I Got My Apartment Professionally Organized

Published on May 11, 2018
I worked with professional organizer Ashley Moon Stanfield from HOARDERS to help me get my life together when I moved apartments and it changed my life! See below for all the products we used to get more organized!
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Shower Tower: goo.gl/xCiWGk
Kitchen Drawer Organizer: goo.gl/M77hpt
Electric Trash Can: goo.gl/9SKSvx
Makeup Drawer Organizer (Expandable): goo.gl/2ZZ2kf


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  • This is really great. What I also like to do for my clothing is to make outfits with everything I have, then decide what's left over and to shop for what I need to complete an outfit. When I have everything I own make sense I feel complete

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  • Do you really need someone to organize things and to tell you what you need and don't. That you need to place everyday spices and cutleries in the most reachable location. And most important of all using KonMari technique and not even mentioning about that anywhere in the video.

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  • the concentration on the spirituality like "does it lift your spirits or bring you down" is so unnecessary. her job is about math, measuring, fitting and placing. not acting like shes about to spark up some sage. I hate when people just assume youre like them and say hippy shit. she seems like a lovely lady and the concept of her job is great, could really be especially good for people with disorders. its just the spiritual thing thats triggering me.

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  • The differences between America and Britan Closet-Wardrobe Pantry-WTH is wrong with Americas ( A super crazy Britan would say that) Pants-trousers Vacation-Holiday Candy-Sweets Line-Queue Cup-Glass Garbage-Rubbish Pacifier-Dumby refrigerator-fridge Truck-Lorry Sweater-Jumper Eggplant-Aubergine Wow Brits and Americans have nearly nothing in common

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  • My biggest anxiety issue is lack of creative variety. Like, I hate throwing something out only because I didn't have the perfect idea in time on what it's perfect to use for. And so I hoarde. 🙄 Like, I hate giving things up, only to find out a day later "crap! This would've been PERFECT to use for that. Whyyyy did I have to have this idea now after all this time? (Or: why didn't Pinterest show me this way before I gave it up??! Uugghh!") I hate my slow creativity and lack of innovation where I'm not happy with something now, but I'll love it if only I knew the exact way I should've used it where THEN it would've been my favorite object... Or something. It sucks!

    • I'm not an immense hoarder, but I find that a lot of what I do keep I moderately like it and waiting for the perfect-use idea to pop up. 🙄😥

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