I Carried 5 Gallons of Water for 2 Miles | World Water Day 💧

Published on Mar 22, 2018
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  • Good morning friends and happy world water day! I know that this video is different but I hope that you enjoyed and learned something. Please consider donating to our well project as it would mean the world to me! : www.waterundergroundproject.org/michellekhare

    • I cried just watching you do it, because I couldn’t imagine how it is for people that have to do it every day. 😭😭😭 The other day I went to Lincoln’s home in Springfield IL. They had a demonstration of how women had to wash the clothes by hand and bedsheets and all. They asked the question can you imagine having to wash your clothes by had like back then. I wanted to slap them and yell at them because I knew I started washing my own clothes by hand since I was 6 or 7 and there are people still having to do it now a days. They acted like it was something from the past something that people don’t do anymore. For some reason it was very upsetting how ignorant people are of the hardships of others. Last summer I was in Mexico City with my grandparents and there was water shortage and my grandma and I had to fetch water from a car wash on the corner. We were like I feel like the people in Africa but then we thought about our words and realized we could not compare ourselves to their hardships. That experience made me remember what I had learned in my country that I have forgotten in the comfort of my new life in the US. Thank you for this video!!!♥️

    • your amazing don't stop girl! I wanna be like you when im older

    • You look like my friend's mom

    • I couldn’t help but cry when you said that we never stop to think how much of a luxury it is for us to just simply turn on a faucet and not have to worry about having water. I immediately had to make a donation, thank you for using your channel to make a change 💜

    • Michelle Khare like your organizing vid, but this is why I subbed!

  • She is such a lovely person, inside and out and in between, just everything about her is good


  • Ohhh reminded me of the hardest days in my life. You won't understand how much the sound of that flip flop really brings back all the memories of the water crysis we had in a place in south Africa called komatipoort. It is about 3 miles to the border between Mozambique and south Africa . You would wake 5am in the morning and find a que of about 50 people in tab that barely runs water and find one person having about 4 or 3 25 liters cans on wheel barrows. I was in high school back then and it was a norm to go fetch water. It was very instance and the weather was so hot that by 10 to 11 AM you should be done otherwise you would collapse from the heat. You'd see people giving up but coming back cause there's no other way. Boy I was so strong back then, a single 25 liter can was nothing you would attempt to run with it. It was an experience though I'll never wanna see myself in again. Thanks for the reminder.

  • 423 gallons per household per day?? those are some botched stats no fuckin way.

  • 😭

  • This video deserves so much more views.

  • Wow $35,000. You’re an incredible woman Michelle x

  • Music??

  • Us Americans are so weak, we have no idea the real struggles of the world

  • This needs to get on trending ASAP. Michelle I love you so much as a person! 💞 The fact that you take your time to do these things not only to stay fit but to help others and experience new things! It has opened my eyes about the struggles people have.You are one of the most genuine, sweet, and caring person in the world! 🙌 it’s truly mind blowing. People need to take this video as a great example, and need to be grateful for what they have. I really hope you continue doing videos like these! Incredibly inspirational! -Faith

  • I’ve sent you’re video this has just opened my eyes...

  • You should also try carry basket that’s suspended from straps across your forehead. I think they use that method in Nepal and India, but I’m not that sure. It doesn’t feel that heavy because how it’s supported or something...I don’t really know that well. It’s kinda same like when you backpacking and there’s the straps so you can support the weight in a way that it won’t hurt your back or shoulders (if you strap it right)

  • Wow I actually felt her pain and cried with her Those women are awesome!! I wish they can have more opportunities too

  • To the 191 ppl who disliked this video .....you are heartless

  • Powerful video. Planning on sharing on my Facebook page, as well as making a donation. I nearly cried. Good stuff!!!

  • This video had me in tears.

  • Wow this was inspirational I only donated a little but I felt it in my heart that I wanted to donate. ONLY 11 more days to donate to Michelle's campain. Go do it!!!

