I Tried Curly Hairstyles For A Week

Published on May 3, 2018
Watch my mind unravel.
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  • I don’t really do a lot of “curly hairstyles” because my hair is curliest on the top of my head, and my curls are very fragile, so if I do these right after washing, then my hair won’t look curly anymore 😕

  • Este video es realmente bueno me encanta

  • You are so cute 💚

  • My hair looks like that when wet....also live in England😔it sucks

  • 2:05 vs 2:14 ❤💘💗💞💖 edit// i love em all

  • Shane’s “what did you say” made my heart go all gooey

  • when she said 90 degrees i screamed because i forgot they use fahrenheit

  • I have straight hair and I don't know how to style it.

  • 2:09

  • This is why I only ever have my hair down, half up or two braids

  • where can I get these hairstyle tutorials?

  • Curly hair is a struggle 😫

  • Shane is just :|)))) Imma die

  • Shane saying "what you say" was too cute.

  • I love space buns i have the same exact one right now but just one bun

  • I’m so glad i have straight hair

  • I hate my curly hair so I FELL Ya on this whole thing

  • Oh Gosh she's so cuteeee

  • I like that the 1st girl day one said "you're an intergalactic person" with the straightest face I ever seen. I cracked up so hard

  • Omgg i love your hairr😍😍

  • "I'm not photoshopping that" lmfao

  • The little bits coming out of the end is super cute but HECK I can relate

  • Do another video where you get trained by a professional

  • If your hair is coming undone then that means the Bobby pins are not inserted correctly. Should have googled how to use Bobby pins correctly. Nice effort though!

  • curly + plastic elastic = DEFINATELY A NO

  • 6:57 feels like her comment was fake

  • I have curly hair and i only do buns like every single day whenever I try something new either I don't like it or someone tells me not to do it again 😑 it actually makes me insecure that isee people doing lots of styles with their hair and i can't do except one and i look terrible in it

  • i love shane and sara together they're adorable

  • 2:11

  • why do i feel like u and chantel have very similar voices lol

  • Zach is the best !!!

  • Her hairs not even curly . Wavy at most .

  • do one where you wear make up every day

  • SHANE AT 2:11

  • Anyone else w curly hair, i do that "shower, put product in, wrap hair in tshirt and sleep" works actual wonders for me. I think its called hair plopping. Its super handy since i dont have time to shower before work.

  • I love this video so much, my hair is just like yours but sits above my shoulders. Im def gonna try some of these! I laughed when you said your 3 hair styles bc... same 😂👌🏼

  • Subtle Owen Wilson

  • I think she should go bald.

  • Finding bobby pins in my hair from two or three days ago is my favorite hobby

  • So, curly hair looks difficult, but it's nothing compared to natural, thin, oily hair. Oh, I hate it. Especially during the summer. It just looks like crap, oily hair. 😩😩

  • I don’t know, her hair just doesn’t look cared after enough I have a couple of friends who have curly hair and they obsessively style with sprays, curl definers, no frizz hairstyles but I guess her hair type and length can’t let her look polished

  • I like the one that's braided to the bun

  • She has the most beautiful curly hair ever. I almost envy her ;-;

  • I think ur hair is just too short for some of the hairstyles and that's what made it difficult for you

    • Saradactal Mama yeah I think that’s the point!

  • hun needs a wide tooth comb.

  • The space buns were so good on her and they match her personality so well bc she’s so quirky but still kind of girly and they were so cute

  • her hair is so cute

  • That moment when Shane did the "jelaous boyfriend" with the:What'd you say???

  • Does Zach like you...

  • I think Sara looks very beautiful with her hair open as well. 😊

  • K. K. SLIDER

  • 8:10 I thought that was her hair 😭😭

  • i have the same problem , my hair is short and curly😩

  • Shane said “What did you say” like he was very jealous.

