Is It Possible to Melt Wood in a Vacuum Chamber? The Wood Distillation Experiment

Published on May 16, 2018
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In this video I check if it is possible to melt wood! I have had this question asked to me several times, so I attempt to melt wood in the vacuum chamber.
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  • You can't because the Thumbnail is fake.

  • All I could think about was how difficult it must be to clean the flask and tube after you finish.

  • I say nope

  • Commenting before the reveal: I imagine that if the fire can’t travel through air, it will at least use the wood as a travel medium, creating short-lived burns rather than melting.

    • Just saw the reveal! Fascinating! The material itself doesn’t burn, so much as the gaseous breakdown of the material does! Is that why it’s so hard for a person to catch on fire without some kind of accelerant? Our skin isn’t so eager to break down into a gas?

  • The coolest way to kill an ant

  • Nope

  • U can’t melt wood Me: m I n e c r a f t l o g I c

  • Everybody knows you can't melt wood smh. You can't just assume everybody who is watching is braindead.

  • That isn't smoke it's wood gas

  • No, it gasifies, which makes useful fuel gas

  • "lets put our wood in"

  • No wood does not melt. Case in point...When Dorothy killed the wicked witch, she melted but the broom stick stayed intact. Case closed.

  • Vacuum Chamber Can't melt wood

  • 0:15 wrong. some substances never melt, and go straight from solid to gas, such as carbon dioxide

  • Wood is made out of Santa Clauses

  • No

  • No

  • Next episode: Can you melt water....

  • Want a better vacuum? Get one with a cryocooler.

  • You can’t Melt would it burns

  • I don't think so, as carbon can't melt (outside of specific conditions)

  • 5:23 Isn't this likely to be largely water, from the moisture in the wood?

  • This videos are getting dumber and dumber

  • 0:26 wood has LIGMA!!!

  • Would a person be able to inhale when there is absolutely no oxygen

  • Cool, liquid wood! I've always wondered what that would look like!

  • Hmm. . .What will solid nitrogen be like in a vacuum chamber? Or even liquid Nitrogen for this manner.

  • No


  • 0:33 "and really big molecules usually have higher melting points" - some types of plastic with big molecules have a low melting point

  • Yes

  • Can water melt...

  • Oxygen still trapped in the wood?

  • Bruh, you are sooo dumb.... you can't melt wood because it contains OXYGEN IN CELLULOSE, LIGNIN, BASICALLY EVERY COMPONENT OF WOOD CELLS.... It just burns...

  • The shitty Photoshop liquification is 👌👌👌👌👌

  • His voice really bothers me for some reason.

  • you are very stupid.

  • No you can't...

  • "You cannot melt wood." Then why did you make this video???

  • Wood doesn't burn. Who would have thought?

  • My fear is that one day the vacuum wont turn off 🙆🏾‍♀️😓 Talk about a catastrophe

  • I don't understand how a science channel like this can get so much hate and dislikes. His videos are pterry cool.

  • Why does the vaccum sound like the beggining of the war of the worlds tripo horn.

  • I dont think it will. The thumbnail gives it away. If the wood ever melted you wouldnt have had to photoshop it

  • Nope

  • 1:38 "This is it, Luigi! Remember: Where there's smoke..." "There's fire!"

  • why not try using a vacuum over a fire? That should work!!!!

  • So cool... thank u for such cool and great information👍👍

  • Even dry wood will have an 8 to 10% water content. I expect the fluid collected in this experiment is mostly water.

  • Okay, so then you actually _can_ melt rubber; just not *vulcanized* rubber.

  • Not true that everything has a melting point lol. What about compounds that sublimate such as CO2, and even carbon?

  • You call it "Burning" not "Melting"

  • Where do I get that laser?? Haha

  • Yay!!!!!!

  • Ohoh Hooh

  • Deform

  • Oof

  • No. But you could possibly get a variety to drip out of it under an inert atmosphere at high temperature, especially if the inert atmosphere is at a reasonably high pressure. At a vacuum, the closest thing to a liquid you could possibly get would be an amorphous solid (a highly viscous, glass-like semi-solid).

  • Is this an example of global warming? Or something about ultra violet??

  • U r awesome...u teach me so kany nrw things!

  • Honestly that laser is a good weapon to keep with you in case someone tries kidnapping or attacking you, as you can incapacitate them by shining it in their eyes

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  • What's wrong with this guy?

  • Wont melt

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  • Dude, you the legend! You can use my music in your videos!


  • u can

  • Some things char before they melt. Even plastics are known as thermo-setting (e.g. bakelite) and thermo-plastic (e.g. polythene).

  • Try this content : "Can water put out fire?" ;)

  • i am assuming that if you have smoke, you have some oxygen present.

  • Are u dumb it’s what wood dude

  • U have to be really stupid to think that u can melt wood :O

  • U cant melt wood because the molecule binding is stronger than the atom bond ... so the atom breaks before the molecule binding is broken...the binding is stronger because wood is out of C and H atoms so there are the van der waals and it bigger the surface gets the binding is even stronger... Its impossible

  • You can’t fucking melt wood...

  • You have amazingly steady hands

  • No shit u can't melt wood

  • Perfect gasification. That's cool

  • Could we do a test on the distance between you eyes please?

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  • Carbon is only a liquid when super critical

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  • He looks constipated everytime he talks or just smiles.. Or extremely awkward.. But aye Cool vid :b

  • What kind of laser is that you are using?

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  • Ok why would you even do this you obviously can’t melt wood

  • 5:34 No you can't I saved your time so... GO TO THE NEXt VID

  • i think it **wood**

  • In this video I realized that wood can also be melted

  • Absolutely perfect job at explaining this! A+++ Good job! Thank you!

  • Wow that thumbnail is on point can’t tell it’s photoshopped at all

  • Could you make a vacuum chamber but reversed so it fills it with more air?

  • If paper comes out of wood can you make charcoal out of paper??

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