Published on Apr 1, 2018
I tried living plastic free for 30 days.
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And what are the results? Was it effective? Will I continue living this way? Is this even possible?
I actually think it's easier than you think.
Here are the essentials to succeeding in this lifestyle:
1. Reusable coffee cup
2. Reusable water bottle
3. Cotton bag for groceries
4. Bamboo toothbrush
5. Menstrual cup for ladies
6. Stainless steel razor blade
7. Bees Wax Wraps
8. Stainless Steel cutlery set
Small steps you can take to make a massive difference:
1. Say no to plastic straws
2. If you need to use a disposable coffee cup, say no to the lid
3. Say no to plastic bags
4. Learn to make your own toiletries which are cheaper and better for you anyway.
Just remember, any small way you can start cutting out this major pollutant right now is better than not doing anything at all!
So take baby steps wherever you can. The future generations deserve it :)
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Lots of love to you always.
Sorelle Amore
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  • Just an FYI on this video - I think it's important to note, that every country I've mentioned that I've struggled to be plastic free in, both the locals have agreed and some are strongly opposed to these statements. I am obviously commenting on my own experiences and I believe it comes down to every country is still learning and still struggling. I think the longer you live in a location, the more you know how to live plastic free. So if anyone is offended about me pointing out faults in your country, please don't be. It's not a statement against you as a person but in general how far we still have to go as a world. And I could only comment on these countries as they were the ones I recently was in. I'm sure the rest of the world is struggling incredibly bad - I'm off to Asia right now and this place has an unbelievable plastic problem. Secondly - it's a great valid argument from so many Vegans that this should exactly apply to Veganism also. I completely hear you. I'm not making shying away from the fact that i'm not vegan. I'm definitively trying and have mostly minimised my use of animal products to fish, eggs and butter all organically sourced. But I hear you Vegans. I hear you.

    • I just watched your video and I think it's really good and inspires other people to use less plastic but I wanted to mention that Estonia actually really cares about their environment and they use less plastic. In grocery stores fruits and vegetables are not wrapped in plastic,, plastic bags cost etc. They are getting a lot better. ;)

    • You are on a great journey. And yes, veganism is important, but many movements are, and you cannot always target them all, and you cannot start them all at once. As a vegan I tell you, don't worry about how you are not part of all these movements yet, think of what you can easily incorporate from all of them and add more at your own pace. You seem to already be doing this, just dont let other people get on your head to the point where your journey is purely stressing about what you are not yet doing. Let your journey be about the wonders you can do with each new small change you make in your every day life. Enjoy your metal cup of coffe. Enjoy the cow you didnt eat. Enjoy even the effort you spent on getting a better sourced animal product. You'll get to incorporate higher steps on each movement when you get there. You are putting a lot of effort on thinking of the world and the other beings you share it with; you are already on the right track. All the best!

    • You're awesome for putting this message out! It's all about finding tweaks and changes that we can make to secure a better livelihood for ourselves and where we affect the environment.

    • How amazing can you be. Really. Thank you for using your platform to promote positive ideas and conscious behaviour <3 we need more like you!! Or we just need to make you richer ;) x

  • @sorelle Amore really nice video. I am also trying to go zero waste. But that is really hard to do in big cities in India. Plus if you ask people they are so happy using plastics because it makes their lives easier.

  • I think at this point, half the world just feels at ease when they see something is wrapped in plastic, it just gives them a sign that it’s brand new and it hasn’t been touched?

  • is that a spider in your bangs at 4:22?

  • Gore warning next time? I appreciate the video and your careful thought but, somehing I thought to be uplifting gave me a cold heart from the start. Sorry im not trying to be picky/sensitive but that turtle really scared me. I know your just trying to raise awareness but a warning would have been nice

  • Icelandic people are my favourite, probably because of Riley in sense 8

  • So I'm trying to be plastic free or at least illuminate sing use plastics. A struggle I have is the weight of the things I need to carry around, especially with glass. I'm also finding that item advertised as plastic free will still have plastic somewhere on them or they will come wrapped in plastic. Any tips on dealing with these problem or good places to shop?

  • Kinda ironic to talk about how Baltic states are not aware... while showing a footage of a store in Iceland where there are almost no single vegetable or fruit that would not be covered in plastic. We are one of the most greenest countries in the world and one bad experience is not enough to make conclusions like that.

