I Got My Legs Professionally Shaved By A Barber

Published on Jun 26, 2018
Yep, this actually happened lmao. I got my legs shaved with a straight razor by a professional barber.
Thank you to The Barbershop Club for shaving me! Check em out if you need a shave in Los Angeles:
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  • Guys I am actually so proud of how this video turned out. I hope you love it as much as I do!! Would you do this?! :O :O

    • Michelle, you are the sexiest hot girl in the world!!!

    • I shave my girlfriends body hair(all of it!) with a straight razor, she loves it, asked once when out of blades and now it's like a ritual. She lies and relaxes while I shave her all over, hairline, sidelocks, upper lip, armpits, legs and intimate areas, actually having shaved her genitals with a regular razor before, when she was pregnant and struggling to reach, surprisingly it's much easier to get the straight edge in to the more difficult areas and she really does find it relaxing having her whole body, even her privates, shaved this way, guess she REALLY trusts me, reckons I cut her less and am more gentle and leave less ingrown than her too!

    • +Michelle Khare shave the pussy next.

    • Michelle Khare Nice 👍🏻 i have a Barber robot video can see on my channel😄

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  • Their is no way I could shave this gorgeous woman's legs I would get too horny.

  • A barber used one of these when cutting my hair. I couldn't stop touching the back of my neck, it was so smooth.

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  • That dude has the classiest fucking name of all time.

  • Looked much better hairy.

  • Why are you shaving, you don’t have any hair 😂

  • You can thank Gillette for having me as a visitor 😅

  • when did girls started shaving their armpits?

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  • Does she look like who i think she looks like? (Type a person she looks like)

  • got your moustache shaved by a straight razor ? yuck...you want to grow a hard stache like guys?

  • I'm disturbed by how hot I found this to be.

  • Shaving every day

  • Amazing video

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  • The only state that has banned conventional straight razors is Rhode island. Straight razor companies haven't kept up with a professional line of razors the high carbon steel and the material of the scales break down in high level disinfectants such as barbicide. They tell you in barber school that you cant use them because it's harder to disinfect. There is a razor company in Oregon that makes a professional line of traditional razors that can be fully submerged in barbicide without deteriorating.

  • If I was a barber I would NEVER. You stupid bitch.

  • Cute wholesome content lol.......

  • You should work for buzzfeed with ladylike I don’t know why but you videos give me a ladylike vibe

  • I am a licensed Barber and in most if not all states, Barbers are not allowed to perform any service below the neck. Also in most if not all states, only barbers are licensed to use a straight razor. Oddly, Cosmetologists are not allowed to use a straight razor but can perform services on any part of the body.

  • nice feet

  • The more you shave your facial hair, the thicker it will grow back. Just for future reference

    • +John Congo www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/adult-health/expert-answers/hair-removal/faq-20058427 nO U

    • +Xeper-I-Set no u

    • +John Congo I mean it is but okay lol sorry to fluster you back

    • +Xeper-I-Set I mean it's not but okay lol sorry to fluster you

    • That's a myth, and is completely untrue. Just for future reference

  • 2nd time I've watched this video and I love your channel! Any chance you could do a dermal infusion segment or flame hair treatment/hair cut?

  • I thought she was talking about something different when she said mustache 😂

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  • Any tips of how to get rid of strawberry legs

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  • Am I the only one who thinks that she looks like Mia Khalifa

  • When Darwin says primitive genes, it doesn't mean closer to an animal or less smart but just that you have more primitive genes visible, that is all. It is fact and not interpretation, no particular meaning, just the fact. And he was very smart.

  • “You’re going down” could be taken in so many contexts...ROFL 🤣

  • That razor he showed her is the same kind of razor I used my first time shaving. I was on vacation with my family and we were by the pool. My sister was teasing me about my hairy legs which were kind of noticeable because I am super pale & my parents wouldn't let me shave yet. I went back to the room and got my dad's razor and shaved my legs dry without any lotion, water, cream or anything. I nicked the hell out of my legs and when I got to the back of my legs behind my knee, my sister came into the room startled me I cut my leg and was bleeding like crazy, I saw the blood & passed out and hit my head on the bathtub before I hit the floor. Being 12 was not a really fun time for me!

  • Weird flex but ok.

  • Ew she has a mustache. Primitive ape.

  • I would love to have a little tutorial of things to get you started with shaving your legs. What razor handle, which razor, best type of brushes, soap and there's all these other products that are recommend so which would be legit to add to your repetoire? I was looking all this stuff up but to be honest ended up more confused.

  • i shaved my sisters leg once with an electric razor it was fun for me accually cuz she was pregnant she was 30 and i was 18 yeah

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  • Okay, the guys in the picture @ 1:23 could honestly cut me with their razor blades and I’d thank them, cuz holy Jesus they were fine

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  • the intro is basically ASMR.

  • My dad in the 60's owned those shavers that are dropped into the cartridge. You could adjust the height of the blade, but cutting yourself was common.


  • i love your legs baby

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  • Ain’t nobody paying a professional to shave their legs EVERY DAY at least waxing doesn’t grow back for another about 3 weeks

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  • This is what I used to do in the bathtub with them slushy straws that have a spoon tip at the end of it, I put shampoo or just water on my legs and acted like I was shaving my legs, I was a weird child, don’t get me wrong

  • Here I am here stealing time from work to watch how woman's legs get shaved, lol.

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  • Straight razor shave the best shave you can give yourself.Ultra smooth results.

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  • I am telling you the truth. I literally didn't move my phone while watching this because I was afraid she would get a cut .😂

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  • Very classy establishment. High quality people running that barbershop. We need more people like that. They take pride in their work and their business.

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  • So, stop shaving. There is no law written that says you have to. You are just doing what everyone else is doing.


  • Yeah, Because god forbid guy's have something to their own. Better have a women swoop in and be a part of it, Look at the "Boy's" Scouts

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-xDf2w3YJ9P8.html

  • as a girl i’d pay money to have someone else shave my legs

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  • Can you do a not shaving video? I am seeing a lot of female hair embracement and as a fellow hairy girl the billie razor campaign about normalising female body hair is just epic to me

  • Just use nare

  • Hi Michelle! I looooooooove your videos and the content you come up with and I am not sure if you will come across my comment but I have a request for you. Can you share how you stay motivated and inspired to hit the gym? Please share your gym routine and how you manage to balance your work and health! This is going to help me and many my age who are struggling with similar problems. Thank you for inspiring me to start thinking of hitting the gym and eating healthy!

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