I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

Published on Sep 12, 2018
No carbs and no sugar for a week. Does it work? Is it worth it?
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  • I got a bad keto ad in front of this vid

  • So I am currently doing the keto diet and I think that the thing that is really getting me through this is keto shakes by slimfast. Its just a little powder that you add to water and its honestly so good. I drink the brownie batter flavor and my boyfriend drinks the cake batter flavor and its honestly a life saver. I had a terrible diet before I started keto. I would eat taco bell and sweets every day and honestly ever since I have gone keto I have felt amazing. I have so much energy that I didn't expect to have. It was hard at the beginning because I have huge sweet tooth and where I work we have a bakery so having to look at them and know I can't have them makes them ten times more appealing. But I am seeing good results and intend to make this a long term diet. I guess it just depends on the person and how their diet was before keto. But honestly I would recommend it to anybody because it works and if you want to get weight off fast it's the way to go. If anybody is considering doing keto you shouldn't be scared of it because yeah there is going to be side effects in the beginning but it only gets easier and the cravings go away pretty quickly. Hope my experience will help anybody that's on the fence about it.

  • Uneducated period.. go sit down

  • Lol damn girl I just came across your video and the Keto police are on your ass 😂I wonder if they are aware of how much of a cult they sound like. It’s ok people calm down! If Keto works for you then great 👍 but I think it’s crazy to come for somebody like this just because it did not work for her. She’s giving her experience. Just relax and chill. I promise it will be ok 👌 just breathe 🤗😘

  • didn’t document weight loss, no clips of you not being able to sleep, and you’re opinion of keto was clear before you started it, so why quit and act like you came to the conclusion it isn’t worth putting yourself through 5 days later 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Half of my family on my dads side is keto and they all feel great. You can actually make tamales, pies, and a bunch of other things😄 all the recipes are online so if anyone is trying keto I suggest using them🤷🏼‍♀️ anyway my point is Gabbie didn’t have to eat just chicken, eggs, avocado, and lettuce 😂

  • Dear gabbie, when you do the Leto diet you should drink the drinks also you should ease into it also there is something called Keri creamer and it's the same thing as coffe creamer but keto also the stuff you ate is so boring you should do this again but look at recipes and get some Keto drinks

  • Keto was actually made for people with epilepsy. Cutting out the sugars and carbs helped reduce seizures and other physical reactions. It was made as a MEDICAL TREATMENT, not for y’all to just wanting to ‘slim down’. It can actually be dangerous for certain body types, even after Ketosis begins. Ight, just thought y’all should be educated. Peace ✌️

  • it’s called ketoflu, you can avoid every problem you has with proper supplementation and sodium.

  • Hopefully no one listened to this fucking moron. you literally didn't do a keto diet. And you aren't a fitness model so stop acting like you need these hardcore gym workouts 3-4 times a week. Videos like this literally hurt people who are dissuaded away from Keto.

  • Sorry, but you’re sorely misinformed...

  • I tried astrophysics for a week at MIT. Sucked! Too hard. Astrophysics is stupid.

  • You are my favorite ever wow such a vibrant soul!!❤️❤️❤️

  • You feel bad on your first few weeks on keto diet

  • Why is there a shopping cart in your room? LOL

  • I love that the ad I got was about how much bad keto advice is out there and how to do it right

  • "Turkey pattie or something" ....lol you clearly dont know anything about the ketogenic diet. You need to do the research before you make a video and mislead people! You really should stick to preach what you do know and not what you think you know. Have a good day :)

  • There were so many things about this video you could've avoided with just a little bit of research. I was losing my mind throughout this entire video. You're doing yourself and your followers a huge disservice by jumping into a diet with no knowledge on the subject. You would never try to fix a car without learning how to do it first... Why not treat your body the same way?

  • This was a terrible video lol.

  • Disappointing.

  • Now do a video where you go vegan, but eat bacon for every meal. That would be doing vegan as correctly as you did keto.

  • We do low carb for keto I am a child so I still eat sugar and fruit

  • You shouldn’t workout the first week either

  • A week is so unrealistic to expect results on this particular diet.

  • It’s actually moderate protein, high fat, you needed more fat, it takes about two weeks to get your body into full ketosis.

  • My friend is on keto, that’s her 2019 resolution for this whole year, and in the morning she drinks black ice coffee, and she has berries eggs and avocados,and lunch is chicken salad and berries, and dinner is the same as lunch. She comes to school everyday tired and sort of like “uuuggghhh” and she would not recommend it. It is SO bad because she is BEAUTIFUL but she *cannot* sleep so she PILES makeup on her face to look awake.

