Published on Jun 10, 2018
In today's video I hire Christel, a professional organizer to help me get my life together. She teaches me how to organize my space and keep it organized! This is perfect timing for spring cleaning and I'm so excited we were able to work together!
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  • We should ALL be buying smarter & a LOT less. Also, we and especially You Tube channels need to be very careful about the things that we encourage others to buy considering so much of the crap ends up in a landfill or in a sea animals stomach.

  • So, you asked to clean your house, not to organise.

  • Your cat is the cutest! Omg 😍😍

  • I am very curious now if theres someone like this in my area that i can hire and also curious how much things like this cost?

  • Wow....your eyes are incredible. Though one must wonder after seeing eye lashes in a drawer....what is real?

  • Wow makeup is expensive and she’s wasted so much! I treated myself to buy new makeup and went with elf.. still spent almost $50!! ..and I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the colors and products I needed. I just gave up with makeup all together.

  • So many people are starving and you need to hire someone to help you chuck out stuff? What a crazy world...

  • How much did organizer lady cost? How many hours she spent with you to do this? I know i can do this for anyone... 💚💙💜 i mastered it... i can be pro x

  • If you don’t like it, just find ways to make stuff with it to finish it. Otherwise, you are wasting food someone else would really have appreciated. That’s just wasteful.

  • People who are wondering why you would hire someone to organize with you... Think of it like counseling, physical therapy, or treatment for acne. Sure, you can get by without it (usually), but if you're having chronic issues it will vastly improve your quality of life to get someone to help you who specializes in those fields. The expense is often worth it considering how much your life can improve. And the great thing about hiring an organizer is once they teach you the skills you can usually keep up your space and not have to hire someone to organize with you again.

  • I've been decluttering our walk-in closet for awhile now, plus a cedar chest that has stuff in it that I haven't worn for years. What I find interesting is that the nicer-quality items in my cedar chest now fit since I've lost a lot of weight; while the items hanging in my closet that are much newer are things that haven't held up well at all. So I'm getting rid of the newer clothing and saving the older, though somewhat "timeless" items. I know that most people recommend getting rid of things that don't fit, but I saved mine and I'm so happy that I did. They fit beautifully now, and are so much nicer than what I can afford on my current budget.

  • Sorry to say but I couldn’t believe that there is people hired professional for this easy task.

  • Like omg.... that’s how you sound

  • That is alot of shoes...

  • Jesus. You need help cleaning out your fridge? Seems like someone’s parents didn’t raise them with any sense of responsibility.

  • Glad for you...but you didn't seem like a candidate that needed professional help.

  • Now that you have it all organized, you only have to maintain it. Please girls who have this amount of stuff... and generally everyone: Try to live a bit more waste free please :/ we use so much plastic (which cannot be recycled completely), and all of this will end up in landfills, burnt with all the toxic smoke in the air, or in the oceans, floating, killing its flora and fauna. :( Some easy steps for people who want to do good for the environment effortlessly: 1. Use up the things you already have at home. You don’t need 12 shades of foundation. You “need” maximum 2. One for winter and one for the summer (tanned skin). But if you already have 12, then use them and don’t throw them so then you can buy new ones... 2. Look for new and exciting clothes in secondhand shops. Some clothes there even have their tags on! Don’t contribute to the fast fashion industry that causes so much damage to our environment. You can also organize events where people can bring their clothes they bought but don’t like and you can exchange them. (If you don’t have one like this already in your area.) 3. Try to shop plastic free. Refuse the straws that come with your drinks, bring your own (preferably non-plastic) bag when you go shopping (but again use things which you already have in your house. If you have tons of plastic bags already then use those and only throw them if they cannot be used anymore and then don’t buy more of them. Get a textile bag.) Buy your foods locally in a market if you can. You don’t need your broccoli to be covered with plastic. Small steps go a long way. And what others have said before me: only buy what you LOVE and need. You can’t imagine how much these small changes matter. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are interested in making the world a better place, look up “zero waste lifestyle” and learn what you can do to save the environment, animals, and a lot of money to yourself! Have a nice day everyone! :)

  • This is ridiculous! There's barely anything to organize! Lol

  • Someone should do a comedy version where during the timelapse of sorting the closet there's a very obvious debate over a gimp suit or something and it keeps getting moved from the "keep" to the "maybe" pile.

