In Defense Of Star Lord

Published on Sep 6, 2018
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Today Ben dives into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to discuss maybe the most controversial scene in all of Infinity War - The moment Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spiderman and the Guardians have Thanos nearly defeated, when all of a sudden Star Lord punches him in the face. Oops.
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  • The real question is... Do you think Chris Pratt can say convincingly say "Bubbles" in an angry voice??

  • Saw the time of the video and had to watch

  • Vision was a ragdoll

  • I will kindly point out to Thanos that all he really needed to do was use the Reality Stone to make infinite resources

  • Me:pauses ad to put comment she’s been waiting to put but had to watch other marvel vids so coulda understand Cue comment Me: sees title Me: *Tea Sip* Me: let’s see how this is gonna go... 11 minutes later Me: well sh- Cuts to J and Ben flipping a coin at the same coin Well I understand where they come from but ;-; He still messed it up...he could’ve been a man and walked away to go punch something. Find another way to get his dang anger out don’t @ me okay? Well the sun is rising and I’m gonna be really tired for the whole day...yay

  • I think Thanos is doing the right thing in the first place, but even so Thanos proves his own methodology when Quinn's emotions overrule the obvious answer. The bottom line is don't fight facts with emotion because it clouds your judgment to truly do the right thing.

  • oof betterhelp

  • Thanos: I must fix overpopulation. We have half the necessary resources. I know! I'll get six stones that have the power of the universe! I can do anything! *kills half of universe when he could double the resources*

  • I think people should stop trying to blame some hero for the snap, whether it’s Dr.Strange, or Starlord, or whoever else. Yeah they made mistakes, if you’ve seen any movie that had to do with destiny or fate you know that someone can’t simp,y tell someone else that they will die, cuz it messes with fate. That’s probably what he was thinking. Starlord was just acting on his emotions and you can’t blame him. It’s civil war all over again except this tie it’s the audience trying to blame someone for everything. Wow sometimes I think I care too much about fictional characters in a fictional universe

  • Genocide = killing a nation and not randomly

  • #betterhelpscam

  • I never blamed star lord he always has been and always will be my third favorite mcu character (beleeve me, third is a very good spot)

  • I was "Oh, nooo!" as soon as Nebula started saying "Thanos took her, she didn't came back"... Nebula should keep that to herself at least until they take of the gauntlet... Quill is impulsive, he acted accordingly just as we all expected. As you said, Thanos is the only one to blame...

  • Rest in Piece Stan Lee... :(

  • Spiderman:Maybe I'll be star lord thanos:dumb star lord

  • RIP Stan Lee :'(

  • Blame Thanos for the snap...

  • Stan Lee's dead😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa better help omg hahaha

  • starlord is awesome XD

  • Please do a in defense of slytherin video . It's a must need and even Merlin was in slytherin .

  • You can't say bubbles while angry you say. You should go watch trailer park boys.

  • I have a question for you why is gamora

  • I don't l Star lod

  • doctor strange saw all the events and in all of them they could only win once. if star-lord was doing something wrong, doc would’ve stopped him

  • *did you just use Better Help, thats a scam*

  • He called the gauntlet a glove

  • I said it "IM ALWAYS ANGRY"

  • it was actually of as u see in 0:29

  • Still wondering why they didn't use a portal to cut the hand off...

  • starlord should have just shot thanos like what he did with his (biological) dad...

  • Though out the discussion about thanos "loving" Gamora I was fighting to not lose it because I believed in what Gamora said that "this isn't love" and for the implications of an abusive parent killing their child and it being because they "loved" them

  • I didn't survive th

  • If thanos had the stones why couldn't he make recorces

  • i blame Nembula if wasnt for her telling starlord what happend none of that would have happend

  • 6:11 Fanos?

  • Strange could've just used the sling ring to cut off Thanos' hand and got the gauntlet off easy

  • "don't blame star lord for the snap blame thanos for the snap" THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! may I say I love you guys?

  • Wow you have a cool chair

  • If anyone is to could start with Tony for deciding to go there in the first place against Doctor Strange's warning. Although, Strange is or was Master of the Mystic Arts, as well as the protector of the Time Stone; Strange could've sling-ringed back to Earth the moment Tony decided to keep going, or he could have used the Time Stone at ANY POINT...all this BEFORE he saw the futures. So technically, it's all their faults. 1) Tony for going after Thanos with little to zero knowledge of the guy and the Stones he already possessed. 2) Strange could've rewound time long enough back to be prepared for the first battle and escape. He could've also...well, sling-ringed back to Earth if he had chosen too All he has to do was visualize where he wanted to go. 3) Starlord blinded by grief, sadness and anger. This before the 14,000,605 figures.

  • Gamora should have let her sister die and not told him where the stone was, ‘for the greater good of the galaxy’ but she caved. So honestly she can be blamed as well. But again, all this was going to happen anyway as strange saw it.

  • #DontBlameStarLord

  • Star lord is still in my top 5 favorite marvel characters

  • I don't really hate him though.😂

  • You can give 406,000,605 reasons as to why it’s not Quil’s fault, and there will still be those who say he’s reason Thanos won, and that Thanos was right.

  • if thanos killed my significant other i would wait to punch him until we won. er go, *not hurting the mission*

  • My belief is that they where on the winning time line even with them failing to get it off the moment they lost , is well thaous said it him self Thor should have gone for head or hand because the moment he didn't thaous won

  • Star Lord is the best ❤😂

  • He should have just shoved a bomb in his throat

  • If some one was about to give birth when Thanos snapped his fingers would the baby die?, if so than would I count as half the population?

