Introducing: The Players! - Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018

Published on May 9, 2018
Watch as some of the top Super Smash Bros. players from around the globe battle it out on Nintendo Switch. Tune in June 12th to catch all of the excitement, including exhibition matches with invited guests!
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  • I thought they were showing new characters and freaked out

  • Spoiler Alert: Reggie is the bad guy and one new Smash Bros Switch character can defeat him:

  • Moi n code amis est SW-6539-8044-7797

  • Introduce the characters of smash please

  • Mew2king,esam, amd elegant? WHAT IF MEW2KING ESA, AND ELGANTTTT!!!

  • Didn't Chuggacconroy enter in this competition? (´・ω・`)

  • Mario maker 😫

  • wait what. The most main characters from their fav. games, I wish ZeRo mained shulk and not diddy....

  • Hello Nintendo people. Could you and your developers consider putting Nintendogs on the Nintendo Switch. Just imagine using a Joycon to throw a ball or frizbe. Using to touch screen to pet it... with the switch the graphic could be so much more realistic than the 3DS. You could add so much more than dogs and cats... what about adding rabbits, ginnie pigs, birds, a fishtank with addable fish.. other tanks for lizards or snakes, horses... Nintenpets!!! What do you think Nintendo?

  • Clickbait

  • Tails in smash. Why not?

  • Cuándo saldrá pixark

  • Cuando saldrá pixark para la nintendo switch

  • Hey it's ZeRo!

  • In Super Smash Bros 10 I want the Pringles guy, Mr. Monopoly, Shrek, the Burger King, Doge, Ronald McDonald, the Happy Meal guy, Big Bird, Caillou, SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Pearl, Abrasive SpongeBob, SpongeBob's mom, SpongeBob's dad, SpongeBob's grandma, Sandy, and Larry the Lobster.

  • nobody said their favorite Nintendo game is Melee or any Smash game?

  • Leo is daddy

  • I’m PUMPED

  • Who’s that homeless man at the end?

  • Mkleo 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Why are they all fat, virgin or asian?

    • Romoló Potassio why are you that racist?

  • goku in smash

  • yo why is no one paying attention to that sick music

  • Look at all these NintenPlebs Black cocks 4 just got revealed and the that is *so much better*

  • I miss M2K on this list

  • I hope the Swedish guy wins we both love sm64

  • Who do u think will win?

  • Its nice to see some xenoblade chronicles fans here.

  • Please bring Nintendo land back to the switch

  • Get fortnight on the switch.

  • Queremos un nuevo F-ZERO !!! Hasta cuando tendremos que esperar, no nos importa sus Mario Kart !!!!!

  • Where is Nairo


  • i shouted and cried of joy when i heard this


  • Man Go ..... Just Go for it!

  • 0:14 plays fire emblem 100% respect gained

  • Please add Nia to smash 5. She is my favourite Nintendo character and I love xenoblade 2.

  • I thought this video is about revealing some characters for smash, well I guess I'm gonna play as someone who likes to watch anime

  • *Patiently waits for details*

  • Yes Zero is coming back!!!!

  • Zero

  • Esse jogo vai ser maneiro.

  • Hi nintendo pls add overwatch to the switch pls answer

  • For some reason i want plup’s cat to win the invitational! 😂😂😂😂

  • NINTESTAMENT - Suzanne Caldwell Riddell - Patented

  • I thought this was going to show new characters in the game lol

  • I thought Zero retired

  • Come on Nintendo bring fortnite to the switch pleas

  • Where is hungrybox????

  • Nintendo ustedes se pelan ese juego es ta chido ezpero a que salga y que si gan creando juegos les ase falta mansion luigi y se pelan con la nintendo sicwh

  • Lotta Xenoblade fans for good reason

  • Favorite Game: Xenoblade IM REALLY FEELING IT

  • No german maffaka?

  • Blah blah blah add r.o.b. to the switch game

  • Zero po wn xD que weon mas penoso

  • Ss saw


  • No women even im saying it

  • Lol

  • surprised a mario kart 8 player got in he's probably gonna do poorly......

  • Characters I want in Smash for Switch: 1. Waluigi 2. Sans 3. Geno 4. Tails 5. Shadow 6. Shovel Knight 7. Crash Bandicoot 8. Isaac 9. Banjo Kazooie 10. Impa 11. Dark Samus 12. Decidueye 13. Spring Man 14. Spyro 15. Goku(I guess) 16. Rayman 17. Main Fire Emblem Character 18. Rex, Pyra, and Mythra 19. Heihachi 20. Shantae 21. Kumotora 22. Naruto 23. Monkey D. Luffy 24. Lloyd 25. King K. Rool 26. Proto Man 27. Tetra 28. Yooka Laylee 29. Dixie Kong 30. Paper Mario 31. Ashley 32. Wolf O' Donnel 33. Ice Climbers 34. Labo Man (maybe) 35. Lyn 36. Bandana Dee 37. M. Bison 38. Chibi-Robo 39. Sora 40. Cuphead and Mugman 41. Bass 42. Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans and finally.... 43. Shrek

  • Super Smash Bros bendy Super Smash Bros sans

  • nintendo make another pokemon game in nintendo switch

  • i thought Etika (EWNetwork) told us that he gew to the smash invitational..

  • viva mexico kbrones


  • I thought this was for super smash bros five I'm disappointed

    • The Legendaraycheese HE We don’t know if it’s even a fifth game yet.


  • Absolute noobs. I can destroy them with my main, which is Luigi.

  • add super mario 3d world to nintendo switch

  • what about angry birds


  • Plup deserves to win everything based on his hobbies alone.

  • #buffthepuff

  • How many came here thinking it was introducing new characters in Smash?

  • this is about the 8th time ive clicked this video thinking it was new content


  • Oh my gosh, Dunkey got invited to the Smash Invitational!! Oh my bad, it's just some guy named Zero...

  • Nintendo plz add shadow the hedgehog and silver the hedgehog but if it,s too late then add them in 2019 plz

    • Kaiden Schuurman Why Shadow and Silver? Wouldn’t Tails or Knuckles be more interesting given how different they are? Shadow and Silver are so similar to Sonic Amy sometimes confuses them for him.

  • yo can we get isaac from binding of isaac in smash

  • Why are hard core gamers so ugly

  • Yooooo I been waiting

  • i thought this was the characters for the new game when i saw the title

  • Add sora from kingdom hearts 3 in super Smash Bros on switch

  • Could you make 8 bit mario jumping for mario oddessy and when mario inters the pipe make him like small when he inters it thank you for making my memories back from old school mario games give u over 9000 out of 90000.likes

  • *Sees gameplay footage* Me: WHY? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHY? (Gameplay Footage From Super Smash Bros. For Wii U) Me: oh

  • Now I'm really going to tell you add toad to smash switch

  • To bad I live in Canada :(

  • #fortniteswitch


  • I think the cat is going to win.

  • hobbies: watching anime

  • I was hopeing elegant would be competing

  • If this is just a DLC with putting Smash Bros 4 on the switch you guys are so DEAD all the smash fans will hate you guys

  • Wind waker for Switch PLEASE

  • I Guess Hbox Doesn't Get Invited Because He Roasted Reggie.

  • woah wait a minute!!!!1 HOLD ON!!!! A chilean one... just wow, im proud Nintendo :D

  • If im not in the new smash... Im breaking your all of your golf clubs, baseball bats, and tennis equipment. Your japanese dont act like you dont play these sports.

    • Twitter Just because they’re Japanese doesn’t mean they play sports.

  • The new super smash bros that is on switch?