Published on May 17, 2018
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  • if youre reading this, comment "molasses pancakes" on my last IG pic!

    • Do you want to be rich and have a clean room? Hint: sell some clothes! ;p

    • Gabbie Hanna molasses pancakes

    • Omg

    • Gabbie Hanna 😂😂 you are getting skinny. YA SKINNY BITCH 💕😂😂 I actually liked your curves 😂😂 ik it’s not funny but I’m still laughing and I don’t know why 😂😂

  • oh my god im such a fuckin hoarder. basically science time if someone in your family struggles with addiction it means you're ata higher risk of becoming addicted to stuff cause that means addiction is in your family genes okay so my family has SUCH an addictive history. more than half of my family members have been/are addicted to cigarettes, cocaine, crack, or alcohol. i don't plan on ever doing any of that (yes, even the alcohol, never drinking that shit) since my family has such an addictive history. but, of course, i still have quite the addictive personality, so it gets out in me just collecting things. for instance, my nail polish collection. if i find something i like, i need it in every variety EVER and if i don't get it i will die. a warning sign of this probably should've been my insane need for pokemon cards when i was little, and even today years later i CANNOT get rid of binder of cards and i still buy the occasional pack to add to it. it's a problem, i have other collections of scrunchies, backpacks, phone cases, popsockets, etc,. oh my god also if i find a pen or stationary item on the ground i need to pick it up and i have so many pens just cause i take them from the FLOOR im gonna get ebola or some shit (yes i know that's not how you get ebola)

  • lololoolool I got an organizer ad for this video XDDD

  • Is that a Publix shopping cart 🛒

  • I LOVE YOU!!! WHENEVER i watch a video of yours i feel like you can relate to anyone!. you are amazing.

  • I would not have thrown away those teddy bears!😂😂I’m glad u didn’t!

  • For all the clothes that I have “memories” in a have a little memory box and I keep them in that

  • you can always hang on to us ur fans

  • Am I the only on wondering why she has shopping carts in her apartment???🤨

  • " That's for my Ghosts." " oH... OkAy?"

  • I realised from the vid u made about ur physical neighbour is that when u first met him cuz I remember u said that u were getting rid of stuff in a shopping cart and then I realised I was like omg

  • OMG I’m soooooooo happy she kept the bears 💖💜💖💖💖🐻🐻

  • 11:52 isn't that bandaid from the video she did with like a fake boyfriend texting app when she was showing that she got her mole removed?

  • The cleaner is so pretty 👏💯 like goals! She looks like she could be related to Ariana grande. Like a long distant cousin 😂


  • i love my name


  • My Poshmark is @snxwprincess

  • Hopefully she told you to scan the letters and you could keep them in a file on your pc and you can read them anytime you want. Or put them on an SD card/

  • Is no one gonna point out on why she has a shopping cart 🛒😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • omg I literally have the same mind set than you. Like I hold on to things. This scared me a little because I always though that I would get better as I grow up. Now I realise that maybe not...

  • Where’d you get the hangers?

  • Haven't read the comments but you can make a keepsake from the clothes that are substantial to you. Like a keychain, framed material or whatever. But I get it. Also understand getting rid of it. Nice work.

  • There was a shopping cart in there!!!

  • “I KEPT THE BEARS HAHAHA” the moment I knew me and Gabbie would 100% get along 🤣🤣

  • I am SUCH a hoarder... Much of this was helpful and I related a lot. But the "I have my little sister. I don't need this little thing from my little sister." ... It's dark, but I am in limbo hoarding so much stuff right now because I don't know what to expect when my loved ones die. I know I have a lot of papers and items that I'd be alright getting rid of right now, but I just think - what if they bring me comfort when my grandparents and parents and whoever else die? All I need is their love right now, but when they're gone this could be most everything that I have physically with me.

  • Does she still have a P.O. Box 🤨

  • Where did you get that Charmander? I've been searching everywhere for one!

  • For the clothes, turn all the hangers backwards. At the end of the if they are still backward say goodbye

  • omfg holy shitoli 6:03 Gab was fricken adorable all i got was soft uwu vibes

  • I love throwing things away. I do purges every few months and it just feels great to know that I’m able to get rid of things that i don’t use or need. The whole room would have been donated if it were me only because i personally feel like anything i care for wouldn’t be pushed into a closet/room where i can’t access it. If it has remained “out of sight; out of mind” for more than a year, then you won’t miss it.

