I TRY CALLIGRAPHY - This is SO Much Harder Than it Looks!!

Published on Sep 30, 2018
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  • Teacher: *looks at jazza doing caligraphy* Teacher: Now jazza , write me a 100 page essay using caligraphy

  • Good drawer bad writting/calligraphy thats mee

  • The fact that i write everyday at school in the second writing style Jazza learnt makes me confused and proud- lmao.

  • There are so many things he’s doing wrong

  • H Hi H Please like this took forever😉😂😏

  • 16:47 eww the hand 🤮

  • Ya know they make calligraphy pens wow such a shocker .......not really 😏

  • Omfg I hate calligraphy Especially since I live in japan we have calligraphy classes and I absolutely just HATE IT

  • 14:15 Rip Bob Ross Like = Respect


  • When you did the Netflix you used to much ink.... soo what I trying to say is just dip the pen into the ink and take it out


  • 00:49 to 00:57 lol XD

  • you do realise you can get pens for it right?

  • I really like how instead of showing us some calligraphy or being a professional and explaining some pointers, it feels more real and hopeful when you actually show your growth and what you’re doing. It really makes it feel like you can actually pick it up and master it. Thank you so much

  • You learned it too fast. I don't wanna compete with you.

  • Please do more calligraphy I love this video

  • Hi I'm new if you would like to check my channel out you can I'm trying to get to 100 subs

  • Your skillshare videos are so fun to watch. I hope they continue sponsoring you because I love watching you start from nothing, learn about it, then come up with something awesome

  • You are awesome! Love your channel!

  • In my school caligraphy is a must, and I tell you it's no fun at all

  • Ha !, and I thought cursive was too fancy

  • Coligraphy is handist im a lefty and the ink just smears when i try and im not spending a month or two just to become ambidextrous

    • Ftr (for the record) im not hating on it im just saying i cant use my right hand for any thing other than opening a door

  • he’s so hot

  • btw you were holding it wrong and you need a certain ink for it and don't scoop or dip the whole tip part you do half way on that.

  • way to go jazza!!!!!!

  • i write cursive handwriting in school al the time i quited on print.

  • Stop lifting the pen in the middle of every stroke. Follow through.

  • I love it lol an the reason I call it killagraphy. Parchment×64 !!!! Wish have some then I be flying through my projects, like my toy dog, the future bunk bed, and others

  • Omg BEST video ever! 😆🤗

  • am I the only one who liked the first one ( happy birthday)

  • Not all doctors have bad handwriting jazza 😑


  • Was going to leave before the letter, so happy I stayed. You accents kill me!

  • Lmao it’s hard to believe that my mum would’ve used this style of pen, well technically it’s the same style but not design like it’s on of those annoying messy fountain pens and she’s like 40 now which isn’t even that old like damn I wish we still used these types of pens cause they’re pretty cool.

  • 7 physical planner 8 virtual planner

  • That ending though ...

  • I say this was amazing

  • I was falling asleep

    • +Shae W it was 3am

    • Monce why were u watching then.

  • Mum 8:40

  • I prefer digital art since I am 1000x better at it. 😅 I suck at physical art. But even if I am bad at it, it's artists like you that keep me going on. 😏 I love using copics, paints and colored pencils (polychromos). I love all art. 😂

  • Lord Jazzerthethon

  • Dont use God as a word

  • He didn’t do that bad

  • 6:01 why did you say this is terrible, I'd give it an A-

  • Yessss Finally something I’m better at than uuuuuuu attt!!!😄😄😄😄


  • Stage 1: this. Stage 2: Cursive Stage 3: Calligraphy.

  • try arabic words with calligraphy. yesterday my school added a idk some type of event where 5-6th grade draw some arabic word with calligraphy then paint it with water colours. i try my freaking best, but i didnt win. I'm OkAy :')

  • mike boyd?

  • Beautiful

  • The only thing I want to do is to see my hand writing get better

  • You crack me up. You’re so comfortable in front of the camera.

  • Try to hold the Nib Pen lesser cramped, i do Nib Pen Inking for my Personal Artworks, because i love the soft lines and very personal and organic Feel only Ink can do.Its express myself much more.Takes some Time getting used to do this ,but i love it esp. for fine small deails.Do the lines with very firm preasure

  • 0:11 me trying to draw 4:22 me after

  • We had to learn calligraphy in school

  • Jazza loves yo

  • I tried calligraphy too, mine's looks a bit OK.

  • I want that letter

  • Thanks jazza you inspired me to do art and I am so good at art now just by watching your videos thanks

  • You look like blonde Hawkeye

  • Jaʒʒa

  • I cant even buy the stuff 😔😔😔

  • All I can say is RIP left handed guys.. :(:(

  • Why where you pushing so hard at the start

  • I'm doing calligraphy in art

  • I‘m not even able to connect the letters XD without looking s^*^^

  • Im an artist and a doctor 😁

  • "no mistakes, only happy accidents" is what my mom said when she gave birth to me :)

  • parididles my dawg

  • as it stands your ordinary handwriting is way better than mine.

  • I remember filling 5 subject notebooks in 5th grade with writing exercises, so much repetition. Helped my entire class with their handwriting styles.

  • *omg help*

  • gimme that love letter!

  • Just for that love letter I don't think I've even smashed a like button faster or harder in my life

  • How you do this left handed?

  • oof... not being mean sorry if it sounds mean...

    • i like it! don't beat yourself up!

    • it was good till the X.

  • Lol your handwriting is 100x better than mine😂😂😂

  • No mistakes just happy accidents - Bob Ross

  • 0:23 when I get an F on a test but casually laughs it off like it’s nothing

  • Honestly the Netflix wasn’t that bad for a first go!

  • I could never do this because I'm left handed

  • Wow I just began learning calligraphy too!! I'm no good at it now but hopefully I'll get better🤣

  • It’s a *CRIMESCENE*!

  • damn his handwriting looks almost like mine

  • Your letter bought me

  • For any people who know urdu,arabic,persian it pretty easy to do calligraphy i've tried


  • Sooo cute !!! :)

  • I came here to watch this because its my birthday

  • Woah- I'm watching this for the first time on my birthday lol

  • Who noticed Jazz’s spelled his name Tazza in calligraphy


  • *the office meme*

  • *jazza loves yo*

  • Anyone else LOVE the Bob Ross reference?

  • Green day is the best band ever

  • Wait a minute....... I have a horrible handwriting so dose that mean I can be a doctor too🤔

  • OMG Perfect straight lines!!!!!

  • You realize that you can do calligraphy easier with a brush pen