I Gave My Dads Car a MAKEOVER & He Was SO MAD... (crazy reaction)

Published on Oct 7, 2018
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If you read this far down the description I love you



  • I also live in michigan

  • yo! shout out for me

  • Rug what i will do if you did this i will smash someone car window not lying 100%

  • My Aunt died a few months ago from Lung Cancer and then last night my aunt died of breast cancer... both of those aunts were one of my favorite aunts

  • bro i would beat you up if that was my car

  • What’s that black nail polish bro

  • Poor papa rug

  • My mom survived breast cancer

  • I used to live in Anaheim now i moved to San Diego and i’m going to Sea World tomorrow! i’m so excited!


  • Im i the only person who likes it

  • SD wrap are shit... Why do they never do the door jambs??

  • Cool Dad. Dad seems like an immigrant, from his accent speaking English. I admire that he has a nice home and family. He must be a hard worker.

  • Your so good at pranks

  • You have post malones voice

  • Really ninja i thought he died his hair a lot.

  • i have it

  • its not that bad

  • My mom got cancer, but she is okay now

  • I won’t care cause I have a bug Bugtia

  • Destroy the car

  • U should do it to your lambo

  • Ayee LOVE IS HELL - phora

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I love how he said "yeah yeah i drove it here"

  • You should wrap the golf cart

  • Road to 20m

  • My grandma is affected by breast cancer and she need salot if help she is affected by it badly

  • Omg that tattoo guys is wearing the love is hell merch by phora ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I swear to god u and ur videos always make me so happy no matter what❤️i have been a fan since before cocain prank

  • Holy s**t! don't do it with my car!!!🚘

  • Amazing Video Rug!

  • Hi ruh

  • Wow I want that car so bad

  • Who else thinks this car is good for MAMA RUG

  • If you read this far down the description I love you

  • My ti-ti has breast cancer

  • Oh naaaaaa rug I’ll be so tight 😂😂😂😂😩😩

  • I love your videos it was a good prank

  • Camera si tu galaxy

  • sorry acidet

  • u suck idiot

  • Come on rug you gotta know how to cook my lol bro is one yr older than you and knows how to cook a whole meal for a dinner you and your bro go out to eat a lot or your mom cooks for you real mean cook come on no skips or delays you and your brother cook for your parents with out delays or skips real men know how to cook for there ladies or at least there mom and my brothers brother's are men one has baby one is black degree black belt with a girl who he loves he even surprises me when he cooks

  • Our principal in Egypt hanged posters in pink all in the school


  • When does the urus show up

  • If you put a secret camera to see his reaction. 😂😂

  • Next time u should do a design but of him Nd bosley

  • i would of fucked up faze rug

  • Birthday dinner? Isn’t your birthday in like a month

  • My mom had breast cancer

  • If he did to one of my cars id vomit

  • Turn your car pink

  • ♥️

  • that shit fire

  • Subscribe to my channel get me to 100 subscribers

  • Lambo back to original white....

  • Do the duck tape challenge

  • damn I haven’t seen this many haters in the comments before

  • That car would be sick if it wasn't pink

  • Wish you and other US-tvr would stop wasting money on pranks like thousands of dollars and put that money to help children or women or families in need! !ale that possible!!!

  • If it were my car I would destroy yours

  • $3000 on a wrap Should of just donated that money to Breast cancer if you cared that much Idiot

  • fucking wasting money instead of donating to BCA fuck this douchebag

  • I would be very suprised

  • if you did that to me ID BE MAD

  • Rug: I feel so bad for papa rug. Me: And I don't!

  • SORY PAPA RUG👌🏻👀👁💋👁

  • Papa rug it nice but sorry

  • It does look nice I want that car

  • If it was just pink, that would’ve been sick

  • let the pranks began ! XP


  • I’d beat you up if you did that to my BMW i8

  • Your family must hate u

  • Kill you

  • If rug reads these comments he would sub to my channel rug please I would do anything for a sub I love you so much

  • you should surprise papa rug a gift or something i feel bad for him

  • My mom has a Mercedes c300 and she is now getting the S500


  • It looks nice but i feel bad for papa rug

  • An instant he taught you brought him a new car

  • Rug: "Today's the day where I realize I'm DUMB DUMB" Me: oh so we dumb dumb?, cause I forgot it was WATERmelon too 😂😂

  • If you did that to my car I would be so mad and dissapointed at you but I would still love you to death:)

  • Now I dont support child abuse...BUT....

  • Any small or big US-tvrs want to support each other by subscribing to each other?💜🌸

  • I will freak the hell out

  • Humanity is fucking doomed.

  • My Aunty had breast cancer

  • He said that his face was the worst part but at 12:26 it was not I guees

  • Imagine papa rug sees it and says OMG is awesome XD

  • At Least the car doesn't look bad at all but I love pink car 😍

  • whats the song called that he used in the video?

  • Faze rug is the most clickbaity and absolute SHIT youtuber ever

  • It’s hilarious how your mom says sh**😂🤣

  • Tom Green did it better with the slutmobile. His dad walked to the bus stop and he met him there in the car. His mom's voicemails are precious.

  • Fuck this....

  • How the convo goes in my house. Turn that f***ing camera off

  • It must be nice to be rich 😳