I'm A Tomboy, And No One Wants To Date Me

Published on Dec 1, 2018
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This is Jo. Actually, her name is Josephine, but you wouldn’t be able to imagine a person less suitable to be called Josephine. She’s a tomboy, and she’s proud of it. However, life as a tomboy is not as amusing as you might imagine. She’s faced a lot of problems, and she wants to tell you about them.
Jo had trouble communicating with other girls right from her early childhood. She remembers one time when a large group of children had gathered in one place for a party or something, and her mom gently pushed her towards the other girls and said, “go play with the dolls, make friends with someone!” She diligently started moving dolls here and there and listening to boring talk about girly problems, but all the while she kept looking at the boys, who were playing something thrilling, laughing and doing their boyish stuff. She was so envious that at some point she just silently stood up and joined them. That was the moment when the fun started for her.
Things didn’t improve as the years went by. Jo was always attracted to the world of boys, and all of her friends were boys as well. She felt at ease when she talked to them, and felt that she understood their problems and their way of thinking better. Whereas when she was around girls, she was totally clueless. Their problems were hard for her to follow, especially when they complained about boys.
Jo had to adapt her looks to her lifestyle as well. When she went out with her friends, they always did something active, like skateboarding or exploring abandoned buildings or climbing trees. For these kinds of things, you need to dress in a practical way. She found out that jeans and hoodies are much more comfortable in this respect than typical girls’ clothes, which she had always hated in any case. And that is how she has dressed her whole life. For Jo, it was always a tragedy when they made some formal visit and she needed to dress “properly”, as people would call it. A cute dress, shiny shoes, a neat hairdo… ugh. As you can probably imagine, phrases like “wear skirts, be more feminine, you’re a girl” were the things she kept hearing time and again, until at one point her parents just gave up.
It wasn’t that Jo felt she was ugly or anything, and that being a tomboy was her way of gaining confidence. She actually thinks she’s quite cute, and when she’s forced to be a girly girl she looks no worse than her peers. For her, being a tomboy is a lifestyle, and she’s happy with that. The problem was that some time ago, she’d noticed that her friends had started dating.
One of the things that people were often mistaken about was the belief that because Jo was a tomboy, she must be gay. But she’s actually attracted to boys, not girls. Ironically, she actually gets a lot of backtalking from girls who say that she’s just trying to get attention from all the boys around her. She’s never taken this seriously, because she’s never had THAT kind of attention from the boys. Which is actually the core of her problem.
Yes, she’s seeking her first romance. She has lots of boys around her. So what’s the problem, you might ask. The problem is that they don’t really see her as a girl! They know she’s a girl, of course, but they don’t want to date her, because who would date a bro? Once, there was a boy she liked, and she thought it would be wise to approach him and ask if he wanted to go out with her. And guess what - he just laughed at her! He wasn’t mean or anything, it was more something like “Sorry bro, I don’t see you as a GIRL”. Seeing the look on her face, he corrected himself: “I mean, THAT kind of a girl”. Oh thanks, now that’s much better!
This was the first time when being a tomboy had a negative effect on her life. She even tried to put on make up and a dress, but felt really weird and the boys just looked at her strange as well. She gave up and lost hope. It seemed like it was a price that she had to pay to keep the comfortable and amusing life of a tomboy. She became a bit melancholic looking at all those happy couples, and felt that something was missing from her life for the first time.
One day she was invited out to go skateboarding, but she wasn’t in the mood so she just sat there, watching her friends and thinking her sad thoughts. One of her oldest friends soon came over to sit with her and asked why she was so sad. She didn’t want to lie, so she explained everything as it really was - that no one wanted to date her because no one considered her a potential girlfriend. “Don’t cry”, he said, “I’ll go on a date with you!” She refused out self-respect. “I don’t need charity”, she said. Suddenly, he became very serious and said that he really wanted to. And so she accepted. Accidentally, she had made the same mistake all her friends had made with her - she hadn’t considered his feelings, because you don’t go on dates with buddies. Well, she was mistaken.
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  • Autumn but I go by Aj I'm a tomboy too I HATE pink! I'm not a dyke I'm straight