  • I got a keto ad before this saying how dangerous it was wth US-tv

  • Gabbie girl, I FREAKING L💖VE YOU! But without the before and after pics this video was some #ExpertLevelClickBait. Thanks for the Keto 411

  • Lmao my mom is doing this diet and is completely fine

  • You didn’t do it properly you should watch some @ketoconnect u need to eat more fat !

  • This video is so misleading.... she didn’t do her research to prepare for the keto “flu”. Lots of veggies are allowed in moderation and when added with fiber will cut your carb intake in half! In my opinion she didn’t really give keto a fair chance. I’m just diving into it and could already spot so many things wrong. Also, 20 grams of carbs are allowed per day. She should have taken those right before her workout!! What the hell

  • you failed your power as a influencer, calling a really helpful nutrition as horrible and saying to your audience "you shouldn't try this" .. you are so hungry for attention that you quickly did these few days without any effort looking into the real nutrition Plan.. dumb whore

  • Isn’t the keto diet just the Atkins diet?????

  • Food is fuel.

  • You needed to eat MORE food! 4 eggs and 4 slices of bacon with 1/2 avocado would have made 100% difference! Research is key! Add salt to your food! Eat more fats, add butter, eat skin on your chicken, cheese, add milk of 1/2 & 1/2 in your coffee. Going in blind this like this is so bad! Sorry it didn’t work for you! I lost about 25lbs (water weight for the carbs I was eating) in a month and feel amazing! No KETO flue here!

  • How not to do keto should have been the title of this video. You didn't research properly and you were doing so many things wrong. To the people watching this video research for yourself and get the right information about keto cause she barely knew what she was doing.

  • Reflux really stinks. I have it and throw up in my mouth a ton. Thank goodness I'm going to the doctor for it soon tho : p

  • Are you sure you're doing it right? Great video tho. Entertaining


  • Love love love ur hair when its curled

  • Bitch why'd I get an ad for the keto diet while watching this😂😂😂

  • I legit got a keto cook book ad before this

  • You should have a follow-up video. Do your research on Keto before trashing it with your "knowledge" on diet. You're definitely doing a lot more harm than good with this video.

  • Gabbie your amazing 😄

  • Yoooo... I'm watching this, and I'm currently waiting through a Keto diet advertisement hahaha

  • I'm really sad that I got an ad for a 28 day Keto meal plan on this vid :(

  • What in the actual F 😂🙌🏻! It’s extremely clear that you did absolutely NO research before you started and why would someone “try out” something without even really trying it out!? FYI you can have blueberries when living a Keto lifestyle.

  • i got an ad for a keto diet.

  • I hate when people are moaning about this diet and making it seem so negative. My cousin had life threatening seizures at 11 months old for 5 months 5 times a day he was so sick in and out of hospital weekly. he went on the Keto diet and his seizures stopped, he’s been seizure free for over a year! This diet was amazing for him and so many others. This video really puts of a lot of people, you did not spread out or explain any positive aspects of the diet because you clearly don’t know enough about it. don’t post things until your going to include knowledgeable information about the diet as a whole. You can live a life on a Keto diet I know a lot of people that are and are the healthiest they could be in their lives. Don’t call it stupid because it’s not it’s life saving/changing for alot of people around the world including my cousin. Speak to a a medical profession if people want to argue my point but the medical professions my whole family have been involved with throughout this time period will all tell you the same thing. (Also yes Ketosis take about 3 days to start but for you to even start seeing any results in terms of weight loss it takes at least a week. In addition, spreading your opinion after a such a short time period is ridiculous, you will feel crappy for the first period your body’s having get used to a completely knew nutritional routine it takes time.) there’s the facts so tell me again what was the point of this misleading uneducated video?!?!

  • I actually had this diet for over a year, yes I lost a shit of weight and I felt amazing for the first half of the year but then it all changed. I simply had no energy, I was constantly having problems with my stomach (even to the point that I got a gastritis), constant dizziness and huge drops of my blood sugar while being active were just some of my problems. Nothing seemed to help, the doctors couldn't find anything, I tried to eat more fat and less fat but it all stayed the same. So I decided to just stop and started eating "normal". Slowly but surely it got better. Unfortunalety, I seem to have kept the fast dropping blood sugar but other than that I didn't gain a lot of weight (roughly 8 pounds over christmas), I have a lot more energy, very seldom stomach pains and I just feel a lot better in general. So my point is, that this diet might be good for some people, but even if done correctly not every body can live with it.

