I TRY CALLIGRAPHY - This is SO Much Harder Than it Looks!!

Published on Sep 30, 2018
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  • Love the ending.

  • Definitely a coke can😂

  • Its 2019 and I still haven't received the letter Jazza!!!

  • Like ak si iz balkana

  • Phhhhh haaaaahahahahahaha pa hahahahahahah

  • I tried it and it was hard

  • Why are you putting all the pen to the ink just take a little bit of ink on the tip of it and you are good to go.

  • 0:33 I think it's beautiful. It's not like in video but it's special.

  • I thought the Happy Birthday one actually looked pretty cool

  • Now this is exciting!

  • Oh... poor jazza

  • Yeah Jazza did some Calligraphy this was an awsome video and satisfying😙❤

  • Netflix wasn't bad but you used a little to much ink

  • That first one ain't bad I mean It's really Abstract


  • How the frick frack is his handwriting bad like bruh

  • The end got me like... 🤣😂🤣😂😅 You're amazing!

  • Dude, if you think your handwriting is bad! Then you haven't see nothing yet!

  • Cool

  • It’s okay, Jazza-my dad and brothers have handwriting that’s so bad, it’s completely illegible. I can actually read yours.

  • this video makes me so happy

  • Jazza+Calligraphy *Jalligraphy*

  • Wait. You did this in a day? I have practiced calligraphy for just over a year now and what you did in this video was incredible for a beginner. It took me a month to get to how you wrote in this video. Good job Jazza!!

  • The happy birthday thing remembers me of Islamic calligraphy

  • Your hand writing is better than mine and i do engravings

  • Can u please tell me name of the pens u were using to write please ji...........

  • That was so satisfying 😢💓💓💗😊😮

  • Wait. You did all that before second coffee? I don't even open my eyes before second coffee.

  • This vid was soooooooo helpful so I can impress my teacher and mom

  • Gotchya ..... Hahaha

  • As a person who is just about to watch this video and a person starting and sort of dabbling around in calligraphy I'd say " You got that right Jazza!"


  • do this light stroke when going up and hard stroke when your going down

  • The letter should be your intro


  • Drum

  • Beautiful ❤️❤️

  • Did you know some of the best artists have the worst hand writing

  • thanks Mr. J :D

  • i like his British accent

  • Thats so beautifull! ^^ great job Jazza

  • don't think of calligraphy as handwriting. It's just a different form of art

  • Calligraphy was traditionally done with a slanted table, this maybe why you're having a problem, not to mention many years of practice could also help.

  • This was not freaking adorable. Kinda inspired me to try my hand at it. Great job with this dude. ❤️

  • Z is 3

  • Try to draw with an calligraphy pen

  • Love the intro

  • The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy HOBO *GOTCHYA*

  • he kept saying his handwriting was horrible throughout the whole video but his handwriting literally ran my handwriting over


  • 9:27 the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy hobo. Gotchya lmao

  • You call that "bad handwriting"? You haven't seen my brother's! I could read yours pretty well - but I'm used to deciphering disastrous notes and shopping lists from both my brother and my mom 😂

  • Calligraphy is my hobby on top of art , I’ve been doing it for years and now I’m a pro

  • I love the letter at the end, that's so cute

  • 16:18 - how I do my eyeliner

  • LOL! That was pretty darn cool!

  • This was the best skill share sponsorship

  • omg its my bday and i saw the (badly yet better than what I can do) calligraphy at 0:55 and felt good. thank you jazza. and then the one at 15:29 feels even better, thanks JAZZAAa

  • I have a problem I'm a lefty

  • Video sponsored and I don't like people who are doing something on purpose.

  • I can only do it with a brush pens.

  • There’s a stereotype that artists have horrible handwriting. It’s like 90% correct. Examples: Jazza, James (TheOdd1sOut), me, my sister, and many more

  • Man he really made his money back for the pens Look at da views

  • lmao love the love letter......

  • I just got a fountain pen today and I love it !

  • The worse the handwriting, the better the artist

  • That one drop at the end ruined it

  • 8:35 did he say porn

  • I’ve been doing calligraphy 2 months now. Bish i can’t even remember how to write like half to alphabet!

  • I wonder how you would do calligraphy if you were left handed.

  • Aw thanks! I love ya too!

  • Great video funny to

  • Ahn flashbacks to typography in art school :) we all had to learn a different font to write by hand... I sucked at that very much xD

  • also thankx for giving me free 2 month free skill share premium

  • jazza i dont know how big fans you have , but i am one of the biggest fan of you

  • Thanks for the caligraphy video. How about one on making personal metal stamp for wax seals on envelopes? That would be amazing!!

  • that's majestic!

  • The Netflix logo was actually pretty good

  • yayyyyyy jazza LOVES me/myArt

  • 0:35 That's friking beautiful to me though

  • Sa artist are bad at writing

  • 0:33 if that was red it'd look like a murder scene

  • You actually have really nice handwriting. Its swoopy if that makes sense

  • No you doesn't got F- you got A+

  • Hey what you wrote your name the sacend litter was like this ح

  • Try to draw with these pens (lol)

  • The love letter😂😂😂

  • At 13:28 he sounds like stuwie

  • I hate that you cant even try this if youre lefthanded....

  • JAZZA loves jazz

  • Wow i didn't kmow you played drums. Im actually a full time musician (drums) and i am getting back into art after a 15 year hiatus

  • Man...he is really a fast learner 😲😲

  • WOW honey!! That was Freakin AWESOME!! I can't believe how far you got in just 1 day!! U have certainly given me the confidence to give it a go & more importantly to stick with the lesson & not skip the dull boring repetitive shape lesson!! Thanx.

  • I thought it was gonna say Jazza loves.....yogurt

  • This is a giant skillshare ad...

  • 8:35 porn?

  • I feel you with the ink everywhere!!!!!!!! I have a quill. It's impossible to attempt calligraphy with our ink everywhere!


  • Look at Jazza, offending a whole community! So proud 💗💗💗

  • Hodo? Its dog