iKON - 'I'M OK' M/V

Published on Jan 7, 2019
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  • why did they just read my mind??

  • 16 weeks in trending topic MX

  • 👋👋👋

  • Are they just a one hit wonder? :(

  • 💕

  • Such a coincidence to get this song on my bday from my sis, I haven't told her My loved one is leaving me for a year but will be back.

  • Today must have 12 M viewers.. Dont lazy to streaming guyss!!!

  • i dont know why, i just see bigbang on your MV guys. the style of music bring me back to bigbang. but overall i really love this MV so much

  • *iKon just does'nt just release music, they make it with feelings*

  • I'm not into k-pop but this one is...powerful lyrics and beat. Damn!

  • I love you Junhoe 😍💟

  • I don't know if this is the official MV of Freedom, but iKONICS you have to watch this. Young wild and free iKON! us-tv.org/tv/video-tCeTkShm0JA.html

  • Let's keep streaming ikonic ❤️ fighting 🔥🔥

  • Latinoamérica ikonic ❤❤

  • Negativo + Negativo = Positivo. Lo que significa que ME ENCANTO LA CANCION.

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  • I can relatw

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-Pp6ggyeXxN4.html Good thai music !!!

  • Even assignment at college nearly but I'm still OK

  • Why my view is so slow😭 Ikonic stream hard💖


  • 3:50 my fav part

  • It’s a good song.

  • Where was this song when I was going through school? Now I am an adult I find all these songs that could of helped me more. Oh well I made it out alive. Keep strong kids, teen. Truly the other side of high school it really does get better. 💪✊

  • *My heart has left the chat*

  • sooo amazing!!🔥😍❤️

  • Wait for 12M 🤟🏻❤️

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  • Love u ikon

  • Ahhhh es hermoso ❤


  • ikonics is chan got more lines this time?

  • I love youuuuuuuuu ❤❤❤

  • 💖Ikon💖 💔I 💔💔i'm 💔💔💔Ok I LOVE THIS SONG I LOVE IKON💓💓💓

  • I love junhoe , B.I , boBBy

  • They're always running lol

  • Any iKONIC from Philippines?

  • I'M OK

  • Hanbin ❣

  • To new iKONİCs, I suggest you watch these videos to get to know iKON better: iKON TV: us-tv.org/plid-PLgLOPVkNkoITNPHC5_tEN7y3Ey1OSgxOw Sugarman: us-tv.org/tv/video-TFR0S9mYMLE.html Fantastic Duo: us-tv.org/tv/video-n0Up7lSDY8c.html Dancekon us-tv.org/tv/video-FRLTd6FD4S8.html us-tv.org/tv/video-Ds4FIQl97E4.html An Unhelpful Guide to iKON (fanmade) us-tv.org/tv/video-difvs5WjoNY.html Reasons to stan iKON us-tv.org/tv/video-1F0a7EF0HWM.html iKON -Our Story us-tv.org/tv/video-QG-BVWye1GI.html Compilation of videos (from twitter) twitter.com/kontatoesgc/status/692402091118059520?s=19 If you can't get enough of iKON, here are more videos: docs.google.com/document/d/16F9804hfYwP7TMAw8MYwiEutClDNwGSsUrWrebpcB5k/edit?usp=drivesdk

  • The imagery alone is fantastic. Their set director is amazing. Props to iKON for making another amazing MV and song.

  • I have the worst day today so I'm here trying to find comfort

  • I feel so identificated with this song.

  • 이 노래 진짜 정말 너무 좋아.. iKON BEST SONG♥

  • never stand idol this hard. BUT IKON !!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • que tienen contra los pobres autos

  • 왜또 ?? PH iKONics !!

  • Malaysia 🇲🇾 ❤️❤️❤️

  • I'm so proud of them.

  • When my friends tell me how my life is 0.00 - 0.05

  • Está canción salió cuándo justamente ME PASABA ALGO COMO DICE LA CANCIÓN,Isí que yo digo... IKON TUS DIOSES

    • tengo miedo que no tengan exito y que no se aprecie su trabajo

  • 왜 ?? 😢😢


  • This. This is what I needed. I've never been more happy to be an IKONIC until I learned of this. 2018 was not the best year for me towards the end. September fucked me up. The girl I gave 4 years of my life to left me. Still haven't been able to piece myself back together but I'm alive so Hanbin's verse really got to me. And then came December. My stepfather passed on seemingly before my eyes. Two days and he was fine. All it took was two days. And he was gone. And the end lf Bobby's verse brought tears to my eyes. As someone who tries to cope with his own problems with alcohol it really hit close to home.

