I Gave Myself A Kim Kardashian Hair Makeover 💇

Published on Jan 2, 2018
In the continued spirit of "new year new me," I decided to give another shot at trying to do my own hair...with a little bit of elevated stakes! I tried to recreate Kim Kardashian's iconic wet hair look using the same tools her stylist, Chris Appleton, uses!
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Edited by Shane Whitaker


  • Happy new year everyone! What other celeb hairstyles should I try to do myself? 🙈🎊

    • Michelle Khare can you do Daisy Ridley's hairstyle?

    • The Arianna grande ponytail!

    • Michelle Khare you look nothing like her

    • Michelle Khare your better looking than kim.dont mess with what isn't broke.

  • Wait a second... is this Lilly's hair stylist that gives her head massages 💆🏾 Hey Papí 🖤

  • nice

  • wait why is she censoring the instructions???

  • Hey girl! Love your vids! The written info is blurred out from 2:25-2:40. Was that on purpose?

  • Ugly

  • Love this use of One Minute Transformation Cream: www.colorwowhair.com/us/products/styling-products/one-minute-transformation-miracle-styling-cream.html

  • Why you would want to look like Kim Kardashian when you could look like Michelle Khare I will never understand.

  • You need a heat protectant

  • Love that you did it yourself!

  • I love Renee!

  • 'Pretty' only compared to the other people who worked at buzzfeed

  • Papi!

  • Your both bozos

  • Why would anyone want to look like those nasty bitches "Kardashians"? Poor stupid kids be yourself stop trying to be like someone else especially the Kardashians lmfao

  • This is unrelated to this video, but I’ve seen you do some videos on hydration. I recently got the plant nanny app and for me it seems to really work.

  • It's easy for me cause my hair's always greasy so it always looks wet.

  • Should. Give. Yourself. A. Kim. Face. Job

  • Did anyone else realize he is Papí iisuperwomanii hairstylist?

  • uhhh am I crazy ? it just looks like it's kinda greasy and unwashed. kinda gross

  • I actually think thewet look looks bad no matter who wears it, like take Kim for example, her hair looks damage with that hairstyle

  • It is pretty but... doesn't look like kim's hair at all?

  • This girl has become a walking talking ad. Eyy whatever gets you that money

  • Your 😠 gorgeous.... But Kim k Idk

  • Another idea similar to your training like heroes videos, learning about different fighting styles, or keeping with superhero theme what would it be like to have different super powers, learning about them in both a fantasy and scientific way

  • i love these videos. he is so chilled and you guys have good chemistry together. keep bringing this type of video. Maybe for the next one recreate the nice silky blow out.

  • Maybe it would be too similar but I feel like you could really pull of Gal Gadot Wonder Woman curls.

  • Why was step one blurred out

  • But you ain't kym kardashian you are ming from flash gorden

  • I didn't even watch the video, I just came here to say I'm sorry for you. I know, but at least it made me feel better.

  • I feel like there has to be an easier way lol

  • Stop

  • Bitch is mad ugly

  • GOOD

  • Happy new year Michelle

  • This is what is trending?...my poor America was been dooped.

  • Eww

  • What about the ass? We didn’t see that Well ok, how about some “accidental” casual shots then. Geez

  • Mi gustas

  • I think you are great. But come on it is 2018 can we just put the Kardashian name in the past where it belongs please?

  • same hairs but different asses 😂😂😂

  • Didn’t look even close

  • Gross

  • Wtf she just didn't comb her hair all the way after she put gel in it this is not a kim krapdashion hair style ppl are so dumb now a days

  • Gorgeous

  • Will she get the ass implants next? Find out on the next episode of DragonBallZ

  • **insert a real trending video**

  • I find you more attractive

  • I’m not trying to be mean. But how is she ALWAYS trending when someone like David Dobrik gets 1M views in the first 5 hours yet never trends?

  • Still Fugly

  • Hahahhahahahahahha Kim K look? Yeaaaahhh not even close

  • Can u do the boob job tho

  • If you want to be more like her, get herpes.

  • 1.) Cute Girl Got Gumption Like that! 👍🏼 Have A GREAT 2018 2.) Trending? #gohomeyoutubeyourdrunk 👎🏼

  • Damn every ex employee from buzzfeed be getting their own channels now

  • Babe, what do you think men see in KIM KARDASHIAN? I mean, untill now I didn't notice Kim had hair at all

  • Are you from buzzfeed?😊

  • Well there's your problem... Chasing after someone else's dreams (Kim Kardashian's) and not following your own. In other words you are not a Kardashian and you never will be so dream for yourself.

  • You're hotter than Kim... Fuck Kim. Just be you

  • Sorry but that is not a Kim kardashian hair style... it's a regular hairstyle...Kim didn't create that

  • Girl please stop trying... you'll never be as ugly as Kim Kardashian 😷💣💥😏

  • And u still dont look good

  • Looks more like Rob Kardashian

  • For "new year new me" you should just do a face swap with a female friend so you don't look like generic_indian_male.png

  • Damn these videos are such a waste

  • It’s crazy how low maintenance people with straight hair can be. Styling wet hair in the morning fucking sucks but it’s my only option with my curls :(

  • "i look like a wet dog" had me dieing 😂😂😂😂

  • booo she’s using Kim k’s name for clickbait. It’s literally just a hairstyle. Kim k didn’t invent it or revolutionize it

  • Umm no

  • I mean.....Not really. Nice try tho

  • did she leave buzzfeed?

  • Ya “Kim Kardashian hair” it’s not like it’s called waves

  • If it's not the Kardashians it's Victoria secret model's...girl be yourself

  • I feel sorry for you, really I do,😊🤘🤙

  • That thumbnail looks like Kim dressed up as a tranny for Halloween

  • Why did you stop taking your meds?

  • It doesn’t look like Kim’s it looks more like you just put gel on messy hair 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • no one fuckin cares lol

  • This female, is wet ting this Kim kardashian more than any man, she gotta be a obsessed fan. this is a Crazyy obsessed Fan .

  • Keep trying.

  • Suck my ass

  • Looking like a whore on US-tv is trending? You girls are freaky. I like y'all but, y'all are nasty Kim K freaks.

  • Yeah that looks nothing like that wet hairstyle


  • At least you tried

  • Yeah this is a stretch

  • 'scroll down to comments': uh no u didn't

  • *tried to

  • She is not pretty

  • Woman, you're naturally 10 times more beautiful than her..

  • Looks great😻

  • Wow! the transformation is a total FAIL😂😂😂😂

  • They look nothing the same. AND FUCK. YOU. US-tv. ITS BECOME SUCH CANCER

  • This video did not have enough views for trending but of course now that it's been fake trending it does

  • My name is michelle to yay!!!

  • Disliked and left

  • This weak ass buzzfeed ho lol

  • seriously???

  • She so cute. My poor heart

  • "Iconic" ? It looks like shit. Why do women try so hard to get results like they just walked out of a shower. Why do women try so hard to follow trend and then complain about how they have to put so much effort into getting ready? Hollywood women making up trends for women to follow only to have women complain about how "society" wants them to look. The cycle continues.