Published on Jun 10, 2018
In today's video I hire Christel, a professional organizer to help me get my life together. She teaches me how to organize my space and keep it organized! This is perfect timing for spring cleaning and I'm so excited we were able to work together!
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  • How much did it cost?

  • you should give away your make up you don't use don't just bin it not only will it prevent waste but let people who can't afford it enjoy it

  • her voice is like a mixture of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone

  • You should’ve went to buffalo exchange they pay u for ur clothes

  • Thank you I saw this and hired an organizer I'm still on the second story have to do downstairs but my whole world has changed! It's awesome! Thanks for your vid!

  • You could do a make up giveaway :)

  • Do you mind me asking who did you donate to(to get the receipt )?

  • Love your Kitty!!! Great video!!!!

  • Just for fyi a huge chunk of tour donation pile will end up in a landfill somewhere in Africa. Even those people don't want that junk that you buy from fast fashion brands. By the way, that cheap fabric that those cheap garments are made of are impossible to recycle. Shop smarter, buy less.

  • The best part of this was when you said you hired her to help you learn for yourself. Organizing doesn’t come naturally to everyone so it’s great to get a “teacher” to help you get started especially if that person won’t judge you. She was very nice! Good job.

  • That is a great video. PS Butter is actually suppose to go in the coldest part of your fridge, ie top back. I’m 43 and just learned this a couple months ago (I’m not trying not to be a know it all💕).

  • Where did u get ur tank top I’m obsessed!!! 😍 (random sorry) All I wear is tank tops all year lol

  • Try seppuku

  • Hired professional organizer is fine. But one needs to declutter n organise the cleaning too by daily or wkly in order not to go back to the same old habits cluttering everywhere.

  • You don t have a mom to help you? I can understand that clothing is a problem but refrigerators really?

  • Huge difference, looks great!

  • Where did you donate your clothes for them to give you an estimate of their resell value? TIA

  • You sound so much like Emma stone!

  • Being organized helps with your life style. I certainly hope that you stay on top of your new organized apartment and decluter often.

  • ok i absolutely love your voice it’s beautiful

    • That was my very first thought when this video stayed to play.

  • Well, I have a problem similar to this but 10x worse and it's in my entire tiny little house that has no kitchen cabinets, or drawers or closets. No storage space whatsoever. My priority was to build tall walls on the perimeter of the land around my house, put the garage door, pedestrian door and some fencing & build an additional room since it's so tiny. So, I still haven't got around building any of the inside furniture. I only have a bookshelf I built myself some years ago, but now I have more books that don't fit there and I refuse to give them away, they're precious to me and I do use them as a continuous reference for work. Sometimes I feel like I need to hire someone cause I too feel SO overwhelmed, but 1) there aren't professional organizers where I live and 2) I'm so embarrassed for anyone to see my clutter; and worse of all! I don't have storage place to put things and have them organized. I only have walls, the floor and the ceiling /sigh ...I have searched for ways to get organized without furniture but haven't found anything so far.

  • People are always negative. Love the video and keep it up!!!

  • And do you have a plan going forward to keep from having things get out of control again?

  • Finally a new idea on youtube !! I'm talking about hiring a professional 💪😁

  • Hey your video is of length 11.11 Amazing sinchronicity

  • Your voice reminds me of Emma Stone. Love it!

  • Project Beauty Share takes makeup donations!

  • You look like a mix of Willa Holland and Violet Beanne.

  • Quote of the day " U SHOULD NEVER HAVE A JUNK DRAWER " 😎

  • You should put the white shoe shelves i. The bottom of you closer fots twice as many shoes or whatwver you want on other shelf. Some closets Ive stacked two.Theyre inexpensive Target, wal mart

  • Gosh..her place is so TINY !! Why cant she organized it herself ?

    • That's part of why it's tough to stay organized! I had way too much stuff for the size of my apartment.

  • So loved the video!! But questions!! How much did the personal organizer charge? And where did you donate your things to?

  • Don't you love being organized? That's my passion but not my job. Looks great 💕

  • Ahh I love that feeling after cleaning out a closet and seeing it look "empty"! It's like those closet organization ads where you see a gorgeously organized space with like, three shirts. You've got to feel so good!

  • How much does something like this cost?

  • sad that the girl couldnt do this herself

  • This is a horror video for germ-a-phobes! The shoes in the bedroom closet, nooooooo! The luggage on the top shelf in the bedroom closet, nooooo! I can't watch anymore:(

    • T. Terez lol funny how different people can be and how culturally different this can be, I get home in the afternoon and literally don’t take my shoes off until I go to bed 😅 but obviously this really freaks people out who don’t wear shoes inside

  • Gretchen Rubin says you SHOULD have a junk drawer. I enjoy mine.

  • How much does it cost?

