Is McDonald's Garlic White Cheddar Burger Really That Bad?

Published on Apr 13, 2018
After recovering from a stomach bug I try this. I am disappointed (so much so that I even loosened my tie)! McDonald's signature lineup could use some improvement. This certainly has been an "interesting" Friday the 13th!
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    • "We might have our, standard chicken nuggets. But the superior chicken nugget... is the 40 count."

    • I love you. Reply to me

    • "That tomato didn't deserve to be on this sandwich" lmao

    • TheReportOfTheWeek really you should have gotten the crispy garlic. Garlic on beef dissent even sound good ...imo the garlic crispy is awesome . That tomato belongs on a chicken sandwich try it .

    • Review the new jack in the box sandwich

  • 5:13 when a mosquito flies near my face

  • Awww shit the tie is loose!

  • My disappointment is immeasurable *And my day is ruined*

  • 5:14 when the shrooms finally hit

  • The same unfortunate incident happened to me during one of my most recent visit at my local Mcdonald's resturant. The beef patty was so salty I thought dropped the whole salt shaker opened on it and served it anyway. So.. from now on.. grilled or crispy!

  • 5:13 when the LSD kicks in

  • When he eats, you can hear a pin drop. The quietest eater in US-tv history.

  • review brahs... unite!


  • It looks so damn dry

  • "That tomato deserved to be in a better place." Bless your heart.

  • I've never worked in a fast food chain or with food whatsoever, yet somehow you made me feel guilty about this burger.

  • 4:44 wtf kind of fookin bite was that mate

  • Rotw scared of this sandwich because it has garlic and he's a vampire

  • You remember the garlicky white cheddar phase that's sweeping the planet ? Well pepperage farms remembers

  • Im always unsure if reviewbrah lives in an area with horrible food joints or if this is just how things are to be prepared.

  • The tomato didnt deserve to be in this sandwich lol

  • Bro you are a legend a master at the food arts ! You inspire me ! Good job

  • I'm feeling it...I'm going to do a review. ... Even Reviewbrah coudln't stop cracking up with that one. Nice job review brah

  • 5:14

  • 5:14 - Paranormal activity.

  • When you cut the cheese it is clear most of the time

  • Keystones and cornerstones are two different but equally important structural components.

  • " I'm disappointed and, my day is ruined."

  • *I'm so confused but at the same time so interested..*

  • Love the pens btw. Very sharp.

  • Hey Bruh, I'm wondering if you enjoy real food too? You know,like hold foods. Possibly a homemade roast chicken dinner? I know when I was your age, it was nothing but fast food, but at my age (53) tastes change. To me that burger truly looks like hog feed.

  • Love your videos 👌👌

  • 6:14 hell's gonna break loose

  • 8:01 do da do do

  • Garlic is not a good idea for a burger 🤢

  • My girlfriend almost had an orgasm when he started loosening his tie.

  • I wish I could take my studies as seriously as this guy takes his burger.

  • 5:15 when they hit your switch to come back to 1940 and you're fighting it off for the premium Burger😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 3:51 that is not cheese.

  • This burger ruined my day

  • Am i just a fast chewer or does this guy take years to chew stuff?

  • *s q u e e z e r i g h t i n h e r e*

  • This dude funny af

  • Poor tomato

  • Be careful showing off those up the arm shots. Everyone will have to change their pants.

  • y do have pens in ur shirt if u dont know how to fucking write

  • 6:01 not a good sign for the burger

  • 6:14 the locked gaze of a stone cold motherfucker

  • The cadence in your voice is akin so much so to Mr. Rogers. I could listen to you speak for quite a while because of this.

  • Why does he never get fries?

  • But that tomato though 🍅

  • I'm shook

  • God I love this dude !! His super super dry humor is priceless I'd take a bullet for him

  • You know shits bout to get real when the tie gets loosened, and buttons come undone.

  • _Aaaaand,_ *Vampire-Theory debunked.*

  • Oh No god is angry!

  • Wait.. no suit? Unsubscribed.

  • Sounds like reviewbrah just got a burger that was made by someone that did not care.

  • Tomato extraction. Bravo! Well played!😀

  • Your humor is as dry as Schweppes. ☺

  • Make your own at home.

  • Didin't you know that McDonalds sells nothing but poisoned gmo food. Except for their fries they are made from non gmo potatoes. But that does not mean that they do not spray things on the fries.

  • It really warmed my heart when he said the tomato didn’t deserve to be on such a horrible sandwich. My brothers thank you for your kindness 🙏🏻💖

  • Fuck McDonalds

  • you are a breath of fresh air in 2018

  • i love how he says “running on empty, fOOD revieW”

  • 6:00 You can see the exact moment he gave up on that burger.

  • I actually feel bad for the tomato

  • Why is his picture not on every fast foods backroom as a warning, make this shitt right, it's god!

  • Hmm, the tomato can't be good, they are tasteless.

  • what do you smell like

  • *The Prince is disturbed*

  • His disappointment looks immeasurable and his day is ruined.

  • Like if you cried for the tomato

  • Im glad im not the only one who is suspicious if mcds plastic cheese 😂

  • that's a loud ass clock.

  • If the king doesn't like it then I'm suing mcdonald's

  • Mine was SO SO SALTYYYY I absolutely hate it

  • Reviebrah- Hello everyone! This is RunningOnEmpty..... *whispers* Lemme squeeze in her- Food Review!

  • “That tomato didn’t deserve to be on this sandwich” LOL

  • Look at all that fine china behind you. I want a reviewbrah house tour!

  • A lot of white cheese becomes somewhat translucent....and do chips mean garlic pickles?

  • Don't know if I was really lucky or if the team at my local McDonald's is just that good, but I really liked this burger. Never tried the chicken.

  • "alright...ech"

  • Can you do a car review btw? Or just review on your car.

  • I don't even care about the food, I just love when he rates them. :D Oh TheReportOfTheWeek, how lucky I was to find you!


  • It's actually a smoke house burger an it's really a elaborate sandwich

  • What am I watching

  • Rat boy back at boring us again. Get out of mommies house n get a job wuss.

  • Make Mayonnaise Illegal Again

  • “That tomato didn’t deserve to be on that sandwich” oh my god💕

  • How and why am I so excited to watch his review videos??! The only thing I eat at Mac is The Fillet-O-Fish. What's his secret to being a good and captivating speaker??

  • That Tomato did no wrong

  • Garlic and hamburger meat? What? I mean, garlic CAN work with several meats, but of all of them, beef just isn't a strong contender.. especially not a burger. I mean, the white cheddar and such sounds nice, and I love garlic but.. no. No. I've tried this burger without the lettuce or tomato and it just tasted.. wrong.

  • I can't stand to see reviewbrah sad 😓

  • 1950s vibe

  • If Christopher Walken and Steve Buscemi had a child.

  • The biggest twist wasn’t the signature garlic white cheddar burger. It’s that there’s no Starbucks cup in sight

  • He' talks like Sheldon Cooper

  • 6:34 when your dream boyfriend dumps you

  • 5:13: ...the voices... what'd they say...?

  • *RuNnInG oN EmPtY*