  • hmm, as estonian i have to disagree on that estonians are not aware of plasticbag theme, we used to have free plastic bags in shops, not anymore, also is i most places choice to buy a reusable shoping bag

  • Jesus that turtle is an eye opener

  • Also?...you are hawt.

  • I am going to do that

  • love your Energy! best greeting from Switzerland !

  • What about TP+tissues?

  • I loved this video! Very inspiring!

  • Favorite video from Sorelle

  • I bought some reusable water bottles and some shopping bags, I feel happy when I can avoid using plastic bottles and bags. I still don't know how to avoid using a plastic bag when buying meat, the blood will get everywhere if I use fabric bag :(

    • I've seen videos where people bring metal tins that are thinner and bigger glass jars at the Supermarket for meat and cheese. The employee has to weigh the container first then add product and weigh again for pricing. You can definitely use cloth pouch too then after paying put in container.

  • LUSH unpackaged henna hairdye💇🏻‍♀️

  • Have you tried the Henna hair dye from Lush? I've never tried it but I know there's hardly any packaging and its recyclable. :)

  • This is the first time i watch your video you are so sweet and i love you

  • Please please DO SPEAK UP when you see someone with a tonne of plastic, inform them thoughtfully about alternatives, especially about water bottles if you live somewhere where you can refill.

  • Psychotic to think you know you're doing wrong by consuming and using animal products. If you care about the environment enough, you will go plant-based. If you care about animals like the turtle with the straw in xer nose, you will go VEGAN. Don't be a hypo.

  • As a student starting university and trying to live plastic free , this was an amazing insight into the journey- keep doing you!!

  • You're so right about the "Gift" part some shopkeepers think that we're shy or something

  • All the food you made for on the airplane looked like it needed to be refrigerated, am I wrong or if not what’d you do to keep them fresh even after hours after they were cooked.

  • a lot of veggies and fruits are wrapped in plastic in supermarkeds because it holds them fresh for longer, which in turn reduces food waste which is also a big issue, it's a catch 22 really..

  • The water on flights are almost always given out of plastic water bottles :'( filling a water bottle up after security should solve this :) !

  • A tip for make up: rms beauty doesn't have plastic, it's in metal!

  • Aluminium/tin foil is horrible for the environment. Teachers at school forbade kids from bringing sandwiches in tin foil wraps, plastic is actually better.

  • I am super happy places are being eco friendly. I have been looking for a bamboo brush for years (although I do buy online) at my local supermarkets and they are now selling bamboo toothbrushes & supporting small eco friendly businesses. Also I went to this expensive restaurant for my birthday and was so happy to see them supplying paper straws. When a lady asked for plastic, one of the waiters said “sorry we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible so there will be no more plastic straws”. Made me so happy to see changes made.

  • What about recycling? Does it not count someone help I live in Turkey this would be impossible for me lmao

  • Love your attitude through the entire time. Through ups and downs. Awesome to see someone showing this.

  • Such a valuable video Sorelle! This is one of the absolute biggest global issues of our times. Thanks for highlighting it! 💚

  • Use henna and indigo as hair dye :)

  • Could you explain how you made that food you took into the airplane? Looked delicious 😍

  • I have cotton bags, i have a glass water bottle that i don’t use enough, i have a menstrual cup and... i work in a bar and i personally don’t use straws at all, i don’t event put them in drinks, If you want a fucking plastic straw come by the bar and get It! :)

  • It's interesting. Clicking on this video I assumed you would of course be a vegan person.....but hey! Everyone can contribute to the health of the earth. As a 99% vegan living person....i suck at using waste free things. So thank you for this insight. I have been trying to limit my waste lately but seeing others do it inspires me so thanks for this video! :)

  • @jeffreestar it would be AMAZING if you made plastic free makeup!!!!

  • Your energy is contagious. Keep on keeping on!

  • I have to say, you seem like a smart and conscious person but you're not transitioning to veganism and that kind of baffles me. Literally the sam arguments you used for getting rid of plastic waste apply to getting rid of animal products.

  • 1:01 did you see that persons face

  • A warning would’ve been nice with the turtle but other than that very informative video! I’ve been looking for more videos on zero waste

  • You're an inspiration...already planning for such kind of challenge ....😊

  • I remember from my childhood that in Soviet Lithuania it was almost plastic free every ware . I mean shops they literary ware putting everything in baking paper ( packing ). But now it seems that plastic is totally ok but its not and that is so annoying. I thing our people need to go back and tray to pack lees like old days .

