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  • I think I'm in the middle cause I love to be around people but sometimes want to be alone I don't necessarily get tired being around people or being by myself but try to balance it like when I play football (otherwise known as soccer) I don't care if I play by myself or with others because I love to play football but I think I lead more into the Extrovert side cause I never tire being with others but being by myself can make me a bit bored or tired because if I'm by myself all I do is listen to music and play games or I'm out playing either way being by myself can make me tired and want to be with friends and hangout

  • you are always talking about that you love rythm games... do you play OSU

  • А я русский syka blyat

  • könnte jemand deutsche unterteile machen?

  • please domics doooooomiiiics

  • domiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiics

  • i love how this is such a serious video WITH A SPONSOR lmao

  • So if a play Xbox in a party with people all day and enjoy online games does that mean I’m an introvert or extrovert??

  • feeling alone while being with people is the hardest


  • You should make a video about kumon

  • you have got follower from turkey

  • thanks, this video inspire me as I'm an Introvert to :)

  • I hate it when your friends are all extroverts and you can never say anything because they are so LOUD

  • I love being an introvert because whenever I’m bored I just get lost in my thoughts.

  • Россия ееее Russian VODKA GOP STOP Я русский Im Russian Vodka not stereotype

  • you havent upload a video in 14 dayssssss

  • upload a video right no

  • This sounds a lot like an emirichu vid

  • Good video like always (๑¯ω¯๑)

  • I'm an introvert and guess what............. *IM NOT LONELY*

  • I'm both

  • Dom I just realized that the town you went to high school in. Which i will remain nameless is the town I have lived in my whole life.

  • Lol

  • my boy domics why u stop utubin

  • IMO your Intro sounds like the pornhub intro.

  • I'm an introvert

  • Do a video about steve plz

  • dat moment when youre on a friends birthday and he asks: ,,why are u so quiet? - just include yoself in the converstation nigga" like..... no nigga - its not that simple, its HARD. I usually slowly get with someone in a conversation, with someONE nigga.

  • Introvert here! hahaha. TOTALLY agree with staring at someone elbow because you are thinking too hard -_-' and sometimes laughing at jokes you make to yourself that are too funny to explain to others. Actually, there are different types of introverts and extroverts. I'm kinda obsessed with the MBTI types. ( Maybe an idea for a next video. Thank you for the video!! :3

  • YO! U like gundam

  • Building gunpla is fun

  • "You ain't got the sauce, accept it" is my favorite line XD

  • Any video that helps people understand mental health gets a thumbs up from me. I've got a mental health video on my channel too. If more people take about it then it will become less taboo. x

  • Heh at least you don't have schizophrenia depression and basically I fear being alone but I am extremely scared to talk to people (unless it's not direct) so just be happy that u can socialize qwp

  • Can’t click the thumbs up button enough. Great Video. 🤩

  • You are so right with this video. I hate when people ask me what I’m thinking after I’ve been silent for a while. It’s like if I told you what I was thinking now you would think I’m crazy because I went through 8000 thoughts to get to this one weird thought and I don’t have time to explain my thought train to you

  • Кто русский?

  • what if you don't tire either way. I recharge from being alone by hanging out with others but I recharge from others by being alone. Dont prefer either one.

  • Hello, I'm Italian and I see your videos dubbed in Italian are beautiful I get a smile on the worst days. Hello

  • I relate to most of this, but not 100%. I’m definitely an introvert, I love to go out and party with friends but I also very much enjoy being alone and playing single playing games as you do. However, even though I don’t mind grinding it out on Destiny by myself..but I do enjoy raids with random players online.

  • I am all you said

  • I am my best friend

  • Alright I think that maybe the word is ambivert but idk I could be EXTREMELY wrong

  • Also Dom when are you going to do the 7 day vegan challenge

  • Im just like u but murican

  • What I learned in boating school is...

