Is It Possible to Melt Wood in a Vacuum Chamber? The Wood Distillation Experiment

Published on May 16, 2018
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In this video I check if it is possible to melt wood! I have had this question asked to me several times, so I attempt to melt wood in the vacuum chamber.
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  • Gee I miss these videos where he jumped right into the action and explained it along the way. Now it seems his new videos are mostly drawings and about 2 minutes of the main event.

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  • If you tried to melt wood and it didn't work so why making a video of it?

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  • Short answer: no. He just wanted a reason to make a video.

  • Wood cannot be melted but it can be liquified.

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  • wood can "burn" without oxigen on high temperature. you should try to increase the pressure aroun it

  • Would cannot melt in a Vacuum, as its triple point must be above 0 bar. But it probably could melt in a nitrogen atmosphere I think. Edit 1: That "smoke" was actually wood gas, I think, which would be the consequence to what I said above.

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  • Wood has oxigen within his tissues, in all their mollecules and macrocomponents in a higher o lesser rate, you cant actually remove the oxigen only by generating a void, you simply can't remove that oxigen, at least now, and in the case you could, you would alterate the wood structure and shoudnt speak of wood anymore. Edit: I just finished the video, now I can see you explained it already!

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  • The wavelength of your laser must be such that it does not melt your vacuum chamber acrylic. I know my CO2 laser melts and cuts acrylic. Have you tried putting your laser inside the vacuum and somehow remotely turning it on? I would be curious if the vacuum would have any effect on its ability to burn wood (or whatever else). Would it burn any hotter...might be hard to measure the differences if any.

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  • Hi, thank you for the video. This is so interesting. May I ask, if wood breaks down and form the flammable gas that cause the fire to burn, why when we are about to start a charcoal fire, there are flame almost surrounding the charcoal as well? Isn't charcoal produced from wood that are put under high heat so thoroughly that all those gasses are eventually evaporated off? Is it because of the carbon react with oxygen in the air?

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  • Greetings to you. Am a Kenyan, am requesting if, candle wax melts under reduced pressure or a vacuum at room temperature?

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  • anaerobic decomposition should go, in general: polysaccharide ( cellulose )-> carbon + water (or some tars because of incomplete reaction)

  • Hi i have the same laser at that but mine doesnt burn amd its a red lazer but the frame is exactly the same'it even came with a lens that makes the sigle lazer light into a bunch of smaller ones' the guy who sold it to me said its a burning lazer' is there some mod you have to do or did i just get ripped off? Please let me know thanks. Great video love watchin stuff like this.

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  • Please do an experiment on melting of a graphite as I have heard graphite turns into diamond if we heat it properly at an appropriate temperature.

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  • What if it is heated under INTENSE pressure rather then a vacuum on certain occasions things that would become gases instead become liquid under intense pressure like diamond for example would burn if heated high enough before it would melt but in cases of extreme pressure (not naturally found on earth) it would melt instead

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