  • I LOVE your energy. I'm getting such good vibes from you. Lol!

  • Oh Sorelle why did you mention Lithuania! ;) I am Lithuanian who lives in London for 8 years now. I appreciate that you told your story based on your experience. But the thing is that Lithuanians in general are not the richest people on the planet and they do not buy as much as the rest in Europe. The majority of people rely on second hand clothing shops not because it their choice but because they cannot afford new ones, people still keep jars and make their own jams and pickles, reuse plastic bags and in general do not buy take-away food as much as in UK. In the mean time London people are obsessed with ready foods, shopping and consumption. Maybe there are more choices where to find package-free stuff, but in general the consumption level pollutes everything around like crazy. Thumbs up... I like you and your work, but I wanted to stand for my little darling country Lithuania where people are nice and wise. Peace :)

  • I got my pay today and instead of being excited about the plastic money I was excited to see it wrapped in a rubber band lol yipee I can reuse this!! 😂

  • Actually if you are looking to change your impact on the planet (plastic wise) the single most impactful thing to do is stop eating fish, as fishing nets make up the vast majority of plastic in the ocean. SOURCE news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/03/great-pacific-garbage-patch-plastics-environment/

  • Estonian here. So, actually you have to buy plastic bags in Estonia. They cost around 0.20EUR. Paper bags are cheaper and that is the way the government tries to control the amount of plastic trash. Yes, the small see-through plastic bags are given away free, IF YOU ASK one from the cashier. If you are buying meat or sth like that, you are given a small bag for sanitary reasons. Some bigger shops are courageing buyers to use re-usable net-bags for fruits and vegetables. For those who don't want to use them, there are two options - regular small plastic bag or bio-degradable bag.

  • Message of positivity You are awesome 😊

  • I live in Lithuania and I completely understand that are you talking about. We have really bad problem with plastic. Everywhere you look it's plastic and it's freaking my out. 😔😔😔

  • Loved the intro with the mentions of environmentalism. Spreading a good message!

  • They should use paper bags n stuff instead of plastic bags

  • Also if you want to dye your hair a natural color, you can buy it package-free at Lush. As for second-hand shopping, depop, poshmark, and thredup let you be super specific with what you want and are all second-hand.

  • If your grocery store has a butcher's counter, you can buy meat from there and pre-sliced cheese from the deli counter. Any ideas for a block of cheese package-free? Let me know.

    • I don’t know if that’s an option where I live, but I’ll keep an eye out. Cheese is typically pre-cut even from blocks and shrink-wrapped. Maybe a farmers’ market is an option. Let me know if there’s one in the northeastern area of virginia. (I also wanted to try making cheese myself, but I don’t have the discipline to do anything except for soft cheese that just sits overnight.)

    • Stores sell smaller pieces of cheese which are cut from a big block of cheese. After weighing you can put it in a cloth pouch or cheesecloth without any packaging and price label would be put on the cloth.

  • I was in Bali in February and brought my own bag to the supermarket and there's a cashier and an extra lady who packs your groceries in plastic bags and I always told them I had my own bag and it was weird an funny for them. I didn't always work unfortunately I had a few unwanted plastic bags but still managed it quite well. For people in those countries its totally normal to use plastic bags and that's why it's more important to educate poorer countries to use less plastic!

  • Flora and Fauna is an australian website that stocks plastic free make up lines :) you're welcome :)

  • Great video, vary inspirational!

  • Zao is a good organic make up brand that comes in bamboo instead of plastic

  • yeah try being a feminist Jesus follower. 😜✌💐😇

  • I like your energy!

  • Us India’s use stainless steel plates and bowls all the time. And we most of the time just use our hands to eat our food.

  • Take your tin box or tin foil to the store and get your chicken in it. I bought a bunch of small nylon bags (yes thats plastic but i have used them hundreds of times and can wash them in my normal laundry & will use them hundreds of more times) from a thrift shop that are super lightweight and hold things like nuts, grains and dry fruits till I get them home and into jars. They scrunch tiny and i just keep them in my purse, so I have them when I happen by a store.

  • Please put a warning before showing images/videos with blood and animal cruelty, like the turtle video. Great video! :D

  • Why did you call your channel "Sorelle amore"?

  • I'm being honest. I can't see animals on pain or bleeding or else I have an urge to cry and vomit When you have shown the turtle I was crying and I'm am urge to vomit. I reallly wished you did not show that video. You could have put it in the desc. Instead. This is not hate, just a little heads up.

