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I’m Why - Jabari Parker

Published on Apr 17, 2018
Challenges are never a negative thing and you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it. Jabari Parker returned to the Milwaukee Bucks, after being sidelines for nearly a full year, to help the team as they pushed for a spot in the 2018 NBA Playoffs. Visit for schedules.
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  • Milwaukee went nowhere. 07-27-18.

  • Jabari to the Knicks

  • If they ran more offense around jabari and less iso on giannis and bledsoe maybe they wouldn't be down 2-0 coming from a boston fan

  • 0 - 2

  • Maybe if you stop using your body and hitting your head against the rim with that heavy body you wont tear acl next year... maybe, just maybe

  • yessir

  • Future Heat player

  • did they ever do an "I'm Why - Victor Oladipo?"

  • Jabari to bulls in 2019

  • Future Sacramento King

  • And Cleveland doesn’t get one

  • I'm why my team is down 0-1.

    • 0-2

    • Lol I am Bucks fan and its true. Bledsoe was bad too but jabari just didnt care

    • National Shitposting Agency stfu

    • This doesnt mean anything... They didnt lose Just because of him, he didnt do much but surely wasnt the reason they lost. Bucks had 20 turnovers And 5 were made Just by bledsoe Who didnt do anything in 30+ minutes that he played

    • Tony -14 in 15 minutes.

  • l am cedi osma play basketboll nba

  • I thought Jabari would be the Bucks' gamechanger. That title went to Giannis I guess.

  • This guy has serious game, and a good attitude to match

    • xSkysplitter777 Such s shame that he has had to deal with them

    • Peter Lee had a chance to be roty before the injuries

  • Cedi osman play nba yoooooo

  • Haven't heard about jabari in a while

  • Too bad he is about to catch an L in the first round

  • Inconsistent. A burden fot the bucks.

    • OdysseusThinking Better than the freak Parker should be first scoring option

  • Can I get free likes Edit: I want 5 likes Edit: Ive never gotten 2 likes before

  • You're why the Bucks are the 7th seed and about to get swept. Trash ass 2nd overall pick.

    • high horse no he is not you fucking clown if Jabari wasn't helping us we would probably been in the lottery right now

  • Oooooh yea

  • no

  • yes