Published on Apr 1, 2018
I tried living plastic free for 30 days.
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And what are the results? Was it effective? Will I continue living this way? Is this even possible?
I actually think it's easier than you think.
Here are the essentials to succeeding in this lifestyle:
1. Reusable coffee cup
2. Reusable water bottle
3. Cotton bag for groceries
4. Bamboo toothbrush
5. Menstrual cup for ladies
6. Stainless steel razor blade
7. Bees Wax Wraps
8. Stainless Steel cutlery set
Small steps you can take to make a massive difference:
1. Say no to plastic straws
2. If you need to use a disposable coffee cup, say no to the lid
3. Say no to plastic bags
4. Learn to make your own toiletries which are cheaper and better for you anyway.
Just remember, any small way you can start cutting out this major pollutant right now is better than not doing anything at all!
So take baby steps wherever you can. The future generations deserve it :)
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Lots of love to you always.
Sorelle Amore
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  • Just an FYI on this video - I think it's important to note, that every country I've mentioned that I've struggled to be plastic free in, both the locals have agreed and some are strongly opposed to these statements. I am obviously commenting on my own experiences and I believe it comes down to every country is still learning and still struggling. I think the longer you live in a location, the more you know how to live plastic free. So if anyone is offended about me pointing out faults in your country, please don't be. It's not a statement against you as a person but in general how far we still have to go as a world. And I could only comment on these countries as they were the ones I recently was in. I'm sure the rest of the world is struggling incredibly bad - I'm off to Asia right now and this place has an unbelievable plastic problem. Secondly - it's a great valid argument from so many Vegans that this should exactly apply to Veganism also. I completely hear you. I'm not making shying away from the fact that i'm not vegan. I'm definitively trying and have mostly minimised my use of animal products to fish, eggs and butter all organically sourced. But I hear you Vegans. I hear you.

    • +Karsten Von Fjellheim DON'T USE COCONUT OR BABY OIL AS LUBE! I do SFX makeup on top of knowing a lot about sex, oil breaks down latex. It can also give you a yeast infection (both things I discovered by expierence) please don't use oils as lube

    • When I started to be vegan I began by going pescatarian, only eating fish and chicken. It's baby steps to make a big change like that in your life, I definitely slipped up a few times. After that I cut out fish, then eggs, then dairy, then chicken. It's easier (at least it was for me) to keep a long lasting, sustainable life change if you go into it slowly rather than head first changing everything. Good luck!

    • I am From Sri Lanka. I am an avid Zero Waster, and we have a community here who are also zero waste or vegan. Kudos for that aluminium information.

    • From Experience, I pass to you(my young Padawan): NEVER drink water, coffee, tea or use ice cubes on airplanes. All the water comes from the same tank, and they NEVER clean that thing. The stewards only drink bottled water. This is is how you can get sick. Drink only bottled water on planes. Yes, here you use plastic if they don't have glass bottles, so you don't get sick. That is a very good rule: Will I get sick if I do not use plastic? If yes, use plastic. It's a hard choice, food waste or plastic? Moisturizer. Baby oil right after a shower or coconut oil(and it's also a great lube). Do you still use shampoo? No need. Just rinse. Do you think your hair is smelly? Just soak your hair in diluted apple cider vinegar 1-2 times a week, while in the shower. 60-70% of the solution is water, the rest is ACV straight from the bottle. This has a vinegar % of usually 5%-7%. Your hair will not smell like vinegar, it will remove "hair smell" as vinegar removes smell, and you might have a slight fruity hair scent from the ACV.

    • Um.....no, don't sahve your face, when you shave yourself, you make many, many micro cuts in the skin. Over time, you will have "leathery skin", like you see men in their 50's have. Use a soft brush Sorelle, in easy circular motions. You can even smear your face in petroleum jelly, but on a balaclava to keep the Vaseline on, go to bed and in the morning moisten your brush I just mentioned, and all excess skin will come off. Try with dry lips: Vaseline/petroleum jelly, let it sit on the lips, take a moist, old tooth brush, and gently rub on your lips. No more dry lips!

  • Jesus, you need to keep her out of the sea. Can you see the size of her mouth, her lipstick would cause an oil slick, I think she must have borrowed her teeth from a horse.

  • I think we should all leave the plastic in the shop selling the item

  • AKA: 👏🏿 TO youuuuu for caring enough to try; I wish more people would! And I feel you on the “gift” of plastic bags- people are always like “oh no, it’s ok here you go!” Or “are you sure???!” ...like I’M crazy 🤦🏼‍♀️. It’s especially frustrating and disheartening over here in the USA, the most wasteful, environmentally unconscious country in the world. It’s embarrassing 😔 and I apologize and promise that we aren’t all 🍑 🕳 🕳 over here.