  • Talent 💯 but most underrated band.. why people why ??

  • Essa música é simplesmente maravilhosa, não é atoa que eu estou viciada nela

  • I hurt but I'M OK.. #broken💔

  • Loveeee from EXO L

  • First love scenario than killing me now I’m ok Ikon WHO HURT YOU?!??



  • Ikon deserve more love and support ❤❤❤❤😭😭

  • U can said ' IM OK ' but u are not OKEY 😭😭 i can feel u iKON ❤️❤️❤️ ur lyrics deeply tears people. 😢😢😢 keep sucsess this year. We always support YG family 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻. Im cried with this song 😭😭😭.

  • It’s just so good

  • I am in shook

  • great song

  • I'm sorry but why are Jinhwans lips so attractive

  • BR??

  • Chill iKONICS this will reach a hundred million views, trust me.

    • Sarongie Qu yes slowly but surely 🤗

  • im a mom n i love ikon so much hihi 😍

  • sae pisan

  • i love you, iKON

  • OmG, sad ya

  • I have chills sia

  • they are out of the trends in Phil. 😔😔🔪

  • 😍🔥🔥😍🔥😍

  • Continuing why iKON definitely deserves all the love, support, success and recognition. I truly feel it’s been a long time coming and hoping they will keep on rising and still be around to create good music that touches people’s hearts. From WIN:Win Is Next, them being introduced to us as Team B at the time they were 6 (BI, Bobby, Jay, June, Song, DK) us knowing they do one day deserve to debut and be successful. Especially bringing us the beautiful self made song, “Climax”, while proving time and time again their dynamic teamwork and their dance performances. Predebut iKON minus Chan/Team B having GD as their mentor while Predebut WINNER had Taeyang as their mentor. Heartbreaking predebut iKON lost to predebut WINNER (Mino, Seungyoon, Seunghoon, Jinwoo & Taehyun who later left the group), who definitely do deserve to debut too, because of their experiences especially in past competitions and their dynamic vocals. Losing to WINNER, made predebut iKON stronger contender to one day debut. And honestly a blessing in disguise cause if they haven’t lost, their youngest member wouldn’t be Chan, Chan probably wouldn’t have ever joined them if they won and they wouldn’t be called iKON cause the winner of WIN would be called WINNER. Mix & Match, this made them stronger because of the fear they (original Team B…BI, Bobby, Jay, Song, DK and June) could not all debut together. Cause there were three fixed members (BI, Bobby and Jay), while 3 unsafe members (Song, DK and June) compete against 3 trainees predebut Pentagon Hoseok, Jinhyeong, and their future definite maknae Chanwoo for 4 spots to become 7 member group, iKON. In most ways, iKON isn’t iKON without all 7 especially with the makae Chan. Also this was a trial BI/Hanbin faced as leader, testing his leadership while being more hands on when it comes to his team. Cause not only Hanbin BI had to focus more on not only leadership..he had to focus more production, composing, lyrics, choreography…while competing is Show Me the Money 3 with Bobby. BI wanted original Team B to be debut together but he also wanted the three trainees that included their future maknae to do well as well, to want to debut as much as the Team B do. Thus making me remember BI had been misunderstood by a Mix &Match dance practice situation cause it had also short clipped when ppl should watch the whole episode. One of the trainees had clearly not been practicing hard. BI already watched them do a couple rounds of dancing til he finally spoke. Called him out. Then said, not word for word but along lines of, "Do you think you think I am being unfair?...I rather want you to say I am being unfair and wrongfully accusing you of not practicing hard when you are practicing." That he is getting the expression they don't really want to debut like he and team b does. And Song added his piece that the trainees are not only competiting against eachother but have to compete with him June and DK for a spot as well. If they can't beat them, how could they beat BI Bobby or Jay who fixed members. And like I mention before, crazy thing around M&M, BI was also competiting in SMTM 3 with Bobby. Later on the trainees, Chanwoo esp got close with Team B. Heck, they all had video birthday message for BI cause somehow competition day is always his birthday. Anyways BI was favoring Chan the most from the 3 trainees so you know and mentioned Chan is the nicest maknae. Chan had once thanked BI for helping him. These guys all care and help eachother. Luckily