I Tried To Re-Create This Flaming Hot Cheeto Burrito

Published on Jun 30, 2018
“It’s the size of a kitten!”
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Sayultas Mexican Food


  • Andrew cooking is all I will ever need

  • I feel like Andrew is like,,, a straight Ryland Adams in a parallel universe

  • Noob spotted

  • This is what I would do: *go buy a burrito* *add hot Cheeto* Done

  • This dude real life said liquid avocado

  • The last ingredient should be Aloe Vera gel.

  • “Liquid avacado” Bitch... It’s called guacamole

  • I'm sorry but yeah I was laughing at your tortilla

  • Made these today (little ones)☻. Was amazing.

  • Imagine if they used takis? "Top 10 anime betrayals"

  • For someone who has never made tortilla harina (flour) they came out looking descent

  • Doesn’t he realize that the “cheese sauce” is queso

  • Dude when i was 8 i already knew how to make tortillas


  • Oh so it's a caesar but with beer instead of vodka.

  • 2:44 "in my meat goes"

  • THIS GUY SAID LIQUID AVOCADO 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭uncultured swine 😂😂😂😂

  • Andrew forget soy sauce in his marinade. That’s were most of the salty flavor is coming.

  • Andrewwwwww😍😍😍😍

  • Pause the video in 0:00 you will see a model hahaj

  • When I was ten, a walmart employee made fun of me for stuttering and trying to ask where the worcestershire sauce was... that you can mispronounce it and it be charming in a video gives the 10 year old in my head hope. I say at nearly 30.

  • You suck at tortillas my dude

  • this dude is tryna be funny, but he's not, he's just wack and weird

  • Finally a dude that doesn’t sound gay I liked 👍🏼

  • mexicans don’t Make medium rare meat

  • Adumit

  • ths guy doesnt really know how to hold and squeeze lemon and orange

  • I'm kind of bummed that they seem to be copying the editing of It's Alive with Brad but maybe I'm just imagining things

  • something tells me you dont know what you're doing

  • That restaurant, Sayulitas, is actually in the same city I work in and I go there often. It’s so good but they put way too many cheetos in the burrito.. their other menu options are great too though. The burritos are bigger than your head. They provide several meals for a really good price!


  • "It's like they made fat into a butter" What do you think butter is ?

  • isnt he from buzzfeed?

  • *Liquid Avacado*

  • Feel bad for Rie she gets dragged into so many videos..

  • Its avocado sauce not guacamole anymore.

  • I like how he says, “Spicy salt powder”…it’s called Tajin

  • 2:00 remixed default dance lmao can anyone else hear it?

  • Andrew always makes nice jokes but never laughs

  • I love how Rie measures things by cats

  • Rie is sooooo beautiful.... > 3

  • Andrews a Lad

  • 4:58

  • In 2:14 Adam should have said that's what she said.

  • is he high or something ??

  • 8:41 Andrews was like:DON'T! TOUCH! MAH! MEAT!

  • Just make a burrito and put cheetos...??

  • for the "avocado sauce" it is actually a salsa with avocados (obviously), jalapenos cilantro, and milk. you put it in the blender until you get that texture. its a delicious sauce for tacos and burritos

  • Ok so here we are. -Andrew 2018

  • IT's usaually just beef in soy sauce

  • That hairline tho straight ^~ no shame

  • Why does the guy sound like he doesnt know the word “emotion”

  • Ironic how rie measures a burrito by cat

  • 8:43

  • 4:25 you see? Tasty and bon appetite don’t hate each other like people say.

  • Glad to hear he finally had an outlet for his Elmer's glue fantasy.

  • Rie looks like nicole from ratatouille 😂😂

  • 0:30 To help me out I have yay?

  • “I perfected this technique making cheesy hamburgers” *fucks it up 5 seconds later*

  • Watching him roll out the tortilla hurt a lil 💀💀

  • This is the most friend zoned dude ever to live on this earth What do u want me to mention as well ? ..... I’m also ur friend 😂😂😂

  • I cringed at the start when he hit his knife on the cutting board. Ueeeeh.

  • He ate a spicy ceaser

  • God those Cheetos are so bad for you.

  • "people are laughing" haha yeah

  • Tip add sour cream to whack and it look like in the vid

  • Bro this is like ordering tacos de barbacua in trump tower. They'll be like ok beef tacos . When the tacos are just fried chips

  • Your forehead is mad

  • Why does he look so bored

  • That restaurant is in my city. dude their carne is so good...

  • What happened to the other Asian guy from worth it.

  • I love you Rie🇯🇵🇺🇸

  • And meat

  • He doesn’t know how to make Mexican stuff like the mechelada and tortillas also Mexican salsa

  • Of course she will say cat

  • "In goes my meat." *wet sounds intensifies*

  • Guys trust me I’m Mexican... ¡Burritos doesn’t have rice!

  • Still waiting for buzzfeed to bring the best series they ever made back

  • In my meat goes

  • Not all buritos need beans the original is asada

  • She’s got a strong accent I gotta say. This comment was also posted by an Asian.

  • Omg fuck me

  • Mamás from Sonora doesn't like this video

  • buzzfeed gives me life when im sad buzzfeed gives me life when im sad buzzfeed gives me life when im sa buzzfeed gives me life when im s buzzfeed gives me life when im buzzfeed gives me life when im buzzfeed gives me life when i buzzfeed gives me life when buzzfeed gives me life when buzzfeed gives me life whe buzzfeed gives me life wh buzzfeed gives me life w buzzfeed gives me life buzzfeed gives me life buzzfeed gives me lif buzzfeed gives me li buzzfeed gives me l buzzfeed gives me buzzfeed gives me buzzfeed gives m buzzfeed gives buzzfeed gives buzzfeed give buzzfeed giv buzzfeed gi buzzfeed g buzzfeed buzzfeed buzzfee buzzfe buzzf buzz buz bu b

  • Is he Tina on Bobs Burgers?

  • This looks so good😍😍

  • Oh he can smile!😂

  • Does this dude ever smile?

  • idk, its weird seeing Andrew without Steven

  • wow chili out

  • Wait, so is nobody going to talk about 8:42 and 8:43? 😂

  • why does he always look like being sarcasrtic

  • He did not roll his R's when he said carne asada.WHY it's not that hard 😤

  • Soon, I’ll be coming over to your videos and telling you how to do stuff. *Rie laughs* Not a chance.

  • i would eat this in a heartbeat

  • Those are not hot cheetos,they aren’t as red

  • im no chef but he could've used milk to liquify the guacamole.

  • You’re missing someone... Steven

  • Andrew does a taste test on everything he makes 😂❤️

  • the proper pronounceation is west-shy-er