I'm usually NOT hit on... but something happened

Published on Dec 1, 2018
I'm usually not used to this....
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  • My mmm mmm chicken moment was when I was playing softball at school and i was batting i heard a girl say that i was very hot. I was so confused that i forgot to swing for the ball. My reaction was a stumbled "foul ball?" and everybody lost it

  • So when will you tell how you and pam got together

  • well better then the rest of us

  • *writes 'hmm hmm chicken' on the to say list*

  • *Mmmh...MMMMH* *CHICKEN*

  • Bro i love final space im just wondering wen is the next season gonna start my favorite character is mooncake 😂

  • I was only checked once, and it was in a Dinning Commons at ZooMass. And it was amazingly creepy! So, I took this crazy classmate there for lunch; she was on a suicide watch, but so miserable that no one would put up with her, even after her recent suicide attempt. As we all know, the most romantic stories all revolve around sitting around and watching a misanthrope so they don't try of off themselves; that is how all the best "rom-coms" start out! Not a fun day, she was extra miserable to me that day as part of a defense mechanism. She had a hierarchy of who she thought was worth while: lesbians, bi-women, straight women (who hadn't discovered how fun breasts are to play with), gay men, bi men, the grime that builds up under the lip of the toilet, cockroaches, and then straight men. But, as far as she knew, I was a straight guy, and the only person willing to sit with her to make sure she doesn't "down the lane and not across the street" again, I threw her whole world view into question, and that made her more grumpy acerbic. Well, she decided that she wanted to find some love, so she starts trying to hit of every half way cute girl at the dinning commons. This was spectacular: she would stare at them with a look that can only be described as what's in-between "I want to eat your flesh and wear your skin" and "you ran over my dog." It was creepy and I scolded her "don't look at people like that, you'll creep them out!" She asked "how else are they supposed to know I'm interested." I retorted "you smile warmly, go up to them, say 'hi' and introduce yourself, then later slip in you think they're attractive." At this time, someone she knew from the GSA walked in. I need to take a moment to describe myself first, and why I had never before been checked out. I'm 5'10.5" to 5'11", depending on how my bad back is responding to the weather. I have the shoulders like a line backer, but my 260lbs was mostly not muscle, resulting in both a round gut, but also quite noticeable moobs. My dark features were highlighted by my fat face, where the weight naturally pulls my mouth and features into what has been described as "resting bitch face" when I wasn't sporting a sly grin at me cracking wise. At that time I was 20yo; but had been constantly mistaken as a manager in their 30's when shopping after church since middle school. That's right, people thought I was in my 30's while I was in my teens and "tweens." Needless to say, I didn't hold much confidence in my sexual allure; and have never had a women walk up to me and go "I think you're cute!" So, in walks this tiny little bean pole. And this crazy classmate and him didn't get along and exchanged some scowls. Then he starts staring at me. Not a little glance, on no... he starts staring intently at me as if he was trying to burn a hole into my soul. He starts staring at me like he's trying to estimate if he can make a suit out of me, and still have room left over to make a lamp shade. He staring at me like he's fantasizing about playing "Luke and the Tauntaun on planet Hoth" with me, estimating if he could fit! I asked the crazy classmate why he was staring at me: she told me he liked middle aged "daddies" and "bears..." so yes. The only time I ever got checked out was cause someone thought I was middle aged when I was in my 20's, and liked fat people, and made it feel like he wanted to make a furniture set out of me. I think that trumps looking like her husband!

  • I was eating pizza while watching this. Are ya jealous?

  • They’ve got final space on Netflix


  • sorry im the shirtless guy but good story tho ;D

  • No its only on netfkix

  • Hey what happened to chess boxing?

  • MmmHmm Chicken, just turns me on, and I'm a guy!

  • *Major Oof*


  • Imagine he walked away before the girl could finish .......”future husband”

  • ALEX! I THINK you have been looks at several times. You just have nebver noticed it. And in this onnnnneeeeee timmmeeeeeee, your friend told you that "you're looked at" .... Coincidence? I don't Think so.

  • I’m waiting for final space season 2

  • Final Space is also on Netflix

  • Wtf is that thumbnail

  • MM-MM CHICKEN i still don't have a girlfriend

  • Im 11 and ive seen some people my age or maybe???????and they were starring looking checking me out???????i dunno but please help me im always beside someone that is a different gender of me when i am out to school or coming home 😭😭😭

  • I am more of a shirtless man kind of guy =D. I don't leave women pregnant with my stare but I get some attention

  • I would say, *"hum, hum, CHOCOLAAATE! AMSNWJJS"* 😍😍😚😚💜💕❤💘💞💟💖💋💓💗💝😂😂😂

  • Mmmhhhh mmmmhhhh Chicken

  • *Mmm mmm ChIcKiN*

  • Nani

  • I love final space it's really good and I'm only 10


  • Final space is also on Netflix at least in Canada!! Such a great show

  • Well... I don't know which is worse a hot girl likes you because you remind them of their husband, or they like you because you remind them of her dad. Me getting the latter remark.

  • Final Space used to be on Netflix, now not anymore, I'm sad

  • I have a story I was at church and i was like 10 and some girl was look at me dead straight in the eye and she comes and sit next to me and said "your cute." And the first thing that came through my mine is "I have a Sister" then i ran...

