Published on Feb 19, 2018
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  • Hi sisters! hope you like today's video!!!! Be sure to show James some love as well :)) Maybe one day he can do MY MAKEUP FOR REALL????

  • God I cringe SOOOOO HAAAAARD when he sings "Me"...

  • Shane’s reaction was me!

  • Im actually loling

  • 5:10 you look like the joker

  • This was terrifying to watch

  • Im a GurU

  • “The closest foundation to my own tone”..........he says picking up a shade that’s 26,974 shades away from his actual skin tone 😄

  • "What if I got the wrong shade??" Sis, you'd literally be James

  • It was ok until he did the eyeliner 🤦‍♀️

  • I honestly don’t get caking your face. Yeah I wear eyeshadow and blush but I think makeup should enhance your beauty, not cover it up

  • why is he calling it “ingredients”😂

  • 4:50 “ohhh nooo” I was getting total Buffalo Bill vibes! 😂

  • 7 to be goalless

  • i couldnt save this under public so b4 she here "ur

  • 😂😂😂 I wish there was a damn tutorial that actually teaches you how to apply. It’s easier to just not wear makeup.

  • The edits are hilarious 😂😂

  • 6:47 omgggg get those fingers out of your nose!!!!!!

  • okay but if he genuinely learned makeup, he would slay it

  • I mean it doesn't look horrible lol

  • I love how his enthusized the 20!!!! And not the 100

  • *James sneezes* "oh my god me!" 😂😂😂

  • This was so stressful lol

  • you look pretty without makeup Ryan, youre beautiful

  • Omg you look like a corpse !😂 I do love it though 😘xx

  • Ryland + Shane = 😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍


  • 😂😂 oh my 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • “i actually dig the packaging on this” *throws across table*

  • I wish he would’ve actually tried

  • I love how he says 'ingredients'

  • Its OK this is me every day 😶😶

  • Hi Sistersssswssssssssssssssss

  • 10:01 can someone please tell me who that is, I've seen him before but I don't remember his name. Thanks 😭 EDIT: To the bitch who liked this and laughed at this comment I hope you're happy (sister mouth click) cheryl 👌 now I wont know who this is and you're just making my life harder OoOOooOkayyy????? 😭😭😭😭

  • I am dyinggg to do Ryland’s makeup!!! 😩

  • you putting foundation over your eyebrows never fails to aggravate me

  • "Literally, my life." thats stuck in my head now-

  • Dude! Light touch! You look like a mime! Or every teenage girl who tried to follow a makeup tutorial 😘👏. A for slAy!

  • still better than all the hoes at my old scool

  • Getting mascara on my nose is like my everyday story lmao

  • Reminds me of Freddie Mercury I'm sorry

  • This is HILARIOUS I died laughing

  • I legit laughed-cried watching this! You’re the best Ryland 🌸💖

  • "im starting to think being beautiful isn't worth it" me every time i go to the drug store

  • I think he got the tester concealer. Lol 😂

  • Fash back marry 0:25

  • Honestly you did better than most middle schoolers😂

  • Ryland is so pretty! I wish he could fix his teeth . He would be even prettier!

  • OMG Voice expectations. Expectations: Sister James " Achoo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo Reality: Ryland " Me me me me me me me "

  • *picks nose vigorously*

  • RYLAND using a eyeshadow brush to contour! I can’t!!!

  • Sister James must be so triggered rn

  • I laughed too hard at this video lol

  • LOL Adorable Ryland. Atleast you tried and yes, I give you an A for effort!! Try again with James Charles guiding you sitting next to you!


  • When you said " the ingredients" xD i died

  • Same. Literally me, every time I try to use make-up. f-ing up the eyeliner always. I switched to skincare routine, cause I'll never get make-up to look good ever.

  • Thank you Ryland, in my English lecture front row when these Trish parts come on and i burst out laughing, and also look like im watching porn. LMAOOO

  • Please take a makeup class my love!!! Lol I can tell you would love to put on some makeup once I a while but you need help!! Yess ! Makeup is supposed to make you look good lol , no seriously you have connections, come on! You know Jeffrey Starr! James! Even Trisha! They can all make you amazing at it ! So please make a video taking makeup classes from all of them and then a final result lol , you can do it!

  • That brow.. and eye liner ruined it 😅

  • That G wagon song .. is it real? Whose song is it?

  • Oh my...queen you really some makeup skills. That's not a look.

  • Wow never laughed so much in my life

  • I love him too much 😂

  • sis......are you okay?

  • I am literally like: Such a beautiful face, don't mess up, please. Then he does the make up and me: *flips my laptop off my desk* Actually, I lost hope when he called the products, ingredients XD Still love you Ryland! Your videos sometimes make my day

  • Wait did Ry really start this without putting primer on ? 😂


  • This reminds me of my 8 year old self trying to do makeup 😂

  • Bootiful

  • oh wow, without the stubble and blemishes, you look so different XD lol

  • Love u Ryland

  • When he was doing the liner I fucking died because that was a big fat schmmmoooodd as a left handed bitch

  • I love you 😍😍

  • u did it well it's just maybe it doesn't look on u should have tried a different look which is more like ur style :)

  • Fuck

  • he kinda looks like jared leto

  • laughed my ass off. Thanks for the Saturday morning giggles!

  • Omg I love you guys!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • You belong in some British pop duo from the 90s

  • Shane is SHOOK. The Queen has spoken.

  • This just proves that so called beauty gurus' makeup tutorials aren't actually helpful. James gives no tips whatsoever🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Ryland: make up is supposed to make you look good i look bad Me: well you have to apply it properly and try to make it look good

  • his eyebrows=dislike

  • 11:57 its not that bad far away and close up

  • Me

  • Starting off @ the 1:58 min mark... Rylands look would have turned out SSSOOO much better if he had different brushes. Brushes make a HUGE difference in makeup & the out come. Real Techniques makes good brushes at the drug store & Moda Brushes are good... Morphe is what I prefer personally bc they are as good as high end but super inexpensive... If Ryland had any other brushes, this look could have been everything.

  • Aww, the struggle with the eyeliner and mascara was adorable. Someone please show him how to hold the brush to avoid getting mascara on you nose - his mind will be blown! :) Actually not a bad job though for someone who's never done their own make-up before :)

  • Dude he said use a damp sponge

  • You look like Jared Letos Joker 😂😎🔥

  • Lol I got all my makeup at the 99 cents store

  • love the doctor mc stuffins music

  • Middle School Theater Girl Look by Ryland Adams

  • I am dying!!! Ryland you are my favorite!!

  • Anyone else got a mini heart attack when he let go of the steering wheel, took his eyes completely off the road, and tried to see how much sugar is in the drink? 😭

  • Ryland : I look bad Me : me to buddy me to

  • 0:26 oh god that my life

  • "if I put a wig on, you would totally F me" "if F stands for Forget then-" HAHAHAHHAHAHA had me laughing like crazy.

  • *Manny Mua has left the chat*

  • 13:27 *you're welcome*