I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

Published on Sep 12, 2018
No carbs and no sugar for a week. Does it work? Is it worth it?
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  • for everyone commenting about the fat- i was eating 3-5x the daily recommended amount of fat every day. i was loading up on avocados, nuts, bacon, chicken thighs, and TONS of sunflower seed butter, everything cooked in butter, everything topped with olive oil. TRUST me. i was eating MORE FAT THAN I EVER WANNA EAT AGAIN IN MY LIFE, that was not the issue.

    • Gabbie Hanna this diet helped my dad lose about 50 pounds and it helped him get healthier. He cheats some of the time but not much.

    • Gabbie Hanna you can have fruits in Keto.... I did, and it felt great. Also, I fast once a while, so that “keto hunger “ don’t bother me

    • if you're eating TONS of sunflower seeds, you never entered ketosis.

    • @sammybear3208 You're, you're, you're, you're, your

    • the first week of keto sucks, but it takes about 4 weeks for you body to get used to a high fat low carb diet & for your digestion to change, it takes more than a week to even get into ketosis. So you absolutely cannot judge this diet after doing it poorly for a week.

  • Carb loading for 2 to 3 days is a important for people that follow the keto protocol and work out. Salt is important for energy. Potassium rich foods to be able to sleep. Those were the key adjustments I made to fix the issues I was experiencing.

  • This video made the “ diet “ look pretty negative 👎. It’s pretty much a lifestyle and I’ve been doing this 5 months and lost 45 lbs and I’m loving it !!!! I’m hardly tired , I wake with energy and I’ve never looked and felt better about myself . If you really wanted to experiment with it , you needed more than a week to see the transition of your body getting rid of the sugar and your liver producing ketones to start burning fat . Done correctly, you rarely feel hungry . Next time , do more thorough research . Go watch DR Berg .

  • It takes several weeks to go into ketosis, you can’t really judge the diet without really giving it a shot.

  • Been doing keto for a while kinda just seems like “it’s not for everyone” type of a diet put coming from someone who has attempted every diet imaginable. This diet is amazing I’ve lost 28 pounds in 8 months and I’m rarely hungry and barley need coffee

  • Please do more research before you make these kinds of videos. You make it sound like it's awful just because it doesn't work for you. You didn't even do a full week, you felt this way because you are so used to carbs. It's a shame that now some people won't try it. I tried your diet before I tried the keto diet and I didn't work for me. If you ease yourself into the keto diet and do your research you proably won't get these bad symptoms. No hate just constructive criticism.

  • Before keto diet I had to eat every 4 hours, with keto diet I eat just 2 or 3 times a day. If you have a fat phobia, which you have, for sure keto will not working for you. Don't preach what people should eat. You are nobody

  • im only a minute into the video and i can tell you have no idea what youre doing lmao.. it TAKES me a week to get into ketosis (so you’re essentially not on keto yet!!!). also i’m more energized and i’m less hungry on keto than when i eat high carbs. smh..

  • You need to do the research and the learn the science behind Keto. There were many mistakes made in your attempt to follow this way of eating. Spend quality time doing the research before you make this change. Your caloric intake and fat intake were not on point. There are hundreds of research videos on youtube from reputable doctors. Don't forget the electrolytes that are depleted before you are fat adapted. Those need to be replenished hen on Keto. Do the research before you start.

  • It takes more than one week to see results. I did it for 3 months and lost 30 pounds of fat. She doesn’t know what she is talking about.

  • If it doesn’t work, how did I lose 20 lbs and kept it off for a year

  • I did the keto diet for over 9 months straight, and it honestly gets way better. My appetite shrank, I wanted to drink more water, and my exercises became more high impact than they ever did before. I guess it's not for everyone, but I will admit that the day I finally stopped the diet, my first slice of bread was heavenly.

  • Please try a shot for Apple cider vinegar for a week

  • This video was irresponsible, and clearly incredibly biased. If you tracked your macros, you’d see that you did not have “so much fat that it was swimming in your body.” 6 oz of chicken thighs have about 7 grams of fat. You don’t have to douse your food with olive oil just to get fat in. Eat healthy, fattier protein, such as Atlantic salmon. Have more avocados. Then those boring salads you’re having and clearly starving on into Cobb salads. Natural peanut butter is fine. If you see how healthy people on keto eat, it’s not a “stupid, unsustainable diet.” As a Type 1 diabetic, my sugar levels and overall health have never been better since i started doing keto. Before doing these week long challenges, do some research and go in with an open mind. And you’re right- you’re not a doctor. So you probably shouldn’t make statements like the ones you made at the end of your video making you sound like a nutrition authority.

