Published on Apr 1, 2018
I tried living plastic free for 30 days.
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And what are the results? Was it effective? Will I continue living this way? Is this even possible?
I actually think it's easier than you think.
Here are the essentials to succeeding in this lifestyle:
1. Reusable coffee cup
2. Reusable water bottle
3. Cotton bag for groceries
4. Bamboo toothbrush
5. Menstrual cup for ladies
6. Stainless steel razor blade
7. Bees Wax Wraps
8. Stainless Steel cutlery set
Small steps you can take to make a massive difference:
1. Say no to plastic straws
2. If you need to use a disposable coffee cup, say no to the lid
3. Say no to plastic bags
4. Learn to make your own toiletries which are cheaper and better for you anyway.
Just remember, any small way you can start cutting out this major pollutant right now is better than not doing anything at all!
So take baby steps wherever you can. The future generations deserve it :)
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Lots of love to you always.
Sorelle Amore
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  • Just an FYI on this video - I think it's important to note, that every country I've mentioned that I've struggled to be plastic free in, both the locals have agreed and some are strongly opposed to these statements. I am obviously commenting on my own experiences and I believe it comes down to every country is still learning and still struggling. I think the longer you live in a location, the more you know how to live plastic free. So if anyone is offended about me pointing out faults in your country, please don't be. It's not a statement against you as a person but in general how far we still have to go as a world. And I could only comment on these countries as they were the ones I recently was in. I'm sure the rest of the world is struggling incredibly bad - I'm off to Asia right now and this place has an unbelievable plastic problem. Secondly - it's a great valid argument from so many Vegans that this should exactly apply to Veganism also. I completely hear you. I'm not making shying away from the fact that i'm not vegan. I'm definitively trying and have mostly minimised my use of animal products to fish, eggs and butter all organically sourced. But I hear you Vegans. I hear you.

    • Sorelle Amore You’re doing great with your reduced animal consumption. Since you’re already sourcing organic, I would think it’s safe to assume you’re already ensuring you’re getting sustainably sourced fish and if not I hope you consider it 🖤

    • +Karsten Von Fjellheim DON'T USE COCONUT OR BABY OIL AS LUBE! I do SFX makeup on top of knowing a lot about sex, oil breaks down latex. It can also give you a yeast infection (both things I discovered by expierence) please don't use oils as lube

    • When I started to be vegan I began by going pescatarian, only eating fish and chicken. It's baby steps to make a big change like that in your life, I definitely slipped up a few times. After that I cut out fish, then eggs, then dairy, then chicken. It's easier (at least it was for me) to keep a long lasting, sustainable life change if you go into it slowly rather than head first changing everything. Good luck!

    • I am From Sri Lanka. I am an avid Zero Waster, and we have a community here who are also zero waste or vegan. Kudos for that aluminium information.

  • This video really inspired me to overthink how much I buy and how much is wrapped up in plastic. I live in a household with 6 person and we can make a change if we use less plastic. So thank you for inspiring me ❤

  • I like the fact that she mentions the turtle with a straw in its nose and then I realise this video is listed right under that video. Lol

  • You actually have such a gorgeous smileeeee

  • Small changes, that's literally all it takes. Unfortunately, those of us that actively avoid plastic are the minority, and we can't expect the rest of the world to emulate our behaviour over night. But, one thing we can do in the here and now is to nudge and encourage everyone in our lives, no matter how much of an eco-warrior you may feel like after! I went to a friend's house and, much to my horror, found out that he didn't recycled. So, I spent the entire day explaining precisely how important it was for him to do, and showed him how he could do it (literally went onto the website for the local authority and ordered recycling bags with two clicks). We have an entire population of potentially well intentioned individuals, all we need to do is help remove the barriers to sustainable behaviour.

  • I wish I had a shop like that where I'm at. Other than zero waste living the single biggest way to help the environment is going plant based/vegan.

  • Mother Nature has developed herself a fungus that eats plastic and turns it into E A R T H .

  • I want to go plastic free but my fam doesn't

  • She asked the plane assistant to fill her water bottle with Plane Water! Luckily she didn’t get sick just because of that.

  • Nice

  • Thank you for this video and for testing this out. It is incredibly inspiring and has reminded me about small changes I can make. I will be doing this one week at a time thanks to your inspiration!