  • Tomboy or a dyke? Because now all the tomboys are dykes and no guys would want to be sued or taken to the police trying to have sex with a lesbian cuz that's what they do

  • I wear some freaking big sweaters 😂but dolls scare me 😂

  • Can't tell ya how many tomboys I dated growing up. I remember taking one to prom. Ended up in a fist fight when people started making fun of her. I hated how people treated her for preferring a more male dress style. I always tried to defend her, she is a great friend. I wish I had persued a further relationship with her. She was truly the one that got away.

  • Well it probably doesn’t have anything to do with you being a tomboy so stop acting so entitled. No one gets a gf/bf. Watched the whole video threw and it turned out you were lying. So it appears I’m the only lonely one here.

  • Carls j😂😂😂

  • If people won't date you, maybe the common denominator is you and how you act. NOT other people and their perceptions.

  • My sister is a tomboy.

  • Gender stereotypes, while oftentimes disputed, challenged, and sometimes vehemently disagreed upon! Most stereotypes can be directly linked to real life occurrences, that in whole or in part carry with them a semblance of irrefutable truth -- but I'm sure this to could be argued! And thus, over a millenium, stereotypes have carried with them a template for which all could be catergorized, referenced, and easily made to identify with a certain set of measurable behaviors (actions) which give away our intent and announces our choices to be...! And this ladies and gentlemen is a causality of living in a world filled with human beings, all of us fallible, harshly judgemental and reluctantly empathetic! And although, no one likes to be stereotyped, it is however, a very real part of our society! Because truth be told...there are some that not only fit these stereotypes, they define them! And it begins the moment you identify as one thing or another and place yourself within that definable context to be...well....stereotyped! As you discover who you are and what you are, and as soon as you lump yourself in with a group, set, tribe or gender specific organization, you have inevitably thrown yourself within that group...to be stereotyped! Take responsibility for this and look no further than the reflection you see in a mirror to blame it on! You have willingly chosen to be a part of something bigger than yourself, for few are capable of standing alone! It is our practices and actions which define us and not much else! One should always strive to aspire to something greater...something other than what society intended for you! About the greatest stereotype anyone could hope to be labeled as; is a decent human being who cared about other's and tried to make this world a better place! Stereotypes are for people who are too insecure to go it alone and not brave enough to walk the path less traveled! Is this my opinion, a truth or merely just another stereotype!? And on that note... you may decide that for yourself!

  • I am also a tomboy and I love my lifestyle


  • Ok... that’s not a Tom boy. That’s an emo

  • My group of friends and me myself are all tomboy ya know...

  • Here in the philippines, being a tomboy automatically means ur a lesbian

  • What you mean people will like me with my burnt chicken nugget face

  • Gay lol

  • But, i want love this girl

  • I feel you dude im a tomboy too

  • Change tomboy to ugly and its me

  • When I was dating I was told by his cousin that I was looking for attention but I wasn’t I wanted to be loved and feel like I was special but the boy I once loved I still remember him I thought he was the one for me but now I’m single😞

  • NO, a girl should be a girl

  • NO one wants to date me sigh, i was called flat becuse im a late bloomer :(

  • Id fuck a tomboy. Right in the ass.

  • I'm a tomboy too, But secretly act like a girl, I like sports,Punching,Kicking,Boy clothes,Spiders and Basketball

  • Booooo fuck you

  • Tomboys are the milk of gods kindness unto man. No one wants to date you because you’re ugly

  • nobody thinks im gay or anything and nothing is actually wrong in my life but im also having a hard time to find a guy i mean i have lots of guy friends but then thay all dont perceive me in that way like we all are buddies and i just dont know what to do who is gonna marry me im like 16 and ive never even had a boyfriend but thats alright as long as life goes on 🤷 but its just sad not to have a love life , well im guessing ill find him too 🙏💯

