I TRY CALLIGRAPHY - This is SO Much Harder Than it Looks!!

Published on Sep 30, 2018
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  • “And I think everyone who actually knows calligraphy was cringing during that intro.” Who knows calligraphy?!

  • The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy hobo. *Goteem*


  • Pilot Parallel Pen or the chiseled end of a Copic marker, Yasutomo sumi ink is good for beginners. Dm me on Insta @calligraphybylangley if you want more info

  • I like how mostly people who very good at drawing have bad hand writing. I’m a artist and my hand writing are like a 5 years old.

  • The z looks like る

  • This video was made exactly 1 week after my Birthday!

  • At end button was spelt in all capitals but the n so it was basically BUTTOn

  • i love the end to this ahahaha

  • Nice.. You made it 70% perfect at short period of time..

  • awessomme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Impressive!

  • Guys could anyone check out my new US-tv Channel

  • Ok. Now I need to do calligraphy. This is so freaking pretty! 😍😍👌

  • I think you used a to Watery Ink ( And have you Try’d *Labend?* )

  • Thank you :))

  • The last letter by Jazza makes me sleepy 😴

  • The ending tho....On point !!!

  • Hello *GAZZA* Okay i will stop

  • Finally!!! One thing Jazza CAN'T do!!!! Edit: nevermind (just watched the rest of the video)

  • WOW!!!

  • You know in a wired way the first one kinda looks good


  • At the beginning I think you did good only you used too much ink

  • I took calligraphy. I'm actually better at it than Jazza is. *BADADADA* *ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED*

  • Am I the only one who found his voice calming at the end when he was writing the letter?

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Now do ur own calligraphy video (because I don't have a credit card yet to afford skill share) and ill be waiting patiently.

  • how is he so perfect at everything he does

  • You have some great patience 💀

  • Was I the only be thinking of New York Times? Lol

  • K

  • Jazzy can you create a logo for my Roblox airline, Cloud Airlines?

  • there is no 's' in 'the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy hobo'. there is no 's' in 'the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog'. there IS an 's' if you do it right, 'the quick brown fox jumpS over the lazy dog/hobo gotcha'

  • aside from the word minimum looking good in calligraphy it can also be written with a spectrogram

  • Jazza loves you(tube)

  • Me being a calligrapher, I am ashamed. No offense...

  • Ok now I wish there was more videos of you doing that cause that was satisfying for me to watch

  • My friend can do calligraphy really well, we are in seventh grade

  • Ja33a

  • Thats the nicest letter i have wrote all day thats depressing i havent laughed all day thank you

  • Inspires me to do calligraphy and show off how well I can do it and make all my friends jealous because they cant do it and I can LOL

  • that is amazing!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m left handed so I can forget calligraphy

  • I really enjoyed this concept and watching you learn

  • My significant other has been a calligrapher for years, I am an artist and use fountain pens, thanks for the fun of showing another impatient artist that Calligraphy is not easy, good effort.......lol.

  • I laughed at the end I almost joked on a piece of my cake

  • Bro hire gana bryk the pen

  • Fun fact: pianos are shit costly. Fun fact 2:the plural of piano is pianos not 'pianoes'

  • Caligraphy, yay

  • I liked the first one more. Is it just me?

  • You are the satisfiying boi now!

  • Who else thought the first one wasnt that bad ? 🙂 Edit : the most beautiful ending , liked and subscribed !

  • This was..so cringy I was no jazza!! That's not how you dip the pen!! 😟😵

  • when i tried calligraphy, i was told to go thicker on the down strokes, and it really helped

  • i do calligraphy for fun, but i use a brush pen instead of an ink pen/fountain pen, i feel like it’s more convenient😂

  • When you played the clip from the office, I thought of the birthday party Jim and Dwight planned for Kelly : “it is your birthday.”

  • You saying that you have bad hand writing is an insult to everyone else.

  • This has to become a whole playlist!! Need more

  • Honestly not to be narcissistic or anything, but I think my handwriting is good and yours is better than mine.

  • The end is so x-tra😂

  • Art challenge with These materials only

  • 7:52 is a paradiddle! If you know what that is, like this comment.

  • At first I thought it was him doing it.

  • Can I have that for my birthday on January fourth?

  • Next 2,000,000 videos: “And that’s why this video is sponsored by skillshare

  • Every good artist has terrible handwriting

    • I know Evan my art teacher said that his was the badest in the school *guess he hasent looked in my book yet*

  • Looks like Ja33a

  • When he pushed back on that pen I cringed so much

  • I would be happy with the first thing you did I’m terrible 😂

  • "There are no mistakes, only happy little accidents" Me: WHERE ARE THE HAPPY LITTLE TREES?

  • Lmao I'm an artist and I suck at handwriting too XD

  • 18:27 Ja33a!

  • 4:35 gizzy gazza

  • Jezza loves yoghurt (just like terry)

  • Do you know how to write Hebrew? Anyone who've seen my handwriting believes that I write Hebrew 😓....... Also, you can use some of these nibs for manga and comic drawing.

  • You suck at handwriting too?! Me too man, I draw like a master but my writing looks like a 5 year old's

    • Erza scarlet I am joining the club to I have like does same hand writing as a kid who learns to write

  • Idk man it's cursive and not only I'm in jail from school but I'm getting tazed aswell

  • For a second I thought it said “Happy bi***”

  • Truly amd touching letter 😢

  • Its very funny and entertaining to watch and at the same time it encourage me that practice really makes us do better.

  • That letter though

  • I think what you're doing wrong is trying to draw the letters rather than writing them

    • I mean speeding up your movements alone will make the strokes look much cleaner

  • No mistakes just happy accidents - Bob Ross

  • Hahaha Gazza instead of jazza 😂😂

  • the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy hobo

  • Ehh u should use brushes cause i use em'

  • Jazza, to do Calligraphy, you need patience and delicacy. These are not your normal pens and pencils. I'm just glad you don't use Glass Pens, you'd break them just by gripping them.

  • I'm a calligraphy artist and I know its hard to learn go check my Instagram as art by Karan Kerai you will see their some awesome art works and calligraphy

  • "The quick brown fox **jumps..."

  • he learnt that quick....why does his love letter sound like an M&S advert loool, this reminds me of lower school handwriting book lessons, man where did I go wrong I think my life has reversed I used to write like an adult when I was a kid, my two year old can structure lines better than me.

  • The letter at the end was the best lmao

  • This freakin inspiration of a man! Jazza, your artwork is amazing *not to mention you can draw and paint in different styles besides your own while I can't even draw in the Simpson style* you can sing, you're an awesome dad *from what I've seen on videos anyway*, you constantly find different things to do and show us *like the making art out of garbage video* and not only that but you keep edging everyone of us forwards, you're hilarious and have a Ridiculously huge heart. Thank you Jazza, your one of the main reasons for me wanting to become a better artist!

  • Try it with a Crayola marker it works

  • I loved this more than I probably should.

  • I took an art class for 6 years and we learned a LOT of calligraphy because my art teacher loved adding words and quotes into pieces. Calligraphy was fun until you got that one calligraphy pen that some six year old used before you and the nib is stuck super wide open because the kid pressed down so hard on it or they didn’t clean off the remaining ink so it’s a clumpy, goopy mess. The struggles. 😩😂😂

  • Now draw something with the pens like a dragon or something

  • I made not be good at calligraphy but everyone came to me for bubble letters in elementary school.. And I'm still proud about that.

  • I think my mom taught me when I was about...... 10? Errr, tried too. XD

  • RIP all those poor nibs !

  • It is hard, I can do it but not as well as you 😂