Is this Bird a Living Dinosaur?

Published on Mar 8, 2016
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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote has the opportunity to get face to face with a modern day Dinosaur, the Cassowary!

The Southern Cassowary is endangered in its native range of Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia and is regarded as one of the most prehistoric species of bird on the planet.

Just one look at their scaly feet or prominent helmet like casque will have you convinced you’ve traveled back in time...or that you've landed right in the middle of a Jurassic Park movie set!

Big thanks to Ryan Prentice and all of the staff at Jungle Island for hosting the crew and making this episode possible.

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  • She does look like my birds 😂

  • It’s the modern age velociraptor also the cassowary is the 3 largest bird after the emu and the ostrich

  • Yes this bird is a dinosaur, so is every other bird on the planet. you can say it's quite basal though

  • hi i am your biggest fan

  • Looks like Kevin from UP

  • Yes I am scared 😟

  • Its descendant is Gigantoraptor.

  • Does somebody know how to spell casuer that dinosaur in the clip

  • It’s just a new Chicken specie.

  • I hate this guy

  • Looks like a galimimus

  • Looks like Kevin from Up

  • Haha you got a ballsack chin

  • It is a dinosaur you got it it's cool it's a dinosaur

  • *Jurasic park theme intensifies*

  • Listen ppl chickens are dinosaurs so yea

  • 0:57 but did they win a war against an entire country tho?

  • I know this animal from Farcry 3

  • 🦅+🦖=Tapejara dinosaur I can tell by the head and the feet But also the rooster is a living Dilophosaur 🐔+🦖

  • How do you not talk about the big red balls hanging off that birds chin?

  • Cp's facial expressions crack me up...😁

  • Wait wait wait whaaaa it has eyelashes yo that a human dino wow wow

  • Its like when cayote saw a girl omg

  • "Clever girl"

  • The closest living relatives to dinosaurs is the Palaeognathae class of birds including the: ostrich, cassowary, emus, kiwis, and much more

  • The bird is a raptor

  • Did you forget that cassowary are alson live in Indonesia?

  • Far Cry 3

  • Beautiful bird

  • I know that bird it is a dinosaur !!!

  • Looks like a Orthnominus

  • It is a pteradactyl

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  • That’s a aaaa dinosaur 🦕

  • Birds are not dinosaur's! I'm praying for anyone that believes otherwise. Ha! Gotcha. ;)

  • 2:29 when he realises he is flipping off the audience.

  • this creature killed me dozens of times when I was on Vass's island lol

  • ALL ALL BIRDS ARE living dinosaurs but the birds are nice and they are dinosaurs :3

  • Th real one... the crane

  • Deathclaw!

  • 🤩😍🥰

  • The chicken is a t rex The pigeon is a raptor

  • Wow it look like a real dinosaur

  • Does this mean a dinosaur like Philosoraptor for example can be a domesticated pet

  • Are those even feathers?

  • Has a neck ballsack

  • The terror bird

  • It’s cousin is terror bird

  • Up movie ????

  • Casowarys have been k own to hunt and kill humans before

  • I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cool

  • The small dinosaurs could off went in the water and survive

  • Coyotoe I have a question for you if you found a real dinosaur what would you do?

  • 1:59 Damn hair

  • Ive seen bigger cassowary’s these birds used to kill humans in new Guinea

  • Every single bird is a living dinosaur.

  • I live in australia so seeing a cassowary is normal for me

  • There are a bunch of these in straya dont come down under

  • i only disliked this video because the beginning is so raunchy

  • It’s pretty though

  • Wasn’t this bird alive when the dinosaurs were here

  • You should do the Shoe bill Stork

  • Clever girl

  • Actually the cassowary is third biggest Dumbnut

  • I thought the emu is the second biggest bird

    • An emu is slightly taller but a cassowary weighs more, he was talking about weight I think.

  • All birds are dinosaurs :P

  • This bird reminded me of the bird from "Up"

  • Crocodiles and alligators are living dinosaurs to

  • That bird weighs more than me... Life's great!

  • find a coelacanth . a ceolacanth is a dinosaur with bony scales that was thought to be extinct and it was actually living. like if you agree

  • I found this video by searching "brave wilderness kiwi bird." I thought the intro and title were a joke.

  • It looks like a giganraptor

  • Those things are terrifying when i was a kid one ran at me and hit a fence full speed when i was walking by i heard later that they can disembowel you

  • The Velociraptors in jurassic Park are very inaccurate tho. The are waaaayyyy to big. They are basically the size of a Utahraptor. Velociraptors were about one meter tall and 2m long.

    • SuckaDuckForaBuck yepp and the Spinosaurus as well. Nothing is really accurate in JP 😅😅😅

    • The T-rex was also pretty inaccurate I'm pretty sure.

  • I think is funny how he's acting so cautious around it while the other dude is calm and petting it

  • We have one of those in our local zoo. This video doesn't really show how majestic that thing looks. If you are facing it it really is like looking at a real life dino in the face. It's kind of handsome bird. It's much more imposing thing than it looks in this video. The way it looks at you feels somehow carnivorous, not herbivorous: it looks at you like you are its next meal.

  • what if it is a rapter

  • what if it is a rapter

  • Its sad that this beautiful bird is endangered

  • Try a shoebill

  • Hmm im mad, you got a nice one. Jokes aside they are BEAUTIFUL!

  • Yes and the angriest bird on the planet! Seriously, EVERYTHING makes them mad! Considering they can hit 61/2 feet, they can kick your...butt! Seriously, im met one in the wild Years ago, Australia on a beach id say we werent supposed to be there but as we were lost....i dont where "there" was! We see this mini dinosaur come out of the trees: Friend: hey look at the size of that bird Me:what the heck is it.. Bird: RAUUGH Then the screaming started.. Ive seen mad birds, but ive never seen one take a right cross(ive actually competed in martial arts and have knocked grown men out with that hit) Bird; yeah, and? Thats the best youve got? Me:...ohhh crap,🤤😨😰🤕

  • Next Coyote Peterson goes to a petting zoo. " Normally in the moutains, I couldn't get this close to a wild goat........"

  • Ok,i just saw it's feet i think its a cassowary

  • That's a T-rex

  • Emu is 3rd i guess

  • mario lanzas all birds are not dinosaurs only two pigeon and...whats that bird name again that big one

  • Dino claw seen under wing and quills at 2:17

  • those talons will go right for your gut, not your face.

  • That’s birds a gansta it got shot in the head and still standing doing US-tv videos

  • Does this mean if i eat one will it finally taste like. Juicy dinosaurs meat 🍖?.

  • 3:53 gimme dat Rolex

  • It’s related to a gallamimus

  • All kinds of bird are living dinosaurs

  • Do one brave thing today then RUN LIKE HELL

  • 4:43 Bird: Bro I'm not a Dinosaur im a giant bird