wheels tfox gt-r

  • congrats the car is awesome and i love watching your videos

  • Dang I wish I had a car like that 😍😍😍🔥🔥

    • Nina Hand why it’s a automatic mate

  • How much was your 🚗

  • Am I the only one so confused about what happened at 16:14 to 16:17? Did that lady just throw her phone at his car?

  • this car is so fucking gay

  • What’s this song called

  • You are a awesome bro. You are a good salesman aka youtuber lol

  • Beakfat

  • I hear YBN

  • that air suspension is soo satisfying to see it going up n down

  • ytp confirmed?

  • So much money and he can’t get rid of his big asssss pimples smh


  • Sub me tanner

  • What u don't ship to Canada !? I was going to buy $1000 Of merch

  • Dam that is nice man

  • If I was to get a GT-R before I'm 18 I would be surprised and I don't know what parts of what state I live in are GT-R legal

  • I’ll fuck you up with my evo x

  • You’re gay you don’t know shit about cars

  • You ASK people to Give 5 dollar if 10000 people Give 5 dollar you have 50000 dollar what is wrong whit you it is a scam

  • If you fuckers think he is a bad acter you are higher then a monkey of drugs

  • 1000hp know we're talking bro this gtr is the nicest gtr I have ever seen congrats !!!

  • That car is insane !!!

  • That is the best beast I had seen

  • whats the intro song?? :)

  • Tanner i subscribed add me on insta gagethebeast26

  • Best US-tvr ever

  • How you going to drive this with California's new exhaust laws?

  • Hi Tanner I love your Nissan GT-R and that is my dream car to I’ve always wanted a Nissan GT-R

  • So I'm not the only one who's going to use it in Forza right?