iPhone "Gates" Explained!

Published on Oct 1, 2018
#beautygate. #chargegate. #bendgate. What do they all have in common?
Official Apple Antennagate statement: apple.com/newsroom/2010/07/02Letter-from-Apple-Regarding-iPhone-4/
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  • Yes, we _need_ to point out the issues to get them fixed. This is the issue with fanboys defending every single issue that appears. But if you're such a fan, don't you want it to be fixed, so it becomes even better??

  • (5:02) And also, "it happens to all phones". It doesn't happen to my phones, regardless of hand, and I've waited minutes. It doesn't drop.

  • Just present it as a beauty filter for people to turn on. That's a feature they can advertise instead of secretly forcing it on everyone.

  • Man the people in these comments should be in r/woooooosh

  • What actually happened was Apple fixed it with a software update 1 week later. No wasting time grovelling, just a fix. Mainly because they know it isn’t a deal, let alone a big deal. The only people making heavy on these gates are people trying to draw traffic to their sites or videos. The only people who really care about these issues are die hard Android users who are just out for blood. They aren’t Apple’s market so who cares. Apple users know that any small issues will be updated and fixed within the week. If you are happy with your virus and Trojan ridden infrastructure and version fragmentation, great, you do you.

  • "I really did the math"...devided 21,000 by another 10 to go from 0.01% to 0.001% 😂😂...

  • This comment section is full of fagdroids

  • Did you just claim that apple having consistent major product designs is a feature, then give only one example of another phone provider doing the same thing. You are ignoring that 5 or 6 of the last iphones had serious problems. Design flaws. So biased is bs. My gs6 sill has 80% charge and doesnt slow down.

  • You fanboys are just going to ignore all of these serious product design flaws and you'll make all of the excuses you need to ignore it.

  • Wow, i cant believe you are ignoreing the seriousness of all of this. Apple has had serious battery issues and defective products and you are intentionally ignoring all of it.

  • Those battery issues are in more than .01 percent

  • Most phones dont have serious manufacture design flaws

  • Like serious battery problems

  • I don’t even want no Beaty gate we want the real exposure of our skin. Cuz I wanna see if I have a bump in my for head and the iPhone X’s don’t show ! IMA TURN MY PHONE BACK ......

  • I don’t see how yal think it looks like he’s defending Apple lol. He simply stated the facts and yal are mad that he just didn’t do a bashing video. Like half of yal that are mad don’t even own an iPhone so why do you even care 😂😂

  • I bought yеsterday іn a verу goоd pricе hеre: *vdigіtаl. infо*

  • Apple has better customer loyalty than drug dealers

  • For a whole week my service would just shut off and wouldn’t work at all

  • I’m loyal to apple 🍎

  • Yo! Marques. I noticed something weird going on with my XS Max. When I press Side Button for Siri, screen turns black automatically and Siri’s responded slower only on top notch speaker. Then I have to press the Side Button again TWICE to wake my phone up. I’d appreciate your clarification regarding this.

  • iPhone XS 20% OFF right now: *vdіgіtаl. іnfо*

  • Thank you Bill Gates

  • LMFAO this was good

  • Need this wallpaper

  • US-tvr: Makes 30 statements hating on apple, and 1 saying everyone takes it too far Comments: *explodes*

  • Bend-gate was the dumbest shit. Yes, bend a thin phone and it’ll bend. Who would’ve thunk it?

  • People like why is he defending Apple and I'm like wait, he was shit talking Apple the entire time, how is he defending Apple? Can no one recognize sarcasm anymore??

  • Is it a 2018 thing not to understand sarcasm? He clearly went against Apple many times in this video. Wow just wow!

  • You forgot no headphone jack gate

  • Haven’t had that issue on my xs max or wife’s xr

  • I didn't understand what he meant with "that's illegal". What?

  • All I wanted to know what pc is that in the background, I saw ads a long time ago but I forgot the name

  • I see you Tesla Roadster...

  • The gates are caused by bill gates because he hacks the code/mods the blueprints

  • Also front speaker problem search for "IPhone X Front Speaker Crackling Buzzing issue "

  • Ohh never kneww

  • I honestly don’t see how this is biased towards apple, seemed pretty neutral, at one point he even makes fun of apple for blaming faults on users?

  • Charge gate affects me

  • Yay ! Tesla Roadster !

  • Atleast it doesn’t have two notch and a bad mic ehem pixel 3

  • what about pizzagate?

  • IPhone headphone jack never became a thing did it?

  • Don’t forget about hiss gate on the iPhone 7/plus

  • a great explanation of gates

  • iphone is the best gum to build,bend,bubble,burn,cool,swipe,throw,cut,destroy,rebuild,love,hate,hug,poop and simply to buy every year!!!

  • "on darker faces" at last a benefit

  • Adding gate to a sandal - GATE

  • It’s always funny seeing the Android fans pissed off when someone isn’t blindly shitting on Apple.

  • lol omg those statements cracked me up, apple are shit and they treat their customers like shit... no thx

  • um le mme tell go in ur settings face id and passcode option access when locked select the option USB Acessories turn it on then check before making any comments

  • So To take more realistic photos on iPhone XS Max you have to be black 😂😂 Definitely MKBHD taking pixel and iPhone sides all the time who agree???!!!