    • (But seems like a whole lot of us are, particularly our big-oil funded government 😔)

  • ❤️🌍

  • this is so inspirational, seeing that straw in the turtles nose was just terrible. I am planning to give up cling wrap and using bees wax wraps instead and slowly cut plastic out of my life. Thank you

  • Ive used suuu munny toothbrush’s over my lifespan, gonna change to bamboo next toothbrush!!

  • I really want to do this but I’m 14 and my mum and dad buys all our food and they wouldn’t let me as everything we buy has plastic on it like my animals food and I can’t just stop feeding them it’s so annoying

  • If you care about the environment, then why don't you go vegan?

  • um could you give a warning before throwing in graphic nasty videos

  • I'm really glad that you're able to laugh and smile throughout such a difficult lifestyle change! You've inspired me, I'm going to try :)

  • I just want to give you a friendly reminder that meat is not just about cruelty and death... it takes so much energy and water and other supplies to fatten up the animals for the slaughter. But regardless of that I am very proud of you for being mindful of your belongings (i’m trying to be a minimalist myself) AND trying to save the planet of all the disgusting plastic

  • Aether beauty is a company that makes vegan, cruelty free & zero waste make up. Their products are made from plant based materials & their packaging is recyclable/biodegradable. Also, henna is a great option for dying your hair naturally. You can buy bricks of it in places like Lush.

  • Thank you for making me more aware! I’d love to go plastic free someday

  • Great video . I get discouraged sometimes but this was helpful

  • Please post this on facebook so we can share it with so many more people!! ❤️

  • You are so inspirational ❤️

  • I laughed a lot for your picture at the festival!! Great video

  • oh you should't put that turtle video!!! dislike!

    • +Sorelle Amore You should put a warning or something before you made us to watch poor turtle. I just don't like this kind of videos, it made me cry. I never watch your videos again. Simple.

    • I have a feeling the turtle also disliked that straw. Humans cause the problem, humans get to see the effect. Simple.

  • This should become a #challenge

  • Thank you!! Hoy are awsome and a true inspiration....thanks for all the cool ideas. Starting TODAY!!! My soon is a senior in high school and has a Club to save the turtles. It's good to see young people doing something about it. I sent him your video I know they'll love it!!!

  • You're really funny! i enjoy watching this so much!

  • How cut out plastic bags if you have dogs and you have to pick up after them or you will be fined? Pls any suggestions are welcome

  • Awsome!!!

  • Try RMS makeup - metal and glass and all natural!

  • Recycle!!!

  • Where did you get the water bottle in the thumbnail?

  • Your AWESOME 😙😙

  • You are so right! Im from Latvia, starting to live plastic free as well, and plastic is EVERYWHERE. About the plastic bags, yeah, you ar totally right. Nice video :)

  • If any of you are debating going plastic free but you dont really see the point or problem or have the motivation, i highly suggest watching the documentary A Plastic Ocean on netflix. I promise it will change your intire outlook. Its also not just about plastic in the ocean but how bad plastic is for the earth and for people in general.

  • For dying your hair plastic free you can use henna hair dye from lush - they come in these huge plastic free bars.

  • Babe you dont have to control yourself from giving other people advice on plastic free living. Spreading information is another Noble thing that you would be doing. Some people will receive it well , some will not. But even if 1 person is coverted ...it's a lot of plastic pollution that you help avoid.

  • Lithuania is aware but the thing is that in people who work in supermarkets are older so they have no idea about and still believes that you have to put everything in a bag so it is clean. I don't use plastic bags and sometimes cashiers still put my things in them and it's so so annoying :( but we are aware. Lithuanian zero waste community is strong. Ps. European Union actually banned single use plastic so no mo single use plastic in the future.

  • I live in Amsterdam and usually when I visit Turkish grocery markets the vegetables aren’t prewrapped. You can practically bring your own cotton bag put your groceries in and buy it. Besides Turkish groceries market are usually cheaper than the mainstream ones.

  • I am from Belarus and we have a big plastic problem here. I guess it is similar to what you have seen in Latvia, Estonia.The real problem is that people do not realize how bad plastic is, and a couple of years ago people here were complaining about having to pay for plastic bags in supermarkets! Now supermarkets are obliged (!) to offer small plastic bags for free (like those for vegetables, fruits, etc).

