I Found Out I Was Adopted And It Broke My Heart

Published on Nov 2, 2018
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Hello everyone, this is Andrew. Sometimes, a family is not what it seems to be. We all have our secrets, and when they're revealed, it can change us completely - and not necessarily in a bad way. But let’s start from the beginning:
Andrew's life was never anything special - his mom and dad were simple people with regular jobs. They never had any big fights, but it wouldn't be true to say that he was close to them either. They didn’t talk much except about ordinary stuff like school, grades and what was for dinner.
By the time Andrew's 15th birthday approached, his parents wanted to have a party with all their family friends and their children. Andrew was very annoyed, because he wanted to have fun with his friends. But his parents insisted, so he HAD to accept. During the party, one of the guests, who was a friend of his parents, said: “It’s amazing how much you look like your parents despite your situation.” Andrew was confused, and he immediately asked: “What situation?” “Oh…” the guest said, “...you don’t know…"
The rest of the party proceeded normally, but for days afterwards Andrew couldn’t stop thinking about what he had meant. One of the things that sprang into his mind was that maybe he had been adopted. It could have been true, because he’d always noticed small differences between his parents and himself. So one day at dinner, Andrew asked the question straight out. His parents just stared at him with a worried look on their faces, not saying anything. And at this moment he realized that he'd found out the truth. And it made him ANGRY. It turned out that EVERYONE knew except him. And it hurt, a lot. Andrew kept asking himself: "Who I am? What do I do now?" It was a very confusing and scary time for him.
He almost started a rebellion. He spent a lot of time outside late at night, and his grades at school went down.
The thing he just couldn’t understand was why they refused to talk to him about it. Why did they try to act as though everything was normal? And what was even worse was that they got angry at him when he stayed out for too long, and tried to control him. They weren’t even his real parents, so what right they had to do that?
One evening, when he got back late, his father started shouting at Andrew for being spoiled and ungrateful despite everything they did for him. So he turned straight around and left the house.
He didn’t know where to go, so he just walked through the dark streets. He doesn’t know how long he walked for, but it felt like hours. Andrew couldn't stop thinking about how nobody really cared about him. His real parents had probably left him, and it seemed that he was nothing more than a nuisance to his adopted ones.
He couldn’t go back home, so he went to his favorite childhood place - a pond where he had loved to look at the ducks when he was little. Andrew sat there, cold and sad, and cried. He was completely lost.
Suddenly, he saw his parents' car drive up next to the pond. His mother got out of the car. She looked scared and worried. She came up to Andrew and hugged him.
“We were so worried! We didn’t know how to find you, so your father said that we should try looking for you at the pond”.
Andrew still couldn't stop crying, and he started asking his mother questions - why did his real parents leave him? Why had they never told him?
His mother sighed, then finally started answering his questions: “To be honest, darling, your real parents just didn’t want you. But we do want you. And we love you. Both me and your father. We decided not to tell you, so you would have a normal childhood. But I guess we were wrong. I’m sorry. You are the best thing that ever happened to us.”
The only thing Andrew couldn’t understand was why his father was still just sitting in the car and hadn't even come out to talk to him. He looked through the window...and noticed that he was crying as well. Andrew had never seen his father cry. In fact, he rarely saw him showing any emotion. And his tears revealed more than his words could ever say.
“Let’s go home,” his mom said. And he did.
Andrew realized that his parents weren't perfect - they didn’t always know how to express their emotions or how to do the right thing. But they did love him. And it didn’t matter if he was adopted or not. They're still his parents, and he loves them despite all their peculiarities. Being loved is one of the best feelings in the world. And he was loved. And for that moment, that was enough for him to be happy again.
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