I tried to go to Canada but got stuck in Minneapolis

Published on Apr 8, 2018
this is not what we wanted
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D here's a tip: don't use expired passports


  • btw the ari merch is a joke I’m not selling that bootleg logan maverick design lol I’d get sued, don’t expect to find it in the shop. 👌🏼 but it makes for a bomb twitter banner I’ll tell ya that 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 #arigang 👌🏼👌🏼

  • How is Minneapolis an obscure city

  • Wow ten minutes of full content

  • they probably thought your mom was a single mom


  • I’ve never went to Minnesota

  • Umm Minnesota is great Canada we have a better theme park😏

  • What about Australia?

  • Oof

  • I wnt to the mall of America twice, both times I spent 30 mins at the lego store

  • Ur 20... i count

  • I live near Minneapolis

  • Where does you meet mom work

  • Idk y but everytime I eat I watch this video. So I probably gave u half a million views

  • Please ship me a tablet to draw on I do not have saving

  • yay I got wem in my city oh yeah

  • This is weird, I live in Arizona as well and have family in Canada too!

  • Poutine needed more curds.

  • Jaiden has three ways to die: Anxiety attack Heat death- Arizona Hypothermia- canada

  • Jaiden i love Canada

  • This should be a frikin movie

  • Can I be the new Justin Y.

  • Your mom freaks out you try to stop her and your bother just stands there XD

  • WHAT the hell is a "New Navy" ?

  • I am Canadian.. WHY WAS I NOT ASKED TO BE PART

  • But but but you can't do that you can't Joe people's breaking do that on that stuff

  • i lost my my toy that I had when I was 4 years old I miss her

  • Canada is cool

  • People say that Canadians are too polite. Maybe that’s why that guy let you into Canada


  • Wow what an awsome adventure. Keep it up!

  • D Do Do n Do no Do not Do not t Do not tr Do not try Do not try t Do not try th Do not try thi Do not try this Do not try this i Do not try this it Do not try this it t Do not try this it ta Do not try this it tak Do not try this it take Do not try this it takes Do not try this it takes t Do not try this it takes to Do not try this it takes to l Do not try this it takes to lo Do not try this it takes to lon Do not try this it takes to long Do not try this it takes to lon Do not try this it takes to lo Do not try this it takes to l Do not try this it takes to Do not try this it takes t Do not try this it takes Do not try this it take Do not try this it tak Do not try this it ta Do not try this it t Do not try this it Do not try this i Do not try this Do not try thi Do not try th Do not try t Do not try Do not tr Do not t Do not Do no Do n Do D

  • *why is 2012 such a sucky year*

  • My mom works at the mall ♥️♥️♥️


  • Your now 20

  • it is not that bad there

  • I felt stressed watching this

  • ey der bud

  • C A N A D I A N A L E R T

  • I live in Minnesota

  • And This Is Why I Live In Wisconsin So I Dont Have To Fly


  • Ayy that's my city!

  • We have 2 of that mall in our city. First is bashundhara. It has 9 floors. 8 floor is toggi world where all the baby or kids play and 9 the floor has restaurant. Second is Jamuna future park It has a amusement thrill park outside it OMG. YOU WILL GET SCARED THE HELL OUTTTA YOUR LIFE IF YOU GET ON ANY RIDE HERE.

  • *H E A V Y B R E A T H I N G*

  • great video Jaiden keep it up

  • Make it limited time merch

  • What kind of passport do you get in USA? In Denmark it takes like half a year. If you lose it, you're utterly fucked.

  • We have the 4th biggest mall in North America... Edmonton, Alberta.

  • I love mall of America i go at least 3or4

  • I L O V E Y O U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simplynailogical where you at?

  • I just found this channel and now I've stayed up at night for six hours

  • You were 14...

  • Canada is actually the smartest country in the world.

  • Jaiden- mom I left my animals at home Mama animations- (enhale, exhale, Enhale, Exhale, ENhale, EXhale, ENHale, EXHale, ENHAle,EXHAle, ENHALe, EXHALe, ENHALE, EXHALE ) Jaiden- MOM NO!!!!!!

  • I lived in Minnesota for a year and I’ve been there every year to the mall of america

  • U can tell its Dom because only he would use the words "witness the mine field" when describing parks in Canada

  • I'm canadian

  • Those pass ports cost Donald trump’s arm and will smiths leg and bill gates soul

  • *hugs plushies* YOU LIKE DEM PLUSHIES TOO

  • I've been to Canada! It was awesome because I got to see the Niagara Falls!

  • I have cusions that live in Canada

  • Omg I can’t believe you went to Minneapolis!

  • I was just in Minneapolis

  • I live in Canada ;-;

  • I live in canada

  • Living in Canada is awesome in my opinion, though it could be super cold or really hot sometimes.

  • Wait, but Canada isn't real

  • Did you see funneh and the krew

  • And one question do u now live in Canada?

  • It’s so wired my name is Jayden and I live in Canada 🇨🇦 and your name is jaiden and your family is in Canada 🇨🇦

  • Canada is cool

  • you could make this a movie jaiden i mean its ao funny

  • When you realize that the mall of America is actually made by people from Canada

  • In 2012 I was 5 lol 😂

  • I can’t believe you got stuck in a mall I’ve been in :3 TOTALLY not a crazy FAN!

  • Her scared mom and two expired children 😂😂😂

  • Canada is boneless amarica

  • Your mom cuts hair? Idk why I ask that it’s just my mom does and in the animation it showed your mom cutting hair What’s wrong with me

  • hola

  • I was going to Canada when this video came out and I remember watching it on the plane and checking my passport and everything and freaking out

  • This video made me laugh way too hard 😂😂😂

  • I like living in Canada it’s cool😎!

  • i thot ringo whas a fox -_-

  • Copy cat

  • I went 2 Minneapolis last weak

  • Hahaha its funny because I live there!!!

  • I’m an expired child too

  • I live in Edmonton, so we always go to the BEST MALL OF CANADA. It’s incredible! They have an indoor water park (but idk how to swim) indoor theme park kind of thing which is called galaxy land.

  • I live in Canada

  • I live in canada

  • Sweet I'm Canadian🇨🇦

  • I live like right by west Edmonton mall like two blocks away so me and my friends go to it every day and go to galaxy land cause bitch we got time for that

  • Oh CRAP jaiden was in my homestate once

  • I love stuffed animals, too.

  • the mall of america is just two hours away from us.

  • Canada is great they have *milk bags* 🇨🇦:D