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Idle Town - Conan Gray [ Original Song ]

Published on Mar 19, 2017
a tribute to my senior year of highschool; for my friends, my town, my homes, and my memories.
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L Y R I C S:
this town will never change
people come and go, it's all the same
speed the roads on our doubting days
to any place that's far away
i never learned anybody's name
we all vowed that we wouldn't stay
kissing signs on the interstate
all we do for now is sit and wait
in our idle town, in our idle town
yeah, we invent our own little games
when the lights out at the stadium, hey
making life a spinning arcade
and curfew's at midnight, we watch the sunrise
we watch the sunrise
we watch the sun
springtime when the air is thin
we're getting antsy and they're noticing
while everybody's off partying
we're watching stars over ice-cream
and now we're kicking up to seventh gear
and we're breathing in the atmosphere
and i don't even need a sip of beer
yeah i can feel it all
in our idle town, in our idle town
yeah, we invent our own little games
when the lights out at the stadium, hey
making life a spinning arcade
and curfew's at midnight, we watch the sunrise
we watch the sunrise
we watch the sun
and they watched the sunrise
blinking out of red eyes, and sore minds
the airplanes keep flying by, and they cry
cause they've never even touched the sky
no they'll never even touch the sky
yeah we invent our own little games
and everybody's trying to escape
killing time at the yellow café
and curfew's at midnight
yeah i think that we'll all be okay
the idle town will stay as it stays
and everyone i love's in this place
so curfew's at midnight
we watch the sunrise.

M A S S I V E thank you to my best pal ashley for being the executive co creative director of this silly video, i love you so much. thank you for putting up with all my nonsense and for giving me enough laughs for a lifetime. also thank you for filming this video with me and for being as crazy and ambitious as me. i just think it's funny how.
thank you, all of YOU for making my senior year of highschool so wonderful and magical. if it weren't for you all, i would not have survived the whole deal. i am forever grateful.
see y'all in a few days
song was written, recorded, and produced by myself; the video also edited by myself ( i am unsigned and unrepresented )
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