Is It Possible to Melt Wood in a Vacuum Chamber? The Wood Distillation Experiment

Published on May 16, 2018
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In this video I check if it is possible to melt wood! I have had this question asked to me several times, so I attempt to melt wood in the vacuum chamber.
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  • hmm, I don't know really, it seems possible but it's just too good (awesome) to be true!

  • You said everything eventually is possible to turn into liquid it would just take a lot of heat can you turn silk into a liquid


  • yes

  • *Wood* that even be a good idea?

  • This guy speaks like every sentence is a question?

  • WTF you cant melt wood because its an organical material

  • I just camed in here to seehow you clickbaited me

  • Can we freeze water with sodium metal inside it without getting reacted ?? Please tell me

  • Yes

  • Melt

  • You can't melt wood. But you can melt people and then cast the molten people into forms of other people. Then you have other people. Thats how people are made. From re use of old people.

  • if you will put water in the vaccum chamber will the water float ? like in space cuz there is no air like in the vacuum chamber

  • It will transform în charcoal

  • You can melt my wood all day ;)

  • Wood has ligma in it?

  • No

  • Hey man sorry to say but that is some of the worst photoshop I've have ever seen anybody agree

  • We did this experiment in my organic chemistry class.

  • use common sense instead of doing some stupid stuff

  • Bruh your eyes are like an inch a part

  • At 29 seconds it sounds like he said Ligma

  • where do i buy that lazee

  • 15:12:33

  • Actually...

  • Who is watching this an an iPad Pro 10.5 while eating candy in the bed in their game room with an orange t-shirt?

  • Why you can't melt a wood? Because it just woodn't work!

  • Is this the same guy who was trying to prove the 1kg of metal is not equal to 1kg of feathers?

  • did anyone realise his eyes are smaller in this vid?

  • that thumbnail is convincing

  • Some kid thought this would be a good idea for a science fair project

  • Where did you get the laser from?

  • Hi


  • I think wood can't be melted

  • I wood melt wood I just wood’nt

  • I don’t think it will melt

  • Maybe wood sublimes...

  • It will turn to charcoal

  • And thays how you make natural gases at home

  • How to melting glass

  • How flammable is the liquid that condensed in the vial (not the tube) as shown at 5:15? Like explode flammable, or oil lamp flammable?

  • What If you put "actual" calculator in your next video

  • Did you really just try melting wood?

  • Did he say ligma 0:27

  • it wont melt

  • The photo is edited SMH

  • " whispers" little bits

  • I love the sound of your vacuum chamber!

  • If the vulcanized rubber is ONE BIG molecule, then how is it gonna break into smaller molecules???

  • 💭 Was stab wood boring off

  • What is the maximum size of molecule that can be melted? Great channel ♥️

  • Nothing should melt in a vacuum. Should only be solid or gas phase.

  • What is that laser??

  • Bright flashlight indeed

  • So, Rubber can't melt, even at the Plank temperature?

  • 7:50 your welcome

  • I think it will kinda melt

  • Next video, "can sugar melt?"

  • I love science

  • I will just microwave it.

  • Why this man have 1.6m subs. He adores more than that

  • What about leaves

  • Can you melt bamboo

  • He needs to stfu

  • I don't think it'll melt Edit: oh wait...

  • What happens when you put wood under extremely high pressure in an oxygen free environment? Please make a video to that or at least a theoretical explanation. Thank you so much.

  • Well melting wood is next to Impossible and I knew that before I click the video. What would really be amazing is convincing all Humanity that the Earth is not flat. If people think the Earth is flat someone will definitely argue with you about melting wood.

  • No

  • That thumbnail tho

  • invest in a higher quality vacuum. i recommend a turbomolecular pump backed by a solid scroll or rotary vane pump. you can get down to around two billionth that of atmospheric pressure. or around 2 E-6 Torr. thats where the real fun science begins.

  • At 0:29 the world was attacked by Santa.... HO HO HO OH OH HO HO HO OH HO OH HO HO OH HO OH

  • Please DO NOT create misleading thumbnails for your video that misrepresent the content of said video. Not only will I unsub, but I will report you.

  • a better video would be explaining why in a"vacuum" the wood didn't float..... not even a little bit? So the obvious logical question is....wait for it ...why? Since we're zipping all over the galaxy and with all the "moon landing" footage I clearly see "astronauts" bounding on the moon due to space being a vacuum..??? What alternate facts can you cook up to explain that, also are there any other objects that don't float in a vacuum besides wood because I'm quite sure i didn't see the space capsule they landed in tethered to anything on the moon and the little rover bots looked very stable riding along the "moon's surface"

  • Thing from the Adams Family has his own vid channel? What kind of laser?

  • You'd think these ppl would realise that actually getting on with the video instead of 75% of the video asking for subs would mean MORE ppl would watch the video....

  • Nope

  • I don't think it's gonna melt😕🤔

  • I think my brain will melt

  • ligma molecules?

  • Could you melt Hitler’s heart? Or a Sakht Launda’s (tough determined & not affectionated towards sexual exposure of girls) heart? It even doesn’t break into smaller parts. When my school teacher of class 7th taught states of matter. There I asked two questions: 1. Could wood be melted. 2. What’s state of Rasgulla (an Indian sweet, use US-tv to see it) and curd made in earthen pot?

  • WOW!!

  • I got inspired and tried to melt a cat.

  • Who the fuck would think this would work.

  • Why does his flashlight looks like a lightsaber

  • Vj Jjjjj nn ningún j j nada

  • Can u melt water

  • Is it possible to freeze fire?

  • Why

  • Melt your fafe

  • Yes

  • This is how a wood gassifier works

  • I predict yes

  • so what does rubber break down into?

  • Is it just me or there is this weird feeling about your mouth if your talking...?

  • at least 1/4 of it melt congrats

  • Doesn't the glass container break due to immense outside pressure?

  • I’d say you can melt rubber. In fact I’ve melted quite a few.

  • How about freeze smake

  • I don't see why it wouldn't melt unless it has a way to self-oxidize Edit 2:00 Oh. Forgot about charcoal.