I Got a Tattoo from One of Yelp's Worst-Rated Tattoo Parlors

Published on Nov 29, 2018
Taji gets a tattoo from a tattoo artist who has a 1 star review average online.
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  • and that tat is really shitty

  • LMAOO nate is awkward

  • its like 2005....really bad editing and everything....VICE....you sholdnt hace aacept this....but nice topic

  • But the thing is, you're coming in with cameras. So these folks are gonna put on a facade. Now if you came in with a hidden camera, you'd see their true selves. PS that tat looks bad

  • He looks like *Ethan Klein*

  • I think BuzzFeed accidentally uploaded this video on vice's channel

  • Lol. Thats a bad tattoo.

  • Who the fuck hires these stupid ass interviewers? Wtf.

  • Um that looks like a spooky tree with the boogie man in the background

  • Just because he seemed nice and threw himself a pity party story doesn’t mean the tattoo actually looks great. Looks like shit. Attempt to get it fixed by a better tattoo artist.

  • Thought he was sparking a blunt

  • Lol

  • Wow VICE what a steal smh

  • I give that tattoo half a star ⭐️ out of a possible one million.

  • I saw a skinny H3H3 in the thumbnail

  • Bold move waiting until the moment he started tattooing you to ask about the shitty reviews

  • 🤷🏾‍♂️ Why would you talk about bad reviews during getting the tattoo?

  • I like it when people build each other up.

  • oh no.... id be so mad if i got a tattoo like that

  • I thought he was lighting a blunt at 1:30 😂

  • "Myth Busted"

  • Yeah shitty tattoo

  • Nate can’t draw

  • I think Ethan and Guy Fieri had a child.

  • HEYYY its Ethan and hilas love child ahahaa

  • That shit does not look good idk what you’re talking about

  • It looks like shit but i think its ur fault not the tattoo guy

  • Dude what the fuck i thought this was h3h3 😂

  • He's burned out, people need to relax. Look at his shop, his location, his presentation: all that didn't just pop out of thin air and stayed there. The man works to keep that location and probably harder than anyone commenting. With that said: I WOULD NEVER get tatted by this dude, but not cause he sucks, but because that style is look ooooold school, not my thing. Stop hating. Life gets redundant, and we're all entitled to look disinterested.

  • The tattoo is ass 😂

  • Yo I don't know about america but you wouldn't spend $20 on a tattoo like that in Australia. The reviews were correct.

  • Wtf is that it looks like splatted shit on there 😂 I can’t make up the guy or the scenery 😂

  • The guy getting the tattoo is crazy. That looks like a crappy tattoo. Reviews weren’t lying

  • That tatoo sucked xD

  • I thought this was Ben shapiro

  • Why the hell did you steal MORE content???

  • I’m sorry but that’s some horrible line work LOL

  • Great vid but I really cant stand ur voice bro.

  • Wtf is that shirt?

  • You gotta do a 1 star motel

  • Fr it looks like crap

  • I'm a simple man. I see H3H3. I click.

  • tattoo more like smudge


  • Seagulls? Yeah


  • 4:11 😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂💀

  • Give me credit

  • LMFAOOOOOO all these Douchebags who think they are tough with they're little sensitive Colored Tatts Real men Don't get Colored Anything Unless your are in Japan.

  • Sorry man...nice of you to give the guy a chance I guess but unfortunately as something that's going to be part of you forever its still a pretty ugly tattoo. 😞

  • This ended like an old disney show, after an exciting day hes talking to his journal

  • Hope santa gives u guys coal this christmas for stealing PhilipSoloTV idea

  • bad tattoo..

  • He has the personality of soggy cardboard.

  • Www.Purebornskin.com

  • You look like an alien -lauren d.

  • y'all straight up stole this shit from a small youtuber and now you gonna make a series out of it? fuck you

  • ive seen worse tattoos but that is gonna look reeeeally shitty in about a year and a half

  • Thats the problem with these big corporations like Vice and Buzzfeed making videos like this, its hard to believe they are real and not just scripted or trying to sell you on something. I cant take them seriously its like a Reality Tv show.

  • why tf this nigga look like a young h3h3 lmaoo

  • snapchat brought me here.

  • You look like a discount Ethan for h3h3

  • One word to describe this video: cringe

  • Totally copied of Philip SoloTV

  • For those sayin the tattoo wasn't great... shut up... the tattoo was exactly the reference picture.... and THAT was absolute crap. But he nailed the tattoo to look exactly like it so, his tattoo skills are on point.

  • That’s a fuckin terrible tattoo

  • Almost interesting content from Vice.

  • YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That tattoo trash and he’s clearly unsanitary... how is his shop not shut down 😐

  • literally can’t even tell what the tattoo is


  • I feel bad for the tattooist

  • Yikes. Bad tat in my book

  • Actual scum shamelessly jacking Philip go fuck yourselves Vice you got so terrible after like 2014

  • nates pree cool bro not gone lie

  • Looks like shit terrible outline teribble shadding.

  • Lol he looks like h3h3

  • I'm not an expert but even if this guy is better no it's normal that people are leaving bad reviews. They're paying for the work so if it doesn't fit the price uh??

  • Wouldn't fuck around with bad tattoo parlors not just because it'll look shit but hygiene man

  • Yeah but Yelp itself is a piece of s*** nobody goes on there and verifies that what these people said on Yelp is true or not so that makes everything on there s*** bulshit pointless s***

  • So Vice is buzzfeed now

  • Wtf it's so bad

  • I love it how he mentions the bad reviews as he starts with the tattoo

  • at 4:45 this pussy is literally about to cry. Dead ass.

  • Fuck you guys, copied PhilipSoloTv

  • Give it 2 years when it’s just a blob and say how great it is... I’ve seen better shit come out of a basement..

  • did buzzfeed change their name ?

  • Fucking thiefs

  • “The tattoo is terrible “ Thats wtf he wanted ...🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Who else thougt he lit up a joint in the car

  • Y’ll I found where h3h3 was hiding all this time

  • Is this whole thing satire?

  • Comethazine?

  • I'm telling you right now that surfer dude is ganna disappear into the weird waves

  • What is it?? Iv been staring at it for a good 5 minutes but i cant figure it out. Help

  • That tattoo SUCKS ASS!!! I would have left when I saw the stencil application. GODDAMN!!!

  • Looks like a guy with a plenty of talent but wanted to be a ballerina entire life.

  • First time seeing this guy and I got to say I really liked it everyone needs a second chance and most the clowns that leave bad reviews are over in titled clowns 🤡

  • Dam all yall are so negative let him do him

  • That tattoo is horrendous you can get that quality in a basement of some teen for cheaper. Shit get a better one from an apprentice for free lmfao