Is McDonald's Garlic White Cheddar Burger Really That Bad?

Published on Apr 13, 2018
After recovering from a stomach bug I try this. I am disappointed (so much so that I even loosened my tie)! McDonald's signature lineup could use some improvement. This certainly has been an "interesting" Friday the 13th!
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    • Review the new jack in the box sandwich

    • TheReportOfTheWeek are u a feminist?

    • you look like the girl from stranger things.

    • TheReportOfTheWeek Congrats Man U have almost a million I remember I was here when u were at 250k

    • TheReportOfTheWeek TBH they did you a disservice man. I think a redo is in order, but at a different location. Can I suggest that Buttermilk Chicken version sans the tomato and lettuce. I've just did a review already and... you may not be disappointed.

  • Another poem is visualized...that is what this is.. a poem in its purest form.....i'm hungry now.

  • *Encontré a Bill Gates joven*

  • You look like a lesbian?

  • the cheese is like that because its REAL and not your usual american stuff

  • I am Lorde ya ya ya

  • After watching your videos I am fully convinced you have been purposefully displaced in time to send the wisdom of your time to the disarrayed present. The hidden meaning in your criticisms of food is unmatched in wisdom when compared to other great figures of philosophy from the past. The messages are so simple yet so easily overlooked that the only way we could fathom them to some degree is for you to adorn the message through a mundane review of food. I am shocked to my core and will keep learning from your videos. Thank you for spreading your wisdom in an effort to save the present.

  • That is a big tie.

  • Rip tomato 🍅 it didn't reach its full potential 😔

  • That tomato deserved to be in a better place

  • That tomato really needed to be adopted, being that it was totally orphaned on that horrible burger.

  • He looks like Lorde

  • He looks genuinely disappointed

  • Cheddar is horrible

  • I hate seeing you sad...

  • I feel like he was born in the wrong era?

  • I work at a Panera but I noticed that white cheddar often gets really translucent and doesn't smell great when left on the press

  • If you pay for quality you expect quality

  • he protecc he atacc but most importantly he snacc

  • I think that “cheese” really was the plastic patty paper

  • From the looks of things (him loosening his tie): "My disappointment is incomprehensible and my life is ruined"

  • Im liking that 60s look

  • RoW - "I'd like the burger." McD - "Grilled or crispy" RoW - "No, I want the burger." McD - "Trust me, no you don't... Grilled or crispy?"

  • 😁

  • yes

  • How do you have so many subs when you just eat food. Gotta say you look hella skinny for someone who eats fast food a lot

  • The only honest reviewer on this website...

  • I can’t tell if you’re 20 or 40

  • How can i be sucessful like you, and where can i buy those neat suits.

  • Did this bitch just say” Tomato Extraction”

  • SayNoToWhiteCheddar

  • This is the best channel in US-tv!!! I'm thrilled, no sarcasm.

  • 5:14 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Actually thought he was a McDonald's manager, from the thumbnail.

  • This had his butler get his food for this review

  • You should put the address to the location of the Mcdonalds cuz that looked like a shit burger made by poor workers it does taste funky when made right tho

  • what a magical woodland creature

  • The King Has Spoken

  • He reminds me of that British scientist from Pacific rim

  • That tomato saved us all. Review Brah wasn't playin y'all

  • At 4:54 I can hear a old mechanical clock in the background. Is that a grandfather clock?

  • 2 minutes to eat not even a half burger

  • Do McDonalds do vegan burgers yet ?

  • I love this guy he takes his work SO serious😂😂. "Now I'm gonna be frank.." You rock dude.

  • How many panties do you have to pull off your car before you leave the house?

  • Man used the word 'quintessential' wrong. If you're trying to be posh then at least know the words

  • Don't eat fast food. It offers no nutritional value. You end up with no muscle building material and as a result you look like this kid, scrawny


  • That shit is about to give me diarrhea just looking at it

  • No one watch this guy because enjoy it, its all about that cringe

  • f u

  • That looks like a sandwich you put together after shopping at a dollar tree.

  • Vampire dont like garlic.

    • I hate to admit it, but you're probably right Free Diugh.

    • brah you know you shouldve passed on this one.

  • Lmao you one after the suit stoped th ate that

  • I hope your ok salmon bUt , pills pills

  • I tried the crispy chicken version. All I could taste was the tomato. It was bland and dry.

  • let me know when you have habanero

  • Let’s just do a little tomato extraction

  • Rat

  • Next episode of how to catch a predator

  • Once I saw Warhol eat a burger, now I'm watching you, this is great.

  • “That tomato deserved to be in a better place”

  • This is my first exposure to this guys videos. I mean honestly he seems chill. I find some of his stuff funny, but he’s real to the point. I like it. And his clothes are sharp. Maybe a little bland but he has respect and pride in his work as a US-tvr. I appreciate that.

  • He's so dapper and polite even though he just ate garbage. Gave it a few bites and even swallowed to get the full flavor in order to do a full review. Well done. Stronger man then most. P.S. I love your vernacular

  • that drink was good too

  • You should work at a MCD. As someone who was a manager there for my first job in high school, you sound like an idiot. Btw what makes you qualified to judge food? If anything this is just an opinion of a run of the mill jabroni.

  • Am I the only one who feel bad because I think they ruined the burger for him (the makers)

  • review arbys tradition gyro if you can please

  • No one wants to sit and watch you eat mcdonalds

  • R u at your grandmas house

  • I wish i made as much money as him.

  • This boi

  • "Why the heck do I have this potato in my recommend!?" Me-2018

  • Look at this crackhead

  • You can see the sheer anger in his face when he threw the burger back into the box. He mad.

  • I'm sorry, but facial and hand structure scream that this is a female. The lack of a 5 o'clock shadow and addams apple should have at least clued some people in.

  • Love your vids but you look like bug off of little rascals.

  • You are supporting animal cruelty.

  • 👌🏿

  • Why does this dude kinda look like the default fortnite character. The girl with the girl with the orange hair 😂

  • Can you review the FlameThrower from Dairy Queen? I've had one of them three times, and would like to hear your opinion on it. Hope this doesn't get lost in all the other comments tbh. I think this is the best burger I've had, yet.

  • is he the backpack kid?

  • meme review!.... meme review... meme review!.... meme review... meme review!.... meme review... meme review!.... meme review...

  • Jk

  • You a rat

  • Recently discovered this channel. Does anyone know why he never finishes the food? Great content btw

  • 6:14 the moment when you know it's all over

  • I had the chicken version of this & it was the worst piece of chicken I have ever had.

  • McDonalds is shitting themselves right now.

  • I dressed up as a nerd for Halloween a few years ago, it looked exactly like this guy

  • The main problem is who they hire.

  • This was dum


  • Maybe they meant crispy by adding in the garlic chips.

  • I'd like to see you review the crispy burger.

  • This man needs to sleep for years

  • 02:30 heaven's bells. Confirmed GOD.

  • You look like Sid from Ice Age

  • Give me a thumbs up if you like my mans swagguhhhh

  • Not sure how this video is so popular compared to your usual great content, but we'll done and please ignore any insulting newfags.