  • The only video games I enjoy are competitive games mostly fps I can't stand all those weird other ones or I get tired super quickly anyways I feel like I'm an extrovert but I only have like 2 friends to I am often alone. And especially now that my twin sister is away in a different country in another school

  • 2:30 xD pErfeCt- Yes I agree

  • filosofy sponsors domics itseems

  • круть)

  • I'm a introvert to and I'm proud☺

  • Dude this is me, you're a cool guy

  • You seem to be completely reading my thoughts and my life :)


  • Well after see your instagram you do look like korean.

  • 3:32 are u kirito?

  • I get jealous when people have a long time to interact each other because I'm lacking of good relationship because I'm an introvert, I may have a time to hang out with other people but it gets awkward when it gets long and whenever I'm lonely, I normally put my hood on and then hug my legs.

  • So... Many.... Introverts..... Im an extrovert.. My disc is lagg

  • Everybody are introverts and extroverts

  • I am an Introvert,as much as i love to hangout but the more friends the harder it gets to relax so i hid in my room and think about life and watch Domics

  • When you are an *ultravert*

  • pay your bills = good credit

  • I'm an introvert too

  • "You aint got the sauce, accept it" Damn

  • you should run for primire or prime minister

  • Русский в коменах . Rissia in comment

  • I am an extrovert

  • I believe that I am an introvert but I usually hate being alone so in reality I’m an extrovert.

  • Cat fish is the most dangerous fish... - Domics

  • I am an introvert,but I can be so damn hyper and so grumpy sometimes till my friends be like,"Dude are you okay-"

  • Your pretty much Kirito frum SAO

  • Conventions that has People That Is lIke me Makes Happy But Sometimes Drain me Because i dont like Talking with them for A long Time

  • 3:16 Zelda A link to the past is Multiplayer, Friend

  • I love this, so relatable

  • Puffer fish

  • Thanks I feel a lot better now

  • domics your fu*ked you didnt upload a vid in 3 eeks sorry my double u key is not orking

  • Where DAT merch

  • *I want to be alone but i don't like to be alone* sigh.


  • Any more Ambiverts here?

  • Honestly true I am an introvert like anytime we are out anywhere I always say I am tired and people are like u slept for 12 HOURS then we get home and I am so hyper

  • 0:00-7:50 Domics gives a infomercial (dat music tho)

  • I only have one word to say ASMR

  • What online games would u recommend?

  • You cool bro))

  • Great video

  • I am a total introvert. The funny thing is, I work as an assistant manager in a VERY popular retail outlet (rhymes with Raider Moe's). Which means I work with people ALL...DAY... I have never been more exhausted then I am now because I am totally drained by social interaction. But people are often surprised when I tell them this because I am "so open, friendly and talkative". What they don't understand is, just because I CAN talk to strangers relatively easily and sincerely doesn't mean I necessarily ENJOY doing so. (Not saying I don't, it's just not my favorite thing to do). And yet I love my job and the people I work with. Introversion is confusing. -___-

  • Relatable.

  • well if you are both introvert and extrovert then you are an ambivert according to google means am·bi·vert a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features.

  • Hey Domics are going to crunchyroll expo, because I will be going this year for birthday present. I hope i see you there domics senpai

  • When you drew the Zelda game or whatever I thought about sword art online

  • Dang dom why so wise 😂😂

  • Yep, I agree with you in this video. I am an introvert, and I do love learning about myself by just being by myself. I also recharge better when alone doing something I love vs around a group of people. With friends, I do love hanging with them, but after some time I feel drained and start daydreaming away to try to recharge that way. And yes, counseling does help/leads you in the right direction. I had to take some my first year at a different college, and after it, I started to better myself.

  • Break ups part 5 was teased in your patience video in binary. When dat comin boi. I spent more than I'd like to admit deciphering that

  • that is me my doctor told me

  • I don't think I fall into either categories because I work better independently, however thrive off others energy socially.

  • Domics should start a series cuz animation is getting better every video

  • MBTI ♡