I Got My Legs Professionally Shaved By A Barber

Published on Jun 26, 2018
Yep, this actually happened lmao. I got my legs shaved with a straight razor by a professional barber.
Thank you to The Barbershop Club for shaving me! Check em out if you need a shave in Los Angeles:
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  • Guys I am actually so proud of how this video turned out. I hope you love it as much as I do!! Would you do this?! :O :O

  • Ur black panty is visible

  • Come on waxing is nothing. And I have tattoos also even that isn’t so bad

  • Sit on my face.

  • Why is this video in my recommended?

  • Wow,can u shave ur ass too

  • Ur osm😍

  • you are so cute gorgeous and funny 😘 i wish we was living nearby , I am in Birmingham England

  • LMFAOOO i wonder what the ppl in the window thought when they seen a girls feet/leg one someone’s shoulder n all that stuff

  • Breaking news, primitive is not a bad thing and there is no negative conotation to this. Facts β‰  emotions

  • Your moustache was shaved. Won't the hair grow rough?

  • We don’t give a fuck

  • I want to do this

    • Harlem barber

  • you actually need to come in india and experience as a typical mediocre family member at least for 2 years

  • I have a hairy forehead. Who else does? #HairyGirlProblems

  • Yeah as if she gonna go to this place with full on hairy legs and wear shorts.....

  • ok so i started waxing since 14 or 15 and tbh it doesnt even hurt

  • I thought this was buzzfeed

  • Haram, don’t look brothers

  • The most beautiful girl i ever seen. I love her smile and laugh

  • hell yeah!!

  • Yea... he could shave my legs.

  • Moral of the story: Invest in a straight razor and shaving cream.

  • This is soo stupid

  • Can u do a video about Brighting the armpit

  • I thought you weren't supposed to go down words with a razor because you wouldn't catch the full hair? I have been lied to all my life?

  • You're only going to hear the razor when you're getting your face shaved

  • How does one become a "professional" shaver

  • Good Job! i know its kinda of scary at first , but straight Razor shaving is the way to go.

  • Woooooooooooooooow Michelle I just see this, this is so awesome........Please do this again with some hair on the legs and make a long video of it and maybe also do armpits. Feel free to contact me, I am willing to sponsor it for you. It so incredibly beautiful with your looks to see this done

  • Straight razor in woman’s hand?! No Thanks!

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  • Darwin is for the useful idiots

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  • When she asked yo have her mustache shaved I thought she meant between her legs lol

  • I would love to see you shaving you chest and back


  • Well, shaving for me (I’m a guy) is being tired of how much time is needed to shave because of how hairy I am especially because I’m in puberty and my hair grows back easily, or it’s me burning my skin with nair, and being shamed for shaving because β€œboys aren’t meant to shave!” Please don’t say that shaving for guys is glamorous, especially when what you were describing was a man getting his sideburns shaved/cut. It really pisses me off.

  • love this video, love the owner of the store and other Michele.

  • "hairy girl" no you literally have such less hair hahha

  • bruh she is so pretty!

  • Dat noise tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Just love the Sweenty Todd music and clips! 10/10

  • I am a girl named Michelle watching a girl named Michelle shave a girl name Michelle.wow.

  • Loved the subtle clips from Barbershop Harmony Society! ;) They have some great music!! ~Yuuki

  • I have the same initials

  • There was nothing to shaveπŸ˜‚

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  • Eww her feet tho

  • Can u do my mustach?πŸ™‚ Uhhh...πŸ˜• Why not😏

  • Why doesn’t she have more subscribers? πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

  • How much did it cost

  • Maybe shaver your mustache

  • She is right

  • the positive thing about being naturaly blond is that you have so light hair on your legs and arms and it's so thin so you don't have yo shave it 'cause you can't barely see it :D

  • What a beauty

  • I'm gonna go out and say that Darwin was correct Because I've got alot of hair and I'm an idiot

  • this is disguising, is this even a female?

  • I’d go to a barber shop to get my legs shaved for sure!!!

  • I love you your so inspiring

  • You should try at home wax

  • Women removing hair is wrong on so many levels

  • love love love this video watched this video 52 times even we also tried this shave our few costumers was very happy for this work thank you so much 😘😘😘😘😘

  • I have definitely thought of getting a straight razor to shave my legs with

  • Awesome!

  • Her legs look beautiful

  • Darwin was right. She has cave DNA big time.

  • Get a tattoo on your asshole. Girl power!

  • Washim

  • This was so cool! XD I think more girls should shave their face. The hair doesn’t actually grow back thicker πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ... idk where that myth came from but it makes so many peoples lives so difficult :0 Also that barber lady was so pretty :3

  • 26 july to long so...... Now u get any side effects of shaving? ?????

  • It's a first to see that. But, why not!! Guess this could give new ideas. You are quite brave to do that.. Thumps UP

  • By straight razor I'm sure the guy means a shavette. Also the amount of shaves you'll get from a blade is subjective (~20 shaves is on the high end).

  • you should buy new camera... i dont see ANY difference in your legs after shaving... seems you are like razor commercials when they shave clean shaved cheeks...

  • Please shaved your pussy hair

  • I'd shave whatever you wanted any time.

  • What a very sexy foot you have !

  • Women having leg hair is not that bad, there should be no hair on women boobs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • fuck!!!really!!

  • Sala ye pair ka shave bhi hota hai Mai janta tha ki veet wala hi hota hai hahhaha

  • Worst people

  • This vid was funny as hell. It was also really cool to see a successful generational family business! Traditional barbershops are a lost art... glad to see you went and picked up the vibe - it's basically a spa for dudes. πŸ‘

  • Regular customer in barbershops here.

  • Nice video. Would be great if you also show a professional shave of your pussy. It could be usefull

  • Thank you. This was a fun video to watch.

  • I shave my legs with a eyebrow razor, it looks similar to a barbers razors. It works wonders

  • I would love to be tasked with keeping you folical free

  • That was great, Cheers to you

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  • Legs ok thats cool but moustache not for a woman to shave off because that will come back thicker then you will have to keep on shaving it. Im a barber btw.

  • I would ultra bang her

  • I'm willing to take a vacation trip out to LA just to go there for a haircut and shave. Liked

  • U looking very sexy

  • Yeah... I think if I go to a barber and ask for a leg shave they'll need many razors. I ain't fussed about shaving my legs till I got a date. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • 4:32 y'all

  • You really need to read "The Man from Ironbark" I think you'd get a kick out of it.

  • Yeah but when you shave your hair grows thicker and quicker which is why teens shave to grow a beard

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