Hurricane Florence | “The Sun Rises”

Published on Sep 17, 2018
Thank you to our customers & associates who gave so generously. Together, we’ve raised over $7.5 million for 2018 Hurricane Relief. But your contributions can still make an impact--donate online or at your local Walmart or Sam’s Club.
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  • nice!

  • OmG they are so helpful


  • Thank you Walmart 🙏🏻 the Walmart at Wilmington ( where I live) helped out so much with supplies

  • Music by John Coggins. Listen -

  • We are better

  • I don't like how you guys hire rude people to work at Walmart

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  • Your Georgetown, SC Walmart is amazing. I go there at least 5 times a month, gets all my Beyblades (Hasbro at least) there, I've found amazing stuff. Keep up the good work over here.

  • nice! well done!

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  • Ty Walmart for commenting on my video!

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  • I'm here for the song,too!! I've been searching, unsuccessfully, for days!! I get chills every time I hear it and the clip simply isn't enough! Please, give us more!!

    • Music by John Coggins. Listen -

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  • @walmart who's sings the dang song

    • Hi hillbilly jim, this rendition is by John Coggins. You can stream it on Spotify.

    • I've been looking too!!

  • Also here for the song, who is it?

    • Hi! This rendition is by John Coggins. You can stream it on Spotify.

  • Thank the poor people who donated $1 at the register. It was the people (Wal-Mart customers) who gave money not Wal-Mart. Walmart has $1 trillion and gave $0. In fact Wal-Mart most likely makes money off of every $1 donated as a service fee.

  • I need this to be a song I can listen to on spotify

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  • Song?

    • "This Little Light of Mine" by John Coggins. Find it on Spotify!

  • I didn't give alot but I'm glad my local walmart was taking part in this. Always good to help others who go threw disasters. Much heartfelt sorrow from the husker state.

  • I live in south Carolina and I had to evacuate. I'm still in georgia til sometime this week.

  • This is going to be on the news good job walmart :)

  • Walmart is the sun that rises in the east.