  • You look like a fucking grandma

  • Doing a diet for a week cannot properly determine if a diet works or not you have to do it for way longer and let your body adjust to it also there’s a lot of mistakes made in this whole video

  • Dude the MOMENT you stop this diet...you are GONNA BLOW BACK UP!!! This keto diet thing is not cute...and it may wrk...like i said hunny the moment u stop..ur jacked ! Lol

  • Yes! Thank you! I'm so ready for this to fade. If you do ANY research into the originations of this diet, it isn't designed as a healthy lifestyle. It is also a sign of STARVATION in animals. Just eat vegetables people and move lol

  • What a damn drama queen, lol... This wasn't even keto, it was just low carb lol. Im laughing my ass off at the ignorance in this video lol. You couldve sweetened your coffee AND put cream in it, you dramatic baby. Plus going "keto" for a week makes no fucking sense lol. This was hilariously stupid.


  • I’m Keto... 1 1/2 years...😑

  • My parents r doing this

  • one week of keto can’t put your body into ketosis wtf

  • i love how strong she is amazing

  • I’m on the Keto diet now and I’ve been feeling good and I’ve lost 7kgs in 3 months! Also all my acne has cleared up since I’ve been in it!

  • Watch the documentary “the magic pill” on Netflix it’s all about this topic

  • At the end of the video you were making it seem like being keto is unhealthy and that is not true. You were doing the diet REALLY unhealthy gabbie. You were knocking out carbs and sugar completely and that's not what keto is. When you go cold Turkey like that your body is of course going to be in so much stress. The keto flu is the worst of it, once you're in ketosis you have so much energy and you feel GREAT. You shouldve done more research :)

  • I did keto for about 3 months... Not as a diet but as a lifestyle change, while my brother and sister in law both warned me of keto flu, I never experienced it. I was using the bone broth (ancient nutrition is the brand) keto system created by the brother of my endocrinologist, the first week was full of headaches because sadly, no. Fancy Uber healthy cheese is still dairy, which I'm allergic to(or atleast, have incredibly irritating histamine responses in mainly my sinuses; ear aches, eyelid swelling, light sensitivity, swelling of the sinus tissues) but I do believe the way I circumvented the flu was the mildly over priced ketone supplements, I took six of them twice a day, it was 180 count and lasted around 2 weeks I think, the point was to supplement the ketones until your body is in ketosis and creating enough of it's own that it can turn fat into fuel without leaching your body. The morning protein shake was kind of terrible but loaded with potassium, protein, calcium, and other good shit. It was caffeinated, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, grain free, and non gmo. I felt great on this diet but I'm a weak bitch who wanted junk food like chicken strips and curly fries.

    • Also, while I was 9n keto I had the issue of not being able to finish my meals, I am and will probably always be a snacker, bug calorie rich meals were hard to finish, however the nutritionist assured me I was a much littler person(5'3", 120lbs) then the recommended portion was set for and could most certainly drop a couple of Oz off the serving sizes for the recommended meals. Your plate should be 3/4 veggies. Fruit is fine if it's berries.... Not scientifically listed berries, but things with 'berries' in the name. Trust bananas will kill half your allowed carbs for the day.

  • I dont get why everyone is attacking her 😂 She disclaims in the video that it may work for some people and they may love it, but for her personally it didnt and she didnt like it and she even says she isnt a doctor so she cant formally say if it's good for you or not lmao

  • I love how everyone is saying that she is doing it wrong, but no one is really saying specifically what wasn't right. When are people going to realize that whole food carbohydrates are good for you and fad diets are not?

  • I love these kinds of videos they are so interestinh oh and love u so much Gabbie😍😍😍🤗🤗

  • I mean this is just her experience. Don't make it that big of a deal that she didnt do it the way y'all would suggest it. Dont assume this is ths whole experience either. Talk to a professional and research yourself before making any choices about keto for yourself

  • An intelligent person!💕 yay!!