  • Now add being on your period.

  • I just did a project in school in geography about water scarcity in Mozambique 🇲🇿 it was really inspiring to see it in real life what would happen

  • Wait, only women carry water? Being a woman sucks.

  • I was on a mission’s trip to Mexico this summer & we had the privilege of having water in big jugs. The water wasn’t running and the toilets didn’t flush. The showers were freezing if you didn’t wait until the evening until the sun heated it. I thought it was hard enough. I can’t imagine this.

  • This was so lovely to watch. At my school each year we have to collect money and that money if then sent to make wells in bangladesh. Along with that we have a special day in which we need to bring 6-10 kg in our backpacks and then walk 6 kilometers.

  • 7:39 starts balling my eyes out

  • You make such original and amazing content. Wow.

  • You are my inspiration-ilysm!!!!

  • This video is Beautiful

  • Your channel is so inspiring. You take real issues and actually act as a bridge between social barriers. This made me remember growing up and having to also walk far to fetch water or using a donkey cart. I am privileged enough now to not have to do it anymore. But this took me back. Your very brave for trying this... Normally your start young, with smaller amounts and kinda just get used to it. You just jumped in.

  • I’m crying WTF

  • Why do not have 10 million subscribers this is the kind of content I’m looking for on US-tv 💕💕💕☀️

  • just think for a minute the camera crew had to walk all that with probably maybe just a little less weight all that time no make 30 pounds maybe of camera equipment the whole time and she has 42 pounds this is dedication we need more people like this to be more active help take on challenges this woman is so amazing and inspiring

  • wow this is incredible. i cant imagine doing that every day.

  • Very inspirational. Its glad to know that someone wants to understand how other women feel and do in other countries. Its amazing to know that someone uses her platform to spread awareness

  • 42 pounds isn’t really that bad it’s just going with it for to miles

  • My school did that

  • Oh this woman has content. She deserves more than 10M followers... Comeon US-tv...

  • Just donated. It isn't much but every little bit counts. I challenge you to visit these people whose lives you've changed. I went to Africa in 2013 and saw this first-hand. Definitely a life life-changer. Keep up with the amazing content!

  • I just don't understand why in these countries the women and children have to do it? Where are the men?! Am I being ignorant?

  • Why dint you visit India? Rajasthan, Gujarat!

  • donated :) michelle you brought me to tears in this video, this is such impactful content and i am honored to be a part of the well fund

  • I cried so much during this video

  • Palestinian fan. So appreciative of your content.

  • Do more compassionate meaningful videos like this please !!!! ❤️

  • I applaud you for doing this! Even complaining when you felt like it. Expressing your emotions along the way. I really felt like you took me along with you, and like I got to experience it. Thank you!

  • Wow!! Thank you!

  • More people need to see this.. Extremely touching, and such a serious topic that is constantly overlooked and taken advantage of.. Amazing video girly!

  • I love u so much. Ur content is real and relatable... I love who u are and wat u stand for

  • My respect to all the women out there who have to do this multiple times a day to keep their families alive

  • I cried when Michelle started talking about being able to turn on a faucet and those women in Mozambique can't.

  • Wow the beauty in the outside is the same one you have in the inside.

  • Thanks for your support and being in our shoes and feel how hard and tough it is to survive without privilege .God bless you

  • Michelle is so freaking awesome, such an inspiration.

  • You are truly amazing Michelle. Your videos are always so eye opening and raw. Thank you.

  • Why am I crying !!

  • When she started crying...I subscribed. #passionate

  • YEY, Michele, good job! Thank you for sharing this an being an inspiration! The local Partner of Water Underground in Mozambique is the Polana Rotary Club, I invite you to go check our page and see the video that we made when the first water wells were opened in Inhambane: us-tv.org/tv/video-dKa2tALcauU.html we are already working on the second phase, hopefully more water wells will be available soon :)


  • Do you believe in God?