  • i am a tomboy too but my parents just dont seem to get it they are too old fashion and old school they just cant understand they keep pressuring me to wear dresses and skirts everywhere and that to behave like a girl, i do as they say but sometimes it just bothers me bcox im not comfortable in such clother and such style so i break rules most of the time and this gets them really mad but when i just try telling them that my style is jeans and tops and soccer and video games rather than makeup and dresses they just think its a phase and let it slip, i just dont know how to put it to them thats its not a phase rather its my personality

  • Be what ever you want

  • Nice story doing in a good way

  • Don't worry I'm black and I'm a tomboy. Nobody wants to date me. Hi my name is Mufaro. Pronounced "moo fa ro". But I'm fine being single. Last to date First to not get heart broken ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  • LGBT 🌈

  • I'm a techno-goth, a tomboy and a gamer but I prefer to be in a dark corner rather than join a group. This is because I don't have that much in common with most girls. Growing up was not a happy time for me. I was isolated, and my parents didn't care. My mom kept trying to "girl me up" and my dad would ignore me. (He still does.) I love to rollerblade on my inline skates and play video games while my mom would try (and often fail) at making me a "normal" girl. Why can't they accept me for who I am?

  • I have a girlfriend and... she isnt a real tomboy but she hangs out with boys a lot and not so much girls. She also likes boy stuff and not girl stuff. So she is kind of a half tomboy...

  • *Are there guy tomboys? So Tamgirls? Tomgirl? What about trans and fluid gender/androgeny? Tombi? Tomless-tommy?* And furrytoms?

  • My friend used to be a girly girl. But then one day. I walked into her life. And I showed her things I liked and did. At first she hated the things I liked. But then she opened up. And now she is a half tomboy like me.

  • I'm a otaku girl so nobody loves me

  • Imagine her coming up to you and saying “hey” in a Morgan Freeman voice 😂💀

  • This is very relatable. People always think I’m a guy and I’m scared I won’t find a guy to love me. People think I look like a guy and my friends only knew I was a girl when they met me because I was in the girls bathroom. How the hell do I start to look more like a girl?

  • What's up with gender roles?? When I was a kid I didn't care about girl things and boy things I played with anyone and everyone. I also like more comfortable clothes like jeans and hoodie too, yeah I was told some things but when they saw I didn't care they stopped. I stood up for myself since kindergarten, and then they tried to say that I was a bully for not allowing myself to get pushed around, but that's not even close to the truth. I have always been comfortable with myself and that allows me to be friendlier to others. I have never cared about race, handicaps, genders, none of that I'm proud to be able to say that and mean it. Now I'm a good relationship going for 5 years, and everyone in school use to ask how can you date for so long? Don't you get bored? And no I don't, bc love is s beautiful thing and we support each other he and I will always work things out and be mature about it bc we're adults. We will always be comfortable being ourselves.

  • ER ME GERD!! I'm so happy for you!

  • No guy wants to date a girl that looks like a guy.

  • I'm a tom boy don't feel bad

  • Girls hated me cuz of my jokes. I guess the jokes were to annoying for the classroom. So I’m so lonely..... At least I got my porn to keep me company

  • Shoulda listen to ur mom huh

  • im sorry but this annoys me so much and i cant even explain why. just like, hhhh

  • "At least you're not mentally disab-" *red dot appears on head* "uhh transgender"

  • No people i think look good will date me,prove me wring

  • I can’t explain how much I relate to this

  • I remember being a mix of girly girl and Tom boy. God people hated me. I was single for most of my school years. I'm a junior now and have a loving boyfriend who loves me for who I am (I'm gender fluid)

  • Go girl

  • no girl would date me but im good with talking to them like Bruh

  • If I was a boy, I would date you. Plus, I love to be to friend and I love tomboys

  • I'd smash

  • I can relate to this too! I’m a girl who love kpop and anime. I may be crazy about kpop and anime but I want to date guys to Like girly girl. Most guys know I like kpop so they don’t even try to ask me out. It make me sad, I would have given them a chance....

