I Accidentally Worked For A Scam

Published on Aug 4, 2018
College freshmen always need money. Shrouded in mystery, Brigid makes some risky decisions in order to make a quick buck. Ultimately, she winds up in a situation much bigger than intended.
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  • Her life is like a movie and I legit thought she was going to be raped and skinned in a basement but cool story.

  • Me: * Reads video title * Me aGaIn: *nO, yOu wOrKeD fOr A sCaM oN pUrPoSe*

  • *FBI, open up*

  • bet he was a bacon hair

  • Why ones Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer sound so weird?

  • This story is boring

  • Oh look. A prostitute

  • *lets DO THIS*

  • Isn't this the girl from when she cheated on the exam. By faking her flight

  • *I Accidentally Died But I Said No*

  • BuzzFeed got a video out of it

  • #letsdothis

  • PLOT TWIST: She still works for them and this video is used to promote them!

  • L o L ! And I lost my Wallet


  • Well you brought a friend

  • Wait, she has a pizza tatto??

  • Worked for a scam? So..... buzzfeed....

  • 5:01 does she have armpit hair

  • This wasn’t a scam tho

  • Wow! 620 dollars!? I am gonna watch the hold video! *Goes to the end when she says that she lost her wallet* JESUS I WATCHED ALL OF THIS FOR NOTHING!! TAKE CARE OF YOUR STUFF!

  • Hello again This is my comment you got scammed

  • Isn't this the girl who cheated in her finals? Damn, Buzzfeed. If you're trying to trick people, start by hiring new actresses smh

  • i would have walked off w the 7k

  • Am I the only one who isn’t salty about the fact that this story probably isn’t 100 percent true? I just like to hear the stories ;-;

  • The most exciting part was 9:07!!!!!!!

  • Didn’t she “cheat” on a final when she was a freshman????????????

  • Youre really cringey

  • Are they copying her ID? And selling it as fake ID’s?

  • Isn't she the same girl who cheated on a test by making a fake airplane ticket?

  • So she in the end she lost the money and her ID. Wow.

  • She made fake plane tickets but got into a scam for $20 oh myyy

  • Sis was wildin in freshman year of college 🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽

  • I think you and I define "really great story" in different ways.

  • Is it just me or are you stoned?

  • Such a cringy/loud way to tell about things. 2 minutes of cringe was enough for me to write this comment.

  • Here’s how to get easy money for people under the age of 18 Just go Hari Raya, oh did I tell you it works for Malays only? Edit: or go to Deepavali and Chinese New Year.

  • Every time she says the guy gives her money I chant “Counterfeit!”

  • Ⓢⓚⓔⓣⓒⓗⓨ

  • "I'm an assassin for Hitler now..." i.died. XD

  • Fake stuff AGAIN

  • Same girl who cheated on that test?

  • She didn’t lose her wallet One of her friend’s definitely stole it They all knew she had it And one of them ripped her off

  • hey isn’t this the girl who cheated on her test?

  • This is all fake

  • Might make a good movie

  • "lost wallet...no proof...Fake video...?"

  • Legally, she was probably advised to tell the "lost my wallet" story.

  • hi

  • This video made more money than her scam.

  • This is the worst story ever..

  • it wasn't a scam if she did get something in return

  • If you work at Buzzfeed you still are working for a scam

  • “Let’s do this!”

  • I'm sorry but hpw was she 19 being a freshman

  • Your camera is dirty clean your lense

  • My friend's sister is so hot


  • I accidentally worked for epic games

  • fake

  • That’s mine too

  • Let's do this

  • how did she work as a scammer again?

  • Should have took the 7k

  • that voicemail does seem suspicious . how could she be so suspicious to believe it . I've been learning about viruses in class so I know

  • I think this is fake cuz if it was real would hide her face

    • Its Buzzfeed and people who work for Buzzfeed

  • I just realised I'm watching buzz feed

  • We accidentally work for a scam as well. We gave Buzzfeed views.

  • $20!!

  • She worked for scalpers

  • She shoudl have just took the 7k and ran instead of getting $500 in return

  • She sounds like she is telling a fable but perhaps that's wrong and she is telling the truth. It's just the 'way' she speaks. Great story she says at the end so this is perhaps what it is. Perhaps not. If she can do this with our minds then she is an excellent actress and has passed the test.


  • No offense to this girl... but the way she tells stories are super boring and annoying. I think it's her tone.

  • Am I the only one who liked the video?


  • Cool story!!

  • Oh my god O.o

  • Why would you go to a bar and show them your ID you idiot even if it was 20 dollars


  • When she said she got into that conference room and that they were picking games, I thought... *Would You Rather?*

  • I don’t like how she tells the story lol

  • Thanks buzzfeed for wasting 9:07 of my life!


  • I think you still are working for a scam, miss.

  • This video is lit distractingly poorly

  • 20$ is 20$

  • Boringgggggf

  • why did I waste my time?

  • Buzzfeed you wasted 24% of my battery

  • Where are the quotation marks around accidentally?

  • Totally lost on what happened here


  • sounds kinda like Liar Game so far

  • haha losing your wallet after ALL THAT 😂sounds like something that would happen to me lmao

  • Don't watch this

  • Wow, I thought me hiding in Prince (Rodgers Nelson) dressing room for hours was a very wild one!!

  • Well buzzfeed, thank you for giveing me my monthly dose of cancer.

  • I would bet she didn't loose her wallet. It was carefully pickpocketed by the scalpers…

  • but the music and storytelling with bridge are spot on i must say :)