  • On adverts when they say this is kazum he walks 2 mile a day for a drink of water donate 2 pound to help them get water what I don’t get is why don’t they move closer to the water or just build their to start with

  • Thank you Michelle for doing this. This is what youtube should be.

  • this video is stupid. i guess you could make the argument that it raises awareness. really tho, it's just privileged people creating click-bait. sorry sheeple.

  • B*tch in 4th grade I did that with 2 milk jugs and walked around the court

  • We lived in Namibia for 5 years it is at the bottom of Africa and a few years a go there was a drought

  • you are honestly amazing

  • Michelle you are one in a million.. I cannot explain hoe much i feel friggin inspired and like i just felt so deep or i donno what word to use to describe you ... Ur line 'it was not fair that they have to this '' and h cried ... It make me cried too .. Omg i love you michelle youa re so DIFFERENT U ARE UNIQHR I CANNOT APPRECIATE U ENOUGHH💖💖

  • Donated my dollar :) it’s not much but little steps can contribute to huge change. I love this video so much and I’m so happy you’re using your platform to change the world for the better❤️

  • Thank you for doing this... I have experienced this growing up in Kenya and you are so brave for doing that... 😍

  • Thank God for Western Civilization

  • Holy. shit.

  • This what happening on daily in Tamilnadu, in India

  • this is a serious topic but... What does Y-E-S spell? Ans: Yes! What does E-Y-E-S spell? Ans: 1:53


  • Wow this is so eye opening and inspirational. People never realise how unfortunate millions of people (mainly women) go through this everyday when we can quickly go to kitchen and drink a sip of water and pour the rest down the drain and never seeing anything much of it;(

  • Why does she cry is almost every video

  • at 2:16 she mouthed the words ?????????????????????????

  • Wow such an incredible video. I love that you use your channel to give others the opportunities most people take for granted.

  • They should make everyone 8 and older do this at least once in their life time

  • I’ve honestly always wondered how do people who don’t have running water have a bath because of how little they can take. There are a lot of places in India too where people have to do this, especially in villages. But even in some small areas in Metropolitans. There are a lot of places too where they only get water once a day, really early in the morning. And even then, there may be times when you’re too late - or even in time - and the water ran out and everyone else got water but you didn’t even get a small bucket. When they carry it tho usually, it’s in this circular pot or whatever, on their head. The shape makes a difference. And before they put it on their head, they tie a flat turban or whatever and it’s apparently easier to carry that way.

  • I did world water day at my School but instead with 2 milk jugs full of water around a football field

  • 175 ppl dislike... Those ppl have no soul and doesn't know how it feels

  • I cried watching this video. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make a positive change in this world Michelle!

  • This is such a powerful message. Thank you for doing this. I will do better to conserve my water usage.

  • Love you for this! Your emotions come through sincerely. Wish I could help in some way

  • You are such an inspiration, everything you do and try. Thank you

  • Thank you so much for this video! I donated 50$ thanks to you shining light on this problem. I will join the monthly donation soon!!

  • Great, great video :)

  • Great video! Good for the cause 👌

  • Why don’t they live closer to the water source?

  • 7:42 god. I cried

  • #getmichelleto900k

  • Donated! Thank you for taking on this cause, Michelle. Definitely made me stop and give thanks for the blessings I have.

  • This is easier than Canoeing for a week in mostly bad weather but one day it was clean and water was smooth and went 17 miles that day. But we headed to a island in the area where blueberries grow but non was found so much luck the trip went. Oh and I missed a American holiday because I was in Canada so the weather got bad quickly.

  • this is such a amazing message we all need to be doing something about this. This is not fair to all of those people...

  • Very interesting video!

  • Donated!

  • I guess they never miss leg day

  • I think some people don't realize that you tuners have to make a great sacarifice when making videos whether that be trying a challenge that could be painstakingly hard or just putting themselves to the gauntlet.

  • I love all your videos Michelle, you’re a 4x4

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  • Man i feel so privileged now thanks Michelle