IT'S ALIVE! Pac-Man of the Sea?

Published on Aug 23, 2017
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On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote and the crew explore the tide pools of the San Juan Islands in search of bizarre marine creatures…and OH BOY do they find them!
From Sea Lemons to Giant Purple Sea Stars almost everything they discover is truly and amazingly unique.
To top it off they also find the largest species of Chiton, the “Gumboot”, in the world which is a creature so bizarre it hardly looks as if it’s even alive! However it does have a striking resemblance to one of the most beloved video game characters of all time.
Get ready to meet the Pac-Man of the Sea!
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Huge thanks to River and the amazing staff of Doe Bay Resort for making this adventure possible. We had an absolute blast and hope you love the video! We can’t wait to come back to Doe Bay and do some more exploring soon! -

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  • Whey guys no pee don’t lesson to him

  • No that s silly no


  • oh, an eel. ._.

  • OOH GOOOOOD...IS THAT SOME TYPE OF SNAKE?! (p.s i had a snake on my neck.) owo

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  • It looks like a orange

  • I thought it was n orange peel but it turns out to be some sort of creature 😂😂

  • *lifts up a rock* *sees a sea star* .....nope! *drops the rock*

  • I like how the camera is on the gumboot but everyone in the comments is only paying attention to the sealemon

  • "its just us and the island" in the background theres a person on the boat

  • Is the purple star fish dabbing or is it just me?

  • 😲

  • I didnt even know were a lemon sea

  • Call the avengers... Thanos has been found.

  • Anyone else thought it was a cheeseburger?

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  • The sea star looks like Patrick running

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  • 3:55 reporting for nudity

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  • Other said that thanos is a grape berry

  • I thought it was a orange

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  • K this was too weird. I had to click. I love weird sea-creatures; but dang. This stumps me. I love it!!!

  • 9:18 thanos star

  • ugh ur gonna get hurt just saying😶😯😕😒

  • It looks like an orange. Lol


  • I don’t want to get stranded on an island........

  • I would not touch any of these things without gloves

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  • 2018?

  • 3:52 is why you are here

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  • Some of the animals look dead

  • for the purple sea star

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  • 5:16 Did he say shezze or jezze

  • *Keeps mollusc in same bucket as animal that will try to eat molluscs*

  • “It’s just us and the island!” *guy on boat passes bye*

  • Purple Patrick is dabbing

  • Fine, i accept you as the croc-hunters successor

  • 12:35 I couldn't help but laugh.

  • I didn’t know Patrick turned blue... sad to see how he became

  • I meant pack man not park man!?

  • Haha it looks like park man haha

  • If that’s the last Pac-Man of the sea, then who’s the Pac-Man of the land?!

  • Umm..idk if it was just me but when I saw the lemon slug the first second I thought it was called "banana slug"

  • Okay what the hell did I just watch...

  • Looks like Patrick doing a ninja pose 11:55

  • 1:45 "completely uninhabited, free of humans" There's literally a building behind him, who tf this guy tryna fool

  • When I was a child & used to go to the Tide Pools on the West Coast, we'd find mutitudes of these things! You didn't have to look for them, they were just all over the place! It was beautiful. But now... After Fukushima. Look how hard they had to look in those tide pools. Look at how few Muscles there were on those rocks & their were so few algae & seaweed as well. Sad...

  • That thing looks like Patrick Star 12:58

  • 1:40 to 1:50 says that its free of humans and there is a guy in a boat in the background

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  • Dudes voice is awful. Talks like he's speaking to a group of Kindergartners.

  • the sea star looks like patrick running plz like

  • "It feels like an elephant or rhinoceros' skin." Thanks man, now I definitely know what it feels like, since I have absolutely touched elephants before

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  • And pewdiepie has 74mil subs? Ppl are such loony

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  • Go to Philippines we have a lot of creatures here from land and water to be specific 😂

  • The whole thing looks like a big mouth

  • I hope I don't seem knit-picky but they are not "Droids" they are "Dorids" (pronounced as it is spelled). The flower looking thing on it's back is a gill network.

  • I have never seen anything like that PAC-MAN thingie in my life, also I learned something new about sea stars. Thanks for the upload!! ;)

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  • Funny

  • Coyote:Here we are on Doe island by ourselves *boat passes by*

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  • That's not a purple sea star, that's what we call and Ender Star. If they feel threatened, they will emit purple smoke and using an organ we call an Ender Pearl, they can actually teleport away from danger. Unlike their bipedal, humanoid cousins, the Endermen that go into a violent rage if a human stares at them, these are rather tame and harmless. If they get very scared or hurt, however, they are known to manifest their teleportation ability outside their bodies, and actually teleport the threat hundreds of meters into the air. This will invariably cause the expiration of their enemies, as they sustain severe damage upon collision with the ground or water surface.

  • He’s brave

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  • that sea star looked like it was dabbing

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