  • Helpful, your teeth are amazing

  • Hi I'm late (currently binge watching your videos ahah), I try to reduce my waste and go plastic free, but the water from my sink is awful. I live on France, grew up drinking sink water, no water bottle, but now i moved out in a city I can't. It literally makes me sick for some reason. I recently ordered a filtering jug (not received it yet) and hope it works. Especially since my BIGGEST concern is my boyfriend. He uses tons of bottled water and HATES the taste of sink water. Almost every week he buys a new pack of 6. I hate this. We don't live together so i can't do much about it, but i really hope my filtering jug works so i could try to convince him... /edit :sometimes i feel like he doesn't care, but he recycle so I think he's just a bit lazy or doesn't know how to do things. But idk, i talked to him about straws and he feels like he needs them. There are a lot of things he doesn't do just because i told him about it. 😅😅😅

  • Saving the planet while consume dairy and meat is at least ironic

  • What was that about shaving your face for exfoliation? Sounded interesting..

  • Try Lush make up and henna! Also veganism is a easy way to do a huge imact on co2 emissions, so thats something you could consider. Watch cowspiracy for example

  • If you use any plastic, you can shred it so it decomposes faster. However I go through life by avoiding plastic like it’s the plague. Unfortunately I am cheating in one department....hair care. I can not use bulk shampoo and conditioner due to my hair type so I paint and decorate my bottles and use them as decor or I put my own condiments in them. Save the earth people!

  • This is an awesome and insightful video and I totally agree with almost everything you said. But the only thing I find tricky with is the plastic straw issue. I have a condition called pots were I can go days were I just have to lay on the floor or in bed because I can’t get up. So plastic straws are how I get food and water in these times. I have tried pretty much every alternative straw out there but plastic bendy straws are the only ones that work for my needs. That being said I still believe people should go without this if possible but I thought it was worth mentioning.

  • With paper instead of recycling it you could make your own paper

  • Zero Waste Hack! Reuse old pillowcases as bulk bags!

  • I live in lithuania and I relate so much to what you just said.. I struggle so hard to survive without plastic these days

  • You also have to remember that "tiny changes" for us disabled community members is actually freaking huge changes, to us. It is very hard on us because we need things to be more convenient for equal & basic access that abled people don't even think twice about. Unfortunately, that means using plastic. I mean, don't get me started on the hate people spew about pre peeled oranges or pre cut apples, they are not meant for able bodied people. Some of us live alone and have small motor skill issues. End of. Not to mention like 75-90% of our personal medical equipment and hospital services/devices are heavy on the plastic to keep them affordable and accessible. It is sorta a dead if you do stop using, damned by the anti plastic community if you don't. I do agree there are some changes we all can make but there is not a set goal of being plastic free for everyone. I want to be encouraging though, so just do what you can. If you can switch to bamboo/biodegradable toothbrushes and that's it... cool. You made a difference. Or reuse or repurpose as much plastic items as you can before buying new.

  • I subbed cause you kept saying cuppie and it is so cute. I thought for the meat you could go to the butcher and ask them to cut your meat and place it in your own containers. But any pre made stuff would be really hard to find plastic free.

  • Was that a burning man type festival? :)

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-YE1M0RuP6dY.html

  • Omg... This tourtle....😟 Please warn us sensitive people before playing such a brutal video😓

  • You're doing a great job - better than me but I'm trying too. I know you know this but by far the best thing you can do for the planet is go plant based. Everything else is really just a drop in the ocean. Imagine if you did all you are doing AND went plant based! Amazing! Anyway here's a tip for when you cannot find what you want without plastic! Unwrap it at the counter and leave the packaging for the shop to deal with! If we all did that imagine what a powerful message that would be. Also we must keep telling shops that we are looking for plastic free. Again - a powerful message and it let's them know where demand, the all important driver, lies! 💛🌻

  • Thank you for soooo inspiring video!

  • Yehey!!! We are not alone! Lets do it people, save the planet by living plastic free.

  • I stopped dyeing my hair because of the plastic, and I'm embracing my gray hair! Everyone says it looks great, I was so surprised. I think some henna brands come in paper boxes, you might look into that. Also, here in California we have a new law that straws cannot be given out unless the customer requests it. I carry a metal straw now. Changes are happening!

  • Thank you for this.

  • Anyone who dyes their hair black, brown, or red, USE HENNA.

  • Yeeeees I live in Greece and I can assure you, EVERYTHING IS IN PLASTIIIC! Everything

  • Hey! I have a tip on the hair dyes. There are all sorts of henna hair dyes (in all sorts of colors, even black!!) that you can buy in cardboard boxes of paper bags! And it's way healthier for your hair! (:

  • Yves rocher has a lot beauty and makeup products in glas „bottles“.

  • For meat you could bring your own glass container and ask them to put it in that!

  • Omg you’re energy so positive! Thank you for being authentic about your journey. It is very encouraging!

  • Get henna dye at lush(:

  • Wow i am so in love with this video and you. This was very informative and so well done. Thank you!

