I Got A Custom Genetic Workout & Diet Plan Based On My DNA

Published on Jan 22, 2018
After searching for years trying to find the perfect workout to achieve my fitness goals, I decided to try out FitnessGenes, which designs a custom workout and diet plan based entirely on your genetic code.
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Check out FitnessGenes if you wanna try it out! As mentioned in the video, THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED!
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  • Good morning guys! Where's the notification squad :) would you try this? What did you think?

    • You are so amazing! You inspire me so much.

    • The videos are great. Keep it up

    • I would love to do this, but I'm already sure I have the FTO gene :P The only time I don't feel hungry is when I'm running on adrenaline. ;)

    • Michelle Khare that's really interesting! Thanks for looking into this. I've never heard of it. I'd be interested to see the difference (if any) it makes to your fitness levels and physique. Maybe do a follow up in a few months time? πŸ‘

    • What do you think of the matter of data-mining? Many fail to read or fully comprehend the entire contract and do not realize their information will be sold/used for other purposes. Companies testing DNA samples (information) for ancestry or another defined purpose typically obtain the right to sell the information compiled from clients to other interested parties. When it comes to platforms such as US-tv, Google, Facebook, and social networking sites, users volunteer their information in exchange for "free" services. We, through the information we provide, are a product. However, with genetic testing services you are paying for a product; they aren't free and this places data-mining in a different sphere. As a FitnessGenes client, have you read your full terms and conditions, and can you tell us whether self-reported data is in turn a product for research and development activities?

  • That trainer turns me on hahaha it might be the accent, it might be the beard LOL

  • Is there a gene for those who don't like to eat too many carbs? :/ lol

  • Do calisthenics whit Thenx

  • The fact that he never talks about epi-genetics is frustrating. Genes affect how we interact with the world but in turn, our environment affects our genes. He's not reading to you the genes you were born with exactly, mainly what they have become after years of being alive and exercising.

  • amazing

  • Michelle Khare can you try horseback riding? I ride horses and I think you would find it harder than you expected and fun

  • Copies buzzfeed

  • $289 for fitnessgene? No thanks

  • Wow you are so strong Michelle you go girl πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • A lot of my heritage comes from England on my dad's side of the family and my mom's maiden name comes from England

  • He talks and looks like zoellas bf

  • Do a soccer workout

  • I read the reviews n won't waste $$ on a flash gimmick

  • good video. Checkout our youtube : Alexander's haircut & shave 6/23/2018

  • Your Irish genes don't show at all. Indian genes are strong af. It's weird because every person I know that's Indian/white looks more Indian. πŸ˜‚

  • You just gained a new subscriber!

  • you are the cutest!

  • This would be so neat to do

  • This would be so neat to do



  • buzzfeed has this video too? wtf

  • shave your arms

  • I am hungry all the time and eat all the time but I have been lean all my life?

  • Their website doesn't state anything about modifications for physical limitations...

  • Get your genetic test and know your body exact nutrition need and exercise strategy to achieve your desired goal call me +919822574282 Kapil from Pune India

  • This girl is having tons of workout programs, marathons, diets, fasting, you name it, still looka fat lol

  • Ok so we all know that this isn't real, right? Like michelle is lovely and her videos are great but this is likely just broscience. Don't go sending your DNA anywhere or paying a bunch of money for this service--they can keep your sample and any data gathered on it which is creepy for a lot of reasons and it's nonsensical. I'm gonna g'head and make this sweeping statement: exercise, any kind, is good for you and doing it will help. Doing it consistently is better than anything else. Do the work out that you can do and enjoy every week, without fail, all the way through the rest of your life because that is the work out that will keep you fit. Edit: Just to clarify further, Michelle is likely experiencing the benefit of working out with a personal trainer during this video and she was, essentially, just told that she should eat a balanced diet and work out better. Also, regarding the lactose intolerance, unless she is experiencing stomach pains she's not lactose intolerant. However, dairy is just fucking bad for you. It happens to have protein and nothing else that's beneficial....we're all technically "lactose intolerant". K. Just lookin'' out for you guys, nothing against anyone in the video. Think critically before you waste money.

  • This is soo cool!

  • Have you tried the Keto diet?

  • Your phenotype makes sense now

  • But isn't most relevant information about your DNA very easy to find if you look at yourself in a mirror and by just knowing yourself and family in general? Knowing you are lactose intolerant is not breaking news. Knowing you are super lactose intolerant might be, but again, you should already know. The fact that you have a problem switching from burning carbs to burning fat is interesting but again you can find out about that by knowing your body type. This is interesting but very superficial to be actually helpful. It might compliment a full physical exam with blood tests, etc. but by itself, it is just for fun.

  • Yeah its cool but outrageously expensive

  • This might not be sponsored... but I’m sold. I have to try this

  • All of the workouts you buy are the same, regardless of your genes, my buddy and I had totally different genes, but our workouts was the same, i confirmed this. Anybody who wants to confirm it with me, feel free to msg me ill show you with your own workout too lol. Also for fast twitch fibers you do things fast and explosive, not slow. For example im "double sprinter" gene, also for endurance im DD just like you, yet my workout is the exact same as my friend who is built for endurance.

