Is This The Next Big Chip Flavor? (Taste Test)

Published on Oct 8, 2018
We know salt & vinegar's a winning combination, but now we're testing the opposite combinations to salt & vinegar to if they're the next big chip flavor. GMMore #1395
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  • i would love love love to try the honey pepper chips! and the olive oil chips sounds good as well but i think it would pair well with just a hint of lemon or orange zest.

  • Ive made Honey Pepper chips before. Dehydrate the honey at 120°F (1/8inch thick layer). Let cool. Break and throw shards into a food processor to make honey powder. A sprinkle of honey powder and some pepper on dry chips makes for an excellent treat.

  • Honey is the opposite of vinegar? MY MIND HAS BEEN BLOWN!

  • Loving links’s sailor looks!!

  • Jenn has arms bigger than 90% of alpha males around the globe!!!

  • They do make powdered honey:)

  • They do make powdered honey.

  • WOAH her arms are massive, id like to have this size O.O

  • I wonder if they could somehow harden the honey so that it was basically a candy coating? And then itd have just a little drizzle over the top of the chip

  • Make a thin honey syrup solution with honey and warm water, use a spray bottle to lightly coat chips, sprinkle with pepper, and bake for a few minutes to dry. It should be less sticky

  • You are wrong about Coloradans. Also we are RAD not ROD. ColoRADo not ColoRODo. Thank you

    • we dont space unless we are destracted but i am still happy for your existence

  • i hate the chewing noises ewwww

  • You can powder honey for chips. One of the most popular chip flavors in Australia is Honey Soy Chicken. My first experience with it I was really skeptical but it tastes sort of like a honey teriyaki chicken on your chip! Just go out and get some dehydrated honey, sprinkle that on with the pepper and BAM! Mass produced chips!

  • I want a lick daddy T-shirt. Use your resources to make that happen.

  • M-Mail on monday????? that’s it, Rhett and Link have gone insane.

  • Wow! Link looks an awful lot like Where’s Waldo! We love you Link!

  • mail can only mean its thursday

  • We have honey butter flavored chips here in MANILA!!!🇵🇭 I would love them have delivered to you...

  • So many youtubers just rake in the mega guys give so much of your earnings to deserving charities. THANKS FOR BEING LOVELY RAYS OF SUNSHINE


  • Honey powder is a thing! Retry your honey and pepper chips with honey powder

  • Not trying to be rude or funny. She has some manly forearms

  • Mythical Honey 🍯 Pepper Chips PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Rhett says "Unless we can make honey into a powder" and immediately the chef with the dream job says: "I'm on it." My job is blood sweat and tears and this guy gets to play with food for a living... A one in a billion job bro, a sweet gig.

  • Jen has the biceps of a guy, but I've just seen her eat one crisp in 3 bites. The most dainty eating thing you can do. Apart from cutting a pea in two and consuming it half by half. I thought you were supposed to be a lesbian Jen! I get more attracted to her every appearance she makes.

  • "You and your facts"

  • 5:24 links face 😂

  • Jen needs to teach me how to lift

  • I still think “Thursday means mail” every time

  • You guys should submit the Honey and Pepper chips to Lays during their contest. I'm sure they would figure out how to make it work!

  • I work at in an office next to an airport and a plane was loudly flying over head when they stopped talking and looked up. Kinda creeped me out like they heard it too!

  • 🤣🤣🤣👍

  • Man I missed Jen

  • He's not even wrong about Coloradans. I often gaze into the mountains thinking or saying, I'm so glad I live here.

  • Aurora, Colorado represent! ❤️

  • _It’s Good Mythical _*_Mail!_*

  • I got a phone call at the exact time rhett paused and stopped talking lmao

  • Is there a US-tv channel where Josh shows how he cooks all the stuff?

