I Got My Legs Professionally Shaved By A Barber

Published on Jun 26, 2018
Yep, this actually happened lmao. I got my legs shaved with a straight razor by a professional barber.
Thank you to The Barbershop Club for shaving me! Check em out if you need a shave in Los Angeles:
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  • Guys I am actually so proud of how this video turned out. I hope you love it as much as I do!! Would you do this?! :O :O

    • You should get your genes tested to see how primitive they are for fun lol

    • I would do

    • Your tech had her stuff together , thank's for sharing .

    • Cracked me up this... good vid 😂

    • U r pretty can I marry u

  • Have you ever heard of nair you fucking psychopath!!! HOLY FUCK ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID!! even my big fat ugly old mother with pussy cancer uses nair for her disgusting grey hair.

  • i find it interesting that you said it wasnt untill the 1800s that non native "white ppl" became interested in hair removal. where did u get that info? bc natives were once thought (well at lease in colonial canada times)to not beable to grow body hair. its also pretty common for some natives to not grow as much body hair. I for example dont grow armpit hair and im manitoba metis. (part native)

  • Love Sweeney Todd

  • You should try ballet!

  • She was still beautiful throughout the whole video 😍

  • Your beautiful

  • Ah I want to do this!

  • now you need to make a video of your pussy getting shaved

  • I volunteer to shave your gash.

  • That’s nonsense

  • Now this is what girls do at sleepovers

  • Can i lick your legs? Don't @ me like a bitch, i know the answer. Its a joke you sad sack of shit.

  • Did you have to put on moisturizer or lotion after the shave?

  • I love that Sweeney Todd was referenced here!

  • В начале ноги а потом лицо, ну дамочки вы даёте.

  • You shouldn't have shaved your mustache makes it grow faster and stronger

  • I dislike this woman. In the beginning she's like, "THIS IS SO WEIRD!" That bothered me. She volunteered and paid for this service, then she's going to call it weird. The best part is later she asks for her mustache to be shaved... who's the weird one?

  • Omg I absolutely love this

  • And that kids is how gorillas came to existence,

  • Wait you are Khare?? Are you a Hindu and more specifically are you kayastha?? Because I am

  • hairy girls unite!!!! I love this video

  • She does great Work👏

  • He looks like William Idk how to spell it but the voice judge

  • i want ramona flowers to shave my legs too

  • At 5:35 when they zoom in on her face you can see a big ass CHIN HAIR sticking out of the left side of her chin. Gross.

  • I used to have a razor like that, but one day I ended up shaving part of my skin off. It looked like a potatoe skin. Last time I used that razor. Lol

  • Shaving your moustache is not a good idea, the hair will grow back, and yes it WILL grow in dark and thick. Waxing, or plucking makes the hair grow back thinner over time, and the more you do it , the less you will need to. I'm a woman with a hormone condition, who suffers with excessive facial hair. I used to shave it every day, (sometimes twice a day, if I was going out at night,) but then I started plucking the hair. I now only have to pluck it every 3-4 weeks.

  • Yall KNOW I’m up at 1 am binging Michelle’s videos when I have to get up for school at 7


  • 2:14 my names Michelle watching Michelle shave Michelle’s legs😂👍

  • Shes hot

  • *a s m r*

  • Even though I’m a girl, I shave my legs

  • you shouldnt have gotten your moustache shaved! It'll now become dark! :P

  • Shaving the mustache? No girl let that peach fuzz grow into a exquisite full mustache with rolls by it's end.

  • Please do horse racing or riding

  • Cool video. As a guy who shaves daily with traditional “cutthroats” from the 1800’s this was really fun to see. You should get hold of your own straight edge and learn to do this yourself.

  • i think you should her your headshaved by a straight razor! your going to flip

  • No one bringing up the fact the audio cuts off at certain parts of the video?

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-5II_kR80n-A.html

  • I've known some well prepared Barbers but, I'm impressed by this man .


  • Why didn't you try to shave your hairy armpits too ?

  • I actually enjoyed shaveing my partners legs it was fun and a good bonding experience

  • i feel like i’m the only one who always shaved down and never shaved up my leg

  • Love it!!!!

  • This video gave me ASMR

  • challenge: learn an instrument in 90 days

  • What was there left to shave? My legs looks like a Brazilian soccer player's before I need to shave.

  • MIchelle, I love you! I did this (to myself) when I was 12, 13? yo, just outta curiosity. It was so funny, I wanted to know what it felt like. It was fun, and weird. Thanks for normalizing something that we only ever see men do! (shave their faces, I mean).

  • Did you fart on the barber?

  • Tbh this is a video I never thought I'd see

  • I get 20 shaves out of a disposable... I don't shave often anymore

  • She is literally the most beautiful woman I've ever seen

  • u look so cute...and that is a cool move!!

  • if you go through that much for hair removal you should just get laser hair removal

  • Bruh I wish I was her man

  • Darwin was a fraud LOL he requested for a priest on his deathbed and confessed his theory was a load of crock

  • Try canabis beauty

  • ..."Riiight"

  • I need this 😩

  • They need to do that in their shop dude they would make so much money

  • did she just say non native

  • She has no hair though?

  • My barber used to do that for 2 bucks.and then he shavd from her thighs to bellobutton for free

  • why did i think this was a buzzfeed video? lol

  • Can we get to the bikini line already..dang

  • Shaving is just .... Better. Ingrown hairs sure but waxing??? Painful. And you're already smooth! I get if you live in a hot an humid place like Florida (or where I live ). Also can we just take a moment to appreciate the other guy's hat? I think he deserves a cookie or.... A donut

  • You look like KSHMR but girl version

  • You got a new sub

  • SUPER :P

  • This is what my partner always does for me! I love the result, and my boyfriend who puts effort on me :D

  • Her shorts are so cute!! I want them

  • Movie reference??

  • you look like nataliesoutlet!

  • I would not let that near my knee caps lol

  • thanks for the get video

  • As a female barber I really appreciate this video.

  • Wow, you got great legs!

  • Women shouldn't have hair???!!! Then why the hell are we born with it.Damn I thought we were human too😅.

  • 1,800 thousand dislikes how?The people that disliked clearly are haters and are jealous of your success.Don't pay attention to the haters..We love you Michelle for being yourself and not going along with society's standards.Your subscribers and fans care about you.

  • Looks odd and weird

  • A woman barber?

  • Dude that station with the razors and guards and shears is dirty.

  • I was waiting for a Sweeney Todd reference and it's the only reason I clicked on this video

  • 3:08 come again? That makes no sense

  • Wow every buzzfeed person is making their on channel.....

  • I'm a guy and I don't know how i came here and btw what is so scary or weird about a shave i get that all the time

  • its just so pleasing to look at

  • i will gladly learn how to professionally shave people to be your personal free body shaver! no joke.. @me

  • Love the Sweeney Todd references 🤣

  • Hey michelle! I love ur vids. Btw my name is michelle🤣🤣🤣

  • Just get laser hair removal, it’s much more effective

  • The "barber girl" looks like Ramona Flowers

  • ughhhhhhhh this is soooo satisfying

  • She's the only really pretty Indian girl I've ever seen.

  • Michelles giggle was literally so cute hahahaha

  • But you didn't have any hair!

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