I Tried Curly Hairstyles For A Week

Published on May 3, 2018
Watch my mind unravel.
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  • 2:10 aww shane is such a cute bf x

  • Cringing at the small tooth comb on the first hairstyle 😂😂😂

  • To real with taking hair bands out and taking like 45 mins just to do hair loved the video and how real the video is

  • I thought that it said curlys(the guy) but I was wrong

  • During this whole video, all I could think of was how awesome her eyebrows are.

  • TBH I really needed this video. My hair's a tad longer and on the slightly wavier/less curly side, but I think it's similar enough that I got some good ideas. Most curly hairstyles either (1) require long hair that I just don't have, (2) skills that I definitely don't have and never will, or (3) time I am not willing to devote to style upkeep. Of course, some of these styles still fall into those categories, but the space buns looked super cute! I will definitely be giving some of these a try to not feel so bland all the time.

  • I don't even do my hair I just put some devacurl in it and go

  • Yay I made it become 20k likes

  • Girl. You just don't know how to do your hair. All of you family has straight hair. I'll be honest, I learned all of my hairstyles from youtube and Pinterest.

    • Just keep trying different things! Your curly hair will take time, LOTS of product, and practice. You've got this!

  • I love the bb8 in her shelf ❤

  • *SARAHHH I see Sarah I click* *Any Sarah fans here pls like for support in my heart condition* *jk but like for sarah, pls lol*

  • “What did you say” that was so cute. I love them as a couple so much

  • I have curly hair and I really want to try these hairstyles!!!

  • Why doesn't she just leave it open? Its ironic how what is considered unattractive to whites is considered extremely attractive to blacks. Black men trip over themselves to date women with her hair texture.

  • 8:28 SARA HAS WOODY!!!

  • My hair is curly but I love it when it’s straight but I don’t want to put heat on my hair everyday

  • I love your hair it's so cute whether it's styled or not😊

  • Use more bobby pins!!! That twisted mini but style would stay if you used more, and maybe some hair pins for any flyaways. And use some kind of leave-in conditioner &/or soft style creme (i.e. DevaCurl supercream) to tame the frizz halo if you don't like it. Works later in the wash/wear cycle, too.

  • she's honestly me "now we put pins in where we obviously know to put them, not everyone knows where to put them"

  • what you say

  • try to grow out your haiiiir!!!

  • Seems like they’re empty compliments

  • I just hangout with non-nat-curly peeps they always think the frizzle looks so cute...🤫

  • tried space buns once. had a teacher tel me he liked “my little knobs”.... never wore them again

  • Sara is so cute lmao 💜

  • For the unsolved fans : Notice the Shane's butterfly encased in glass in the beginning

  • can we appreciate also how BOMB Jazz looks in this video

  • gawd i would kill for her natural curl

  • I literally love Sara so much. More Sara please Buzzfeed!!!!

  • This lady looks really good! More videos of her please!! lol 😁

  • "Pretty Cute" "What did you say?" lol 💙

  • You look like Brenda from The Maze Runner movies

  • Are these 2:07 2:09 guys from buzzfeedblues?

  • Do Shane and Sara live together or is that a roommate in the background?!


  • Sarah boyfriend was like “ what’d you say “ lol 😂 cracked me up

  • *not photoshopping dat*

  • The twist & pin & the two braided updo was cute 💓

  • Wish i was there to help, it would be fun to play in your hair lol

  • Using a leave-in conditioner with some kind of gel on top of it will help with the frizz and stop it from falling out. It has a better hold and doesn't dry out hair like hairspray.

  • Short hair seems to be a lot harder to style.

  • woman at 7:22's skin... is giving me so much life, such a pretty person.

  • 2:12 PROTECTIVE SHANE LMAO i love how he's looking at her in awe so cuuute they're so cute istg also +1 for the surprise braid lady i like how you think madame

  • Question : do her and Shane date. If so 😍 if not I ship.


  • Tip for Bobby pins spray a bit of hair spray on them before putting them in your hair, helps them stay a bit better. I have fine crazy curly hair ☺

  • This video is so helpful tbh, we have the same hairtype and I also usually style my hair like that. Also, we have the same name! Yay, ly!

  • curly hair needs to get styled wet....retry all these styles with your hair damp and with a product ... (this was hard to watch lol poor babe)

  • So here is why most of your hairstyles did not work. You are trying to possibly do hairstyles​ that are meant for thicker hair or hair that is longer. For your type of hair, you may need to have wet hair. The day you tried to do the three buns it would have worked on wet hair. Proper moisturizing, styling products, etc also help with styling. Work on your braiding technique so that you can accomplish very cute braided styles. I wish you hadn't given up so easily.

  • Space buns look so cute on other people but I just look like Ms trunchbull from Matilda but with two buns

  • Your hair are super cute!

  • As a beginner she probably should have tried these styles with damp hair and let them air dry.