now when BI can't Bobby Jay and Song helps lead and guide the group, Bobby helps with music maybe DK and June in the future, DK helps choreography. Anyways they are all good people and close with each other. Btw check out, Toujours Belle’syoutube videos “The Leader BI Part 1 and 2” & “Why BI is a gem” explains it all, a beautiful videos, it includes the scene I’ve mentioned and their beginnings especially BI’s role as leader. Then came iKON’s debut with “My Type” and “Rhythm Ta” withWelcome Back album making them add to YG’s list of monster rookies and Rookie of Year. Then came their struggles their hardship, being sent on Asian Tours for about 2 years particularly to Japan and China, away from Korea. Competing once again in China in a competition in Heroes of Remix, with PSY as their mentor, while on their tour so there was constant back and forth and no rest. At the same time, doing their concert tours with injuries (example BI with a eyepatch cause he was injured), performing with oxygen cans, performing with boots or shoes peeling and painted over, wearing the same outfit over and over, sleeping on floors cause they can’t get a hotel room, and practicing non-stop and other situations I can’t recall or remember. At the same time during the 2 year Asian Tour, away from Korea, they lost fans who got tired waiting for them from their long overseas tours, only seeing them in airports and lost interest in them and forgotten them. This was when the returned with New Kids Begin…”Bling Bling” and “Bday”. This was the main reason why even though it “New Kids Begin” did well but did not compare to their debut album “Welcome Back” cause they lost most of their fans while on their hiatus in Korea doing their overseas Asian Tours and were forgotten. Thus, being called by fellow YG stans “FlopKon” and “YG’s disappointment”, “YG’s failure” while at the same time getting a lot of immense hate/ bandwagon of hate especially after the made their comeback with New Kids:Begin with “Bling Bling” and “Bday”. The immense hate/immense bandwagon of hate was so ridiculous or really misunderstood or stretched and short clipped by haters such as their concept for Bling Bling esp, they were thought to be arrogant and bullies (mostly aimed at BI by haters) or mean (mostly aimed at Bobby by haters) or problematic (mostly aimed at June by haters) just to name a few cause to add more could bring pain the pain us as fans, iKONICs experienced. Especially since the others reasons of hate is just sooo ridiculous and unbelievable. Some if not most of that bandwagon of hate still exists too everytime they make a comeback that some people cannot give them a chance because of those misconceptions. I might be wrong with some parts or forgot something but they and the fans iKONICs been through so much Then once again another year or two hiatus before coming back withNew Kids:Return with “Love Scenario”, which restarted things for them. Dubbing them as Kid President. Love Scenario was once rejected by YG as a group song, and it was supposed to be a BI solo but BI wanted it as group song and pushed it to be a group song that it was finally approved. Shortly after the released “Rubber Band”. Thus leading them to have iKON TV so fans and people can get to know them more. Led them to I believe wining 3 Song of Year (1 of them being Best Song), Artist of the Year, Musician of the Year and a Songwriter of the Year for BI. All well deserved. Especially since I heard they were supposed release 2 full albums but the company & YG didn't let them and have mini albums instead. Then they returned with New Kids: Continue…”Killing Me” and “Freedom”. Not long after they came back with New Kids:The Final with “Goodbye Road” and now finally New Kids: Repackagewith “I’m OK” It’s been a long road, full of ups and downs… iKON definitely deserves all the love, support, success and recognition. And I truly feel it’s been a long time coming and hoping they will keep on rising and still be around to create good music that they also enjoy but to also create good music that touches people’s hearts. More love and support to them. In general, all artists deserve our love and support and not our hate, even if their songs might not be our cup of tea, we should let them be and continue expressing themselves with their music and touching our hearts with their songs cause they are not only performing because it is their dream and or daily living, they are performing for the fans

