I Tried To Re-Create This Flaming Hot Cheeto Burrito

Published on Jun 30, 2018
“It’s the size of a kitten!”
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Sayultas Mexican Food


  • For fuck’s sake put a wet towel under the cutting board so it stays put

  • In my meat goes

  • 2:11 "So we got our juices... goes into the vag"

  • i would love for andrew to be my bartender

  • i feel like why hes the one failing is because ur supposed to put ur love into this, but he sounds and acts so emotionless

  • His tortilla is like rolling a backwood

  • When he said cumin I thought he said human! XD

  • That guy is a alcoholic.


  • Rie is SUCH a cat person

  • Please make season 2

  • Y’all disgraced every single Hispanic cuz y’all shity with making burritos and micheladas and who calls guacamole “avocado sauce”

  • For the meat you can use ground beef

  • *In your meat goes*,*Turn thick in to warm.*

  • “liquid avocado”...

  • If your a Hispanic you be cringing about how he makes tortillas!!!


  • 8:43 I like how you make him shrug off like that

  • Im so happy he made adam one!

  • You're getting two of them don't even let me get a piece of meat

  • This one is pretty worthless. It’s just a basic burrito with the addition of hot Cheetos. Anyone can make this, I don’t see the point or the challenge.

  • no

  • This Andrew reminds me a lot of my pal Drew Gooden Must be an Andrew thing as they're all a bit cheeky

  • It Looks like tripleta 😂😂

  • They're cooking tortillas and making burritos but then you look at me who can't even fold a burrito correctly.

  • I love that Rie measures in cats

  • I legit want to marry this man.

  • The flaps look like rotten flesh from minecraft

  • It's like evertime an asian sees food they immediately think of a cat 🐈🤔

  • 8:41 LOL Andrew was like *"DO NOT TOUCH!"* Poor Adam.....

  • they say "ok, here we are" EVERYTIME

  • Andrew is so funny love his personality

  • I'm laughing, and 11 years old

  • Leave it to an Asian to make a cat remark about food

  • Burritos in Mexico don't usually have rice and beans in them.

  • The most unconfident tasty worker I have ever seen.........

  • Andrew is daddy, but the sad thing is that he's probably my age

  • You could just use a roti?? Any Indians watching this

  • I disliked this for so many reasons...

  • I prefer the seasoning you made. But I think the guacamole sauce they use is blended avocado Serrano and lemon, and the cheese looked like it may have had Rotel tomato. I think idk but I’m hungry love the video

  • 10:15-10:31 😏

  • Damp Rag under your cutting board Andrew safety first

  • Rie’s measurement scale (from least to greatest) 1 kitten 1/4 cat 1/2 cat 1 cat 1/4 tiger 1/2 tiger 1 tiger 1/4 lion 1/2 lion 1 lion 1 cat god

  • He made more of a creape than a tortilla

  • Neon spicy cheese crunches

  • They need to make one with Takis 🌯🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🌯🌯🌯🥙🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🥙🌯🌯🥙🌯🥙🥙🌯🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙🌯🥙

  • There is nothing sexier than to watch Andrew do anything but when he cooks some how makes him sexier. Do I make any sense? Lol #ihaveacrushonAndrew

  • More of this vids please!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Why didn't you just get a tortilla press?

  • why do you fail to find lard but you find duck fat ?

  • Eww authentic burritos don't have rice and beans lady... Those are just fillers. 👩‍🏫

  • My name is adam

  • Rie is the waifu/best girl of the tasty comment section lmao

  • He was really bout to cut him 🤣🤣

  • "[...]which is satisfying all my fantasies of eating elmer's glue as a child"

  • He used regular cheetos, why?

  • "hALf A cAt " wow I love Rie😂

  • "tasty liquids" "its releasing the juice"

  • I feel like that’s the best way to learn to cook, just keep doing it over and over.

  • Andrew is hilarious in his own way. I thought initially he was quite...ummm...dull...but his humor is subtle and very entertaining. I had to watch quite a few videos with him to understand it. He’s awesome!

  • When Adam kept trying to take the meat and he was like can you-

  • I love how he’s so unenthusiastic about everything 😂😂😂😂


  • Mahn behinds the camera aka the bogeyman

  • Rie is adorable. "Half a cat"

  • Put a wet paper towel under the cutting board so it is stable

  • flaming hot churrito?

  • Is it just me or does Rie remind me of Mantis of Guardians of the Galaxy?!?

  • Rie is a boss at making dough

  • Liquid avocado?????????? SALSA VERDE all you %#&#@^@

  • I think my favourite person in the tasty is Rie😁 well I actually have 2 and the other one is Alix😇. O GOD I LIED I like them all

  • Why was there a Morphe x Jacklyn Hill Brush kit ad on this vid with a latina that can't speak English ???!!!

  • anyone else thought he said “add a bunch of human” when he said “add a bunch of cuman” 😭😭😂😂

  • marry this man, a man who knows how to cook

  • Neon spicy cheese crunchies 😂

  • Just buy a tortilla XD ish pre-made for u, always go for the mission flour burrito

  • That was clearly salsa verde

  • www.purjianto.web.id/2018/08/kemudahan-transaksi-menggunakan-mandiri.html

  • What do you mean? Rice and beans if a mexican heard you he would slap you 0:49

  • Half a cat

  • Andrews hairline is in full retreat

  • Did you ment weatortilla

  • the real way is made with flour ,milk and salt

  • When I see Andrew I just jump into the video

  • If you ever look at s persons lips in a video, tv show, or movie then it looks fake it’s weird

  • its chetoos junk food aaaaa omg i dont eat junk food when the camera is off

  • Omg you look so sexy when you cook!!!😍😍😍😍

  • Did you seriously call guacamole “liquid avocado”? Gentrification much?

  • i hope the worth it boys are rich. i hope they drive rolls royces.

  • Some please give me the name if the song at about 1:54 I cant find it ;w;

  • "Put some human in there"

  • HALF A Cat ! So now we have another mathematical unit😂😂

  • That’s jail house food. Lolllll thug shit.

  • Did anyone else hear sonic the hedgehog music or is just me

  • "a liquid avocado"

  • I don't find Flamin' hots spicy at all😅 but my definition of spicy is when I'm crying for air

  • He slapped Adams hand I felt bad for Adam

  • GOSH so many misconceptions oof first we usually dont marinate the carne at all just salt and the charcoal grill, that "avacado sauce" is soooo under seasoned just lime and salt??? the tortilla needs to be cooked then steamed in its own heat to become pliable and im pretty sure thats queso? or just nacho cheese also,,,, beans and rice really dont belong in a burrito,,,, at all,,, chipotle is band and gross -from a mexican american who goes to sonora at least 7 times a year oof

  • Rie: make sure u season it well Producer:needs some salt You had one job andrew 😂

  • This video is the equivalent to my Pinterest DIY fails😥😂😂 Mushes avocado and lime juice with salt..... Andrew:" i think thats fine " 😂😂 no dude thats not how u make it