I Tried Meghan Markle's Pre-Royal Wedding Rituals

Published on May 19, 2018
She works out everything -- including her FACE.
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Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals
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  • Debate dead marry whisper equation endure set map begin senior investigate

  • Haha you're funny :)

  • Legend has it that Sarah's nose will always be red

  • Sarah doesn't mean princess in Hebrew

  • Shes like hannible lector now with the newest video of the clone

  • stupid

  • Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo thumbs down for prince harry and Meghan Markle. She is not the right one for prince harry.

  • Why Americans talking and being obsessed with these 2 .

  • my name is megan without a H ;) wink wonk HAHA jkjk i am sooo far from that princess

  • I'm laughing at the end the way she grips that wine stem lol

  • This is so funny!!

  • Her name does not mean princess in Hebrew

  • The design what design the dress was plain it had pretty much nothing on it.

  • The masseuse looks likr piper perri

  • Bad investigator her vbzgu altogether until warm barely welcome lie find poetry far rule.

  • If meghan watched this she'd probably be happy.😊

  • Not even joking the Buccal made Sarah look a lot younger

  • Well, that lady had a bad guess 👎

  • My US-tv feed is weird asf

  • I love how inaccurate the wedding dress guess was

  • how much times have you said meghan

  • 4:36 bahhaha

  • Anyone else thought they were saying the butthole facial?

  • Hey that girl got pretty hair and funny personality!

  • Sarah doesn't mean Princess in Hebrew

  • Am I the only person who thought she was saying “ The butthole facial” instead of the “Buccal facial”😂😂💀

  • Haha at 1:13 she said "im'a start doing what she do."

  • Her real name is Rachel, not Meghan

  • Meghan's body & legs are awful though.

  • Sorry, but Darragh definetly does not mean princess in Hebrew..

  • I'm so sorry but your name does not mean princess in Hebrew

  • ok but Danna Omari is so so so pretty

  • Diana would love her ... ❤️

  • Wedding dress person: she'll wear something with lace or pearls, definitely. Me: Bish no, she just went plain Jane!

  • The lady was waaay off with the wedding dress 😂

  • You know that Sarah doesn't mean princess in Hebrew, right? It's the name of a character from the bible....

  • It's the melanin

  • Meghan is beautifully but you are gorgeous😀. I visited this channel for the first time.

  • They got married on my Birthday .....

  • weirdo

  • always be yourself

  • It's funny that most people who claim the name Sarah means princess in Hebrew are not actually Hebrew speakers. Or at least, not native Hebrew speakers. A quick google search in both Hebrew and English showed me that it is only the English version that mentions princess in the name description. Do with it as you please, but it seems that Jewish people around the world wanted to make the Sarahs in their lives feel better. Just the same as the other Israelis here, I have never heard of Sarah as a princess in my life before today.

  • 3:51 Kim Kardashian??

  • Why are yall obsessed with these people? Sick af

  • Well she got everything wrong about the dress

  • I don’t know if you can call it rituals if she’s only been married once

  • “Please don’t bite my finger”

  • She’s not a pseudo princess. She is a princess.

  • So your saying that I am not gorgeous

  • Meghan marckle wore Givenchay lol that women's prediction was wrong ps Meghan actually looks kinda old.

  • Sorry 😐 your name doesn’t mean princess in Hebrew. It’s a biblical character

  • I need that facial

  • 5:10 that is gross because she just put her fingers in her mouth and now she is rubbing her spit on her face😝

  • My name is danna

  • dont worry about your badget on wedding gawn you dont have to spend 230.000$ like Meghan,she looked cheap despite her expansive budget you can go to David's bridal factory pick a nice dress of the rock you will be look nicer than Meghan with about 99$

  • Wait This is Buzzfeed but for girls, isn’t that already buzzfeed??

  • Sorry but I wish she wore a pretty wedding dress but she wore and expensive one that’s not even pretty.

  • Cute - just a suggestion: go to a quality wine tasting - you can experience very fine wine for a couple of dollars per pour.

  • that lady was pretty close on the dress prediction

  • נסיכה

  • Is it just me or does the misuse look like Megan markle

  • Congratulations to the lady who is pregnant 😀.

  • My daughter's name means princess in Hebrew also. 😊

  • We used reformers for ballet class

  • Loved this video

  • My name is Diana Camila....and my last name.....I am named after both princess Diana and princess Camila.

  • congrats on trending! :D :)

  • Is Danna Omari Pregnant? If Yes, Congrats To You!💕

  • 3:48 The facialist looks like Megan Markel.

  • OMG ! She's good ! !! Laughed a lot ! !!

  • Hebrew is my mother tongue and Sarah does not translate to princess. Nesiha translates to princess. maybe its an ancient translation, but not in modern Hebrew.

  • Your name doesn't mean princess in Hebrew... Sorry

  • No one cares about megHan's stupid wedding. It's just an overly priced wedding! And she is just a normal Amarican girl who Harry met in a club! So basically their saying any one of us could have married Harry! And of course she is Amarican! I never knew that royals had a life!!!

  • I dont know why but i have this feeling meghan and harry wont last long...

  • Be yourself!!!!!! ❤️

  • Meghan's face looks weird, as if she had bad plastic surgery or something.

  • You can't spoil suits without warning!! 😭😭 there has to be 'spoileralert'!!


  • It's funny how the rest of the world cares more about the royal wedding than the British 😂

  • All these women talking negative about the Duke and Duchess union reminds me of Cinderella step sisters. They’re upset because it wasn’t them that captivated the heart of a prince.

  • Get a life, and work on them eyebrows..

  • Awesome 😋😊

  • Ive always wished I was adopted by Megan Markell but since she is now a princess 👸 I want to be adopted by price Harry and Megan Markell tho I have parents but my dad is in holland I haven’t seen him for a year 😔 my parents divorced when I was 2 now am 9 sooo yeah * bursts into tears *

  • Did anyone find the massage lady kind of rude? " No please don't" Ever heard of a polite laugh or giggle?


  • No

  • Remember that tv show wherein megan marries a prince?? who knew shed actually marry a prince!!!!

  • The dress predictions were whack 😂

  • She actual is HRH The Duchess of Sussex, Countess and Baroness Princess Henry Windsor Meghan.

  • Meghans dress wasn't even that pretty

  • Forgot the "elite" rituals..🐸

  • Trying too hard

  • Had no idea who she was before this whole marriage thing. I never heard anyone talk about her until recently

  • Have a happy marriage life dude!

  • Hello, Humans. Grass grows. Water falls from the sky. The Earth is round and all is good in the universe. Apples provide nice nourishment. What will the future hold?🤔 TERRANCE OUT

  • The beautician Danna omari looks kinda like Bollywood actress nargis fakhri

  • Totally not how you meditate it’s way more to it than sitting silently

  • Lol boy was she wrong about that dress lol

  • Does anyone know where Sarah's glasses are from?

  • Gratulation on your wedding thank you for sharing your story about Meghan Markle I'm going to tell you some I'm a dark-skinned woman the darker the skin the more oil in the skin when I was 36 I look like I was in my 20s and I only waiting 110 lb I didn't have to use all that I use natural stuff it's the Lord is the best cream for your face it's very expensive right now but when I was using it and one that expensive as long time ago daughter I love you video thank you