  • Lemme just say, I'm glad you didn't become hypoglycemic. I am personally and it SUCKSSSS, you crash A LOT if you don't eat protein and you can't have much sugar without balancing. Love ya gabbie xoxo

  • Girl you weren’t drinking enough water. The Keto flu also comes with being dehydrated. You could have made yourself “Keto-rade” with water, salt, “no-salt” (essentially potassium) & lemon.

  • I actually agree with Gabbie.. I’m sorry but I’d rather bust my ass working out trying to lose weight than eat like this. Life’s too short to be missing out on great food. That’s just my opinion tho so don’t come at me

  • My mom and I did the keto diet for 3 days and then we did the low carb diet is cool but I love food 😂

  • “Key-toe”? I though it would be “keh-toe”... Also, Keto is just Atkins Diet version 2.0

  • This was the worst attempt at keto I have ever seen...

  • My guitar mentor tried it, looks like it’s not holding up for him.

  • Would you say that she was.... Insatiable?

  • omg you're hilarious! you remind me of my friend with the watermelon lol she is also obsessed!

  • Please do more research before you go on such a strict diet, keto requires a 2-3 day fasting, and for you to be in complete ketosis before you go into it ahhhhh be safe please

  • I appreciate you❤️

  • while shoving 3 tons of candy into my mouth ME:This would be interesting to try

  • People that still eat meat in 2018🤦

  • I would hate keto too if it looked like this. Why are you eating no carbs? Keto is 20 net carbs a day and 70% fat. She probably ate less than 40% fat. This seems like low carb, low fat which sounds terrible. Also coffee creamer is keto AF lol just switch to a sugar free one. So extreme for no reason. Also if your hungry, why aren’t you eating? It’s not a crash diet or calorie restrictive- eat more. I’d love for her to do keto again, the right way. Idk if you can even call this trying keto lol

  • You were going through something called the keto flu which is when your body is transitioning from burning sugar/carbs to burning fat. Honestly you have no idea what you’re talking about. Keto flu goes away after two weeks or so your body just needs to get used to it.

  • I’m on the keto right now. I feel 100%. It’s not just a week long thing, it’s a lifestyle. Or you could go on for one month, and off for one month. Or two months on and off. But really, one week won’t do much. And the first week is usually the worst because your body is attempting to adapt; your body is trying to switch from using carbs as energy, and taking your fat and using that for energy. Thus creating less fat on your body.

  • my sisters keto diet wasn’t like this at all , she’s lost so much weight too

  • YOU ARE NOT A DOCTOR! YOU SHOULDN'T BE RECOMMENDING A N Y T H I N G! You should see a doctor... If this was your opinion after really giving it an honest try, then ok, but this blonde ambition crap you are posting is ridiculous! All you accomplished here is proving that you are nuts and you have millions of nuts following you. Gullible much!

  • Take a shot every time she says sweet potato

  • you didnt give yourself the chance to get over the keto flu. Once your body gets used to the diet and you no longer have the flu, you would feel much more energized than you did before the diet. That's the concept. you quitting before giving your body the chance to get used to it just shows how uneducated you were about the topic to begin with.

  • I have NEVER seen such weirdly cultish behaviour in a comment section before. Why do you care if someone bashes a diet you are on? I'm confused.

  • Duh cuz you didnt eat fat!!!

    • Cheese!, cream , xylitol, olive oil , yes peanut butter is ok but natural one etc

  • My grandpa has been going on a no carb diet since his heart attack. He had a clogged artery. And that’s why he had a heart attack. Since he’s been on the high-fat low-carb diet he has lost over 50 pounds since his heart attack last April. Maybe even more than 50 pounds. If you want to hear more about this diet go to butter Bob’s US-tv channel

  • Lmao who’s going to tell this girl blueberries are keto

  • Hey Gabbie! I just want to let you know that I absolutely love your videos, and I see you've been getting a ton of hate on this one. I know you had the best intent for your followers when making this video, so I don't think it's fair for people come after you. However, I think the issue is that you were pretty misinformed on a few things when attempting this diet, and it hurts the keto community when you tell 6 million people that a diet is unhealthy and awful, when it's actually very beneficial and healthy for a lot of people when done correctly. I definitely recommend you watch Meg Cat's video reacting to yours: us-tv.org/tv/video-2lpUdoahjCk.html

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-G-QorDib3lo.html I agree with the Keto Connect couple.