  • In my school, every guy wants a date, *Literally, everyone, Except for me, and it's getting annoying, cos, when I like a girl, THE REST OF THE SCHOOL, LIKES HER* and that develops a lot of fights with me and my friends.

  • But boys are really fun

  • Same here

  • Dude I can relate I’m in middle school and everyone’s a girly girl theirs on 2 tomboys in my class and I only hang out with them and the boys.

  • I’m a tomboy I feel your pain my grandma wanted me to wear dress but I didn’t want to and I wear boy clothes have boy hair and I hang out with a lot of boys and a lot of girls think I like some of them but I don’t like boy I’m lesbian and I’m proud

  • IM A TOMBOY TOO!!! XD ;)

  • This was a beautiful story

  • I Farted It Tickles My Butt Cheek Wiggles So I Did It Again.. I have issues lel

  • Literally I can get a guy and I still am a girlly girl😩😒

  • Ile date any type of girl

  • What if no one wants to date me because I'm apparantly "too asian"? -i guess I'll die a virgin-

  • Girls are evil

  • I’m the same way

  • I'm a tomboy and this one girl always say why are all u friends boys and she started being mean to me but after a while l told my guy friends and they helped me out now she never say anything about ofc she says stuff about me but l fine also all those guys before just don't know what their messing

  • I am a girl girl

  • Its almost as if there is a natural, biological explanation for the attraction to traits commonly associated with the opposite sex.

  • I'm a girly girl/Tom boy

  • I LOVE THIS VIDEO! It is so revertible! (Sort of..)

  • Lol whoever made this is a social justice warrior

  • You say you aren’t a gender stereotype but you clearly think that climbing trees are for guys and skateboarding but playing with dolls are for girls and girls are overly dramatic. *annoyance*

  • This girl is annoying as fuck, you don’t believe in gender stereotypes yet you perpetuate them. She also acts like those “not like other girls” who shame women for being feminine, it’s annoying. If you want a fucking boyfriend then don’t FUCKING DRESS LIKE A DUDE.

  • Tomboy is such a weird fucking term.

  • I like tomboys more than girls

  • I've always HATED dresses and skirts ew

  • *I’m a girly girl/Tomboy*

  • People have different tastes stop whining

  • I'm a tomboy and almost every boy in my school likes me (like what the actual irene)

  • I am not just a tomboy. I am transgender and I'm A PROUD RAINBOW 🌈

  • Hello my fellow tomboy and also we're my tomboys at

  • I’m a boy and I hang out with girls so people think I’m gay but since people thought that I tried being freinds with them I made friends with almost everyone at my school and know they don’t think that

  • Who else is a single pringle?

  • um you sound like a gril👯‍♀️

  • I wasn't a tomboy but my friends didn't see me as a girl (which I am) I was just Austin(girl with a guys name) just one of The guys.. Now were adults and laugh about it. Since alot of us in resent years have dated.And Yes still friend after 30+ years.

  • Tomboys act like girls I have a tomboy in my class and his name is jearme at school I called him a jg (stands for jearme girly) And on top on that every time I see him he's always talking to a girl and he always roll his eyes like a girl and I always call him girly and he always want to sit with the girls

  • No body likes me cuz everyone wears headbands but they just so uncomfortable for me

  • My nephew is age 8, and his a tomgirl but his a boy! His so cute. His name is Aaiden. He loves Elsa’s Let It Go song. He can sing in in English and Spanish. He was Elsa for Halloween. He comes to my house and plays with my dolls and wears my moms makeup, and his proud!

  • That happends to me too! But mt oarents dont like it

  • I have someone in my class was a tomboy!

  • Being a tomboy is so cool!

  • Hi

  • This is the exact same as me

  • I'm exactly the same lol.

  • Well hey im trans too

    • Try_on m8 she’s a tomboy not trans

  • I'm not gay because i am not a tomboy