  • i wouldve used craigslist, offer up and letgo. made SOME money back. ijs

  • Where’d you get the shelve thing in your closet

  • Stop buying things. Slow down.

  • So surprising that people pay for this as this is something i assumed anyone could do themselves as we usually grow up doing it anyway...

  • So you hired someone to clean your closet and fridge ,mind blowing

  • 😱😱😱 professional oraganizer? How do you find them?

  • Glad to know it's not just me!

  • Your house didnt even look that bad.

  • how do you become a professional organizer? I'm so grateful you donated all the stuff/food you didn't want/need for yourself, some people just throw it away without even trying to give it to shelters or homeless people. Sometimes when I've had too much food, I go outside and find homeless people and just ask them if they'd like this and most of the time, they'll say yes.

  • So this was in June..., how many clothes do you have in your wardrobe now ..? 😅😅🙈

  • these things ..

  • Awesome results 👍🏻👍🏻💜👵🏼

  • I regularly purge everything 2-3 times a year and organize weekly. This has been my calling all along!

  • Alex 9 drawer unit from IKEA... $159. Glad I found it.

    • As usual, much more expensive in Australia - $299.00!

  • It's also something you have to consistently do. If you can't fit something in your closet- get rid of a bag of clothes. If you haven't worn that piece of clothing, used that makeup, etc. in over a year- get rid of it.

  • How much did it cost?

  • you should give away your make up you don't use don't just bin it not only will it prevent waste but let people who can't afford it enjoy it

  • her voice is like a mixture of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone

  • You should’ve went to buffalo exchange they pay u for ur clothes

  • Thank you I saw this and hired an organizer I'm still on the second story have to do downstairs but my whole world has changed! It's awesome! Thanks for your vid!

    • Olga Harris if you don’t me asking. I might hire one too how much is she charging?!

  • You could do a make up giveaway :)

  • Do you mind me asking who did you donate to(to get the receipt )?

  • Love your Kitty!!! Great video!!!!

  • Just for fyi a huge chunk of tour donation pile will end up in a landfill somewhere in Africa. Even those people don't want that junk that you buy from fast fashion brands. By the way, that cheap fabric that those cheap garments are made of are impossible to recycle. Shop smarter, buy less.

    • InnerMittenSignal she didn’t receive any cash, it was donated, that means for free. They told her the resale value would probably be $1,700, that’s not going to be exact, & she wouldn’t get any of the cash.

    • Watch to the end, she got $1400 dollars for her recycle shop stuff. In general, don't make up excuses to be hopeless and despairing instead of embracing the "joyful spirit of a sound mind"...that is the only way to overcome being shopaholics and messy hoarders! Find Jesus! (:D

    • +Debbie B Or God can heal her of allergies...are you a believer?

    • Some people cannot wear naturals of something. Such as, you would think a wool sweater would be a great investment. My younger daughter is allergic to lanolin which is something that sheep have naturally. No wool for her. So, cotton or acrylic are it.

    • and only buy things you love!! I wore 2 outfits that I loved for a whole year. I received many compliments and I loved not having to figure out what to wear in the morning.

  • The best part of this was when you said you hired her to help you learn for yourself. Organizing doesn’t come naturally to everyone so it’s great to get a “teacher” to help you get started especially if that person won’t judge you. She was very nice! Good job.

  • That is a great video. PS Butter is actually suppose to go in the coldest part of your fridge, ie top back. I’m 43 and just learned this a couple months ago (I’m not trying not to be a know it all💕).

  • Where did u get ur tank top I’m obsessed!!! 😍 (random sorry) All I wear is tank tops all year lol

  • Try seppuku

  • Hired professional organizer is fine. But one needs to declutter n organise the cleaning too by daily or wkly in order not to go back to the same old habits cluttering everywhere.

  • You don t have a mom to help you? I can understand that clothing is a problem but refrigerators really?

    • Wow... So indelicate. Maybe she doesn't. And also, mom is not a domestic help, you know.

  • Huge difference, looks great!