  • Maybe next time you should actually try the keto diet, not this half assed attempt at humor! You did this for the $$$$, not for your subscribers. If you had, you would have researched what to eat, how to prepare it and what your macros should have been. You would have understood that you need electrolytes, to season your food, and what you need when your having symptoms.... You really are blonde!

  • all I was thinking during this video "damn I want those fuckin collarbones"

  • This isn't keto... Point one, where's the fat? Yes you were cooking things in fat, but then you have to add fat on top of that. I know it sounds crazy but you're switching you're body from using carbs to using fat. Good rule of thumb - if you're still craving carbs you're not eating enough fat. And it's incredibly important to make sure you're getting healthy fats, and keeping your omega 6 to 3 ratio in mind. Second, where are your veggies? There are so many vegetables that are keto. Third, where were your fruits? There are fruits that are keto. Fourth, where were your electrolytes? Sodium is crazy important to have in your diet. Why didn't you do a coffee bomb? You were complaining about hating your coffee, but there are really simple amazing tasting ways to turn your coffee keto. I know it may seem as though you were eating enough fat, but the amount of fat you eat on keto is mind boggling. Also, a week of eating keto isn't enough time to really understand how it's going to make you feel, especially if you get hit with keto flu (something which is completely avoidable) like you did. I understand your reasoning for not researching all aspects of keto. However, this drastic of a change to your entire body can be dangerous if done incorrectly. I would suggest to do some in-depth research and then trying again.

  • Some may be very pleasantly surprised at how many grams of carbs you could have and get into ketosis. Take it slow if you want to try it. Did she test for ketones? Do your own research everyone!

  • But... keto isn’t 0 carb... that’s Atkins. Proper keto understands your brain needs carbs to survive.. just not as much as originally thought.

  • All I ever ate was carbs and sugar and when I switched to the keto diet I made sure to do my research which it looks like you didn’t do Gabbie...I consulted experts that designed a keto meal plan for me. I had 2 days where I was below my usual energy and a bit crabby but I had no other symptoms. I followed the rules of 5% carbs, 20% protein and 75% fats and by the night of day 3 I was fine. If you’re going to do a “diet” you need to know what you’re doing and the fact that you kept saying no carbs makes me think you didn’t plan out your macros properly at all which is why your body had the reaction that it did. If you ever do a diet again consult an expert to help you work out correct meal plan and not just going off what you think is correct and completely missing the mark on calorie intake

  • Unless your doctor reccomends this diet for a specific health issue, DO NOT try it.


  • thank you keto peeps for speakin out! nobody should be scared to try keto because of someones terrible (INCORRECT!!!) keto experience!!

  • Says as usual she doesn't look up symptoms of keto, then proceeds to list off the side effects of the keto flu......

  • *watches first second* ok got it bye

  • Gabbie I love you so much, but there was way too many misconceptions and false facts and lack of knowledge in this video. Maybe it is just not something for you. I wish you juicy watermelons girl.

  • I love Gabbie, but this made me cringe... first of all YOU CAN HAVE BLUEBERRIES!! Also, it's not all about eating the fattiest foods you can find. Yes, keto calls for more fat in your diet, but it doesn't mean everything you eat has to have extrondinary amounts of fat in it!

  • Omg. Who thought of trying out a "LIFESTYLE" for a week (5 days in this instance) and expect to achieve something? BS. When you try something out, you research, you ask people for advice and their experience. It just doesnt fit your segment.

  • They make chocolate bars like Atkins bars that have little net carbs in them. This diet is awesome, I’m disappointed in you. Flat stomachs are easily attainable because of this diet

  • Keto Diet works for SO many people- not ALL! I love being low carb and keto 90% of my year. This video only shows what NOT to do going keto, as in no research. The first 3-10 days are just getting your body adjusted. Anyways TO ANYONE TRYING THIS DIET DONT LET THIS FAILED ATTEMPT DISCOURAGE YOU.

  • Wow you look just like maya rudolph! Has anyone ever told you that?

  • oh my gawd, this girl is dumb, she did no research before doing this trial. first no fats, second she didn't replace her electrolytes, now had she had done sone research before and prepared herself she would have gotten through the week with a lot less discomfort. she would have realized what she was experiencing was sugar detox..... ugh don't listen to this. do your own research. keto has changed many lives.

  • my parents have been doing this diet for a year lol

  • This is more like the Atkins diet than Keto. Completely wrong.

