I Tried To Re-Create This Flaming Hot Cheeto Burrito

Published on Jun 30, 2018
“It’s the size of a kitten!”
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Sayultas Mexican Food


  • He knows how to cook??

  • whos eating hot cheetos rn

  • so liquid avocado i though it was guacamole

  • Liquid avocado??? You mean quacamole

  • Why make a tortilla when you could buy one?

  • This dish just described my cooking skills Also i saw a lot of enthusiasm in his facial expression

  • All it is is a burrito with hot Cheetos

  • i don't know why but everytime i see rie..suddenly i want to eat japanese food.haha

  • i don't know why but everytime i see rie..suddenly i want to eat japanese food.haha

  • Why is Andrew so hot when he cooks

  • Does anyone else get annoyed by how many times the editors cut out the dialogue?

  • I love him ❤️🤦‍♀️

  • the bg music sounds like triple h show me

  • Little tip next time when you make guacamole. If you want it creamy put Créma in it then mix

  • Tapatio doritos are far superior

  • Fuck me you are a fucking danger in the kitchen, if you are married I hope your wife never lets you cook ... but on saying that, great start to the day pissing myself laughing at you!

  • not enough of de sexy time

  • 8:30 😂😂😂

  • Did you just make a Cesar with Beer instead of Vodka?

  • 10:20 thats what she said

  • He speaks in monotone like a robot... never trust robots with flamin hot Cheeto carne asada burritos...

  • 0:38 Rie's classy friendzone

  • Ries' only measurement is in cats.

  • Just let you know the tortilla is actually roti

  • 8:42 I can’t 😂

  • Us black and Mexicans make this on a daily 😂😭

  • I like your tortilla “recipe”

  • *rieeeee*

  • Andrew actually pulled a knife on Adam

  • HAHAHAHA, Gringo tonto todo menso para hacer tortillas xD

  • I don't know why but I absolutely love Andrews personality. He's very serious but he still has a sense a humor the fact that he laughs at himself because of his failure such as the limes not making it into the trash is just a very attractive trait to me like a quality I would like in an "ideal" person 😂

  • He looks so enthusiastic! ❤️

  • "I think it's broken" I'm dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂this video is so funny

  • i think people just think guacamole is supposed to be chunky but it like it can be chunky, smooth, or liquidy sjsjsj i thought everyone knew that

  • tortillas sweetie i am so sorry

  • silly silantro👌🏼😬👌🏼

  • I do love to hear english speakers (specially americans) pronunciating (at least trying to) spanish words…. look at the "tortillas" I made like if you also do

  • he seems to be dead inside .... i like it

  • I was screaming the whole time he was making the tortilla 😂 the mexican in me came out because ive seen my mom and grama make tortillas alot growing up . I loved this

  • just gonna say it Adam is adorable

  • I eat hot Cheetos white ice cream especially vanilla don’t judge me

  • I didn't get the cilantro joke

  • i live next to salulitas and there is no ways that adams can even compare to ther buritto lol

  • At least we got the Nikki cameo

  • americans ruining our guacamole

  • Everyone at Tasty is soo funny

  • “Mexican” burritos don’t have rice Tex-Mex burritos do-

  • Just a tortilla and hot spicy chips nice.

  • Pls make the cereal cake


  • Rie seems to love cats a lot 😍

  • I love Adam ☺️🙌❤️

  • 8:42 he pulled the knife on him😂😂

  • Watched this with my older brother. The first thing he said was “of course the Asian compares food to cats” and my mama was sooooo mad.

  • Why does Rie measure things by cats?!(🐈)

  • it doesnt look like the picture, it looks way better

  • I'm surprised a CHEF needed to make the melted cheese TWO times when my dad can do it ON THE FIRST TRY!

  • Andrews mono tone is so nice to listen to at 2 am 😂

  • Only Americans thinks that all Mexican food consists of rice and beans lmao

  • Make sure your cooking the roux till it smells nutty or else it won’t thicken correctly

  • The guac is a salsa

  • Adam: tries to take a peice of meat Andrew: *pulls out knife*

  • 9:41 Elmer’s Glue = Fantasies

  • I honestly thought that the "Drink Break" Said Drink Bleach.... i had to rewind 4 times to figure out it said drink break...

  • I'm making this

  • If you're latino you know that that's the worst tortilla ever

  • When he pulled out the hot yeetos I think I just unnnggggg jizzed on my carpet.

  • Does he work at tasty

  • I love Rie sooo much💞

  • When are they finna fire Andrew

  • I see he’s the type of person to ONLY PUT THE CREMA ON ONE SIDE

  • Robber

  • I honestly don't understand how people can find the flamming hot cheetos… hot? I mean they aren't even that hot or spicy

  • Most of real mexican tacos and burritos DOESN'T have rice or not mashed beans, it is actually weird for us

  • "The color PRETTY!" -Rie

  • "Liquid Avocados"

  • I ate this THAT WAS NOT HOMEMADE and i got it at taco bell AND YOU HAVE TO LIVE IN CANADA to get them theyre exclusive but it was limited time so they didnt have them anymore

  • Shoulda just used nacho cheese

  • i read churitto burrito for the title wtf

  • Thicc

  • Spicy neon cheese crunchies😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nope

  • Does Andrew smile?

  • put a damp cloth under your chopping board

  • I love rie alot bot hes toooo freaking haaaawwt

  • I can’t look at him Right he looks like Ryland Adams

  • Ready to get ur asshole blown off


  • I love how Rie constantly compares food sizes with cats and kittens

  • 🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀

  • My favorite video from tasty 😻😻

  • Am I the only one that's attracted to him ,especially when he's cooking😆😍💘💝

  • Adam: steak look good I want piece Andrew: no Adam: I try again Andrew: good sir I said no I shall pull a weapon on you

  • 9:10 it’s ok, but there is a tool we use to make it flat lmao

  • It’s called “Guacamole” not liquid avocado

  • I am sitting in bed about to go to bed when my mouth is just watering lol looks so good

  • I love Rie

  • when you can't relate because you use a lime squeeze ur mom bought at the marketon

  • I was surprised when the lard that you used worked, kudos to you.

  • lol @ the sensual music while he was rolling the burrito 😂