Is this Bird a Living Dinosaur?

Published on Mar 8, 2016
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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote has the opportunity to get face to face with a modern day Dinosaur, the Cassowary!

The Southern Cassowary is endangered in its native range of Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia and is regarded as one of the most prehistoric species of bird on the planet.

Just one look at their scaly feet or prominent helmet like casque will have you convinced you’ve traveled back in time...or that you've landed right in the middle of a Jurassic Park movie set!

Big thanks to Ryan Prentice and all of the staff at Jungle Island for hosting the crew and making this episode possible.

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  • SubhanAllah. Beautiful creation

  • People with this type of Hair, are Vegetarians.

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  • He is really one good looking bird.

  • Did they live when the dinosaurs lived

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  • Chicken is also dino on decent size.

  • the real question is...does it taste good?

  • Does it steal other birds' eggs?


  • Wanna see a real happy dinosaur? Well, just watch Barney.👌

  • Is that kevin from the movie UP?

  • *It does look just like a Raptor*

  • He’s so full of crap. 65 million years

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  • 5:13 i got that easter egg

  • Cassowary

  • I'm disappointed he didn't try to eaten alive.

  • Do you not understand how sharp a razor is? Don't be ridiculous

  • These birds have survived millions of years and many disasters,but has their fate along with millions of other species will not survive humanity.What does this say about our species.smh


  • Thats funk gangsta bird ..

  • All birds are dinosaurs. So... Yes.

  • Can you please explain both dinosaur in the Bible

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  • I love all the Jurassic Park easter eggs you dropped through out the this video!

  • 2:20 would expected "wooow looks like t Rex arms" not a porcupine

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  • Imagine seeing on in the woods like you're camping

  • probably as most of the dinosaurs were wiped out in the great flood roughly 2800 years ago .. hence the reason they recently found flesh and traces of blood on a dinosaur bone.

  • that is every insta girl ever it looks like it has make up on

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  • 10000 years old!!!!!

  • I thought it was a blue chicken

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  • It's a chicken

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  • Wow cyode youve really gone down hill

  • Avians and reptiles are related you be like nah then you realize dinosaurs


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  • This bird from indonesia, and he's name is kasuari.

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  • One crazy Cassowary

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  • Yes, all birds are dinosaurs. Not just descendants or relatives, they're literally classified as dinosaurs. Avian dinosaurs, to be exact. I'm slightly surprised and disappointed Coyote doesn't know that. I get that taxonomy can be confuaing though.

  • It looks like a turkey, ostrich, peacock, Dino hybrid

  • wen you mix a rhino with a pigeon it makes this

  • yo i wanna work with you its always been my dream to learn about animals and travel the world. where do i apply?

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  • Always remember military and science is always 30 years at least ahead of modern everyday planet

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  • There are one group of dinosaurs did survive the massive extinction, and it's all around us today. THE BIRDS

  • 4:22 Dude is looking like narrating and shitting his pants at the same time.

  • I'm Coyote Petersen and I'm about to enter the death zone with the Velociraptor.

  • Y’all this bird weighs more than me I’ve never been flexed on so hard

  • It can RIP your guts not to scare you

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  • I really like watching these old videos

  • “here snipe” if you don’t get this joke your dead to me.

  • Birds are not dinosaurs. They're just the descendants of theropod-type dinosaurs (T-Rex, Allosaurus, etc).

  • We went to a parell earth and thats why these new creatures are coming

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