  • Your disorganized is my organized 😂 I think the pro-organizer would be overwhelmed in my house! Where do I buy the make-up drawers?

  • Hola new sub her! Great ideas. Made me want to reorganize. 💕

  • You could just watch other peoples channel's to get ideas and have done this yourself without a professional lol

    • But now others get to watch my channel and get ideas for how to do it themselves without a professional :)

  • I love that your kitty is walking into each scene.

  • Please consider donating good unused makeup to battered women's shelters. People never think of this... It can help heart bruises and build self-esteem and help the battered women get jobs to get on with their lives. They take off and leave many things behind dot-dot-dot makeup is something they don't think about. Building their self-esteem and helping them with their lives it's the best thing you can do for them. makeup is something that they cannot afford in a situation like this. to think you could make them feel beautiful and help them get jobs... It's amazing thing. I hope you consider this. God bless... Luv 2 my luvs 💌❣️

  • I need a professional organizer and a part time personal assistant but it’s so hard to find good help. Nice vid tfs

  • Omg..I can do business like that. I love organizing and throwing things away. I go drawer by drawer and just enjoy thus process. I didnt even know there is a job like that in the world .

  • Check out my decluttering and organizing service at carousell!! sg.carousell.com/p/home-decluttering-and-organizing-service-180255107/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Fd.clutter-messynomore%2F&ref_sId=16375329

  • Funny, yesterday, I saw the title of your video, I’m dyslectic....and when I read your title, I thought it said “fired” not “hired” , and I thought, odd that someone would make a video about that. This morning as I was doing last night’s dishes, I thought, best thing we ever did was have an interior designer set-up our kitchen. When doing the dishes, I can have my dishwasher open, as I stand in front of the.sink, my garbage pull out is kiddy corner, too. Every time, I do my dishes, I’m so grateful and thankful. I’m glad you made a video about this. I think they are amazing people that can make our lives so much easier and better. I came across your video again today, and noticed it said ‘hired’ not “fired”, ha, ha, so had to watch it. Good Job! 💗😊💗

  • Where did you donate your clothes to that tell your their resale price?

  • Professional organizer!!! Seriously???

  • Molly says " I had my eye on that bottom drawer as a cat bed... Humph!"

  • Where did you get your gray quilt??

    • Hmmm... amazon I believe....

  • Seriously? You had to hire someone for this?

  • Wow! Quite a difference! ❤️🙂

  • Can anyone tell me what the name of the makeup drawer thing is?

  • What is the name of this wonderful Ikea make-up organizer?

    • the alex 9 drawers! from ikea!

    • Lisa Erdmann Thank you!

    • Anna Park she called them Alex drawers.

  • You need Joy Mangano!!

  • I don’t know if someone already said this, but maybe as you get extra makeup you could donate it to women’s or homeless shelters. All women want to look pretty. Plus they could use it to teach women. Just a thought.

    • Mavis Julian not everyone wants to get rid of their make up. I realize that you must only have one palette, one mascara, one pencil liner you use for every thing one brush one blush that you use as contour or maybe you use your one palette for blush highlighter contour and bronzer that way you can donate your one blush and you could use the one palette as liner too then you could donate your one pencil and if you used your fingers you could donate your brush...you could use your one palette for lips too meaning you can donate all your lipsticks and of course you don't need foundation you could just donate that use one bath soap for your face and hair so you could donate all that that shampoo conditioner face soap if course you won't need a mask so you can donate that then if you had one body lotion you you could donate all your face creams! See I'm sure you'd be very happy with one palette bar of soap and a half gallon of cheap lotion so you could donate all your stuff to better cause than you! ..your a total idiot!

    • All of the makeup I got rid of was donated!!! :)

  • What is the name of the makeup dresser?

  • I live in Florida

  • I like how the lady helped you clean and organise your house, but i feel like you are lacking a system in your house. Like all these arrangments will go away once you go shopping once ... i would recommend to buy some baskets which can fit in your pantry shelves, label them and keep stuff in them accordingly. Also, if you lay the shelf in cupboard horizontally, you can arrange your stuff more easily. I would do that for free if i was there..lol. i like organising stuff.

    • They actually haven't gone away. Just with one session with her, I learned enough to continue to organize and think more about what I buy/keep! It's all about learning the skills (which she helped me to do) and then actively implementing them!

  • Anybody know the name if that tower organizer for her makeup from Ikea? That looks so convenient but I don't want to spend a ridiculous amout for organizational things.

    • It's the Alex 9 drawers!

  • This is crazy! You can do this by yourself. It’s unnecessary to hire someone for some organization. You are living small apartment. Come on 🤦‍♀️

    • It was super helpful to learn all of these tips from someone who is a pro! But this isn't for everyone obviously :)

  • You can donate makeup even lightly used makeup to project beauty share!