  • I want this guy to be my PT!!!

  • The hunger gene I feel is in everyone, except the one weird kid who only eats lunch

  • By far best video ever!

  • I need to do this test

  • Oh that's a good idea. Let's send DNA samples to some shady company. You see, it makes such a big difference to know that your sluggishness is hardwired in your DNA. Because that means you have to tackle a body transformation way differently. You have to find out your maintenance caloric intake, macros etc, then figure your actual caloric intake, further you adjust so you get to your set goal and stay consistent with your diet and training so you don't go off track. ...which is radically different to the way we used to HANG ON! :| Something's not right

  • Also in the fitness section they have a column called tempo and no instruction or explanation as to what that is and how to use it while exercising.

  • OK I tired Fitness Genes and I while it was interesting to find out my DNA the diet plan is a joke. There is no diet plan all they give you is the percentage of fat, protein, and carbs you need to stick to to lose weight. Fitness Genes actually recommends you use an app like MyFitnessPal to create your own diet/meal plan. I feel that I was ripped off. It is very misleading.

  • I eat 24/7

  • I would love to see freelee react to this

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  • Try Ariel Yoga! πŸ˜ƒ

  • You should practice with WooPep. Google this or just go to WooPep website :D

  • Like the fact that your low key lactose intolerant... I’m allergic so I feel

  • You are not a fucking advanced athlete. What works for everyone else works for you.

  • buzzfeed ripped you off too ):

    • TheCherroes oops, my bad.....you didnt have to be a butt lol

    • Mia- no they didn’t, they already had a vid made from 2017 with the same exact guy. It’s called β€œI tried A diet and fitness plan on my dna.” Look it up, before you spew false things.

  • I think I have the hunger gene I’m always hungry

  • Youd think the guy who makes a service that analysis your dna to find optimal workouts would be a little bit more jacked. #quack

  • You should come out with workout videos

  • It’s not unique buzzfeed did it I STILL LOVE U THO

  • Do they have vegetarian meal plans?

  • I’m pretty sure if I did this that poor guy would have a heart attack πŸ˜‚ I think I’d have all the good genes 😭

  • Who else is binge watching her videos? πŸ™ŒπŸ»β˜ΊοΈβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»

  • My dude is trying not to look 5:08

  • it's better to have longer break from one set to the other if you have fast twitch muscles. 3-4 minutes between sets even 5 mins depending on how heavy you go.

  • more Indian than Irish lol

  • But did you pay for it

  • You are uniquely attractive.

  • If her genetics are good my gf def needs to try this, 5'9 lean 135lbs afro-puerto Rican former sprinter and can do pullups.

  • Totally not from buzz feed blue

  • Hi Michelle! I found this video very interesting 😊 do you still workout accordingly? And how many days a week are you suposed to workout? I hope you answer! Love from Switzerland β™‘

  • How much does it cost to do this

  • Ugh this would be so great to do!!

  • lmao buzzfeed literally copied this 5 days ago

  • GIIIIRRRRLLLL Get an update video on your progress! Just purchased my own DNA kit and looking forward to the results!

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  • If only i had money to take this test.

  • BuzzFeed made a video with the same person.

  • what a scam

  • And all for the low low price of roughly 200? Ridiculous. This is probably the most stupid way to get fit that there is

  • Ultimate frisbee workout, there's programs for pro ultimate

  • This whole program is absolute bullshit. The science behind it is non existent and the advice/workout plan is generic AF

  • I don't have Β£100+ to spend on thiiis >.< otherwise I would totally do it, because I have so much trouble shifting body fat. A lot of the women in my family - especially on my dad's side - are larger, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if my fat-losing difficulties stem from my genetics.

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  • Holy shit buzzfeed just released a video w the e x a c t same idea and coach!!!!!

  • U think ur genetics are weird bruh I’m Mexican Native American Jewish Salvadorian and Italian

  • What sports bra and shirt is that you have in the beginning? I need to get it!!

    • I say sports bra and shirt because im not sure if thats just a compression shirt or a sports bra with a tight shirt

  • Indian is a nationality not a genetic classification. India is an ancient multi racial, multi ethnic and multi cultural confluence. It’s a highly heterogeneous nation.

  • This is no surprise you don't need a DNA test to know that the majority of people is fast twitch and have a intolerance to diary

  • Damn, Michaelle's body looks incredible

  • Its awesome she got her test results. Nutrition and Genes are the simplest answer, but I also feel a lot of people expect results now, when realistically it takes month and consistency to see if a plan works or not

  • Never heard of this but what a good idea!!!

  • It would be awesome to do a follow up video on how this as impacted you life (or hasnt). Id be really curious to see some before and afters as well!

  • This is pop science. There is so much we dont know about the genes and how they work together to affect you. This guy is making a quick buck off of peoples ignorance.

  • Why she say harder like that at 7:16 πŸ˜‚

  • So why isn't Dr. Whatever jacked as fuck? Could he not crack his own gene? I smell horse shit!!

  • Try SUP (stand up paddleboard) in the ocean and train for a race. Loved the marathon vid. More like that would be awesome!

  • That guys sounds like Tom Harlock

  • You’re very inspirational when it comes to being fit

  • Sounds dubious

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