  • Stop manufacturing plastic

  • Hmm.. I wonder if you'd be up to try veganism for a whole week. Hehe. Loved this video! Very informative and very real.

  • Do you think you could do a video on menstrual cups and period underwear?

  • Try the make- up brand 'Elate' bamboo and glass packaging. A Canadian brand.

  • I always forget my reusable bags in the car or house

  • The turtle is sad but it's a really rare and extreme case

  • Paper requires a lot of processing...

  • You can't always bring food on the plane because security won't allow it

  • Plastic is with everything. It's so hard

  • Im really upset about the turtle part coming in without any warning, like my heart dropped. What am I going to do with all of my straws now?

  • I am trying my best to get as plastic free as possible, even 80% of my 2-year-olds toys are wooden, but it would be amazing if somehow you could make another video about this around life with small children, I know of cloth nappies, and some of the things you mentioned can also be incorporated into parenthood, but toys, clothes (you have to buy so many!!! shoes too lol ) we do buy mostly second hand but I haven't started the minimalist side with my little dude yet, which I am imagining would be hard the amount of washing to make sure he had clothes to change into (after an accident involving food or toilet training) hahaha I guess when you add a child into this lifestyle or start with a child its a big tuffy in today's world, but I really want to try. It can be done it's just finding the HOW and sticking with it.

  • I live in Germany. Near my place there are a lot of grocery stores. But some of them really take care of the environment and have a lot of stuffs plastic free :). But it's true you have to search a little bit but you get used to it and you learn where to buy what🤗

  • Very noble of you. I am do reducing my plastic wherever I can, however littering is also a bad thing to do. If you have waste, than put it in the right bin. Is up to us to educate ourself and others. I do recycle everything is coming in my home: plastic in a recycling 110l bag, cardboard in a recycling bin, paper in another recycling bin, aluminium in another bag, batteries can be recycled to, tables scraps and produce waste goes on the compost, i even recycle toiletpaper cardboards rolls for parrots, they love to shred cardboard. Plastic is not going to disappear from our planet, ever, but if you think that only 10-15% of plastic is recycled maybe make an effort to collect plastic from the environment whenever you have a chance and make sure to recycle and don‘t just row it away.

  • Try henna for your hair, and find a good butcher?

  • The problem with plastic are the human been. Theres so much people who does not care where they leave their waste, goverments that dont mind ecological and enveiroment policy, no education or respect on our world. It is not the plastic, is how we use and could recycled it. Because using only woods or metal (in a way of saying), dont sound sustainable for me eighter.

  • Try a plant based hair dye! It comes in a paper packet, you mix it simply with water so it’s 100% better for you than the heavy chemical alternative, and it’s so much cheaper! Henna dyes have saved my grey hair!

  • most stores in Canada you have to pay for bags now so it kinda forced people to bring there own. And I thinks that a good idea

  • Your personality is amazing!!! You should be an ambassador against plastic around the world. I listened to you and laughed and learnt a lot. I love your energy. We need more fun conscious woke people like you in the world

  • in terms of dying your hair, you can always use henna to dye your hair. They sell henna blocks in lush that is really helpful as well. All the best and this video really helped me xoxo

  • well done! thanks :-)

  • I absolutely love this video- very tastefully done. I applaud you for not being cruel toward those that continue to mindlessly use plastic, but rather explain how simple changes add up and why the plastic revolution is so important. Keep it up!!

  • I know I am probably a little late, haha, but although I am vegetarian I do know that for meats you can try to find a shop that will allow you to get the meat straight into your own stainless steel container :)

  • When I visited East Asia, (Thailand, Cambodia, )I was shocked at all the garbage all over the streets. I was walking with someone from there and she just threw her wrapper on the ground as we were walking. I asked her why she did that to add to all the garbage on the streets, she said, “it’s not a big deal because it’s just one piece”. I said , but it adds up and is why the streets are littered with trash. She said, “oh no, my one piece didn’t do that, all that isn’t from me.” So we can try to do our part, but as long as whole countries are not being educated on how pollution happens, the oceans will stay littered. Awareness needs to get to each country in our world. The hotels there were even dumping all the waste into the oceans. You couldn’t swim on some of the beaches there because the pollution was so bad. :(

  • OMG I love sorelle! Bob the builder is my fav as a kid☺️ who else still loves Spud?