  • Did I said how much I love you??

  • Good news! Yesterday, 290+ manufacturers (20% of the world's plastic producers) & countries signed the "New Plastics Economy Global Commitment", created by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, with UN Environment. Their goal is to 1) Eliminate superfluous packaging and "move away from" single-use (nonrecycled) plastic; 2) Make ALL plastics recyclable, compostable, or reusable by 2025; and 3) Keep existing plastic in circulation longer before it's thrown away, reusing or recycling it. These are baby steps, I'll grant you, but it's a start (finally). The signatories are listed at "newplasticseconomy.org/assets/doc/global-commitment-download.pdf". I recommend that everybody who cares about plastic proliferation write/email/tweet the manufacturers who have signed (like Unilever and L'Oreal) to congratulate them and ask for even more; and write manufacturers who have not signed (like Procter and Gamble) to ask them to step up and do the right thing. You would be amazed at how much attention big companies pay to consumers who go to the trouble to contact them with an important issue. If they were flooded with comments from consumers who have committed to going plastic-free, it would actually make a big difference! Citizens of the world, unite!

  • If you're still looking for a plastic free hair dye, lush has un-packaged henna bars that come in red, 2 shades of brown, and black. They are incredible

  • How do you manage to take your food to the airport? In Mexico is not allowed to take food or water with you after the security :(

  • why did you use a metal cup?

  • In India it is much easier to live plastic free.

  • have u tried LUSH Naked products?

  • I live in iceland 🇮🇸

  • Instagram: @grombre Letting your hair be itself not only is plastic free, it keeps the toxins out of your body. The women on grombre are silver and stunning.

  • What about water and trashbags

  • I just dont understand why people don't try recycling for a month. It is more easy and efficient. Better for everyone. You can't just sell stuff that are not packaged. You wouldn't know if there was bugs flying on it or not... Recycling is more better instead of remaking plasting and paper over and over we could all use recycled materials but no one has the guts to try it and i have no idea why...

  • for colouring hair...henna ;)

  • i have been trying to go plastic free unconsciously for a while now but now i'm becoming more aware but i started noticing weird habits i've had since forever like i never through about like the fact that i never throw away plastic bottles and toothbrushes and i just use them for other things

  • I’m from Latvia ❤️

  • At home I use glass or ceramic but for carrying about I still use plastic. I just currently can't carry a lot due to an illness that effects my muscles and strength. I can't even carry in my own groceries and need to have someone bring them in the house and unpack them.

  • Actually Europe is the best Continent in Zero Waste lol 😂

  • This has inspired me so much Thank you so much you are amazing keep doing what you do

  • I’m vegan and I’m 11 4:25

  • we were due to buy toothbrushes, and when we do, it's a multi-pack at costco. NOT after watching this video! we are buying on amazon, bamboo toothbrushes! taking/making small steps, one by one, to eliminate as much plastic from our lives. got a few stainless steel cups and water bottles. we don't use straws, or plastic bags, but there's many more changes we are making everyday! thank you for the video to remind us!

  • You're so cute!

  • Hello, was wondering if you could put links of websites of where you got your zero waste items. Thank you.

  • Gos bad less often, anti bacterial, ecofrendly wrap, YESSSS

  • Vegans don't eat meat because they are hurting animals. But they are hurting plants Now now, your probably exclaiming that plants regrow, it's the FUCKING same with animals..

  • Gosh all I could think of was your beautiful smile

  • PREcycle

  • Beez wax wraps are so easy to make

  • what really bothers me are companies that even use excessive packaging to deceive customers with how little is actually in the product and it's so wasteful too

  • even just getting one person to change is huge and then that person will get at least one person to change and that new person might get one person too etc... just takes time

  • You are literally an angel.

  • Lush has a great makeup brand

  • Try next going to nettó u can get potatos and pick them setbritli. Sorry if my english is not the best

  • Another way to dye your hair plastic free is henna hair dye! It is provided at lush cosmetics

  • Sorry to say but aluminium isn’t good for you x

  • What's the water bottle with the filter? I wanna buy that

  • I realised that I am super selfish to be able to do this.. I hate myself

  • I use brown sugar to exfoliate my skin with some water 👽

  • if you bought any of your materials/essentials online please link them!!

  • Regarding hair dye, you can get henna hair dye blocks from shops like Lush (don't know if you have Lush there) It usually lasts longer than normal hair dye, is better for your hair and all natural including no plastic! :D

  • Germany is truly amazing when it to recycling because the state regulates specific items. For example: a plastic bag cost money (so everyone brings their own bags here). Also, in a lot of bakeries you pay less when you bring your own mug. I truly believe that this is something one can expect everyone to enforce because it does not cause any inconvenience.