  • probably should have gone at least a few more weeks. week 1 always will kick your butt. cravings will go way almost entirely if you continued. all your symptoms would disappear. why it feels so horrible is because your body is being forced to switch fuel sources. also would have helped if you were eating enough and hitting your macros (or around).

  • I got a keto diet ad as I was watching this lol

  • Millions killing it on keto. Not getting information beforehand, yah, HUGH mistake!

  • So many things i want to say, but I'm sure others have commented.

  • All humans should consume natural foods for healthy bodies and minds. Nothing from a box or bag. It’s that simple. It really is. For thousands and thousands of years humans have lived off of the earth and put natural fruits vegetables and meats in our bodies. It promotes health digestion hair and nail growth bone strength. It really is that simple. Put unprocessed foods in your body and your body will process them the way it’s supposed to. Work out or walk or be active and you’ll stay healthy. 😉

  • You know what you should try? Try doing a keto diet. I have no fucking clue what the fuck you thought you did in this video but it wasn't keto. Why not try looking into HOW to do keto first and then try it. I sure hope none of your viewers look at anything you do as real information.

  • goood that u pointed this out for people who just follow diets

  • u need carbs !!!!!!! there good carbs !!!!monosackried and polyscakried carbs ......

  • If she likes coffee so much (w cream) why didnt she try bulletproof coffee?

  • If people want to know about keto please watch an actual person that has been doing the diet... people are trying to capitalize on its growing popularity and they are feeding you this kind of bullshit. She's not even doing the diet properly at all.

  • If Jillian Michaels were a US-tv creator.

  • I love you I know this is random but thought to share some love

  • my mom does keto

  • regular keto usually isnt 0 carbs its 10-50. 0 carbs is carnivore. also if you have pink sea salt, a multivitamin, and vitamin water zero you can avoid the keto flu :)

  • "ThIs Is NoT sUsTaInAbLe, YoU sHoUlDn'T dO tHiS dIeT" you didn't research this diet properly before doing this video. You have 6.4 million followers, you just misinformed so many people about a diet that could work really well for someone, and Keto does work really well for some people. The 'Keto flu' only happens for one to two weeks. The next time you do a video like this, please do some basic research.

  • Thiccc . Literally the only comment i will leave on any of your videos.

  • I got an ad for healthy eating before this video.....

  • Omg everyone get out of her ass and shut up lmfao she clearly is not a keto diet expert. As you would expect, she’s TRYING the keto diet. Y’all 😭😅😅

  • I’m so glad you know the difference between a sweet potato and a yam lol

  • Was debating doing Keto. Started this morning before watching this. I’m already so tired. Hell I used to eat one pop tart in the morning and I’d be ok. I ate an hr ago I’m starving and tired. I will not do this diet. I’m currently drinking my coffee with creamer and sugar. Fluff Keto man

  • I love this!

  • I'm vegetarian so i think this diet would kill me lol

  • From the research Ive seen in other videos, this diet seems to be really unhealthy

  • The whole point of keto is to make your body take energy from body fat instead of consumed carbs. Yeah, it sucks at first, but this is overreacting.

  • Thoughts as a keto person watching this video: 1- You clearly did ZERO research before diving into this. You have no idea what to eat/how much to eat.. 2 - You didn’t eat enough fat AT ALL which is why your starving. (Add butter or oil to your veggies - which you can eat A LOT of other types of veggies, eat fattier meats, ect) 3 - You can add sugar free syrups and heavy cream to your coffee dude! 4 - sweet craving: sugar free jello 🙏🏻 5 - Nuts are good option but NOT Cashews, they are almost the highest in carbs of common nuts and seeds 6 - Bad sleep: take Magnesium 7 - Your stomach hurts and you have no energy because you’re not eating enough calories! 8 - Eggs, bacon, avocado, olives, chicken thighs!! Yes queen!! We’re getting better! 9 - it’s not, not agreeing with you, you just NEED MORE FOOD AND FAT! 10 - yes you will lose water weight and inflammation on keto and look leaner 11 - Fat is not swimming in your body 12 - YOUR BODY FEELS BAD BECAUSE YOU’RE STARVING YOURSELF. There is a difference between the “keto flu” and being ravenously hungry and probably dehydrated (because when you’re in ketosis your body doesn’t hold onto water and you excrete more electrolytes than on a carb loaded diet... which you’re not replenishing. 13 - Blueberries are fine as long as you don’t eat the entire container ✌🏼 14 - You’re gonna feel better after a carb re feed because in that meal alone you ate 102% more calories than your “keto” diet you did for a couple days which Idk what that was... but it wasn’t keto. You can’t “not recommend” something unless you give it a well researched and fair shot... which you did not. Love your channel Gabbie but this was very irritating to watch.