  • The lady I hired didn’t TOUCH one thing! She just TOLD me what I should do! Will your organizer come to San Antonio?????

  • Why not just take a bucket with light soapy water to clean? Those disposable wipes are so much unnecessary waste.

    • AnnikaTanja they disinfect it

  • I'm getting motion sickness from this video, but the content is interesting.

  • Kinda make me sad that all that makeup will just got to landfill - there are so many influencers who will have the same problem. The waste is just shocking 😳

    • It's not! Anything that wasn't opened or used was donated! :)

  • Where did you donate your clothes? Pls share why she said having a junk draw isn't good & what did she do w/it? I have one & hate cleaning it but once I do clean it out it feels great 😂

  • Good for you, I am a professional organizer!

    • Heather Hollie Haller Where are you located? I hired a woman here in Dan Antonio but she didn’t want to TOUCH anything! SERIOUSLY!

  • How much you paid ?

  • I'm going to need divine help😟

    • InHisimage Times 6 for me ... but first I need to get off u tube ..😶


  • Wow that's really great.....

  • It was great to watch

  • Umm....😲 you could have done that all by yourself. Its obvious u dont clean much.. I think i need to a professional organizer, talk about easy money lol..

  • If anyone is in the bay area or know someone who could use a professional organizer contact www.OCbyD.com she's awesome!

  • ❤️

  • I need her.

  • Where can you buy the makeup cabinet?

    • Jen W she called them Alex drawers from Ikea.

  • I loved this. The job exists because some people are better at it. Those saying, "get motivated and do it yourself"...think of all the things we CAN do ourselves, but have professionals do. Hair, nails, tanning, changing oil in car, personal trainers or gym memberships, dietitians, house cleaning etc. I do all of those things myself, but don't judge those that don't.

  • How much did it cost you for her to help you with organizing?

  • Omy you are so cute ... its my first time watching you❣️

  • Really? You just stood and watched? Is laziness an illness? Sort your own crap out! Ridiculous.

  • Did you donate unopened makeup?

    • she did :)

  • You are so gorgeous 😍

  • Just keep a donation box going for beauty products that you don't want/can't use, and then take it to a women's shelter. They can use it and would love to have high end things.

    • +Regina Love I agree donate the new stuff

    • nycto Melissa T was referring to all of the free stuff she gets in the mail that she doesn't want and becomes overwhelming.

    • Melissa T. thats not very sanitary 😬 unless theyre things that can be cleaned like brushes you can spread bacteria and pinkeye

  • Hair tutorial please! I know there are many out there, but yours is so pretty!

    • I have one on my channel that was uploaded a few weeks ago!

  • Omg ppl would actually give money to do this??? Like you still have to be there through the whole organization such a waste of money I just put on a playlist of organization US-tv videos and do it myself

  • Too dizzy with the camera

  • What brand are the make up drawers? I need them! Xx

  • She did so well

  • How much did she charge per hour?? I want to start my business but I’m worried about the actual income that I’ll be making..

  • Great video. Did you ever consider flipping the shelf inside your closet over? Would make a great storage for your shoes and you could hang more clothes and still have room for your denim’s folded on top of it Also, the Away bags nest inside of each other so you have even more space on top to use 👍🏼

    • liteyear0 and use the vertical space on the inside of the closet doors. I add clear over the door shoe pockets to clients' homes. Most people don't use their vertical spaces at all! The clear pockets can hold things like belts, scarves, accessories, shoes, etc.

    • Interesting idea! Maybe I'll give that a try!!

  • I would have liked to see more organizing products that could have been implimented in the space

    • She definitely recommended some organizational products I could get. But I think the point is learning to organize with what you already have!

  • What's the purchase info on the makeup drawer thingy?

    • Yagyrlr Boogy she called them Alex drawers from Ikea.

  • Lol can Tara do this

  • You hired her?? Save the money and get some motivation.

    • Rude

    • Robin Holbrook how am I putting her down? I’m encouraging her to get motivation like a girlfriend would do! Maybe stop over reading and interpreting people’s messages into negative ones. Empower women- don’t instigate.

    • For some of us “getting” motivation is almost impossible... for many reasons. Please don’t put people down for what may seem easy to you. There is surely something you have trouble with that is a breeze for someone else.

    • She was a huge help in helping me find the motivation to continue to keep organizing my life!!! :)

  • It's not hard to organize. The hardest part is honestly getting up and making yourself do it. Out with the old and in with the new.

    • Rhea Ciadella. Organizing is not easy for everyone. For most people it more about getting started. Sure you have something in your life that is your "Achilles Heel", you wouldn't want people to tell you that is Sooo easy to get over.

  • OMG, I've been wanting to organize my room. Then I met a personal organizer on Saturday and was so amazed. Then your video popped up on my feed. I feel like this was a sign I need to just do it! Thank you for sharing this!