  • Am I the only one wondering why and how she got that shopping cart??😂

  • Wow,,,, she should never go off her meds,,.,

  • Omg I want to be a minimalist but not 100% me !! I have a hoarder room too

  • Whew girl...watching this gave me so much anxiety, but I had to see the final result! lol 😭

  • Gabble is hanging out with gabi

  • I hired her and she brought over that lip gloss and let me try it out so I git to try Gabbie Hanna’s lip gloss

  • This is was so helpful and it was exactly what I needed to get some motivation and tips to do my own closet thank you!!!! So glad I found your channel

  • Thanks for posting this. I love pretty boxes and free makeup, too. 😉😂😉

  • Note to self: don’t send Gabby bears

  • This is the first time I check out your channel and I am glad because I have the same issue at my place. That said, when you showed the workout clothing you had purchased on your bed.. OMG you are getting rid of stuff and getting more stuff in its place. Be mindful of what you purchase and when you go shopping just think whether you need it or is it that you just like it. Actually that was my cousin's suggestion to me and it helped. Also, selling? Do you really need that money? There are other places besides Goodwill, like there are charities for women who are coming out of a bad situation, etc. Selling clothes is not that easy, if something doesn't sell in 3 months, donate it, it is taking up space in your house and contributing to clutter. Those bins in your closet, one for purses and bags? Do you really think you will be using that many? Girl, let it go! It is the way your parents probably got you used to it. Is not just the keeping stuff but you keep getting more stuff.. stop it! LOL TC and Good luck

  • I want everything

  • Can you donate them to me!!!😭😭

  • Did anyone else notice what the picture said behind her in the beginning with the flowers

  • Are Gabbie’s picture frames all empty?

  • im impressed. gained almost a million subs in the six months since this was edited and uploaded

  • She sounds like a slightly higher pitched Jennifer Lawrence

  • What happened to her head???? (In the sponsors)

  • Fake AF. US-tvrs don't have braincells.

  • i have the makeup palet that you threw away

  • I have the exact same bedding!!!!!!

  • Yeah legit hoarding. Like legit. Hoarding. She just has toooooooo much stuff.

  • Now I want to clean my room

  • Why not give the Postal Service back their tubs?

  • 6:03 thats what all hoaders say

  • Omg you look like my aunt when you have your hair up

  • When she said "well organization has three steps 1: sort 2:purge ,i said to my self "Gabie dont trust her!!!🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪😣😖😖😖💀

  • 15:45 what's the song in the background

  • I’m laughing so hard “it’s so snappy” 😂 I love your channel and this made my day 😂💓

  • Her shirt is shorter than her bra😂 *no hate*

  • Your mentha gloss is from Bath & Body Works. It's C.O. Bigelow brand. We still sell it. Please come get some new!

  • OOF

  • I’m just like you, like I have boxes that I think are nice so I don’t throw it away

  • *i love you*

  • My horting room is messer then that

  • Just finished cleaning my room now I want to organize

  • I know I am late but what you can probably do with your fan art is get a binder or like a picture holder and you can hole punch the fan art and put it in a binder so if you move you don't have to take down a whole bunch of pictures Idk if this will work but I thought i t was a good idea

  • way to step out of your comfort zone and let us in and see! proud of you!

  • Did you steal that shopping cart when you were like really wasted? DISCLAIMER: ITS CURRENTLY ALMOST 3AM AND MY BRAIN IS NONSENSE RN SO PLZ DONT HATE

  • Is anyone else wondering why she has so much shopping carts in her apartment… Also is anyone watching this in 2018

  • This inspired me to clean my room, because it was cover in clothes and shoes and trash.

  • WTF, Gabbie's powers are ridiculously creepy. This video popped up on my feed when I was taking a break from cleaning my room.

  • Why your pancakes so big

  • I’m sorry if you get this all the time BUT you and Zoe from Zoella look so similar

  • Where's your Posh handle lady? I'm tracyg09

  • :) :( “idk”

  • Molasses pancakes. I just realized no one else commented

  • I had the sudden urge to purge.

  • my mom uses posh mark too

  • When Gabbie was in front of that door the picture behind her says bitch

  • Get a giant binder and put all the fan art in it

  • ive want to make adjustments to my room for sooooo long and I need a dog trainer badly wait does the creatively neat thing cost money?

  • I need this my room looks horrible and im a huge hoarder welp meeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • I lowkey think that people are gonna buy all her clothes and sell it on eBay for like 5x the price

  • gabby: that's for my ghosts Other person : ohhh ok?

  • Have the bears as pillows on your couch

  • if you guys wanna shop my closet its @mariateresaval !!! :)

  • the couch changed colors in the end

  • DoNt CaLL mE MoLe RaT

  • 3:09 would if I’m not a guy

  • Stage 2

  • What does a librarian say Read more

  • Dude Gabbie was being so difficult at first

  • Guys this video is reality

  • I saw the thumbnail and I was like "same"... I thought it was a closet... Like, "I'm ashamed of what's inside" 🌈

  • She's not right those teddy bear are special

  • I can relate 😂😂😂😂

  • She kept the bears 😂

  • Yes girl. Thewallart by the door it says *bitch*

  • “ready to see the room” *ad comes on*