  • You should have done more research !!

  • ugh you can have butter, half & half, heavy cream, or reddi whip in your coffee, even coconut oil .... you can have berries (blackberries, blueberries, strawberries) you could have done this so much better for your viewers. There are Keto safe bars for snacks...

  • i got a keto add help

  • Well the keto diet sounds like soooo much fun *sarcasm*

  • wait how did she do it wrong??

  • Okay let’s clear somethings up. Gabby is not a medical professional or an expert on this diet whatsoever. I have been on the Ketogenic diet for a year and a half and the first 4 months I dropped 82 pounds. I absolutely love keto. I feel more energized, happier, and it decreased anxiety. Keto is not 0 carbs a day, it’s between 20 - 50 net carbs to stay in ketosis. It’s high protein and high fat. Once you’re in ketosis, your body uses ketones as your fuel, which is very effective because you burn fat & are not running on carbs. I’m living proof that it works and is a long term diet. Not for everyone of course, but you can’t generalize this diet and discredit something you know barely anything about.

  • Gabbie is beautiful

  • How many times are you going to mention that sweet potato dawg

  • This a super interesting video. When i was eating more carbs i was sick all the time, i switched to a low carb diet so i only eat carbs for breakfast and I’ve never felt better and I’m never hungry. If i eat sweet potatoes i need to eat 5 min later because I’m pit of my stomach hungry. I also LOVE the 5 hours in between meals legit the best

  • I went to an endocrinologist recently and I struggle with weight and I'm pre-diabetic and was considering trying the keto diet. When I brought it up and asked what he thought, he basically said the same thing Gabbie did at the end of the video. He said I would be miserable and that it might work for a bit but eventually, after I stopped the diet, I would just gain all the weight back anyway. So to those of you who are saying she didn't try hard enough or she's misleading people, maybe you should consider that it's not the same for everyone.

  • Can you get any more dramatic? Jeez you’re not dying

  • Why are you here to mislead people? You obviously have zero understanding of the keto plan. I would suggest you DO learn about things before trying them. First of all, Keto is not about zero carbs zero grains. It is about becoming fat adapted and using fat as your primary food source. If you're here to entertain and mislead then you are doing a great job!

  • i want to lose weight fast and wants my weight to be constant. can someone help me to understand keto diet moree? like the definition, should i cook my eggs with butter, can i put salt in my foods,what to eat and what to not eat,how many cal should i ate for a day, can i eat vege? if i go to the gym would it be faster? the food portion and else? hmu in my dms @audreymichelle._ or just hmu in the comments cause i really need help. thanks love :)♡

  • Girl, I enjoy you but you very clearly do not understand how this diet works, like at all.

  • I'm pretty sure you can eat more vegetables than lettuce on keto tho.

  • Lol she felt better after the berries even though she was still eating Keto technically

  • My parents are on the keto diet. They use an app to track their food. You are allowed to eat strawberries but not a lot. But I'm proud of you for trying to do this without the strawberries.

  • So now you know how a crack addict feels when they run out of crack. Now you're back on the crack and telling the world how much life sucks without crack. 😋

  • This video frustrated the hell out of me as it was obviously made to be entertaining and not truly keto and therefore....misleading to people seriously wanting to try it.


  • You should really take this video out. Or rename it to "keto flu" keto is not for a week. You should've done better research. You would've known you feel better after the week when your body switches to ketosis. & your food was never healthy fats which is why you always felt hungry & I never saw her drink electrolytes which would've help your migraines & all those sugar withdrawals.

  • A watermelon in South Africa R65. 99 that is $4.81 USA. Sooo unfair

  • My cousin lost 30 pounds in 3 months because of keto. And I have lost 2 pounds just drinking water, exercising and eating no junk...


  • Btw they have water that has caffeine in it if you are trying to do another video where you cant have sugar or coffee or something. It just tastes like water but has the caffeine of coffee