  • Your hair is AMAZING! 😍

  • I would just like to point out that 6:07 is a moment that everyone who has curly hair and uses bobby pins has experienced 😂

  • Its like a suprise braid ! Love her🤗

  • ZAAAAACK 2:15 🙌🙌🙌

  • moRE SARA

  • My bays sister is 5 years old and has the curliest hair and she always wants her hair in a braid and it’s so hard because she doesn’t have a lot of hair

  • guide deserve back ggyahag acceptance drawing silver light short interior.

  • Shane’s Friend: You’re cute! Shane: wHaT dID yOU SAY

  • Ryan and Shane are just like yeah it's hair 😂😂

  • Shane, the defensive boyfriend, is everything. This video is so cute😂😂❤

  • Yay!!! A realistic hair tutorial-ish !!!

  • The difference between men and women compliments

  • great filming skills

  • sPaCe BuNs MY FAVE 💕💕💕

  • Ha! good on you! Everyone wants to straighten it. I want to find ways not to look like just a bun head or a mass of curls that fall over my small forhead.

  • Sooooo I guess you can say her space bun are out of this world!! 😂

  • Ugh perfect clean sectioning is impossible if it's not wet or detangle xD

  • I’m mixed and I have really curly hair that’s the length to my middle back and I can’t do my edges or my hair at all . So I just leave it down allll the time

    • Piggywiggy 323 SAME I’m mixed with long hair and with sooo much hair who’s looking at my edges 😂 and people think I style it when it’s down

  • she doesn't have curly hair she has wavy hair she should have used gel for her buns

  • pretty cute *waT yoU sAy*

  • Pretty cute Wadu say

  • is it wrong for me to ship zach and sara even though sara and shane are a thing dont get me wrong though i love shane and sara being together hahaha

  • The Space Buns were _crazy_ cute!!! I don't have nearly enough hair but I would totally try it

  • Dear people without curly hair, Have you ever woke up in the morning, get ready and just be like... now what to do with this basket of hair?:v ......... We do every morning

  • I have curly hair. Wetting your hair, using some product, and using a brush to slick back the buns and your braids would have helped a lot. Also, elastics are not for curly hair at all! They get stuck, lost, and pop. Hope you'll try again.

  • I wish sims 4 had a hairstyle option like hers bc it’s so cute

  • I think that if she had more time then she could have made it work.Cause to me she did not try hard enough.But i mean my opinion does not matter sooo yeah.

  • Such cute hairstyles❤ And you are so beautiful ❤❤

  • She might want to give up shampoo for a month. Her hair would look awesome cowashed

  • 2:09 look at shane being defensive and stuff, so cute lololol

  • Can we talk about 2:10? Shane: “It’s cool!” (Idk his name): “It’s cute.” Shane: “What did you say.?” Shane’s so protective over Sara oml I ship them


  • "I mean, it looks like she's doing ponytails, I just don't know where they're going..." ... .... *clicks subscribe*

  • **has fine/wavy hair** **watches ALOT OF curly hair videos** I will never have these curly hair styles. Why am I watching 😂

  • So i wanna like her she’s adorable ya know but idk she doesnt seem too happy doing this ... i mean obv. Lol

  • 2:27 we under appreciate Zack's cute pose.

  • Lol I could stop laughing to see another person that struggles just like me. Favourite quote “the good thin is that curly hair looks the same no matter what you do”. I have the same hair and I just go for the basic because it’s a struggle. Thanks for the video!

  • Did you used hairspray

  • i heard you guys cant comment on vids, but are you a little? like ddlg little

  • Oh theres a bobby pin in there from yesterday me:are you sure there isnt a cheeseburger im hungray!!!!

  • I needed this thank you soooooo much xx

  • I loved day four and day one

  • Lmfao this is so relatable

  • no matter what hair type it is, if someone has short hair and can do these hairstyles, youre godlike.

  • anyone else notice she has a doll of a character from yo gaba gaba :)

  • I just straighten it and do edges and ik good for 3 days lol.