  • 2:20 it’s true though not even rude 😂 you really don’t do anything much to your hair

  • I have curly hair and I always struggle with finding hairstyles that are good for curly hair. I normally just keep it down and sometimes do a half up half down ponytail but that’s basically it and I normally really hate my hair type because I’ve always thought I couldn’t do much with it but this video has inspired me to do some research and test out some hairstyles for curly hair instead of just always leaving it down and going with the same hairstyle every day!

  • Umm, I think she just needs a bristled brush and eco styler gel

  • The space buns 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 my favorite 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • anyone else find that workplace to be a parallel hipster universe/hellish nightmare?

  • can someone point me to the part where the complaining stops?

  • GIRLLLL SAMEEE THIS IS MEEE!! Even more so bc I relativelybrecently cut it as short as yours and I feel like I can’t do anything... I used to always had it much longer and I felt like on me it looks nicer down than it does now.. so let’s try these styles!!!

  • brushing your hair before might help. i know curly hair can get frizzy if you brush it but it will be easier to braid and style if you brush the part you will style

  • Space buns are my go to!!! I hope this video gives me some ideas!! We have about the same type of hair but mine is a bit longer

  • My hair is ridiculously thick and it's a mixture of waves and full on curls I always straighten it. But I left my straighteners at my moms house so I had to go natural, i just stood in the mirror in disbelief wondering what to do with the brown storm cloud upon my head because I never really try to deal with my natural hair because I just don't know where to begin.

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  • Aww, I loved this video! Quick tip, though, from one curly girl to another--get your hair wet before you do the styling. Even just damp, it helps braids stay smoother and parting is WAY easier if your hair is a little wet before you try to style. I cannot style my hair dry lol. Good job!

  • Aweeee, she's so friggin cute, her hair is gorgeous!!

  • I spent time trying new hair stuff and you did really well! A couple of tips. The twist and pin. Firstly yours looked better than the photo. Secondly a couple of tips, it it's coming out more pins and hairspray and your golden! Also the double braid, it you plait it backwards then halfway and pull them out to look bigger it'll look more prominent. Love the vid 😀


  • The first time I straightened my best friends hair in high school, we blew it out with no product and she looked like the cowardly lion🤣 it took two hours to straighten her bottom of her ribs length hair. It was so much fun as a person with semi wavy mostly straight hair.

  • she looks like the female harry potter

  • You have Finn Wolfhard hair 😍

  • Awww Shane is so protective 😭💛💛

  • I tried the first one and I already give up.

  • I hate that alot of times you cant actually see hairstyles in curly hair (like braids...) but, forme at least, thats also a pro cuz you can just cut your hair and nobody will notice if you didnt cut it straight....that saved me alot of money for the hairdresser....

  • I never know what to do with my curly hair, I usually just let it do what it wants or pull it in a bun/ponytail

  • As a curly girl I wanted to cry!!! Always style slightly damp to wet. Use deva curl light and defining gel!! LORD SOMEONE GET HER TO A DEVA CURL SALON!!!! 😢😭😢😭 To begin though it's a great start. 😁 KERP GOING!!

  • 6:40 that braid is so fat it's basically a plait. In fact I would just call it a plait, actually


  • i feel like you put in 0% effort into the styles...kind of misses the point of the video

  • "Its good" "Cool" "...Cute" "What did you say?" Hahaha

  • i like theseee thanks!

  • My name is also Sara and my hair is the exact same texture as hers, only a little longer and a bit lighter brown

  • God I want to Rail this nerdy chick ♡

  • I love Sara forever and ever. Adorable, wonderful woman!

  • I love how the girl at about 5:00 styled her hair!! Anyone know how to do that?

  • I have curly hair as well and I have not been able to follow any tutorials 😂 my layers dont help either. My braids look so messy because the pieces stick out everywhere

  • wheres the red cardigan from tho? :)

  • I’m living for Jazzmyne’s hair

  • My hair is so straight and I could style it but I’m too lazy lol


  • I LOVE it when my curly hair is big! (When it’s big curls and not frizz)

  • I’m not sure if it’s only me, but I struggle so hard with my curls getting tangled. My hair is pretty long, around boob length when curly, and everyone I try to section it, it’s like I have to rip the end of my curls apart. Anybody else have the same problem?

  • I am so glad that my hair is totally straight despite that i need to wash my hair every other day

  • Oh! There's a Bobby pin in my hair from yesterday 😂 so real

  • You are so cute! Thus isn’t meant to be weird..

  • ZAC AND SARA. I SHIP IT!!! 😍😍😍

  • Oh those brows !!!

  • I feel like I've seen this before...

  • I had to re-watch it, today was a ugh I have to deal with this curly hair day, I went for the twist and pin, mind you I re-watched this at 5:30am and it came out pretty fancy!

  • the double braid look so beautiful!!!

  • Shane and Sarah are so cute