  • granulated honey exist

  • Mythical munchies

  • You should use jalapeno infused olive oil

  • Mail time like blues clues

  • Can we get more stevie and less jen

  • Rhett, I as a guitar teacher I so appreciate you have a seagull guitar... ...I want one.

  • Congratsfuckinglations chips and honey been out everywhere 🚶🏽‍♂️

  • That woman looks very strong

  • I clicked on this video because fir a split second i was gemuinely expecting the immediate sensation of tasting one of those chips... i clicked on this video with the same intention and expecation as if i had actually went to eat one of the chips. Im not sure if im explaining this correctly but it was so bizarre and i feel so stupid so im just gonna leave this comment regardless of whether or not it makes sense

  • I've literally been submitting pepper and honey chips to lays for the past 3 years lol

  • there is plenty of sticky stuff that we eat lol toss them in a tin can like caramel popcorn. I know there is powdered honey, but the liquid honey I think would taste better ;)

  • Ummm.... they powder the liquid ingredients when they put it on a chip!!!!

  • You guys remind me of cool camp counselors

  • Could you powder the crisps with corn starch so they don't stick?

  • Mail day means Jen!!!

  • Yeah make a business with the chips I would buy it many times if it's that good.

  • when did honey become the opposite of vinegar?

  • You can buy 'honey dust' and its a powdered honey to use for the chips so they're not sticky

  • They make powdered honey.... Yum!!! Try that!!! I am!!! :)

  • Try cactus powdered honey?

  • Wasabi chocolate

  • Wasabi and horseradish

  • Dip your pompadour and some s*** and eat it! Your f****** week.


  • Jalepenos and honey has been a go to for years for me

  • I'd stay with sour cheesy bread.

  • I got in trouble for listening to Howard the alien

  • Jen 3:14

  • I'm hungry

  • I bought honey powder once. Cannot remember from where though. Sorry.

  • Is it rigged to always land on Gifticality? I haven't seen any otherwise yet. Granted, I've only watched 3 or 4 of these so far.

  • I want an ice cream chip!

  • If you really want to grab some attention use maple sugar ;)

  • honey buddha chips are probably better for the test

  • In Korea, Honey butter chips were popular for awhile. They were really tasty.

  • Could Josh have let the honey crystallize before grinding it up and dusting the chips with it?


  • Jealous of Jen's arms....

  • Whoa wait when did mail day stop being Thursday?

  • They actually have honey chips. Huge in Korea this past summer.

  • please taste unusual crazy flavored cookies next time! everyone thumbs up if you agree

  • Lick daddies? Mmm

  • “Ah you and your facts” 😂

  • There is chip called solazana its with ripe plantains and with pepper.

  • Mayden

  • Rhett really got the....... Coloradan.....accent down..... well! We sure do like to look at the sky and admire Colorado’s beauty!

  • Next big chip flavor should be "Chip flavor"

  • Ann wanted a new Entry door and now she so excited that she has one No views

  • Watch Lays come out with a new flavour: Honey flavoured air accented with pepper

  • mystic messenger trashes!!!!!!

  • Anyone else think it sounded like Rhett almost said Thursday? Old habits die hard haha too relatable

  • COOL

  • Pepper honey sounds so good lol

  • Pepper and Honey sounds like a great flavor for chips

  • I think that honey and pepper good be a great idea.

  • I I just I just wrote I just wrote this I just wrote this to I just wrote this to take I just wrote this to take up I just wrote this to take up space

  • I HATE PEPPER... NO SALE! *I fire myself too* lol!

  • This show has some butch women and feminine men behind the scenes... Nothing wrong with that but hey.

  • You should get the ink box free hand tattoo kits and tattoo each other, they are semipermanent! :)

  • I’m curious, if one of them suddenly died, would anyone still watch this channel? It doesn’t matter which one because they kind of complete each other. I honestly think I’d stop watching if that happened.

  • Why couldn't you just caramelize the honey and then grind it to powder form and dust it on the chips?

  • Why did Rhett pause between French and fries?