  • Gabbie I LOVE your videos! I made a cover of your new song Honestly and I would love if you could check it out! Please thumbs up this video for Gabbie to see. It would be a dream come true!

  • Just do enough sports and eat as much as your body needs... don’t eat less bc you need the power of food to get through the day gurl

  • Btw diets don’t work... ur welcome

  • listen, gabbie. i love you a lot but this is a video you DESPERATELY needed to have done way more research for. this is NOT keto. keto is not just about eating high fat. it’s mostly about NOT eating high carb. a normal keto diet has

  • it's almost as if Carbs are an essential nutrient

  • This content is garbage...it, as everyone else has explained, is a horribly false representation of Keto. If you want to know what keto is all about and how to properly work it, this is not where to look! Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Kenneth Berry, 2 Fit Docs, Keto Connect...those are people to look to!

  • Please conceal your under eye with a concealer than matches you color OR tone down on the contour lol.. Unless this is a real tan.

  • Yeah.... you did it wrong.

  • You’re coming from a very ill informed position. You didn’t do enough research on the Keto diet and you are in no position to claim that it’s “unhealthy” for someone

  • I LOOOOOOVE sweet potato 😍😍😍😍 !!! Ive been doing so bad with eating the past month even though im still losing weight i feel it’ll creep back up, but this video just motivated me to eat more carbs then fat 👏🏾 i just need more motivation to go to the gym 😒 paying a membership for once or twice a month ugh

  • tHis vIdeo iS sO uNeDuCateD y'all can stop now, okay we get it. it wasn't the 100% right way of keto dieting but can we please appreciate that Gabby put herself through all of this for the purpose of our entertainment?? If anything wr can take away from this that eating HEALTHY is important and everyone should eat the way it works for them.

  • sorry to say this but this video is not a representation of this diet. although, yes, it is a change, this diet can save people’s lives.

  • Keto isn’t no carb, it’s low carb. You have to keep the carbs under 21g per day.

  • I have PCOS and an eating disorder the only treatment is geared to fertility and I had to take a ton of drugs to balance out my hormones, insomnia, inflammation that was so bad I couldn't stand for more than five minutes. 3 weeks into keto all symptoms went down by 75% and my baseline pain went from 4/5 to a 1. I'm not on any of the medication that was making me sicker. My doctors would tell me a calorie is just a calorie but that's a lie. It does matter where that calorie comes from if your body can't metabolize carbs efficiently. And the eating disorder is now under control. The first week was hell but I make my own meals that are mostly plant based and have found plant protein smoothie blends. And zero carbs? No wonder your body crashed. Limit to 25 then boost to 50 to maintain. People with PCOS and other disorders will watch this and be influenced by it. I hope they do their own research or read the comments of people who have had great lifestyle success with it.

  • My boyfriend is doing the keto diet right now. The first time, he went through the keto flu; couldn't sleep, felt sick, the whole spectrum. He also bought keto strips to tell when your liver is producing ketones to burn the fat instead carbs. The second time he did it he hit ketosis in 2 days with no keto flu and felt great while working out (heavy lifting). Personally I think this video is giving away wrong information about what the keto diet is... and very bias without proper research beforehand.

  • Very important. Gabbie you forgot to research keto and to eat more. Keto is not a diet but rather a lifestyle. You are misleading the crowd. I wish you would eat better and more and more fat. It is really disappointing that you don’t take the time to research your topic and mislead the viewers. Don’t you have any ethical thinking in your process. Shame on you!

  • Cant believe this lady has this many followers. I only heard of her via keto connect.. They rock!

  • Keto in general (even when done correctly) isn’t and shouldn’t be tried for everyone. I know every soccer mom in my town is on it to lose weight and honestly that’s the worst. You need a balance of carbs, simple sugars, protein, fat, etc. Cutting out carbs and simple sugars completely isn’t suggested or good. Unless you have a condition benefited from no carbs/simple sugars you shouldn’t live on Keto. Eat and live balanced.

  • For some people who are unhealthy they might feel different after a week but... I feel like if you do something for at least 3-6 weeks then you can see/feel the results more clear compared to just 1 week.

  • Gabbie! Please stop doing these kinds of videos! I wanna watch you do different types of videos. Honestly I hate seeing you in pain because of not eating certain things. I would instead love seeing you do different types of exercise classes. Like Zumba or jazzercise! Just please do more videos that you enjoy!

  • Like.. you need to do more research..