  • I recommend you Zao make up, they made make up in bamboo packaging. Amazing video! 💕

  • I personally don’t but meat because I’m pescatarian, but if you want meat I know my friend will go to the deli area type thing in a grocery store, and bring a jar ask them to give you like a chicken breast, or whatever you want. :)

  • congrats, you just gained a new subscriber! ❤

  • Funny, I’m watching this video after just learning of you through your minimalist house video and that inspires me so much to see two sides of a huge goal! 🙌🏾 Congrats and thank you 😊

  • Maybe try henna. It's a hair dye and it is natural

  • wow you mentioned Estonia! YAAAS most shops here dont care about packaging..and they let you recycle your trash in containers but dont really recycle the trash in reality. That makes me mad. when you ever come here I would love to meet!!:)

  • If only businesses are ecologically conscious... Thanks for sharing this. Love the intention 🙏 Something to keep in mind.

  • Hey boo, lush sells henna you can use for your hair. (I’m pretty sure😅)

  • thank you for your positivity and the info in this video


  • Love your video, love your personality 😙

  • I love this video, I clicked on it because I wanted to see info on the huge glass bottle your holding in the thumb nail. I've been trying to find a large one like that but I can't.

  • You can get plastic free and natural henna hair dyes at LUSH! :D

  • secure.greenpeace.org.uk/page/s/plastic-free-supermarkets?source=ef&subsource=20180116ocef01&utm_source=gpeace&utm_medium=ef&utm_campaign=20180116ocef01&fbclid=IwAR2XcvHXT8gYCatM8YkVXScblM9z7U2DILBDK0Wh0BC6jjJ8hPJ_9E4BJmg Please, sign up! UK supermarkets use way too much plastic

  • Loving the honesty in this video! ♥️

  • Please put warnings. That video of the turtle was upsetting

  • well there are some alternatives in cosmetics: try LUSH for example

  • Sorelle please link your layered stainless steel food tray

  • Love your energy. Thank you for sharing!

  • Cut down on eating fish. 48% of the plastic in the sea is due to fishing nets bc companies are not bothered to bring them back with them to shore.

  • Also another beauty about living in a poor country is that we always sort the plastic and put them next to the neighbourhood's bin when we take out the trash, and some people, locals, would scavenge for these things and sell the plastic to companies that make plastic so it is free recycling bc our government is practically useless.

  • As for clothes, especially for essentials like white tees, basic jeans, seek out brands outlets. The clothes are just left overs and they are soooo much cheaper and you can find a lot of gems there and you are saving the environment bc otherwise they will be thrown in the trash.

  • You can also use natural kohl as eyeliner. I do it all the time, it works great and middle easter women use henna as fillers for their eyebrows and it lasts a week so u dont have to do everyday (and it being a natural product it helps you grow your eyebrows back and in a few months they are full again. My mom did it and now she doesn't fill them anymore)

  • The beauty about living in a poor country is that most of our produce and vegetables is locally grown so u can just take a reusable bag with you and you will find absolutely nothing already wrapped in plastic. Plus they are supeeeeer cheap.

  • Even buying jars of honey/condiments is less wasteful in general as opposed to plastic bottles bc you can scoop out the last bits in the bottom.

  • As for the moistorizer, mix sesame oil, musk oil, and olive oil. THEY SMELL AMAZING TOGETHER and they will make you feel even better than just olive oil.

  • You can use henna instead of hair dye. It is natural, doesn't contain chemicals, sure smells like crap but lasts longer, and middle eastern women have been using them for AGES, and they make your hair softer and more shiny.

  • i would love an updated video on how you cut your plastic consumption now after practicing a lot longer

  • I live in Iceland

  • actually in many europian countries plastic bags cost so they wont give you the bags automatically. youve chosen some bad locations lol

  • theres henna hair dye at lush! its package free I think?

  • I saw the straw up the turtles nose in music class because the MUSIC teacher showed it to us...

    • GREAT music teacher. Making an important impact.

  • I saw the straw up the turtles nose in music class because the MUSIC teacher showed it to us...

  • I don’t get it, i mean yeah you stop using plastic but that doesn’t make the industry to stop making them or other people to stop using it :/. I guess it helps but just like 0.05%

  • With the makeup, instructions of worrying about the plastic packaging, just reuse the containers for other things, the plastic still exists, but you are giving it a longer life and keeping it out of the landfill longer

  • Living in latvia i can assure you there are places where its made exactly plastic free. But yes almost everywhere is plastic and it makes me sad

  • Where was that store at the start that had all the reusable straws? Please tell me it was somewhere in Sydney! I cannot find these without massive postage. Someone recently started a fight with a fast food worker over a plastic straw. It is dreadful. I live near the Parramatta river and the shore is lined with trash. 😢 3 chocolatiers likely would let you take a jar. Chocolate without plastic. But if you want fair trade as well it might be more difficult. Junk food...make it. Brownies, cupcakes, ice cream etc. Even marshmallows.