  • Do you want to "*TILT MY TOWERS*"

  • Is this the same guy that dated a 9th grader in 7th grade?

  • LOL😀

  • hey Alex dont eat to much wings because it makes you g.. nvm

  • This was posted on my birth day

  • That’s the biggest Oof ever

  • Just want to say it, but if you're going to put yourself under that kind of light, best to put on a little make-up. 2 cents.

  • Mmmm...mmmmm...CHICKEN

  • Plot twist it was a pick up line as in she saw you as her future husband

  • It’s not that you likely never have, it’s likely that you never noticed. Females hide it much better than guys.

  • Y not new Mexico

  • He is so high

  • Really mmm mmm chicken

  • Like him or hate him we all have that "shirtless man" friend

  • Where are the shirtless man's nipples

  • Final space is the bomb

  • Pin if i am right but did u play barry in the bee movie

  • So all you want is attention

  • You're coming in Seattle yes.. nah. I have a problem with having a bf and not having one I was rebellious

  • dang it Alex

  • Man at least you never asked out your crush and she assumed you were gay for years 😂 🥺no seriously that happened to me 🤦🏻‍♂️ twice man twice.

  • rip buddy

  • Mmm mmm chicken oh Yeah


  • I got a pickup line: "Do you ever take out the trash? Cuz' I'm a lot of garbage myself *wink*"

  • Mmm MMM Chicken! That will now be my flirt uhh thing? What’s it called? Oh well. If I ever awkwardly flirt with a girl this is what I shall say 😂

  • I go up to a girl mmmm mmmm chicken and they say I’m vegan.

  • I can feel you breathing on my Orange slices. *> 8^ (*

  • So you and Pam got back together?

  • Forget Final Space. I have Deep Space! (69)! < =^ )

  • Alex x Pam Similar looking Husband x -Gaster- Pumpkin Girl Follower. ( =^ )

  • 2:15 or 2:10 Should have made that meme a little longer. ( =^ )

  • Mmm mmmm chicken. That would get me going. 😂😂😂

  • I’m gonna say um um chicken in your honor

  • Everybody always goes to Atlanta but they never come to Birmingham 😐

  • I'm not going to laugh

  • “That would be enough” The Hamilton Fandom joined the chat

    • Blue Rose yes.


  • Im ForverAlone lol

  • Maybe she was checking you out but when you made a fool out of yourself she lied about having a husband 🤷


  • it is also on netflix

  • In middle school had a crush on a girl that was 2 grade ahead of me. I built up the courage to ask her out, and in my rehearsing, her sister heard me and said yes. I ended up dating her for....well 2 weeks. but that was forever in middle school years.

  • I’ve watched all of finally space

  • Never had a girl check me out. 10/10

  • Mm mm chicken.. 🍗

  • It was a pickup line. She was saying he looked like her husband because she wanted to marry him

  • Okay, so I did not have such a moment, but I did have a similair moment. What happend is: I was at camp, and I see this really cute girl the whole time. And I mean really CUTE! And I was trying to talk to her the whole time, but I never got the chance to do so. So, it’s the end of camp. In an hour, I Will litterrally never see this girl again. So, I walk across the main camping place, away from my group, away from my friends and I go sit next to her. I have not spoken to her the whole camp, but I took a deep breath and went: you know, if I could rearrange the alfpabet, I would put U and I together. And she laughs. So, I introducé myself; hey, im J. And she Goes; hey, im M. Fast forward a bit, and the whole time im wearing a sweatpants, too big t-shirt and a tied vest around my waist. I did not comb my hair, don’t have ANY make-up on (I don’t usually anyway, but I look like a gobelin) and I stink of sweat, mud and dead spiders. And she somehow still looks like an angel, after tents, rain messes and more. But I use my awful pick-up lines and I got her number!!!! Even when I told my friends and showde them a pic, they thought she was out of my league!! Even my straight female friend was like DAMN! It is now half a year later, and im dating her. She lives far away, so we have a tough time seeing Each other, since we are also both graduating this year (so drowning in work) but I like her. And on our first date, I took notes with bad pick-up lines with me, and slipped them to her, in het pockets, in her hand. She loved it: gave me a Kiss for it, and bought me ice-cream. I kept flirting with her the whole time, even making Some sexy Jokes (im asexual). So yeah, bad situation, bad pick-up line, but it worked! Hope you enjoyed the story! ❤️


  • Nope

  • can I ride ur hot long plump sausage

  • Ok

  • Chicken!!!!!!


  • mmm mmm Chicken.

  • I feel so bad for you.

  • Can you please go to Norway or Sweden some time

  • *_MMM MMMMMM C H I C K E N_*

  • Thank u for the advice I will try this on the girl I like.

  • You know what I will try it on a girl I mean the Mmm Mmmm Chicken thing

  • deep space 69 is amazing as well

  • Its so hilarious


  • Friend:hey do u like US-tv Me: mhhm mhhm CHICKEN

  • I'm dead mmm mmm chicken XD lmao I'm dead I laughed so hard I cried XD oml lol

  • I like how you integrate Pam into your videos