Is McDonald's Garlic White Cheddar Burger Really That Bad?

Published on Apr 13, 2018
After recovering from a stomach bug I try this. I am disappointed (so much so that I even loosened my tie)! McDonald's signature lineup could use some improvement. This certainly has been an "interesting" Friday the 13th!
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    • +kitty c aha

    • TheReportOfTheWeek love you bro

    • "We might have our, standard chicken nuggets. But the superior chicken nugget... is the 40 count."

    • I love you. Reply to me

    • "That tomato didn't deserve to be on this sandwich" lmao

  • i play these videos every time i go to bed. Very nice.

  • You take the smallest bites ever, I swear.

  • Is that the backpack kid ?

  • I quite enjoyed this sandwich taste better as chicken tho

  • "Hello everybody, this is running on empty... let me squeeze in here.. FOOD REVIEW!"

  • When I seen him loosen his tie I got nervous. Like ohhhh shit what he durn?!

  • Tomato extraction.

  • He has a complete video reacting to comments about his hands. My only issue is the middle finger.Im fine with his hands in general but the middle finger is exceptionally long. Makes me feel uncomfortable.I have never had such a reaction to anyone's finger before.

  • In.LA here every summer we are inundated with an army of Mormon missionaries on bicycles with helmets and short sleeve white shirts and neckties. The temperature at that time is usually at least 110 degrees. I swear I've seen this guy on Van Nuys Blvd.

  • Lol you kinda dumb as fuck bro later


  • прикольно👌

  • Bro it's a burger from McDonald's don't be pretentious lmao

  • McDonald's has left the chat

  • Wipes his lips like a boss

  • Press F for the tomato

  • Bacon smoke house burger is the best

  • A brave tomato it was😔

  • Pure emotion 🙏

  • The real life Morty...

  • That tomato deserved to be in a better sandwich. F

  • One Half star

  • Is that a picture of "Kenny" the tiger in the china hutch? If you do not know Kenny the Tiger it's worth the google, will make you smile.

  • Did I hear a kitty meow at the end?

  • This boi goes straight back to hogwards to share his new information about muggles

  • 🙃it’s “hesitancy” Reviewbrah; peace✌🏼& Love❤️

  • 5:14 *his third eye opened up*

  • Rumor has it ,before you killed your family ,you had a sexual affair with your mother and got her pregnant????

  • 'Patty' is such a lame word. British people call them Burgers.

  • 5:14 -The reporter: this burger is awful Big giant mosquito: * wanna try it*

  • What's thr meaning of "Running on empty" ? Please

  • Junk food will make you more white till you disappear and become an infinite stone.

  • The stares he gives you at 0:59

  • 1:49 armpit leaked footage

  • McDonald's food could be really good if it wasn't made by kids who are unqualified to handle food.

  • Do you like ASIAGO CHEESE

  • Thats not cheese its seamen

  • You look like Stanley Squarepants

  • Why does he eat like that😂 and what’s that dead silence when he eats

  • What the hell is this shit

  • He sometimes says clear cheese then says qweer cheese I have to watch his vids he’s so weird. Like a scared tortuous eating lettuce. He looks so frail

  • R.I.P. Tomato, you deserved a better sandwich. 😥


  • F's in the chat for the 🍅

  • What happened to you in 5:15 its like you saw something

  • He's a real trooper, since he almost finished half. 😂

  • Bet you can't even measure the disappointment.

  • U.S McDonald’s seems a bit worse than Australian McDonald’s

  • Gotta love the Intro

  • Your fingernails are scary, cut them ffs

  • 5:14 was the burger that bad it gave you 'nam flashbacks?

  • Dude, not cool. You need a coaster under your drink or you'll leave rings on your mom's dining room table.

    • real men use whole table as a coaster

  • That poor tomato. :(

  • I just want to say, that I've watched a few of your videos and you never smack when you eat. Thank you. I cant eat with my sister bc she chews like a fucking cow.

  • All i know is i fucked up making alot of these bullshits

  • His bites disappoint me

  • Those tense few seconds before you finished taking a drink took me back to high school and straight into the principal's office. I haven't felt fear like this in years, instant sub from me.

  • Cheks channel two years later _Still not fat_

  • Everybody gangsta until the tomatoes deserve a better place

  • I don’t like food reviewers. But holy shit, this dude gives it straight and keeps it entertaining.

  • FoOod REVIEW!

  • Reviewbrah: *Loosens tie* Me: SMITE ME ALMIGHTY

  • 5:14 when I woke up at someone else's house in different clothes after a long night of beer pong and 4 solo cups of Jose Quervo.

  • 5:15 when drama comes my way😂

  • *Ronny McD has left the chat*

  • Am I really the only one that can't get over how long his fingernails are?

  • 5:13 when you’re in bed and forgot you had homework

  • Nice videos I saw 3 today first time I ever see you on US-tv, love the honesty about how some food is just badly prepared, look forward to some more review!

  • “That tomato deserved to be in a better place” There’s always a gem like this in these reviews


  • Reviewbrah should have appeared on the 2018 yt rewind

    • No. He'd be stuck doing fortnite dances and talking about political issues while doing cringy dances. He was spared from yt rewind 2018

  • You really think thats cheese on your burger? hell, you think thats real meat? P.S. Mcdonalds is famous for their GMO Tomato's

  • yes.

  • Oh no he loosened the tie..

  • I currently work at McDonald’s and this sandwich(when made to its normal capacity) is still one of my top 3 favorite items on the menu. The bacon smokehouse and bbq burger or there as well, but the garlic white cheddar was super! Even by McDonald’s standard

  • you suck grosse bite

  • :D Like for this guy US-tv MONEY ARE REAL !

  • Never take apart a McDonald's burger and inspect it.... you will be disappointed everytime!!

  • You're a real trip man.... If it sucks just say it SUCKS don't defend these fast food chains!1

  • Good thinking not catching tht fly with your tongue infront of the camera.

  • I'm starving. I wish I wasn't homeless.

  • I can't believe this is the first time I've watched one of your videos, this is some funny stuff, your reviewing that burger like it's on trial, great stuff :)

  • I’m so confused Welcome to the “Running on empty food review, by the report of the week also known as review Brah”?

  • This man should be commentater at a baseball game.

  • Yes. The End.

  • RIP that good tomato you deserved better

  • food

  • nice foof

  • galadriel there you go...

  • That poor tomato... Robbed of it's BIRTHRIGHT of being on A SUPERIOR SANDWICH!!

  • What happened at 5:14? You looked confused and disturbed

  • Regular cheese can go clear when melted. American fake cheese does not

  • Tomato Extraction

  • "That tomato deserved to be in another place." Lol!

  • I wonder how soft his hands are

  • Damn me for watching his videos...I need a damn bad

  • 80s

  • just a thin slice of cheese, my dude!

  • Love your channel! At your orders, Boss!