  • hey, great video. i am vegan which might make the whole zero waste thing a little easier... but i still love processed junk food in packaging :( anyway i love your energy, so im subscribed now!

  • It is a struggle but we have to try and do something even if it is just in our own little ways.

  • I absolutely LOVE the way you put this video together, it is brilliant!

  • That's amazing. I never thought about plastic products like razors, toothbrushes, makeup products etc.... I tried my best to avoid plastic cups, bags, straws....but still, so much to learn and paid more attention or be conscious about what we purchase and consume. I want a plastic-free nature.

  • Where is your cutlery set from??

  • Exposed brick cuts down on the energy efficiency of buildings. Spread the word.

  • For plastic free chicken and other meats you can go to a local butchers and take your own container, it not only reduces plastic but also helps local business' that aren't part of a big chain supermarket.

  • Great video and you’re right everyone needs to wake up.. awful the effects on Earth

  • What bullshit are you saying? Yes, it is their life, but it is OUR Earth people are destroying. I would not be like, "it's their life", it's my Earth and there is no way I want these lovely creatures that live here to die long before they would have if us humans didn't pollute the environment.

  • Love thissss! Good job! I already do a lot of these, but need to keep working on the rest. Thanks!!!

  • I just discovered your channel and wow, how awesome are your videos and your personality? This one inspire me a lot, I try to take always a canvas bag with me but will buy a bamboo tootbrush and reuseble straws soon :D

  • for makeup try lush they have lost of 'naked' makeup and products

  • You are soo funny.. I love your warm personality❤️❤️🐘🐘

  • I didn't realise we are allowed to bring food with us on the plane? I thought we had to throw it out ? or is it just liquids?

  • you can do henna :33

  • For hair dye try LUSH cosmetics henna hair dye

  • Hey! Does this cost you a lot of money to live plastic free? X

  • Aluminum foil is even worse because there is no way to recycle it. At least plastic can be partly repurposed (even tho that doesn’t make it better)

  • you just inspired me to start my 30 days challenge tomorrow :))) I'm just trying to find how am I going to drink water, since where I live, tap water is horrible, and glass botles are really expensive for me..

  • im only 13 and now im getting my mom into buying reusable bags for shopping and bringing our own cups and straw to shops

  • If your keen on a zero waste hair dye click on the link, Lush Henna Hair Dye. $25.95 325g block. It takes a few hours but the colour and smell is amazing. au.lush.com/products/henna-hair-dyes

  • At lush they sell a plastic free hair dye. It’s made out of henna I believe

  • I love this! Hope other people gets the message too. I’m also slowly transitioning into a plastic free lifestyle 😊

  • Hey lady! Are you an Amazon.com affiliate? Linking us to direct places we can buy the items you are recommending could be a great business move if you are looking for more ways to monetize this account. Been watching loads of your videos and am a fan. Would love to collab on a meditation project I am putting together. I'll reach out. 💖

  • Can you do more stuff about plastic free and specific tips for traveling and ones for makeup and beauty products and just more stuff on this kids thing please

  • Brilliant

  • I live in Lithuania and what you said about plastic bags is so true... when you already have a bag and say the cashier that you do not need another one, they don't always understand why... like it is a must to take that bag :D

  • Thought you might want to know a company selling bulk plastic bags has targeted your video and is playing its ad before your content

  • Plastic can ONLY be recycled two times max before it must be thrown away anyway. And the vast majority of recycled plastic goes into clothing, then becoming microplastics in our waterways (too small to filter).

  • Love your channel and the good vibes you send out to your viewers! I LOVE IT! Call me subscribed!!

  • Going plastic free is fantastic and we should all be working towards that. It's important to note though that it's animal agriculture that is the leading cause of global warming and deforestation and ocean dead zones and habitat destruction. If you care about the environment and animals please check out 'challenge 22' and try the vegan lifestyle. 😊🌱

  • Hello Sorelle! :) An Idea for Hair dye! - A while after watching you great video I was reading on the blog "My Plastic free life" and I found this idea that the lady uses! Using Henna to dye her hair black or dark brown. I don't know of they're are any other color possibilities but it's and interesting discovery! :) myplasticfreelife.com/2012/08/coloring-hair-with-henna-non-toxic-and-almost-plastic-free/


  • You do know, that they throw out the food you don’t eat on the plane? I mean the side dishes, don’t know about things that are wrapped “safely”