  • You are blind apple Isheep

  • An iPhone XR in red would be really awesome!

  • iphone xr red colour please.....

  • bill gates

  • gates

  • Black is the way to go

  • I didn’t find him biased at all

  • Apple ALWAYS denies all issues/problems with their products, no matter how well known or publicly documented. It's so silly.

  • oh god i forgot about u2 making me listen to their new album

  • I think it's time to stop adding the '-gate' suffix to every fake controversy around. It's incredibly lazy. Beyond Watergategate, all such use must be stopped.

  • But “charge gate” isn’t a gate because guess what, it can be fixed, a gate should be hardware because you cannot fix it straight away...

  • he is just one more isheep with big audiences.

  • You have one hundreds percent missed the point of the gate terminology. What gives something similitude to Watergate is that, like Richard Nixon, Apple perpetually provides the most ridiculous and unbelievable excuses for performance, and always with a with a straight face. In other words, it becomes a gate only because of Apple's responce to falis.

  • The shirt is messing with my mind.

  • I’m having SERIOUS issues with my XS max taking the selfies. This phone is totally distorting and messing up my skin colour. Like I’m never brown - there’s shadows and grey.... I may need to go back to using my note 8 if they don’t fix this.... I wonder if other darker skin people are experiencing the same issue. Or even if I do a video using the rear facing camera everyone is telling me that I look plastic and fake no matter how much or how little exposure I have in the room....

  • Good vid


  • Tons of people didnt watch the whole before they commented 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • I feel bad for Bill Gates.

  • LMAO! Funny apple talk! Lol! Thanks from Apple.

  • Left apple last year for the Google pixel 2, best decision I've ever made.

  • What a bunch of ignorant people here crapping on Marques like he was defending Apple. English is not my first language and I still got the sarcasm. And I'm not an Apple user btw.

  • That's why I generally wait for a month or so if a new iPhone or iPad or iMac comes out. Just to make sure there will be no problems. But if its an hardware problem, then I guess waiting doesn't help...

  • An apple paid reviewer who goes soft on apple thes paid reviewers make iphones expensive and hyped

  • Beauty gate isn’t even a thing. There’s no face smoothening there’s just better lightning and warmer colors. It just takes more light in the camera that’s literally it

  • Please tell me where can I find the blue wallpaper from his iphone.

  • can anyone tell me the name of the wallpaper in the thumbnail of the video plzzz???

  • Bill Gates

  • 1. you have lost the touch of the ground in your video 2. you are not truly technical anymore, "the tech-hungry approach is lost, and now you seem just another fanboi who is just dazzled by hype and looks 3. is your Review now "in depth"? when you missed out on a major flaw. How is it a thorough review? 4. I get it when you say you didn't notice it cause you use wireless charging, but an average consumer can't get his hands on every potential product out there and try it for a week to make the final decision. So people come to this channel for Review before spending money on any product, so they expect every quirk and feature and flaw there is to know about it. 5 you have this obligation, now that you have 7M followers, to be precise and be more vigilant in your inspection. with you shifting from hardcore review to just overview approach of review, you are dropping out on a large section of viewers/potential viewers who turn up for in-depth unbiased and honest review to help them make the purchasing decision. I hope you read this. I am not a hater of your channel, I was introduced to OnePlus ( OnePlus 1 review) from your channel, I purchased my OnePlus 3T after watching your video, and I currently own OnePlus 6.

  • Apple: no quality control, no testing, no parts after warranty, no reliable staff that could indeed repair something instead repleacing parts - well, if you have time, money and health - go for it. Doesn't matter how people call every major flaw in Apple products. When Samsung had problems with exploding batteries - they fix it fast without any stupid explanations. But I know - you need to protect Apple to receive free products from them.

  • "Working as intended"

  • Can u tell from where did u get such good wallpapers??


  • 2:42 lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  • All new iPhones are amazing & but like any new hardware or software there will be teething problems & there likewise there always be a bug here or there. That is why there be iOS 12.0.1 then iOS 12.1, so on & so forth.

  • Baby By AllttA

  • wallpaper on your phone???!!!

  • I hate Apple. iPhones are designed to fail. As soon as you’re out of warranty, they die. Every single time. Garbage way of treating their customers. Just designed to extract money from you.

  • Why are you defending Apple?

  • funny tech videos I've seen ever

  • bill gates lol

  • 2018 Antennagate?

  • It’s the UI mannnn. It’s why we stay.

  • *I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL - Adrian Trummer*

  • Hey Marques great video as usual! haha I don't think he's going soft *Referring to another comment* on apple but yea apple has gotta fix this issue. I personally have not had an issue charging my iphone xs max but for the most part I am charging it via wireless charging port on my desk.

  • Wallpaper someone?

  • Fuck Apple, support right to repair!

  • i chance from iphone 2 poco F1 and i think it was the best choice i made, save much of money, and have all the good goodies i need for my use. but i will never live the mac os x world. the macbooks and imac are simple the best, on mobile they have to chance something to win me back.

  • I am more concerned about the wallpaper on the phone. Can you give me a link?