Published on Nov 7, 2018
Basically a mukbang.
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  • this was so fun to do 😭😭 every time i go back home, i always visit pizza joes. kasey was an incredible manager and an even better karaoke partner, and i’m so happy that we kept in touch all these years 🖤 steph was one of my best friends in high school and is now an incredibly hard working and loving mother who i also feel lucky to have kept in touch with all these years 🙌🏼 can’t wait for the next time i’m home to go visit and get yummy pizza and hugs, as always! also for those asking: no, we didn’t pay, we tried (and went in 10000% intending to even if i joked about not) but katie absolutely would t accept a dollar and instructed all the cashiers not to let us. she’s a lovely person and was just excited to have us there :)

    • Wait your From Newcastle ? Oof London ;-;

    • Also I went to Wilmington so we loved our pizza Joe's!!

    • I live in New Castle PA! I know people that knew you!

    • That's really kind of them idk if the girl you didn't make a piece of pizza hated you because she was acting so serious though!

    • Gabbie So i dont have instagram or twitter or anything like that I cant dm u on anything Im so sad now

  • If I saw correctly, there's a young woman with down syndrome that works there!!!!! THAT'S SO COOL AND SO SWEET. OMG.

  • Gabbie is my freaking spirit animal

  • So many health codes happening right now

  • Awww your relationship with your old boss is so cute:))

  • Why did you eat a lot of pizza,pepsi,cookies?

  • “If you was a cookie dough where would you be”

  • I hate the hate this video gets, people saying how annoyed the people are by Gabbie and how annoying Gabbie is. She doesn’t deserve it at all. She is trying to be happy with her friends and co workers and here people are, saying these horrible things and it just makes me question my own species. I love Gabbie and the work she puts in her life, work, and videos. It makes me and other people happy. And if you don’t like it, block her. Because like all of us, she has feelings too.

  • LOVE THIS!!! When I lived back home I used to go to Pizza Joe’s in Sharpsville and Sharon PA all the time!! Nothing is better than their veggie pizza!!! 😍😍

  • How many times do you think pizza is said in this video 🍕

  • Maybe do a video about going back to your school!

  • This video is so cute! I love it so much!

  • sorry gabb i dont like ranch so i wont like vegie pizza...... still love yo though

  • Wish I would've came in this day! I want to meet you at home someday

  • Omg pizza joes veggie pizza is my husbands favorite thing in the world...every time he eats it he eats so much he gets sick and says he is never going to eat it again but then he does 😂😂

  • Gabbie is me every time I go back home to philly, Colorado food sux lol

  • I love this video so much thank you for being making videos. ❤️

  • Why does she act like she’s someone big and famous going back to their first job?? No sweetie...

  • i really want pizza joes but i’m from england so we don’t have any here☹️

  • triple cheese n bacon!

  • She legit sucks at pizza. I work in a restaurant that has those same ovens and they aren't even that hot. Quit being such an overdramatic millennial bitch

  • gabbie eats for free for 12 minutes

  • Yasssss New Castle 😊

  • hey gabbie love youuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️

  • Because I can't find any hate comments. Gabbie STOP MAKING PIZZA!

  • New Castle, PA is a trash compactor. THE worst. The only notable locations there besides Wal-Mart is the very first Warner Bros. theater aka The Cascade...yeah THE Warner Brothers lol. Outside of that, it’s an utter wasteland. But Kuddos to The Warner Bros., Wal-Mart and Gabby.

  • “If you was a cookie dough, where would you be?” That, combined with her cute walk, holding her hands behind her back was really adorable (I walk like that sometimes when I’m trying to seem innocent and my family is just not having it)😂❤️

  • This is such a FUN video!!!!

  • 2019 anyone?

  • The consent ration of Gabbie taking the pizza out

  • I don't read these comments because... it's usually just too negative of a place... BUT I am watching Gabbie's latest video and I am so so surprised that this video got hate. I LOVE this video- she is SO fun and funny and just, a person. Good for you and your amazing videos Gabbie, I'll always be a fan

  • this gem of a video got hate?

  • Wait Gabbie speaks Arabic cause I do

  • Hears ranch dressing Thinks of Shane Remembers bad dream of drowning in the ranch fountain he had.

  • Job goalss, I’m in high school looking for one RN:(

  • This video is so fun, a lot better than I thought it would be lmao

  • Slay cutieee!!😘😘

  • This was such a genuinely fun video! Love the concept! Don’t get why people would be so negative about it when it was just so genuinely fun and good! I need that veggie pizza in me STAT.