  • iKON definitely deserves all the love, support, success and recognition. I truly feel it’s been a long time coming and hoping they will keep on rising and still be around to create good music that touches people’s hearts. From, their albums…Welcome Back (debut album); New Kids: Begin; New Kids: Return; New Kids: Continue; New Kids: The Final; New Kids: Repackage(their most recent)… From their unforgettable fan songs “Wait for me”, “I Miss You So Bad”, “Don’t Forget”, “Long Time No See”, “Just For You” [please add anymore, I am sure I forget some songs, but those mentioned are the ones I mainly remember] Their Feel Good, Sweet, Sort of Sad Groovey Songs “My Type”, “Love Scenario”, “Best Friend”, “Beautiful”, “Freedom”, “Love Me”, “Rubber Band”, “Hug Me”, “#WYD”, “What’s Wrong”, “Adore You”, “Don’t Let Me Know” They Hype-You-Up/Make you move/Flow Songs “Anthem”, “Dumb & Dumber”, “Sinosijak”, “Rhythm Ta”, “Bling Bling”, “Killing Me”, “BDay” etc etc To their emotionally beautiful songs “Climax”, “Apology”, “Perfect”, “Airplane”, “Good bye Road”, “I’m Ok” (their most recent, ending the New Kids series but starting a brand new year with such a sad beautifully written hitting you deep song) Solos like Bobby’s Love and Fall album and his songs from MOBB with WINNER’s Mino…”Hit Me”, “Full House”, “Holdup” and his performances from Show Me The Money 3…”Bounce”, “Go”, “YGGR”. Bobby being the first idol rapper winner on Show Me The Money. Oh and BI’s solo, “Be I” and “One and Only” BI/Hanbin, iKON’s leader being the Main Lyricist, Main Composer, and Main Producer of all iKON’s songs. (For doubters, check the credits and iKON’s discography and his personal Instagram shxxbi131 cause he posts time to time songs he’s been working on…and even videos of him being silly like posting his members crack vocals for songs, this guy is so hardworking and already has made like unreleased 200 + songs... ready for approximately 7 albums.) BI is hard and intense in the practice room and studio room and soft out of it. Yes, Hanbin BI also has help from his “Funny Friends” (his nickname from them, that includes Raesung [Millennium], Jaewon [One], Seung [I think they call him Yawa, correct me if I am wrong) and of course Bobby is a great help to on their songs, cause he especially tailor made his own rap in the songs BI writes. Hanbin BI also had a hand in Epik High’s “Born Hater”, WINNER’s Empty”, PSY’s “Bomb”, Blackpink’s “Whistle” and Seungri of BIGBANG’S “Mollado”. With all BI’s hard work making him the first idol singer to win Songwriter of the Year. Which he greatly deserved too. Practically listed all I can remember, but their music are masterpieces and a journey full of emotions especially with all they iKON and iKONICs experienced.

  • Donghyuk lop u both

  • Yunhyeong's lines?

  • Hanbin is really a talented person, he deserve the songwriter of the year , IKON never disappoint

  • The lyrics is not like any other song's lyrics because you can really get what they're trying to say, not like BTS because their lyrics are methaphorical (sometimes) and sometimes you don't get the lyrics. I don't hate BTS I'm an ARMY 😂 I'm just saying my opinion. I'm not an iKon stan but I will now 💜

    • Thanks dear

    • Tqvm for support.. 🙆‍♀️❤️💜

    • Thank you for your opinion, i hope you enjoy the song 💕

  • This song has been stuck in my head since firdst time I heard it. After watching this mv I love it more and more ❤❤❤

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  • Who is that at 2:24? And the guy immediately after him?

  • Let's keep the views up


  • I'm not fans, but i'm already fall in love with this song.😂😂♡

  • Mi parte favorita sigue sin cambiar, la escena de las sillas de Yoyito y de la canción también la parte de él 😍 es hermoso

  • 41 en tendencias de México, iKONICS qué pasa? Ya se cansaron?




  • Vamos iKONIC tenemos que superar la meta de esta semana que son los 15 M

  • amazing

  • I just keep coming back here XD It's the same with killing me and love scenario. I don't really was such a fan of their other songs (the ones I know) but I always come back to these 3... Idk why

  • Who came here thinking it’s Saïd AKON XD

  • EXO-L here to support ! STREAM I"M OK !

  • rip my replay button

  • Whoa this song has that something that captivates you so much. Idk how to explain it but I love it

  • 9th of iKOM on trending in mexico ;)