  • I am now convinced I am the ONLY person in the world (those of us who are left) that does NOT blame Star Lord. Not only that, I didn't even blame him at the time. In fact I thought he was incredibly heroic in this film. MAYBE my love for Peter Quill overrides my sensible thought process, but I did not once believe he was the reason for the snap and I will defend him until the day I die. After all, Thor is the one who didn't aim for the HEAD! Why does no one blame him?

  • your dumd

  • Should have done the dance off with Thanos like he did to Ronan And then the gauntlet away

  • In the end it is all Nebula's fault for even reminding Gamora's death

  • still can't forget/forgive....

  • I watched the movie with my brother today so I was finally able to watch this without any spoilers, and this was very well done!

  • I never like Starlord anyway. His character is naturally selfish.

  • of course its not Starlords fault. Its Thors fault he should have gone for the head.

  • If you pay attention to when Thanos snapped out of it mantis is hands were still on his face meaning Thanos would have snapped out of it regardless she even said he was too strong she couldn't hold it for long Star-Lord is innocent

  • If you take the Harry Potter perspective on infinity war... Star lord reacted well And Thanos is a ‘good’ villain

  • Why didn't thanos just dubble the resources instead of cutting the population in half

  • Star lord is my fav

  • I'm sorry. I get that most people would have probably done what he did (so I'm not flat-out angry), but because i WOULDN'T have gotten emotional in his position, I'm super frustrated. You don't have to be ridiculously emotional to care about people: you stay calm because you know it's the only way to save everyone, so you focus on that. You just process your compassion differently; EXPRESS it differently.

  • Pain from Naruto is a good villain

  • Um. No. The heroes are the ones who make difficult decisions and do what is necessary despite how difficult or painful it is. Star Lord was the hero when he pulled that trigger and was most definitely not when his actions resulted in mass genocide. Sorry, there's no getting past that.

  • this video was posted on my bday lel

  • I can't be angry at Star Lord.

  • I can't stay mad at Star Lord. He just lost his beloved one... if I was in his position in this very moment I probably would have smacked Thanos as well. In a moment like this you would lose all boundaries, rational thinking = disabled, plans = non existent. I believe Strange knew this would happen so... meh. Blame game won't really work... Part 2 next year and we will see what will come.

  • For Dr. Strange's plan to work, this had to happen. Otherwise he would've stopped Quill.

  • 1:40

  • Well it's all individual opinion. I choose not to defend him. He lost the first confrontation, learned nothing from it, and derailed the second confrontation. Even tortured Nebula had more situational awareness. He needed Mary Poppin's to swoop in and say chill baby bear, let the grown-ups deal, maybe everybody can live if no tantrums are thrown. Here, here's a photo of David Hasselhoff or your daddy, whichever spawned you. He's really trapped at the age of his abduction emotionally.

  • I understand quill so much. But I'm still mad at him u.u

  • Tbf I said go right

  • Ty

  • You made a great point I don't blame starlord for the snap but he still took a cheap shot at thanos

  • Nebula's fault

  • use the gauntlet to make infinite resource

  • You guys dont realize that better help is a scam.

  • That and the fact that Marvel couldn't have just ended it right there. Blame Marvel guys they're the ones who made the decision! But don't get too mad cause would the story really have been as compelling if they defeated Thanos and everything was saved? No.

  • The hero I was most angry at was Thor


  • Star-Lord annoyed me so badly that I don't even care if we don't get the third Guardians movie, haha.

  • No, no he didn’t

  • no sacrifice no victory I got that from transformers

  • I blame Starlord

  • It’s actually Thanos’ fault this is happening so don’t blame any of the heroes.

  • Why didn't thanos not just give the universe infinite resources

  • He/s by far my favorite character. I really hope they bring him back somehow.

  • I didn't and still don't blame Starlord for what he did. In my opinion it was completely justified. Think about why he did what he did, and what u would have done in that situation. If it was your girlfriend, mom or sister. U would probably lose ur sh*t on the guy with the magical glove that u really need to get off of him to save the universe too, right? P.s. Thor is kinda also to blame. He could have laid his axe on Thanos' gauntlet hand and (since Thanos is beyond unworthy) could have stopped (killed) him long enough to get the gauntlet off of him. And have Scarlet Witch smash the Infinity Stones

  • I never blamed StarLord & thought all the h8 he was gettin was ridiculous.

  • Betterhelp is a lie. This is no theory. They don't help.

  • Reads title NO NO THERE'S NO WAY after video Maybe...

  • Better help has been shown not to care about there clients

  • The part that made me want to scream at the movie the most is when Thanos made a _snap_ noise WHILE WEARING A METAL GLOVE.

  • why do they keep saying "galaxy"? it's the whole universe guys!

  • Couldn't thanos just use the reality stone to make more food for the world meaning he wouldn't have to destroy half the universes population

  • I don't have to forgive Starlord because I am not heartless. I would have reacted the same way. And YOU would have too. And yes, it wouldn't matter if they had removed the gauntlet, because he would have taken it back anyway. Just stop with the Starlord hate already.

  • Chris Pratt is perfect for Star Lord aka Peter Quill!!!

  • You really haven't seen Foot Loose? At least watch the video... it's a start

  • I think the question is what happens if you replace Starlord and Gamora with other close characters in the movie. Imagine if Steve found out Thanos killed Bucky, or if Iron Man found out he killed Pepper, or any other number of character pairings. I'm sure many would have reacted the way Starlord did. Adding to that is the fact Thanos didn't allow him to complete his promise to Gamora. The last he has heard Thanos is sparing Gamora's life, and now he finds out he killed her. Bit of a 180 there.