  • If you waz a cookie dough where would you be. 😂CUUTTTEE

  • I need my first job to be a local place so I can visit and steal food

  • This is actually such a good video, I don’t know why people hated it. Keep it up Gabbie

  • Still pisses me off that she rips off James charles intro

    • Or both intros were made by the same person (Michael Rusakov).

  • Oh my god this video!!! I was CRACKING TF UP!!! She is so happy and they seem so happy to see her!! Reminds me of when I visit my first job and my old friends hahaha!!!!!

  • pizza joes hits different

  • I love you

  • I despise ranch, the condiment that makes healthy food unhealthy

  • I love her stealing all the food

  • Does anybody notice that youtubers often forget to fill out their end page? ("Stuff you might like" "My blog" etc.)

  • Wow like omg you worked at a real job for an entire day. You want us give you kudos? Or maybe a pat on the back?

    • Dogs are Nice or maybe I’m the Monsterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Ur sad.

  • I dont like pizza

  • 6:57 *my mom*

  • why do i feel that steph chick was envious of gabbie and condescending whenever she said she didn’t want to take a slice of the gabbie pizza solely because gabbie forgot to make steph’s pizza slice

  • God shes so annoying..just do you're job girl🙄

  • I was born in Pennsylvania

  • Is there any pizza Joes in Illinois?¿

  • Dang now I want pizza. I just ordered pizza from pizza joe’s

  • If YoU WAs A CoOKie DOugH whERe WoULd YoU bE??

  • Pathetic

  • I am so proud of this community. Stfu you were in the worse US-tv rewind it's better if you kys

  • Lol should be titled "Goofed around at my old work for a day"

  • Why didn’t you pay?

  • Why does everyone hate this video, I don't get , this video was so funny tho 😂😂😂

  • Gabbie: i- So called "fans": omg i hate her to bits what a rude idiot wtff omg she needs to get a life Me: i jus.

  • I always knew she was Arabic but I didn't know you could speak I OMG! Sarah Lance ain't got nothing on you

    • But this will forever be my fav video because you looked so happy in it

  • Stop eating😂


  • My fav part was 10:16

  • Why are people hating on her? I don't understand. She's at her old job and is telling us different things about it and made a pizza.

  • When she said “ if u were a cookie dough where would u be” she sounded like Harley Quinn

  • 9:41 That girl Gabbie was talking to was being really rude to her tbh.

  • Hey sup and like on you vid

  • round of applause for pizza joes because i noticed they hired someone with down syndrome. she was the one who was folding boxes with gabbie. good job 👏

  • Title change to "I ate my first iob for a day" lol

  • "I need a break" *literally a second later* "LETS MAKE A PIZZAA!"

  • I didn’t know she was Arabic!!!!!! AWESOME

  • i feel like this entire video is just her eating and the other half is her annoying everyone lol but ALSO did they get a lot of business after this???

  • At least she admits youtube isn’t a job

  • My brother works at pizza joes


  • How many times did she say pizza in this video

  • "worked"

  • So this is the video she got hate from? Ok wtf?


  • Your so pretty 😍

  • This was probably my favorite Gabbie video. Shes just soooo cute and adorable

  • Hottest and prettiest employee ever!

  • someone count down how many times gabbie said *bomb* . Love ya Gabbs.

  • That’s cute that steph still works there.

  • "iv been waiting...how old am I?" can't even remember ur own age I love it

  • wow that guy (the boss) was soooooooooooooooooooo chill.... !!!!!!

  • You're from New Castle? I'm from Ellwood City and graduated in '09. Nice to see someone from the area doing cool things. Also Pizza Joe's is where it's at lol

  • I don't get how everyone you meet doesn't fall in love with you.

  • Stop eating pizza Gabbie: I don't wanna I felt that. Same Gabbie, same😂 never enough pizza for me.

  • i honestly don’t understand why this got so much hate it was just gabbie having a nostalgic moment that she was very excited for and trying to make pizza bc she never got to make the pizzas when she worked there

  • “Why are you still here” 😂😂😂 same

  • Take a shot every time she says “bomb” 😂

  • All I can think of through this whole video (I'm sorry): *She's stealing all the food*

  • Can gabbie speak arabic ? 👀

  • There’s that one chick that is just fed up with your shit and it’s so funny cuz gabby and that chick are literally me is they were Put together

  • Wow seriously what is the point in hating her we all are going to die no point complaining