  • Luckily in estonia etc the cashiers stopped the plastic bag roll stuff.now its mostly grocery bag or bags for veggies.i usually put every bought item in my shoulder bag instead after buying :)

  • I take my one bag too and is made out of material ,And i try not to use that much plastic and it works.After i so this video my life change ,i like so much life with out of plastic.And you look very nice

  • Hey, I would like to go more sustainable in my lifestyle but one thing I'm thinking about a lot lately is... How can I travel in an eco friendly way? I mean, I take about 20/25 flights per year and the amount of co2 is brutal!! I know, I just might not take a flight, but guys, travel is great.. Please give me some advice! :)

  • You are amazing!! You’ve really inspired me, so thank you 😊

  • So what about garbage bags

  • How do you live plastic free when you are plastic?

  • Hi I'm just wondering if u are Australian

  • I don't think plastic wraps are a european thing. Where I come from (Austria), there are a lot of farmers markets and even whole stores devoted to packaging free living. the only problem is, that the city I live in is a student city. So most people, including myself, can't afford to shop at the no-packaging store or can't afford organic groceries at all. And let's face it, the cheaper groceries are, the more they are covered in plastic. And yeah you can make bread, noodles and whatever else yourself. Most of it takes time. Time that students (most of the students in austria also work to pay for accomodation etc.) just dont have. I feel bad every single day and i wish i could live a plastic free organic life 100% of the time, but it's just not possible right now. I always try to be as mindful as I can. In my opinion, it's most impirtant that people try.

  • Wait what is wrong with Latvia?

  • You should use the website Anything but plastic xxx its really good! X

  • Www.anythingbutplastic.co.uk for any uk viewers :)

  • 173 people are from mars

  • I’ve always wondered do you still use toilet paper is it still like consdidered as a waste?

  • I love the video in general but isn't unrecycled Aluminum 4:07 way worse for the environment than plastic? Correct me if I'm wrong..it's better when recylcled, because it can rather easily be recylcled, but the way they get ot at first hand...

  • i’m a massive fan of turtles, i have 5 turtles and 3 tortoise i’m obsessed! i have everything turtle. i’m known as the turtle girl in school it breaks my heart too see that video. i saw it not long ago and. it’s horrible i personally am a massive animal lover i have dogs rabbits and also a sugar glider and i want a cow a goat a sheep and a pig when i’m older along with more dogs i became a vegetarian last year in september and i’m 13 now i’m only young. i was vegetarian a few months before aswell but my school wasn’t fine with it so i wasn’t aloud but i am now i love animals. that’s the point. so thank you 💘

  • You inspire me. Thank you. Sandy

  • I think with switching over to plastic-free, I probably go with progress over perfection. Just work on steady improvement towards plastic free. Starting with something simple like switching toothbrushes. Question: Does anyone know where I can get disposable bags that are washable and leak proof? I'm interested if their is such a thing for carrying meat from the store.

  • so inspiring! thank you

  • Thank you so much for this video! You have motivated me to live plastic freeeeeeee 😙😙

  • Guys do buy presented clothing from eBay instead of shopping, I have brought loads even designer clothing from online and it was all in good quality and your preventing it from being thrown in a landfill and it works out cheaper then going to buy anywhere else so charity shops, thrifting, swapping with friends and family and looking at downed or handmade stuff online like etsy, schpock and eBay and amazon are the best places and most surprising you can find amazing clothing that's sustainable to the environment

  • I liked and subscribed as soon as you inserted the Bob The Builder clip! haha. Seriously though, I've been cutting down on waste for a few weeks now and the more videos I watch, the more information I find about waste, the more urgency I feel to cut it out completely. Thank you for doing such an amazing job and sharing it! xx

  • Most mc Donald’s burgers are served in paper boxes

  • Thank you for this, and the turtle actually brought me to tears, I have been trying to use less plastic but i have so much more work to do, but the shock of actually SEEING what all this does to the animals shook me to the core, and has made me even more determined to do more for them and for myself and the future of Mother Earth.

  • My deli counter at the grocery store fills my glass containers with loose weight meats if you want to continue eating meat :) it's great because they can zero balance the scale and they don't need to use paper or plastic wrapping

  • Hey sorelle... you check out flora and fauna. It’s an online shop based in Australia... I order from them for my daily necessity

  • Omg u mentioned Lithuania AHH!❤️